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So I'm throwing an npc based off riddick into my campaign, and I'm wanting suggestions for how to build him. It's a mythic gestalt campaign, and he'll probably be around lvl 12-15. I was thinking brawler/slayer. Anyone have better suggestions? And what would you build him?

i would probably say master of many styles monk/slayer personally that dude has mad fighting skills and pulls of some cool combat stuff that you would need a few style feats to pull off just make sure you arm him with kukris just reskin them to curve the way they do instead of a normal kukri use the slayer talents to pick up the twf tree hes definitely an str build so pick up double slice as well, ill be back with more input tomorrow

He's definitely not lawful though... Maybe winding path brawler?

CoI wrote:
He's definitely not lawful though... Maybe winding path brawler?

he follows his own creed of sorts so i could see an argument for him being lawful, besides alignment restrictions are dumb and should be removed in all circumstances, and if you want to make something cool and it uses a class that has those kinds of restrictions ignore them and make your cool thing for the party to enjoy

True. I'm thinking the improvised weapon chain as well. Or is there something that makes you able to use your monk damage with such things?

not that i know of however you could vmc fighter and pick up the focused weapon advanced weapon training ability which will net you warpriset sacred weapon damage with the weapons which while not strictly as good (caps at 2d8 as opposed to 2d10) will still be much better then the 1d4 base from the weapons but will give you 18-20x2 crit range (15-20x2 if keen or improved critical)

Can you take improved critical improvised weapons? And with the improvised weapon chain they get treated as one size larger. Also, what's a vmc fighter?

1. no idea but probably here scroll down to variant multiclassing

Ah I see. Not using those rules unfortunately.

may i ask why i know most of them are pretty bad but they allow for some neat character options without losing out on class levels in the main class

Well for one I'm using gestalt. Multiclassing doesn't happen much, and I've already got so many options and house rules already...

So no other suggestions?

Monk of the Empty Hand gives you unarmed damage with improvised weapons.

This is my old riddick build

Str: 18
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 8
Wis: 12
CHA: 7

Chaotic neutral.Range Skirmisher.


Piranha Strike, Surge of Success
Bonus Feat: Two Weapon Fighting
Double Slice

Hunter's Trick (Vengeance Strike), Dodge
Bonus Feat: Improved Two weapon Fighting
Hunter's Trick (Second Chance Strike), Two-Weapon Defense

Hunter's Trick (Chameleon Step), Improved Critical (Wakizashi)
Bonus Feat: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
Hunter's Trick (Deft Stand), Critical Focus 12.
Hunter's Trick (Surprise Shift), Lunge
Bonus Feat: Two-Weapon Rend
Hunter's Trick (Rattling Strike), Blinding Critical

Hunter's Trick (Distracting Attack), Staggering Critical
Bonus Feat: Quick Draw
Hunter's Trick (Tangling Attack), Stunning Critical

Reactionary: +2 to initiative. Everybody loves initiative.
Carefully Hidden: +1 to Will saves (and a minor additional bonus)

I would just do a brawler barbarian. Maybe with the sneak attack archetype.

If you use the fleshwarping rules from HA, then there is an option to modify the eyes just like he said.

Thanks. And with mythic I can give him darkvision. Hmm... That monk looks interesting...

Riddick is charismatic -- dumping that attribute would not be in keeping with the character. And, while fierce, he's not the rage type.

-- I'd make him a ninja.

He's got at least a few levels of ranger. He always ends up with an animal companion, he's a twf, and a survivalist in any terrain.

I'm sure a pure ranger would easily fill the role. He's high level, has evasion, but maybe doesn't cast any spells.

He didn't have an animal in either Pitch Black or Chronicles. (He's friendly with critters, but they don't go with him or do anything.)

Hmm.... Ranger6 ([Guide][Infiltrator][Skirmisher]), Swashbuckler12 [core], Fighter2

-- This gives him I-TWF, Darkvision, replaces spells with (pick a goodie, probably +10 Perception as Immediate action), Favored Enemy (pick any chump), and a whole butt-ton of tricks with light weaponry + Evasive.

...or Ranger9 (for Evasion) + Swashbuckler1 + Ninja10.

Those archetypes can't be had together. One gives up favoured terrain, and another is built off it. Also, with it being gestalt, I don't need to split it like that. But great ideas all. I'm assuming that for mythic, give him the dual tiered feat, champion/trickster would be best. What other mythic feats/abilities would you suggest?

Maybe skip the slayer and go ranger/ninja..? He's shown to use poison on occasion, gets evasion from ranger. Use the ninja trick to get him almost monk ll unarmed damage...

Or, keeping it simple as a gesalt, he's a high-wisdom monk/ninja. Aside from nocturnal shenanigans and stratospheric Escape Artist, his primary virtue is being impossible to kill.

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