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PACG Agna - Character 1001 - Season of the Shackles
(not converted - if converted, she would be Tier 7)

Agna's Chronicles!:

Initial deck:
Weapons: Dagger, Longsword, Quarterstaff, Light Crossbow
Spell: -
Armor: Wooden Shield
Item: Amulet of Life, Caltrops
Ally: Crow, Fox, Soldier, Snow Leopard
Blessing: 4x Blessing of the Gods

Play 1: 0-1A: Ghosts of the Deep
Reward (random roll): Warhammer -> replaces Quarterstaff
Deck upgrade: picked Magic Leather Armor (B Armor) -> replaces Wooden Shield

Play 2: 0-0: On the Horizon
Deck upgrade: picked Emerald of Dexterity (B Item) -> replaces Caltrops

Play 3: 0-1A: Ghosts of the Deep - replay for the team
Deck upgrade: picked Bastard Sword (B Weapon) -> replaces Dagger

Play 4: 0-1B: The Lone Shark
Reward: Skill Feat: Wisdom +1
Deck upgrade: picked Fortified Leather Armor (1 Armor) -> replaces Magic Leather Armor

Play 5: 0-1C: Brine Dragon
Reward: Power Feat: Scouting upgrade (At the end of your turn, you may examine the top or bottom card of your location deck.)
Deck Upgrade: picked Blessing of Milani (1 Blessing) -> replaces Blessing of the Gods

Play 6: 0-1D: Salvage Ops
Reward: A spell that I totally can't use :(
Deck Upgrade: picked Main-Gauche (B Weapon) -> replaces Light Crossbow

Play 7: 0-1E: Brinebrood
Reward: Item, got Spyglass -> replaces Amulet of Life
Deck Upgrade: picked Blessing of Erastil (B Blessing) -> replaces Blessing of the Gods (hopefully that doesn't bite me later.)

Play 8: 0-1F: Jemma the Ambushed
Reward: Card Feat, got another Item in anticipation for more Items.
Deck Upgrade: Amulet of Life added.
(We got 2 spells, 1 ally and an item which were all Bs, and all the replacements for Items I had were Basic.)

Play 9: 0-2A: Love's Labour Lost
Reward: Ally from Box, got a Dog. Not really wanting to use it
Deck Upgrade: picked Staff of Minor Healing (2 Item) -> replaces Amulet of Life.

Play 10: 0-2B: Yo Ho Grindylows
Reward: Skill Feat: Strength +1
Deck Upgrade: picked Greatclub +1 (2 Weapon) -> replaces Longsword

Play 11: 0-2C: The Hirgenzosk Nightmare Revenge of the Fishfolk
Reward: Card Feat: Blessing, got BotG
Deck Upgrade: picked Repelling Pike +1 (1 Weapon) -> replaces Warhammer

Play 12: 0-2D: Who Rules Hell's Harbor? We do!
Reward: Power Feat: 1d6 + 1 with an Offhand Shuffle
Deck Upgrade: picked Masterwork Tools (2 Item downgraded) -> replaces Emerald of Dexterity

Play 13: 0-2C: Revenge of the Fishfolk replay
Reward: None (replay to help Meliski)
Deck Upgrade: only had 1 Ally and B Armor/Weapons (and spells but I can't take them). Didn't take any.

Play 14: 0-3A: Barrier Wrecking Ball
Reward: Skill Feat: Strength +2
Deck Upgrade: picked Wounding Spear-Axe +1 -> replaces Main Gauche

Play 15: 0-3B: Top of the World
Reward: random weapon - Dagger (not putting in the deck)
Deck Upgrade: picked Monkey -> Soldier (yay, no more non-Animal Allies!)

Play 16: 0-3C: Jungle Boogie
Reward: Card Feat: Blessing
Deck Upgrade: picked Disrupting Rapier +1 -> Bastard Sword (I guess it'd be more useful if I had Main Gauches)
picked Blessing of Gorum for the extra Blessing

Play 17: 0-3D: Going Under
Reward: random card of a type you choose: picked Blessing, picked Blessing of Abadar -> Blessing of Erastil :)
Deck Upgrade: also Blessing of Abadar :) -> replaces BotG

Role Card: Beastmaster.
Power Feat: Reveal Animal to get d4 to any check.

Play 18: 0-4A: The Tale of Two MoonshinersAlchemists
Reward: Skill Feat: WIS +2
Deck Upgrade: Lizard -> Crow (I think)

Play 19: 0-4B: You want us to what? RAWWWR! 0-4B
Reward: Quarterstaff :(
Deck Upgrade: Blessing of Cayden Cailean -> BotG (it was actually a 3 Blessing but I didn't think BoGozreh was better for our group, since our troubles tend to be with Fort checks)

Play 20: 0-4C: Rum is not for us
Reward: Power Feat: d4+1 on Animal reveal
Deck Upgrade: Runechill Hatchet +2 -> Repelling Pike +1

Play 21: 0-4D: The Impossibly Rummy Bottle
Reward: Power Feat: d4+2 on Animal reveal
Card Feat: Weapon, added Main Gauche +1
Deck Upgrade: (4 Ally) Sabertooth Tiger -> Snow Leopard

Play 22: 0-5A: Enemy Ship Autodefeats Meanwhile, in the Shackles...
Reward: Power Feat: TBD, I think the Blessing enhancement
Deck Upgrade: none, we only had a 5 Item and a 5 Spell

Play 23: 0-5B: The Play's the Thing
Reward: All the allies. Of which I care about exactly zero (no Animals)
Deck Upgrade: none

Play 24: 0-5C: Release the Obligatory Kraken
Reward: Skill Feat: Moar STR
Deck Upgrade: (5 Weapon) Vicious Double-Axe +1 (replaces Disrupting Rapier +1)

Play 25: 0-5D: Lost in Time and SpaceA Crew Divided
Reward: Card Feat (Ally, Biter) + Power Feat (+2 Off-hand)
Notes: I banished a BoAbadar and a BotG and replaced them with a BoAbadar and BoMilani.
Deck Upgrade: (4 Item) Belt of Incredible Dexterity (replaces Masterwork Tools)

Play 26: 0-6A Trg n Pyhr Get a Clue
Reward: Loot: Alise Grogblud
Deck Upgrade: Not useful (B Blessings and a 4 Ally)

Play 27: 0-6B The Battle of Abendego
Reward: Card feat (Spell to get Cure, as an experiment)
Deck Upgrade: (6 Weapon) Shock Greatsword +2... drool

Play 28: 0-6C The Monster Marsh
Reward: Loot: Scoundrel's Sword Cane, Crossbow of Retribution
Deck Upgrade: (5 Weapon) Adamantine Poniard +1, finally :)

Play 29: 0-6D Torrents are Caring The Pirate Party
Reward: Power Feat: Hand Size 7
Notes: Villains Kerdak Bonefist, Omara Culverin and Hypatia are now allied with us
Deck Upgrade: (5 Blessing) Blessing of Achaekek -> Blessing of Gorum

Play 30: 0-6E The ship, she's tearin' apart
Reward: Skill Feat: STR +4
Deck Upgrade: none

Play 31: 0-6F Lost in the Storm
Reward: Loot: any single Loot from the S&S box, unlocked Enora, Councilor's Ring
Deck Upgrade: none (who cares, survival and stuff)

Agna's Current Deck!:

Weapons: Runechill Hatchet +2, Wounding Spear-Axe +1, Greatclub +1, Shock Greatsword +2, Adamantine Poniard +1
Spell: Cure
Armor: Ophidian Armor
Item: Belt of Incredible Dexterity, Spyglass, Staff of Minor Healing
Ally: Fox, Monkey, Snow Leopard, Lizard, Biter
Blessing: 2x Blessing of Milani, 2x Blessing of Abadar, Blessing of Achaekek, Blessing of Cayden Cailean

Power Feats: Hand Size 7, Recharge Off-Hand to get 1d6+2, Reveal Animal Ally to get 1d4+2, EoT scan Top or Bottom of Location deck

Skill Feats: STR +4, WIS +2

Wants: Belt of Physical Perfection.

Last Skill Feat is going to MOAR FITE. Could pop the temp Skill feat on a Dex check or something; not sure. Didn't manage to pop the Skill feat. Anyways, Agna's retired now