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We are doing doublemaster events every six month for eleven years now... Thinks like the ones I mentioned above were just super special unique moments we had and made a lot of fun.
I am looking for other people having or played similar ideas. Enunciating the names is something we are doing already if it fits.

Let me get you a few examples I have done yet:

1. Using cotton woll for fog visualisation
2. Party is going into a dungeon: Make the room dark and use snaplights attached to the figures and give them a small light to see their dice.

Anyone have similar ideas to share?

I have just read "Dungeons of Golarion" and applied already a few of it with great success. Now I am looking for similar official or third party publication (no user self written ones) that collect some fully pre-written 5-10 pages long dungeons in it. Is there something out there? And if so, where can I find it.


I am looking for adventures set in Cheliax especially in Egorian, no big adventure paths rather little once. I already started searching in pathfinder society modules but could not find anything yet.

This helps me a lot! Thanks!

This is my old riddick build

Str: 18
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 8
Wis: 12
CHA: 7

Chaotic neutral.Range Skirmisher.


Piranha Strike, Surge of Success
Bonus Feat: Two Weapon Fighting
Double Slice

Hunter's Trick (Vengeance Strike), Dodge
Bonus Feat: Improved Two weapon Fighting
Hunter's Trick (Second Chance Strike), Two-Weapon Defense

Hunter's Trick (Chameleon Step), Improved Critical (Wakizashi)
Bonus Feat: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
Hunter's Trick (Deft Stand), Critical Focus 12.
Hunter's Trick (Surprise Shift), Lunge
Bonus Feat: Two-Weapon Rend
Hunter's Trick (Rattling Strike), Blinding Critical

Hunter's Trick (Distracting Attack), Staggering Critical
Bonus Feat: Quick Draw
Hunter's Trick (Tangling Attack), Stunning Critical

Reactionary: +2 to initiative. Everybody loves initiative.
Carefully Hidden: +1 to Will saves (and a minor additional bonus)

Hi! For a 4th Level PvP oneshot I am looking for a dpr max build. I can choose between Investigator and Inquisitor (Asmodeus) but since I have not played either yet I need some Help.

Out of 10 there (at least a little bit) information about 9. One is compeletly lost (this is the hook of my current adventure *g)


I would like to know what you guys think every GM should have at hand behind his GM Screen (besides the standard information within the GM Screen you can buy). Here is my list.

Random Encounter Lists
2-3 NPC's
Dices *g
Device to manage background sound
2-3 Traps
2-3 Diseases

I am looking for a 3-5 level pre-written adventure where the party has to break-in a consortium or mafia house to steal some papers or whatever. The house should not be so big, just an outpost with 3-4 persons in it (max).

I have checked already some pathfinder society adventures but could not find anything.

Perfect... on my way to get the Chase Cards. Thanks!


I remember playing a campaign where we had to chase a npc through a city. We did acrobatic, climb and other rolls on our way. I am not looking for this specific adventure but for a template I can use in my self brewed campaign.

Any ideas where I can find this?

Thanks for your answers. That gave me a new perspective. I guess I can handle him now :)


One of my players just gave me his sheet and suprise suprise, charisma 7. I just asked him how he looks like and how he wants to play charisma 7. His answer was this picture and that that he is not god in human relationships.

I am not super strikt with this acutally but this player suppose to be a power player in every party dumping charisma stats or int stats but not playing it correctly. Looking into the Ability Score Description a Charisma 7 character looks like a Troll or a Bear. I once played with a guy who was ugly and scratches his ass, picking his nose and stuff that would be ok too.

My question is: Would you let him get through with this Jake Gyllenhaal picture and this Oh I am not good with human relation thing. I would say the guy on the picture is Cha 12.


My party participating at the entrance examination to become a member of the pathfinder society located in the grand louge in absalom.

The guide says they test the novices are tested on their skills, their mind and the have to pass magical tests.

Skills is no problem but I just cannot come up with good ideas for mind and magical tests. Especially if the person is not a caster like our rogue or the brawler.

It would be nice if you could help me a bit out.

Hi! I am reading some Pathfinder Journals at the moment to get a better idea of the world. At the moment I read Hell's Pawns. I am a bit confused about some things like a dwarf working for a thief organisation runnning around with a broken arm (usually I would just go to a temple to get help or I would guess there are heaps of healer running around) or that all the magic they use is very very low level magic. That is something that already stands out reading other Pathfinder Journals (like the on in Curse of the Crimson Throne).

I write a adventure places in Golarion (Absalom, Cheliax, Hold of Belkzen and the Darklands) and I am not sure how to play the distribution of divine and arcane magic.

It would be nice if anyone could help me here, maybe with some sources I can read. Or just by explaining how it magic is set in golarion.

That makes sense. Thanks!

I am planing a short campaign in the Age of Darkness where the dwarves still have not seen the surface of golarion yet. I was just wondering if they use self made light (not worms hanging around anyway). Since they can only see 60 feet in darkness I would guess they have lights in there cities or gathering points.

Any ideas to this?

Thanks for the answers. This helps a Lot!

One more question. What would you do if He tries to convince or persuade someone? Would you give him a penalty (e.g. -4 in a skill roll)

One of my player wants to play a half orc half drow. We will play in absalom, cheliax, beltzkens behold and mwangi. I am not sure how the people will react to this race. Any advice or idea?

Claxon asked wrote:
Can I ask what out of character reason is there that you want to turn the PC evil?

We heading to the end of a long compaign where we had to fight evil and evil tried to influence us all along the way. My wizard has tasted the dark side and just likes it too much. He already has a pact with nocticular. She gave him a gift and they are connected telepathically.

There is a big final fight coming at the end where we have to fight a demonlord (probably) and after (hopefully) defeating it the pala and I want to reveal that we are evil to the rest of the party, kill them and take the place of the demonlord. (We will be level 20/10 then). But until this is going to happen I have to turn the paladin on my side and then we have to disguise that he has turned evil. This is going to be a lot fun for us probably.

@firebug: The graveknight template looks aweseome!


In agreement with another party member (the paladin) we want to accomplish the following thing:

I am a wizard 15/archmage 6 and I want to turn our paladin 15 of iomedae evil. In the end I want to hold his heart in my hands and want him to be my puppet.

Besides trying to implenent bad ideas I am curious whether there are drugs or spells I can use?

Or can I kill him and raise him back from the death giving him another alignment?

Any ideas to this are very welcome.

Sorry, you are right. I meant Spell Perfection (EDITED). And as you have assumed Metamastery is the Archmage Path Ability "Arcane Metamastery" (Edited).

I am not getting who you get from 8 to 11 in your last sentence. Spell Perfection says:

"Whenever you cast that spell you may apply any one metamagic feat you have to that spell without affecting its level as long as the total modified level of the spell does not use a spell slot above 9th level."

This looks like it is count as

Quicken (4) + Enervation (4) + Maximized (3) = 11

Isn't Maximized substracted beforehand due to spell perfection and the description says that I cannot go over 9 afterwards?

If it really would be 11 then I am not sure what it is good for at all. Maybe for saving high level slots but as a mythic character with wild arcana this is not really important at all.

btw.: Thanks for pointing out that Arcane Metamastery can only be applied to one particular Metamaic feat. I have not had that in mind anymore.

I have:
Mythic Enervation: 1d6 instead of 1d4
Spell Perfection: Maximized
Arcane Metamastery 1+2: Metamagic Feats up till +2 does not heigten spellslots anymore

I am also holding a Greater Rod of Thanatopic

Now I cast:

Quicken (+4) : Enervation (4) (Maximized) + Empopwered -> Level 4 Spell (Spelllevel: 8)
Standard : Enervation (4) (Maximized) + Empopwered -> Level 4 Spell (Spelllevel: 4)

Is it possible to cast Enervation this way with all the Metamagic Feats?
Do both spells benefit from the Thanatopic Rod?

1 aasimar
2 elf
3 human

Thanks a lot for all your answers, there are some very very interesting ones! I got a lot of great impressions and try to work with my players what is the best solution for us.

I have a long experience with roleplaying and there is one thing that comes up again and again. That player do not stick to there character and jump into some kind of meta-role. They talk as if they were their off-game character. Situations this is happinging are e.g.

Example: wrote:
The party prepares for a fight. They sit together and talk what to do.
Example: wrote:
The party sits on a big Table with the King and his consellors.

Up till now I have not game mastered that much but this is something I always found annoying. Other GM's I played with were just not interested in this topic. They let the party members talk as they wish. And this ended up that the best idea to invade a castle came from someone who has never been in a castle with no knowledge skills at all but being an engineer in real life.

I am thinking about telling the player to stick to there characteres, attributes and skills. But I am not sure about the consequences for the game-fun since I have never experienced this kind of game mastering. Maybe the stupid (Int: 7) barbarian can not participate in any conversation anymore.

The second part or rather a consequence of this is that if the player do not stick to there character skill values the game gets more imbalanced. This is why I always hated it to play a bard. I actually like the idea of playing it but it always ends up the same. My primary task (this is how I want to play a bard) is social and knowledge skills. So I lack in damage dealing (compared to a paladin or so) or healing (compared to a cleric) and so forth... No problem, that is not the role I want to fulfill. BUT ... when it comes to social skills and we just play them out (e.g. between each other) everybody else just does not stick to there skills they have on the paper and switch over to there off-game character. Now the fighter and the barbarian have quite good social skills and can do big damage. They are just stealing the role of the bard (not in every situation but in some).

I really would like to know how this is been handled in your parties, since I can imagine, this is not a problem emerging only in my parties.

In another thread with a different topic someone wrote that when he creates a big encoutner he also writes down information what damage a weapon does when it hits:

6-10, sword: "The blade slips between the primitive wood armor biting into flesh as he roars in pain, spittle hitting you. He backs away, his shield now drooping."

I like the idea coz it makes the game more visual for me and the players. I am looking for othere ideas. What do you as a GM (or what have you seen from other GM's) do for prepartions beforehand to make the game more vivid?

Perfect! Thanks a lot. Exactly what I was looking for.


I will start a campaign soon where everybody has to be a member of the Pathfinder Society (here I mean the guild explained in "seeker of secrets").

For getting a member and attaing some prestig I want to send them into ruins or let them do other adventures. Are there any 'short' adventures (selfwritten or not) out there or is there a souce where I can find a colletion of it?

We are playing double or triple masters for about 10 years now with self written campaigns. This means we are 8-12 persons who rent a cabin for a weekend with 3 rooms for playing. We have between 2 and 3 GM's. I am looking for a souces for double or triple master campaigns. Anyone heard about something like this? The adventures should be between 4 and 24 hours playtime.

Someone said wrote:

And advanced HD faerie dragon would get a higher CR and higher CL, so I think this should apply, too.

Could you explain that to me? Where can I see the advanced HD and how can I apply this?

We are playing WotR at the moment (but this is not a specific problem of this AP). I reached Level 13-5 and my improved familiar has almost no chance to either break the SR or dispel.

My fairy dragon is according to the base rules CL3. So SR or dispel would be 1d20 + 3. Am I right here? I almost cannot imagine that there is no CL development for my familiar since they only can cast buff spells on high levels but are worthless for attacking or counterspelling. Is that right?

I have read through all the Teleport related spells. Trace Teleport gives you a glimpse at the orgin point. So this gives you a way to see what is coming.

Is it possible somehow to find out what is coming?

I am looking for ways to analyse a teleport.

Incoming TP: What is comming? Where is it coming from?
Outgoing TP: Where is it going?

I already choose Steward of the Great Beyond to counter a teleportation effect. I remember that there was a Trace Teleport or a Anticipate Teleportation spell in 3.5 but cannot find something similar in pathfinder. Any ideas?

Creating some Rules-Summaries for my wizard I stumbeld upon "Injured while casting" that bring up a lot of questions.

Is it possible to interrupt a swift or standard action spell without using ready in action?


-> Move Action: The wizard takes out his materials and moves 30 ft to the fighter.
-> Standard Action: As soon as the wizard arrives at the place where the fighter is hanging around he casts "Haste"
----> The fighter has Haste
-> Swift Action: The wizard uses his teleportation ability from his conjuartion school to teleport 10 feet away.

Am I right that without having a "Ready in action"-Attack that triggers on the spellcasters standard action, there is no way on trying to break the spell due to injuring the caster?

So I have to follow that only Spells with a duration longer that a full round action can be stopped (without the ready in action).

But now I have the problem, when does the spellcasting ends? This is how we play it for ages but at the moment I am not sure, if we do it right:

-> Move Action: The wizard takes out his materials and moves 30 ft away from the rogue.
-> Standard Action: As soon as the wizard arrives at the place where he think he is save he casts "Summon Monster"

... Time when the spell can be interrupted...

The monster appears
-> Standard Action: The wizard casts 'Confusion' on another enemy ...
----> The enemy is (hopefully) confused
-> Move Action: ...

There is another thing. Let us say the enemy dealt 20 damage in the time span where I added '...Time when the spell can be interruped...'.

Does he has to make a 10 + damage dealt + spell level check on summon monster and on Confusion?

You see, there is a lot of confusion here, I really would appreciate if you could clear that for me.

Oh, I did not know that about pathfinder. But that is good to know. Thanks!


I am looking for spells with saving throw Int. I thought this ( advanced filter would give me results but it does not.

I have not seen any such spells yet or I cannot remember.


Hitting level 7 I have my imp as a improved familiar. Now I think about buying some wands for him to support me in the wotr campaign. But I would really appreciate some reccommendations what wands (spells) I should buy.


That is what I was looking for. With wild arcana I have 4 hours of privacy, perfect!

I do not want to do just poitions. I found a scroll of Lesser Planar Binding and want to practice things in this direction.

My alignment is neutral. According to what I have read it is possible to have an imp when having a neutral alignment. I still have to cast Nondetection on my imp though and it casts best shape (raven) on itself. Since detect evil is a pin point spell and not an aura or cone spell it is not that difficult... why should they cast this on my raven? :)


I am a wizard7/archmage2 in the wotr campaign. I want a place where I can create potions, talk to my imp (familiar) and do other things paladins usually do not like.

My first idea was to create a pit (create pit spell) underground and teleport into it. But the spell duration is just 1 round + 1 round/level so this is not an option.

Any ideas how I can accomplish this?

Thanks for your replies!

I want to go a bit deeper into the alchemy path. Just to sort out if it is worth puting precious skill points into it and spending time for alchemy item creation instead of scrolls.

I get improved Familiar at Level 7. I do not see any help from Caltrops here

Make an attack roll for the caltrops (base attack bonus +0) against the creature. For this attack, the creature's shield, armor, and deflection bonuses do not count. If the creature is wearing shoes or other footwear, it gets a +2 armor bonus to AC.

I will never hit with an BAB +0 on this level and onwards.

It is similar with the Tanglefoot bags. The familiar has to make a ranged touch attack. Usually at this levels the familiar is no use doing attacks. Especially when you play a mythic adventure as we do (WOTR).

Do I get something wrong here? If so please correct me.

Ah ok got it.

*** Craft alchemy is eh for familiars. Alchemy items on the other hand :)

What items are worth creating? I just went through a lot but cannot come up with good ideas. I already searched here but could not find advices.

Many guide point out that you should get Improved Familiar as a wizard as soon as you hit level 7 since the familiar can create alchemy items and can fill the cap of using magic devices since charisma is often a dump stat for a wizard.

Now I am at level 7 and just cannot see how to use this effectively. Let us say I maxed out UMD and Craft Alchemy for my wizard I have 7 Ranks. At level 7 my improved familiar has (according to this) an intelligence of 9. Let us say I will take an Imp as a familiar (apparentely one of the best) I have a Charisma of 14.

As a result I woud have

Craft Alchemy 6

Am I calculating something wrong here or is this just not worth taking the feat to fulfill this

Fox's cunning. +2 DC is very strong. Otherwise I also would go for Invisibility.


I would like to know what mythic spells you think is one of the most powerful and why.

I just reached the first tier in WotR as an Archmage and now I would like to need some inspiration what spells I will choose.

Any help is welcome, thanks in advance!

Was Flexible school (conjuration/teleportation) worth taking it? I ask this cos there are other thinks available like Extra Mythic Power, and I am undecided.

We just finished the first book and I am looking for some advice for the Mythic Path.

I also see that you spend a lot into overcoming SR. What spells did you prefer?


We just started a new party and I play my first wizard. Now I just read into "How to bind creatures" and really like the idea to combine many spells to accomplish a task. Magic circle against evil -> Dimensional anchor -> Bestow Curse -> Lesser Geas -> Command and so on...

Now I am looking for more of this complex rituals.


I started playing wotr as a wizard (with archmage path) and want to build my owen academy specialized on binding demons, scribing scrolls and alchemy.
The idea was to buy a small house and start with selling scrolls and alchemy stuff to get more money for a bigger house later on. As soon as I have a cohort he should do the job maybe together with my familiar.
Since I do not want to wait till Level 7 where I will take Leadership I would like to know if there are other ways to get an apprentice?

Tried anyone building an academy and has some advice for me?


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