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Treasures, Tales, and Terrors from the Crypt

Treasures and Tomes of Horror is a special product that bundles together Tomes of Ancient Knowledge and the Treasury of the Macabre in a single product! Together, this book brings you a collection of 30 haunted and horrible magic items designed for a horror-themed 5E game, like the official 5th Edition Curse of the Vampire adventure saga or any campaign exploring the mist-shrouded Loft of Ravens. This tome of treasures includes items any vampire or vampire-hunter would be delighted to discover, in addition to items themed for a wide variety of horror scenarios, from witches, werewolves, ghostly haunted houses, and mad scientists and their creepy constructs (like those featured in the Construct Codex from Legendary Games), to ancient liches and cosmic cults devoted to eldritch entities from beyond the stars! Whatever flavor of horror you want to include in your 5E game, you'll find terrifying yet tantalizing treasures worth winning, from the beyonder's veil and clockthief's candelabrum to the witchblood stylus and sanguinary torque.

For those delving into the mysteries of magic, this book also contains a trio of eldritch books of magic, each delving into a different theme, from the deranged poetry of pain in the Palestone Analects to the cosmic secrets of space and time in the Xanthuun Tablets and the crystalline record of a blood-soaked serpent cult in the Sarkulis Shards. With 16 brand-new spells and a bounty of unique magical mysteries, there is knowledge here, and power, but the deeper you delve the greater the cost. This product includes a simplified sanity system that enables your players to experience the slow crumbling of their grip on reality but without making their characters unplayable, but truly, is any price too great to claim the power of the ancients?

This product is the latest in a series devoted to injecting elements of horror into your 5E game. Along with the aforementioned Construct Codex we also invite you to check out nearly a dozen incredibly creepy constructs in Beasts of Legend: Construct Codex, as well as horror adventures like "Feasting at Lanterngeist," "The Fiddler's Lament," and "The Murmuring Fountain" (which also can be purchased together as the compilation adventure, T"he Haunted Hamlet of Raven's Hill"), as well as the rest of our line of 5E products for campaigns of every kind, from pirates to faeries, from the frozen tundra of the north to the burning sands of fantasy Egypt.

Grab this 28-page PDF and Make Your Horror Game Legendary!

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The sequel is coming!

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