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I just went through 6-5D with my local group and it is rough. We went through with 4p each, and I don't know how 5-6p would handle it.

First time, our team had a relatively high explore velocity and was able to get it on the last turn. The other team (we have 2 tables of 4) missed it by 1 explore (and they had a relatively low one).

Second time, we swapped the groups around, my team was able to finish due to the second last henchman being on the top, but the villain was in the last location and we may not have finished.

My group didn't like it. The combination of Hostile and the extra 2 monsters in each location really made it a slog.

Did other groups find this to be the case?

The Build the Vault for Sanctioned WBH is this:

Build the Vault: The vault should contain all level 0 and 1 cards from the Core Set.

But the Build the Vault for Sanctioned The Dragon's Demand is this:

Build the Vault: The vault should contain all Core Set level 0 and 1 cards. You may also add the level 0 and 1 cards from any Adventure Path box.

This means Sanctioned WBH doesn't let you add AP box cards to the vault. This is rather clunky for me - it means I have to remove and add cards back to the box when I'm setting up for something with a WBH and Manor session. It also means people currently setting up for the standard TTS setup (which by default is set up with Core + Curse) is actually doing it wrong.

Can we add the "You may also add the level 0 and 1 cards from any AP box" wording to WBH as well?

The Hour Power says: "The first time you examine cards this turn, heal 1d4-1 cards."

The "you" applies to each person who examines cards - but is the "first time" global or for each player?

I assume it's for each player who examines this turn, since wording.

(This turned up this week and I just happened to have an examine power off turn.)

I moved one of the items to the sidecart because it wasn't in stock but I wanted to put it in so I remember to take it out when it's available.

So I did that, but then removed it because I was confused about how store credit was applied. So I can't find it in my sidecart anymore.

Did that order actually charge my store credit (for the item in the sidecart I mean), or can I just readd the item to a new order and just treat it as if it were new?

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I ask about this because strictly speaking these are not "conflicts" (you can change your hand size and then set your hand size, therefore I don't think this is a conflict).

(This was inspired by 2-5D, which has the scenario power: "When you reset your hand, if your hand size is 3 or more, succeed at a Constitution, Fortitude, Arcane, or Divine 9 check or reduce your hand size by 1 for the rest of the scenario.")

Storehouse has a "At this location" effect:
"Your hand size is increased by 1."

Zova allows you to set your hand size.

Shapechange also lets you set your hand size.

1) If Zova is at the Storehouse and sets her hand size to 5, does she have a hand size of 5 or 6? (As in, does Zova's Hand Size setting power override the +1 from the Storehouse?)

2) If Zova is in 2-5D and fails the check once, and she tries to set her hand size the next turn to 5, does she have a Hand Size of 5 or 4? (As in, does Zova's Hand Size setting power override the -1 from the scenario power?)

3) If I am at the Storehouse and I cast Shapechange, and I choose Hand Size 7, is my hand size 7 or 8?

4) If I am in 2-5D and fail the check once, and I use Shapechange (Curse)'s at the start of turn power, do I have a Hand Size of 7 or 6?

"If undefeated, mark this barrier's location with the scourge Entangled, then reload this barrier into its location."

What happens in a Siege scenario (eg 5B-1B) when the barrier is undefeated? We would have run into this if not for the fact that the barrier was actually defeated.

The rule in the storybook is:
"When you would explore, instead encounter the top card of the siege pile as if it were the top card of your location. If it is not defeated, shuffle it into the siege pile."

The Golden rule says the storybook overrides the card, so it shuffles back into the siege deck. That part is clear.

The other part isn't. Does the location you are currently at get Entangled, since you are encountering it as if it was the top card of your location? Or does "this barrier's location" not exist?

It's probably the former, but I've been wrong before.

Blackjack power 3 wrote:
"□ When you would recharge, shuffle, discard, or bury a boon for your character or role power, you may reload a Blackjack boon instead."

This power is obviously very powerful, though it can only work on the Blackjack's powers or powers on your base card.

So what powers does it work on?

Let's pull out a few powers that are questionable:

Athnul, Monk Class deck:
You may reveal a blessing to evade your encounter. (□ Then you may recharge that
blessing to explore your location.)

Can you reload a Blackjack boon instead of recharging the blessing to explore?

Raz, Paladin Class deck:
You may discard the top card of your deck to add 1d6 (□+1) to your check. If that card has the Mount trait, you may recharge it instead.

Can you reload a Blackjack boon instead of discarding the top card of your deck? What if the top of the deck is a monster (let's say some friendly summoner gave you a monster to hold and you managed to reload it.) What if there's a monster in your deck and you don't know if the top card of your deck is a boon?

Lirianne, Gunslinger Class deck:
When you play a card that has the Firearm trait, if you would bury (□ or discard) (□ or recharge) it or shuffle it into your deck, you may keep it and perform the required action with another card instead.

Can you reload a Blackjack boon to substitute against "perform the required action with another card instead"?

Lirianne, Gunslinger Class deck:
When you encounter a monster, you may examine the top card of your deck. If it has the Firearm trait, you may draw it; otherwise, recharge it. (□ You may then recharge a card that has the Firearm trait from your discard pile.)

Can you reload a Blackjack boon to substitute against the "recharge it" part of the character power? What about the "recharge a card that has the Firearm trait from your discard pile."? (These don't do anything useful, but I still want to know.)

Zelhara, Hell's Vengeance Character deck 2:
A character at your location may bury an ally ( or a card that has the Corrupted trait) from her discard pile; if she does, shuffle a random card ( or 2 random cards) from your discard pile into your deck.

If you are the one that buries an ally, can you use reload a Blackjack boon instead?

Celeste, Pathfinder Tales Character deck:
You automatically succeed at your check to recharge a spell that has the Arcane trait. ( You may shuffle it into your deck instead.)

Are you allowed to reload a Blackjack boon to substitute the "shuffle it into your deck instead" part? If so, what happens to the original spell?

Imrijka, Inquisitor class deck:
You may recharge a card that has the Divine trait to add (□ 1 of that card’s traits and) 1d4 to a combat check by a character at another location (□ or your location).

If you reload a Blackjack boon and the feat box is checked, you have to add 1 of the Blackjack boon's traits, correct? Also, do you have to have a card that has the Divine trait to invoke the power still, or do you just need the Blackjack boon?

More Blackjack questions as I think of some.

So, some characters have powers that depend on location traits like Urban/Wild (like Core Lini, Siathorn, Varian)

However, old locations don't have those. I'd like to compile a list, but I unfortunately don't have time at the moment.

But before that, should old locations be updated with the location traits? It's kind of hard to play the characters that depend on them in older scenarios because they're dependent on the trait being there rather than it being absent.

Attempting to run through Sanctioned Curse to AD5 for HJT (Monday). Wish me luck!

Conversion FAQ wrote:
If a card you banish to play has a check that can allow you to do something other than banish it, put it in a recovery pile and attempt that check at the end of the turn. You should also put it in a recovery pile if you have a power on your character card or on a displayed card that can allow you to do something other than banish that card.

The issue is, Quinn doesn't work very well with some conversion stuff.

Here's Quinn's power:
"You are proficient with Alchemical. On your check to recharge an Alchemical item whose level is lower than #, you automatically succeed."

Potion of Healing, however, doesn't have a check to recharge, so it isn't subject to the conversion alteration. This means that Quinn can't recover it, since his power doesn't interact with PoH either.

In fact, the new wording on the Alchemists don't interact with Potion of Healing either.

Am I missing something or is Potion of Healing currently broken in Core? I feel like I'm missing something big here.

It used to be that this link had a "Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild" link that would point to the PACS forum. I'd have preferred the PACS posts be there as well (like it used to be a year or two ago), but what's done is done.

However, now the link is gone. Could you please restore the link? The above forum is basically the main portal people who play the card game go through and the convenience link is really useful.

A link!

"Jen" is Jen McTeague, iammars on the forums

A bit of news that hasn't been there since PaizoCon.

Bob is looking for someone who can run 7+ slots at GenCon.

If you're considering going, and you play ACG a lot, consider running! We're a great crew! And there are incentives :)

Since we have about 8 weeks left until Core comes out at Paizocon, as a last hurrah until the new ruleset comes out, I'm going to present some puzzles that will see how crazy we can make things. It'll most likely be once per week. The first scenario is titled:

"Bonefist, at the Murder Hole, with..."

This was inspired by the 0-6D scenario; as something to get started, it's a straight boss rush.

Here are the rules:
-You get 4 blessings in the blessing deck (1 turn is meant for setup cards like Shapeshift). You can choose these blessings from the ones available in S&S, but they are all non-Basic.
-You build a PFSACG (PACS) legal character (1 class deck and 1 ultimate deck with possible promos/characters) with 6 skill feats, 7 power feats (3 is pre-role), and 6 card feats. You also get a role card.
-You can stack the deck any way you want.
-Summoners and any character who can pull monsters or barriers into their hand can start with 1 monster/barrier of AD6. If they can draw a monster/barrier into their hand, it is also AD6.
-If you play Named Bullet or somesuch, you can name any trait without having to put a monster on it.
-No Potion of the Ocean antics (though to do that you actually have to go through worse antics than actually just defeating the villains.)
-Your character is at the Murder Hole (+4 to checks to defeat monsters.) No other locations.
-There are 3 villains at the location (Hyapatia, Captain Horus Riptooth, and Kerdak Bonefist). Defeating a villain does not close the location, and you can stack the location however you want.
-Since dice rolls are subject to RNG, if you have a 70% chance to defeat the villain (after post-roll adjustments), you defeat the villain. This isn't 70% to both checks by the way - if you have a 80% on the first check, and a 80% on the second check, you have a 64% chance to defeat the villain and thus don't defeat the villain.
-Hypatia (Lamia, Sorcerer traits) Combat 32 THEN Combat 32 with adjustment from the Murder Hole. The other text isn't important.
-Captain Horrus Riptooth (Lycanthrope, Barbarian, Captain, Pirate, Aquatic) Combat 32 THEN Combat 36, but all the blessings in the deck are non-Basic, so it jumps to Combat 38 THEN Combat 42. The other text isn't important.
-Kerdak Bonefist (Human, Captain, Pirate) Combat 44 THEN Combat 44 with adjustment from the Murder Hole. 54 THEN 54 if your check to defeat has the Ranged trait (sorry Rangers). Before a character plays a card that has the Pirate or Swashbuckling trait in a check to defeat Kerdak Bonefist, that character must first recharge a card.

I believe that's the rules, though I reserve the right to curb any wild infinite loop I see fit :) you shouldn't need it (I have a character in mind that does this fairly easily, and I can see a few others that are probably okay.)

Post the character's feats, then their deck, then their starting hand and how they tackle the boss fight.

An example of the format (not a character that can beat the scenario given she's Tier 4):

Melindra (WIZ+UM)
Role: Mage Spy
Skill: INT+3
Power: 6 Hand Size, 7 Hand Size, Put item in hand, recharge Arcane to scout.
Card: Spell x2, Blessing x2

Weapon: Mind’s Eye Blade (UM-2), Allying Dart +1 (WIZ-1)
Spell: Ice and Fire (UM-3), Volcanic Storm (UM-3), Marionette (UM-2), Pyrotechnic Blast (UM-1), Augury (WIZ-B), Fire Snake (UM-B), Electrified Web (UM-B)
Armor: -
Item: Wand of Flying (UM-3), Ring of Protection (WIZ-2), Binder’s Tome (UM-1), Sapphire of Intelligence (WIZ-1)
Ally: Cleric of Nethys (UM-2), Riftwarden (UM-1)
Blessing: Blessing of the Master of Masters (UM-2), Blessing of Sivanah (WIZ-1), Blessing of Abadar (WIZ-B), Blessing of Pharasma (WIZ-B)

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I have some boon checklists for people to see at a glance what they get when they progress through a Season:

Season of the Shackles
Season of the Righteous
Season of the Runelords
Season of Plundered Tombs
Season of Factions' Favor

Please let me know what you think.

4-6E was I think the first scenario we thought was genuinely difficult. Though that could just be we were playing 5p without a lot of specific undead killing stuff.

One of my players did complain about the Nyctessa exception to the damage, he thought it was too blatant a tie-in for the HV2 deck (I never managed to play 3-2P so I don't get to play Nyctessa).

There is definitely a lot of attrition with the extra location, so I would say it's borderline in difficulty (we actually almost finished the scenario anyway, so even though we failed it was fine).

We were bothered about the non-trigger trigger, though I imagine it was exactly to prevent Estra shenangians.

What were your thoughts?

The Exchange

discussion happens here.

The Exchange

Still recovering from the fierce battle for Absalom, the Pathfinder Society was appalled to hear reports that a former ally—onetime faction leader Pasha Muhlia al-Jakri—helped coordinate the betrayal and subsequent two-pronged attack that had threatened the city. Though citizens, soldiers, and Pathfinders alike rose up to thwart the foul plot, the assassin al-Jakri managed a narrow escape. Not only is the Pathfinder Society embarrassed to have trusted a betrayer for so many years, but it is horrified that she used Society connections to nearly bring Absalom to its knees. Uncertain whether she may possess other secrets or allies, the Pathfinder Society desperately needs to track down and capture al-Jakri before she can hatch any other sinister plots. You have been set the task of bringing her to justice.

After some preliminary investigation, it becomes clear that most of al-Jakri’s lieutenants perished in the battle. There is one who was seen escaping, however: a Keleshite man named Satyar Siddique. He was last seen boarding a ship that was then intercepted by a large galley bearing the infamous yellow sails of an Okeno slaving ship. Siddique is now undoubtedly being ferried to Stonespine Island off the coast of Katapesh to be auctioned off at Okeno’s notorious Fleshfairs—markets where slaves of all races and nationalities are sold like chattel. If the Society wants any chance of stopping anything al-Jakri may be setting in motion, you must track down Siddique and convince him to share what he knows. Every moment you delay brings him a greater risk of being traded, tortured, or killed by slavers who are unaware how valuable he is.

Venture-Captain Roderus of the Winding Road Lodge, one of the Pathfinder Society’s local headquarters in Katapesh, has done all he can to equip you for your mission and warn you of the cruel gnolls that are seen as villains elsewhere yet are welcome in Okeno. You’ll cross to Stonespine Island on a merchant ship, and from there you must keep a low profile to avoid unwanted attention. Into the Yellow City of Okeno you must go, with hopes you will not fall to a slaver’s noose.

4-1A: Amid the Yellow City
4-1B: Imposters in the Compound
4-1C: Unfettered Frenzy
4-1D: Trouble Following Directions
4-1E: Seaward!

The scourge die is 1d4+1.
When creating the blessings deck, replace 1 blessing with the support card Liberty’s Edge Favor.
If the result of your first check to defeat of your turn exceeds the difficulty by 7 or more, shuffle a monster from the box into your location deck.

Each player unlocks the ability to play Crowe from the Wrath of the Righteous Character Add-On Deck using the Magus Class Deck.

The Exchange

I'll be running a Season of Factions' Favor box during PbP Gameday VII! If you're interested, please post in the thread indicating which character you want to play and which Adventure as well.

Hi, I got the Ultimate Intrigue add-on deck via subscription and it seems that I'm missing a card in it - I believe it's the Harrow Deck card.

The Exchange

Here's the discussion thread!

The Exchange

Season of the Runelords

Who hasn’t heard of the Heroes of Sandpoint? Surely all of Varisia knows of the brave adventurers who ventured into the ruined heart of the Thassilonian Empire and slayed Karzoug, the Runelord of Greed. You’ve always thought it strange that those ancient folks wanted to worship at the altar of various sins, but since the ruins of their old nation-states litter the landscape even today, it must have worked for them.
But the whole “defeat a legendary power thought long dead” routine raises a few questions in your mind, and the muttering you’ve heard in tavern after tavern proves you’re not the only ones wondering. How did Karzoug come back from the dead after thousands of years? Why did he come back from the dead after thousands of years? And the big one, the question that keeps you up sometimes at night…

Why do people think he’s the only Runelord to come back?

OA2 Mavaro has this in his card list: "When building your deck, you may treat 1 or more cards of 1 type of boon as boons of your favoured card type."

The problem here is that you choose your favoured card type at the beginning of the scenario, presumably for the scenario. However, building your deck happens after the scenario, so what exactly do you do?

Also, how does OA2 Mavaro's deckbuilding work in OP?

So let's say I start with base Mavaro and have a card list of 2 weapons, 3 spells, 1 armor, 5 items, 1 ally and 3 blessings. But I really want allies (because I'm going into a scenario heavy on diplomacy and that's one of my only ways to get them).

So I want allies to go into my item slots, so I want to "treat 1 or more allies as items".

1) Do I have to pick item as my favoured card type for all scenarios from this point onward if I want to keep this property?
2) What happens if I change one or two of these parameters? Let's say the scenario calls for more combat and I want to get more spells into my deck instead. If I want to "treat 1 or more spells as items" instead, do I fill out the deck with spells and/or items and lose as many allies as I need to to stay legal? Or if I want to "treat blessings as weapons", and take a blessing deck upgrade can I have a deck with 1 weapon, 4 blessings, 1 ally and 5 items?

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It seems that Kinetic Blast is a spell designed for Yoon, yet it has a Arcane and Perception check (which is the Psychic spell template) rather than the Arcane and Fortitude check. Is this intended? Yoon doesn't have Perception, so she's worse at using this than Erasmus.

I should have caught this in v4.2, but:

Card Guild Guide p.11 wrote:

Each Adventure Card Guild character’s Class Deck may include up to 1 copy of each class-appropriate promo card from the Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes miniatures line.

Class-appropriate isn't defined here. It does give the Agna example which is good, but in a world with characters that have a class and is not from a class deck, this gets confusing.

I understand at least that the class of the character is what matters here, not the class of the class deck. So Zadim from the Mummy's Mask set playing with the Inquisitor class deck can take the Dawnflower's Petal, but not the Mysterious Disk. And Nyctessa from the Hell's Vengeance 2 character deck can take the Arcane Robes.

The wording of "Character's Class Deck" does seem to imply it's the Class Deck that matters and not the character, so I think that needs to change.

Card Guild Guide p.7 wrote:

If your character is from an Ultimate Add-On Deck, you may add the cards from any 1 Class Deck.

p.6 mentions that any Character Deck and Ultimate Add-On deck also count as a class deck.

1) Does this mean that an Ultimate Add-On deck can include another Ultimate Add-On deck as its 1 "Class Deck"?
2) If 1 is true, does this mean that an Ultimate Add-On deck can include another copy of the same Ultimate Add-On deck as its 1 "Class Deck"?

Page 7 of the PFSACGG v5 states this:
"If the back of your character lists a specific card, that card must be in your Class Deck box."

MM Estra lists the Loot ally Honaire. But is that specifically MM Honaire or does CD Honaire count as "that card"? Or could both count? (Both Honaires work best with their respective Estras so it shouldn't come up often, but it probably will.)

This is specifically when you use Estra in OA1. It's unclear whether or not you can put MM Honaire in at all since the only things the rules tell you you can explicitly put in are the character card.

Also, the page numbers are very hard to see by the way, I understand the compass layout for the page looks cool, but not at the expense of readability.

I know the PFSACG scenario 3-P had been reportable for a while, but I am not able to report it anymore.

In addition, 4-2P and 4-3 are also currently not reportable.

So, Bladewind Simoun has this power:

□ When you encounter a card, before you act, you may recharge a card to draw a random weapon that has the Knife and Ranged (□ and Magic) traits from the box. After you act, banish that weapon.

All well and good. But the Python cohort from the new Hunter class deck has this power:

"While displayed, you may put this card on top of your deck to ignore a power that happens after you act, or before you act if you have a role card."

Now, this requires a cooperative non-Adowyn Hunter, but let's say you have one. You can get free Knives out of the deal. If Elites are banished, they're also AD3+ (and all quite good).

I searched, and the Python cohort power is the only one that ignores non-bane powers, sadly. Still interesting.

Incidentally, across the search I came across the Shrine to Baphomet:

At this Location: Ignore the Magic trait on all boons.

So, what happens if the Magic trait box is ticked, and only Magic boons are left? You don't draw anything? Does "ignore the Magic trait" mean even on powers like this one?

We finally completed Season of Plundered Tombs today, triumphant!

Ulunat was pretty intimidating, but we sacrificed body and limb (and cards) to rescue everyone, so we were able to get to 9 rescued allies without much incident.

By the way, Ulunat was in the last location, near the last card of that location. It was pretty ridiculous actually. Since we closed every other location before that one (Surgery), we managed to _defeat_ Ulunat twice.

I'm going to be so happy with the extra Sunburst trade before every scenario.

This actually came up a while back (around 3-6Aish) but I should ask about this.

If you trade a card, and shuffle it into a location due to Baited Jewel Box, then retrieve it, how would you know the card was traded? You don't know which cards are in the deck, and retroactively remembering the cards that were encountered seems silly. There could be two of that card in the location, and if you pick up one of them, you wouldn't know which card it was.

2 questions:

1) Would it matter for banishment purposes? You did exchange a card for the traded card, and I would expect that it is subject to similar rules as the 5.0 version of cards you exchange as loot.

Or maybe I'm completely wrong and you suffer no consequence if you trade for a card and it gets banished.

2) If you picked up the card, could you put it in the cards acquired during the scenario? The card doesn't have memory of being traded, and you kinda don't have the memory of which cards are in the location either.

Vic mentioned that the Shrine of the Infinite Void could permanently change your role. 3-6A includes the location, so does this apply to PFSACG?

I assume it does since there's no rule preventing it from happening, but how do you mark it down? I guess notes would be as good a place as any.

I realize this doesn't normally happen, and yes I'm deliberately trying to do this. I realized that I really want to use the other role for 3-P, and it's tough enough that I want to squeeze a little bit of advantage here.

Hi Paizo customer service!

The order is currently pending, however I will not be home when the shipment will arrive. Could you please delay the order until next month? I still very much want it, but I'll be out of the country for a while.

It looks like in the RPG/ACG separation that was done recently /acgCharacters/{characterNumber} was broken. No matter which character you select, no sessions appear.

Is this an in progress thing or is it a bug?

Since SoPT is out, I can go request corrections :P

General: Not a correction, but the way traders work really messes with setup. If I technically follow the rules the way traders are set up, I can't set up the locations until I deal with traders. This prevents pre-setup. In time-critical places like conventions I may not have that luxury.

3-1B: This says "Each character draws an item from the box." However, the intention on this I believe is similar to the Season of the Runelords rewards, so that's now "Each character adds an item from the game box to the cards acquired during this scenario." The Season of the Runelords rewards, in my opinion, should also switch to this wording.

3-2A: Story nitpick: I had noticed the story indicates the Raid Leader is male. However, the Raid Leader's card art seems to be female-presenting. I can accept the Raid Leader using male pronouns, but is this the intention?

3-3E: It says "When you defeat a Conflagration, ... close the location it came from ..." I believe it can't come from a location since it's displayed immediately.

If you're in the Greater Seattle area and are interested in a Mummy's Mask demo or to try out the Season of Plundered Tombs, head to the site and sign up for some sessions (or walk up). I'll be bringing class decks with me so you can check out some of the newer ones.

Are these supposed to be drawn from your class deck box (like in Season 0) or are they supposed to be drawn from the game box and added to the reward pile (like in Season 2)?

I didn't look closely at the reward before distribution and it uses the same wording as Season 0 so I thought I'd ask.

The PFSACG guide says

"After upgrading your deck, if your deck doesn’t have enough of certain card types to meet the Cards List requirement on your character card, and your character is Tier 2 or lower, choose the extra cards you need from your Class Deck using the Hierarchy in the sidebar on page 7. If your character is Tier 3 or higher, you may instead choose appropriate cards that have an adventure deck number at least 2 lower than your tier."

It seems intuitive, but I believe the guide also doesn't tell you when you advance your tier. Is it after all scenario rewards, etc have been granted and you've gotten your tier rewards?

The intuitive answer seems to be yes, but I want to check. If so, I'll ask for an edit in the guide for clarity.

I had always thought Blessing of the Gods copying a Corrupted Blessing would cause you to discard a card (since the Corrupted Blessing is always on top). However, MM rulebook, p.23:

"If a card tells you that you may treat it as if it has the same powers as another boon, do not include paragraphs that are not powers."

In particular, this means that:
-The discard not-a-power on Corrupted blessings does not activate ("After you play this card, if the top card of the blessings discard pile has the Corrupted trait, discard a card.")
-The not-a-power on Blessing of the Ancients does not activate ("After you play this card, if the top card of the blessings discard pile has the Basic trait, recharge this card instead of discarding it.")

Is this really intended? Or is it obvious to everyone else and I'm like the only person who didn't understand this?

If I noted that the not-a-powers that the a lot of the new blessings use - "After you play this card, if the top card of the blessings discard pile has the $deity trait, recharge this card instead of discarding it", I think it would be more obvious. Of course. The MM cards actually don't use the new template and use "if the top card of the blessings discard pile matches this card", which is the old template and isn't affected by this (you don't get the effect either way, since the card name doesn't match).

But this also means I've been teaching people wrong and I'm unhappy about this :( (This doesn't affect the demo, as the demo doesn't have BotG. But this is a common occurrence in OP)

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I had compiled a bunch of these, but I haven't actually had time to push them out until now.

There's a tiny amount of spoilers about the season ahead, so be warned.

In 3-3A, I kept pronouncing the henchman as "a-keytar". And doing little air keytar mimes, of course. It caught on quite quickly.

During 3-3D, the henchmen were Sandstorm Rocs. Mavaro had picked up a Clawhand Shield along the way, but Mavaro kept ending up at the current player's location - and the current player would somehow encounter the Sandstorm Roc (which would move any other character at the location away, then deal 1 Ranged combat damage). Watching Mavaro bounce around like that was extremely amusing, especially since he didn't take any damage from it (since he could reveal the shield). Wheee, flying.

The choice in 3-3E was interesting. We kinda roleplayed it out.

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