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I have some boon checklists for people to see at a glance what they get when they progress through a Season:

Season of the Shackles
Season of the Righteous
Season of the Runelords
Season of Plundered Tombs
Season of Factions' Favor

Please let me know what you think.


Many thanks!

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Have the others up (TT is updated to what's available)

Season of the Goblins
Season of Tapestry's Tides

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These are AWESOME!
Much appreciated


Thank you zeroth_hour2. These are great, especially for the later seasons.

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Updated SoTT document for 5-5

Lone Shark Games

Fantastic work, thanks for supporting the campaigns!

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka MorkXII

Can I ask for one small improvement for the Factions' Favour document? It seems to be missing the Loot unlocks from the 6 Hell's Vengeance scenarios.

A few other improvements:
-Season of the Righteous has an extra 0-4A Skill feat listed, surely a leftover from Season of the Shackles copy-paste.
-Season of Plundered Tombs is missing the Extra Feats section.

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-Season of the Righteous bug fixed
-Season of Plundered Tombs - fixed missing Extra Feats section
-Season of Factions' Favor - added loot unlocks for HV scenarios
-Season of Tapestry's Tides - added 5-P2, 5-6

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka MorkXII

Awesome, thanks!

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