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So, some characters have powers that depend on location traits like Urban/Wild (like Core Lini, Siathorn, Varian)

However, old locations don't have those. I'd like to compile a list, but I unfortunately don't have time at the moment.

But before that, should old locations be updated with the location traits? It's kind of hard to play the characters that depend on them in older scenarios because they're dependent on the trait being there rather than it being absent.

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I think this rule should just be "You look at a location and decide what traits it should have if you care about them."

I'd volunteer my time to applying location traits to older locations if they're all put in a spreadsheet or something.

It'd be nice if such a list were implemented for sanctioned play... but on the other hand it really doesn't seem a big issue (or a surprise) to suggest to players "Don't use characters that rely on post-Core mechanics or boons in pre-Core scenarios".

No different to trying to use Jirelle outside of the S&S box, for example. One of her innate powers doesn't work, one of her pre-Role power feats doesn't work, and several of her role power feats don't work. In fact, more of Jirelle's powers are reliant upon a set-specific mechanic than almost any post-Core character is reliant upon location traits (with the possible exception of Varian).

Mike Selinker wrote:
I think this rule should just be "You look at a location and decide what traits it should have if you care about them."

This is just how you become one of the best Game Creator in the world. I owe you a bottle of Gewurtztraminer for this one.

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Here is what my idea is about Skull&Shackles locations. Sometimes the assignment of "Wild" is governed by the amount of action seen on the card or reflects the weather (if that is an appropriate thing to do). My assignments are completely subjective and as expected, the Aquatic trait dominates. Some islands were not assigned Aquatic if I thought beach is not important for that. I am open to any suggestions / objections :)

Alehouse Urban
Beach Aquatic
Cannibal Isle Wild
Coastline Aquatic
Dagon's Jaws Aquatic Wild
Dinosaur Corral Wild
Docks Aquatic Urban
Eye of Serenity Aquatic Wild
Festhall Urban Wild
Fishing Village Aquatic Urban
Floating Shipyard Aquatic Urban
Fog Bank Aquatic
Fort Hazard Underground Urban
Fringes of the Eye Aquatic Wild
Gannet Island Wild
Ghol-Gan Ruins Sacred Wild
Gozreh's Flow Aquatic Wild
Great Stone Bridge Wild
Hall of Champions Sacred Underground
Harbor Aquatic Urban
Hatchery Aquatic Wild
Holy Isle Sacred
House of Stolen Kisses Underground Urban
Chapel Sacred Urban
Jasperleaf Apothecary Urban
Jungle Wild
Lonely Island Aquatic Wild
Lucrehold Aquatic Underground Urban
Mancatcher Cove Aquatic Wild
Mangrove Swamp Aquatic Wild
Merchant Marina Urban
Murder Hole Underground Urban
Pinnacle Atoll Aquatic
Raker Shoals Aquatic Wild
Riptide Cove Aquatic Wild
Rocky Cliff Wild
Ruined Amphitheater Sacred Urban
Sacred Spring Sacred Aquatic
Safe House Urban
Scar Bay Underground Wild
Sea Caves Aquatic Underground
Sea Fort Aquatic Urban
Seaside Warehouse Urban
Shark Island Aquatic Wild
Sharkskin Reef Aquatic Wild
Shipwreck Graveyard Aquatic
Shrine to Besmara Sacred Urban
Shrine to Norgorber Sacred Underground Urban
Teleportation Chamber Underground
Tempest Cay Aquatic Wild
Tengu Rookery Urban
Theater of Corruption Urban
Tidewater Rock Aquatic Urban
Torture Pit Underground
Tower Underground
Widowmaker Isle Aquatic Urban
Windward Isle Aquatic
Wishing Well Sacred Wild

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Frencois wrote:
Mike Selinker wrote:
I think this rule should just be "You look at a location and decide what traits it should have if you care about them."
This is just how you become one of the best Game Creator in the world. I owe you a bottle of Gewurtztraminer for this one.

Late harvest Alsace, please.

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Obviously, this thread is old, but where better to post a list of traits for old locations. I was thankful to Jenceslav for the Skulls and Shackles list, so I'm trying to pay it forward.

Here's my list for Wrath of the Righteous locations:

Wrath locations:

"(Abyssal)" indicates one side of the location is Abyssal.
Abattoir: Urban
Abyssal Rift (Abyssal)
Abyssal River: Abyssal, Aquatic, Wild
Armory: Underground, Urban
Battlebliss: Abyssal, Urban
Befouled Altar: Abyssal, Sacred
Blackburgh: Abyssal, Urban
Canyon: Underground, Wild
Cavern: Underground, Wild
Cathedral of Chaos: Urban, Sacred
Cathedral of St. Clydwell: Urban, Sacred
Celestial Beacon: Sacred, Urban
Cell: Underground
Cemetery: Sacred, Urban
Chasm of Shadows: Sacred, Underground
Citadel: Urban
Collapsing Bridge: Urban
Corruption Forge: Underground
Dark Forest: Wild
Defender’s Heart: Urban
Eagle Rock: Urban
Family Tomb: Sacred, Urban
Forsaken Cloister: Urban
Gate of the Worldwound: (Abyssal)
Gray Garrison: Urban
Great Hall: Urban
Grinder: (Abyssal)
Guardpost: Urban
Harem of Ardent Dreams: Abyssal, Urban
Harvester’s Pit: Abyssal, Wild
Heaven: Sacred, Urban
Ivory Labyrinth: Abyssal
Laboratory: Urban
Lightless Maze: Abyssal, Underground
Locust Shrine: Abyssal, Sacred, Urban
Manor House: Urban
Marketplace: Urban
Maze: Sacred, Underground
Middle of Nowhere: none
Molten Pool: Abyssal, Wild
Mongrel Village: Urban
Occult Library: Urban
Paradise Hill: Urban
Prison Vault: Abyssal, Sacred
Qlippoth Runestone: Abyssal
Rapture of Rupture: Abyssal, Urban
Sacristy: Sacred, Urban
Sanctum: Abyssal, Sacred
Shrine to Baphomet: Abyssal, Sacred, Urban
Soul Foundry: Abyssal, Urban
Temple of Iomedae: Sacred, Urban
The Rasping Rifts: Abyssal, Wild
Threshold: Abyssal
Torture Chamber: Underground
Tower of Estrod: Urban
Tower of the Fourth Sphere: Urban
Wardstone Chamber: Urban
Watchtower: Urban
Wintersun Hall: Urban
Wounded Lands: Abyssal, Wild
Woundwyrm’s Lair: Wild
Yearning House: Abyssal, Urban

I welcome comments, especially since I haven't played the AP, though I tried to do some research and kept in mind decisions made for the Core set.

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Same disclaimer as for my Wrath of the Righteous list, but if you want traits and don't want to think too hard, feel free to use these!

Runelords locations:
Abjurant Halls of Envy: Sacred, Underground
Academy: Urban
Apothecary: Urban
Catacombs of Wrath: Underground
City Gate: Urban
Courtyard: Urban
Dam: Aquatic
Death Zone: Wild
Deeper Dungeon: Underground
Desecrated Vault: Sacred, Underground
Farmhouse: Urban
Festering Maze of Sloth: Sacred, Underground
Fort Rannick: Urban
Foxglove Manor: Urban
Garrison: Urban
General Store: Urban
Giant Lair: Underground, Wild
Glassworks: Urban
Goblin Fortress: Wild
Guard Tower: Urban
Habe’s Sanatorium: Urban
Halls of Wrath: Sacred, Underground
Heptaric Locus: Underground
Iron Cages of Lust: Sacred, Underground
Junk Beach: Aquatic, Wild
The Leng Device: none
Mill: Aquatic, Urban
Mountain Peak: Wild
Nettlemaze: Wild
The Old Light: Wild
Prison: Underground
Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony: Sacred, Underground
Runeforge Hub: Underground
Runewell: Underground
The Rusty Dragon: Urban
Sandpoint Cathedral: Sacred, Urban
Scarnetti Manor: Urban
Shadow Clock: Urban
Shimmerglens: Aquatic, Wild
Shimmering Veils of Pride: Sacred, Underground
Sihedron Circle: Wild
Swallowtail Festival: Urban
Temple: Sacred, Urban
Thassilonian Dungeon: Underground
Thassilonian Library: Urban
Town Square: Urban
Treacherous Cave: Wild
Turtleback Ferry: Aquatic, Urban
Vault of Greed: Sacred, Underground
Village House: Urban
Warrens: Wild
Waterfront: Aquatic, Urban
Wooden Bridge: Wild
Woods: Wild

Mummy's Mask Locations:
Alchemical Laboratory: Urban
Altar of Riddles: Sacred, Underground
Brickworks: Urban
Camel Race: Urban
Canny Jackal: Urban
Caravanserai: Urban
Catacombs: Sacred, Underground, Urban
Chisisek’s Tomb: Sacred, Underground, Urban
Crypt: Sacred, Underground, Urban
Dilapidated Plaza: Urban
Dye Market: Urban
Earthworks: Wild
Elemental Trenches: Wild
Embalming Parlor: Sacred, Urban
Eternal Arena: Urban
Five-Pointed Sun: none
Forgery of Ra: Urban
Garden of Ossumentals: Sacred, Wild
Garden of Symmetry: Wild
Ghoul Square: Urban
Glass Pavilion: Urban
Golden Lake: Sacred, Urban
Great Library of Tephu: Urban
Guardian Vault: Sacred, Underground
Hall of Blessed Rebirth: Sacred, Urban
Hall of the Crocodile Kings: none
Hall of Winged Chaos: none
Hot Springs: Wild
Howling Sands: Wild
Mausoleum: Sacred, Urban
Mumia Lab: Urban
Oasis: Aquatic, Urban, Wild
Peasant Tombs: Sacred, Underground, Urban
Pleasure Barge: Aquatic, Urban
Precious Mine: Underground
Quarry: Underground
Ruined Temple: Sacred
Scorched Obelisk: Wild
Scorched Ruins: Urban
Sculptor’s Lair: Urban
Sepulcher of the Servant: Sacred, Underground, Urban
Shifting Dunes: Wild
The Shiny Bauble: Urban
Shrine of the Infinite Void: Aquatic, Sacred
Silver Forge: Urban
Sky Pharaoh’s Throne: Urban
Smoking Den: Urban
Stonework Passages: Urban
Sulfur Pits: Wild
Surgery: Urban
Tarworks: Urban
Thornscrub: Wild
Thriae Hive: none
Tooth & Hookah: Urban
Towering Obelisk: Sacred, Wild
Vault of Hidden Wisdom: Urban
Vizier’s Hill: Urban
Volcanic Vents: Wild
Walled Oasis: Urban
Warehouse: Urban
Windswept Chasm: Underground, Wild

Mike Selinker wrote:
Frencois wrote:
Mike Selinker wrote:
I think this rule should just be "You look at a location and decide what traits it should have if you care about them."
This is just how you become one of the best Game Creator in the world. I owe you a bottle of Gewurtztraminer for this one.
Late harvest Alsace, please.

I still owe you that one. As soon as lockdown is over and I can visit. But we are gonna miss new cards in PACG.

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