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Ursula K Legin´s A Wizard of Earthsea.

While the idea of a Pool its good, i think that most of the abilities granted are a pretty powerful and in the end the points are pretty useless since you can select "Permanent" enhacements.

IMO i would drop the Armor bonus, add the double strike / double oportunity and focus on another ability to make up for the loss. (Maybe converting the AC bonus to CMD and/or CMB in XYZ manuvers)

As i said before, as it is its pretty powerful for a lvl 6 Prestige, and the pool its kinda useless.

Travel & time domains.

No good alignment character will use a lethal weapon + Spell only because a companion drenched him.

Cydeth wrote:

Best death: Solo arial combat in RHOD with...

** spoiler omitted **

Aerial combat and stuff!

Funny Death:
I was GMing, it was a long campaing and the players were facing the captaion of the BBEG forces, in a floating island. In order to dimish the power of the captaing they went to engage his dragon mount first.

The wizard casted fly on the party, in order to avoid a sure fall or a bullrush. (My dragons were famous for bullrushing PCs into lava and such)
After a few rounds of combat, the dwarf fighter was crushing the dragon. So the dragon tried to fly away and escape. The fighter went for the kill and after a few rounds of chase. the dragon turn around and dispeled the fighters Fly. Only to be disintegrated by the wizard.

Sadly, the wizard didnt prepared Feather fall, so the dwarf became a bright red spot on the landscape.

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That´s why Channel must go back as it was on Beta!

No targeting issues!

*Teleports away*

Gluttony wrote:
pipedreamsam wrote:
Tom S 820 wrote:
Bugbear with Class levels
I did this once, my players won't let me use bugbears anymore.
I did it once too, although my class-levelled bugbear was also a half-fiend. They barely got out alive and then complained for days. :P

Same here, w/o the half fiendish, but add a Goblin Clr 3 for buffs and heals.

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+1 regarding Burning Wheel as a better System for that setting.

Otherwise, i think that you should ban most of the Spellcasting classes, until the Magic is back into the world.

In order to keep my comment spoiler free, i would state that its a Low magic setting while the dragons are dead. As its said in the books, "magic died with the dragons"

48.An Archeological Dig finds a huge crystal with someone trapped inside (I´ve used amethyst). After some probbing a few mages manage to crack the crystal open to find a dead, long lost hero. This hero suposedly defeated a great evil long time ago, however evidence suggests that he lost the battle and was trapped into the crystal...

This Evil, is now a (God/King/etc)

(Orignially i was thinking leaving the hero alive, and in shock, when faced with the facts.)

Ice Titan wrote:

Do what all Forever GMs must do, week in and week out.

Start running the game.

Be the hero that Gotham deserves.


I always felt that 4e was a lousy MMORPG port to tabletop RPGs. Edition Wars aside, He´s just being a teenager. As someone said before, hopefuly he will grown out of it.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Set the trees on fire.


I like the idea that he can easily 1 shot most smaller parties with his Mass Charm monster. DC 30.

Also, just for the 2nd ED. Fluff.

In the Spelljammer series, the accessory Practical Planetology suggests the tarrasques originate from the planet Falx. Several hundred tarrasques live there in a docile state, where they are silicavores (rock eaters); upon removal from their homeworld their temperament changes to the violent, rapacious one better known elsewhere in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Also, I believe that here you can find a few tarrasques with class levels.

- Sick -

Lobolusk wrote:
I am not a very spell slinger oriented dm also. I may need some help with this, i am thinking of making him a 14th level wizard necromancer. any suggestions for spells and what to throw at a party of adventures that have been gaming for a real long time? besides fireball lol

Also, Strahd is an Ancient Vampire. Checking the table for a Vampire of that Age. (400-499 years old) he has the following modifications

Str Dex Int Wis Cha Speed Dmg red F. heal Turn Res Ac CR
Ancient +8 +8 +4 +6 +6 +20 25/+2 6 +6 +7 +3

The +2 translates into Silver, right?

Also he has several powers based on his age. There was a book of Ravenloft for 3rd edition, that stated Strahd, was (something) of the Mists. I´ll see if i find it on my bookshelf and upload the data for you. But he was at least CR15 Ftr2/Wiz11 At least. I also remember that he waa specialized in a school other than necromancy.

He was an overwhelming foe for anyone native from ravenloft. Also Ravenloft is a low magic setting, i do remember that his most powerful item (Other than artifacts) was a +3 longsword.

Hama wrote:
evilvolus wrote:
Tilnar wrote:
Officially, "peak human strength" to Marvel is the ability to press 800lbs.
Sounds like an str of 25, then.
Which is b*****n strong compared to 11 that most of us have...

Str 11?!?!?! You lucky bastard!


get a scroll of imprisonement and pray!

Also, the party is 20 or 20+.
What kind of equipment do they have? Any artifacts? epic weaps.?
Whats the Party rooster?

Any paladin?
Ranger FE outsiders/undead?

Either Handwave it OR handwave the fact that has to be a diamond. I often use relics or "tributes" to the proper god.-

Ohh, nice!
Nameless one from Planetscape Torment, anyone?
Too good to let it pass!

I have some experience managing big groups. it´s true that for more than 6 players, its hard to keep the pace (combat, im looking at you!!!) however, my bests experiences came, when a friend wanted to stand up and GM too.

What we did, was awesome, we split the table in two parties of five players each, and each party started in a different city, (This was done in the Realms, for those who know a bit of the setting, Arabel and Daggerford) we crafted a story where both parties needed to work togheter in order to preserve their realms/kingdoms. A few political assasinations later, both parties were cooperating between themselves to find clues, often sending emisaries to the other table with clues and information to strength the bonds.

By the end of the campaing they mounted a coordianted assault between their forces (and kingdoms) while one party assaulted the walls, the other sneaked inside the castle via a secret passage, in order to open the gates.

It was really amazing, seeing such cooperation and roleplay.

a few tips:
*focus on roleplaying, rather than rollplaying.
*Make sure that all the groups have cooperative objetives. (Its ok to follow your own agenda, but when it starts to break the group cohesion... it just sucks.) -You can handle backstabbing in a small party, but in a larger one, its just a waste of time, unless you can use it to thick the plot a bit.
*take special care in crafting bonds between the chars.
*use an aide to keep track of the combat stuff. we used a whiteboard with all useful data (Hp, init, Attack bonus, Saves)

Cartigan wrote:
Advanced Aasimar Werewolf.

Paladin/Sorcerer - Dragon Disciple!

What about Knight´s special abilities, Like crush punch, Dark punth, or the ones that destroy your equipment?

What ideas do you got, for those particular cases?

How about magic and spells? same system or you´re going for MP?

also, keep in mind that the grand conjunction adventures, are brutal AND LOVELY! however, people die... a lot. i havent tried them in PF, maybe i should give them a try *evil grin*

Oh well, you got me, saturday night, my players will find a thick white fog coming for them.-

Ice Titan wrote:
meatrace wrote:
Helaman wrote:
Paladins are a bigger issue than Inquisitor in that setting...

Fair enough, though I doubt anyone in my group would play a Paladin anyway. It's something to think about.

@Utgardloki-My concern revolves around the following. It will probably be a low treasure game, there won't be magic shops and players will have to do with what they get or can manage to craft. Bane from the Inquisitor lets them make their weapon effectively +2 better and deal a ton of damage. They have spells that often specifically target undead or fiends. They have an ability that makes is basically evasion for will/fort saves (and would foil a lot of Horror/Madness effects). They also have Stern Gaze and later Detect Lie which makes intrigue plots hard to pull off.

On top of that, they have greater magic weapon and magic vestment as spells 3rd level spells (level 7), meaning they can easily just cast both of those spells and be magically equipped for the next 7 hours. At 8 they can have a +2 shield, a +2 suit of armor and a +2 weapon for 8 hours. At 12, they can use extend metamagic with those spells to have +3 weapon/+3 armor/+3 shield for 24 hours.

They really quickly break out of the "low magic" spectrum if you consider them to be selfish casters.

aye, Aye, thats why you should ask for arcane - and obscure - material components. Like "mandrake root, touched by full moon´s first light". Or therwise, ban the access to spells. Maybe rework some of the spells, or even lower the duration to 10min/lvl.- Its not that hard, and ravelonft its a wonderful setting.

Aazen wrote:
unopened wrote:

IMO i think that just for the fluff of the setting, inquisitors should be either stripped of their spellcasting and domain, or have it reworked as arcane (Same spell list, arcane source) depends on wicked and evil you are!

You might as well play a rogue or bard in those cases.

Oh yes, totally. I was going just for the fluff.

Yes, keep in mind, that any creature with an Aura, and specially paladins ping asap in the Darklords radar as soon as they enter her domain.

I think that inquisitors, would make an excelent addition to any Ravenloft games. However, keep in mind a few things.

Spellcasters ARE rare, an inquisitor should be a rare finding, also keep in mind that divinations works diff. in ravenloft. The evil/good axis works as law/chaos. So, keep an eye on those abilities.

IMO i think that just for the fluff of the setting, inquisitors should be either stripped of their spellcasting and domain, or have it reworked as arcane (Same spell list, arcane source) depends on wicked and evil you are!
They feel more like hunters - Van Richten comes to mind - than Church´s inquisitors to me (At least in this setting).-

On the other hand, a Vistani Witch...

Tim4488 wrote:
unopened wrote:

I think that 4 amor training bonuses is too much, maybe you can halve the bonuses and grant 2 bonus feats.

Also, +10 bonus to initiative for all allies seems a bit much, maybe 1/2 lvl, min. 1 would do the trick.-

mrJack wrote:

gain a +1 competence bonus for every two levels of dread commando class.

Actually, i missed the edit on the second draft. In the first one, was +1 per lvl.-

I think that 4 amor training bonuses is too much, maybe you can halve the bonuses and grant 2 bonus feats.

Also, +10 bonus to initiative for all allies seems a bit much, maybe 1/2 lvl, min. 1 would do the trick.-

Yep, i think that instead a new spell, they should have modified the command Spell, adding the Forbid option.-

Duration is a big issue too.-

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+1 for using rules of Battletech.-

Btw, i loved a mad dog with PPC + flamers rather than lasers and machineguns xD

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No, if you keep takin levels in you current class, if you want to multiclass or take a level into a prestige class. Either find a teacher or a fellow party member with that class.-

KaeYoss wrote:
unopened wrote:

Of course, you can end this ASAP.

Silent image for decoy, Alter Self, Silence. A few rays of enfeeblement and coup the grace that goodiness out of him.

Nah, that's too brutal. Plus, just wait for the sucker to be asleep and kill him with his own weapon. Way funnier.

However, if the wizard in question is level 11 or up, I have a far better idea: Wait until he's asleep and then geas the sucker!

Nobody even needs to know. You geas him that he can never harm or cross you. As long as he never harms you, it won't ever come up. And when he wants to, he finds out he suddenly doesn't want to. He can't overcome the spell.

Yes, but think about the paladin being too weak to move around in his shinning fullplate - its like a metal turtle!!!- Maybe you can teach him the meaning of fear, when you kill him with his own weapon.-

Of course, following this path, its like free falling into the darkside xD

Of course, you can end this ASAP.

Silent image for decoy, Alter Self, Silence. A few rays of enfeeblement and coup the grace that goodiness out of him.

Prawn wrote:
If there are two women holding you, you are not a gamer.


at least not an average one.-

*hugs both girls and walks away*

The tactic, was a solid one, i dont see any way that the paladin has offended his deity or failed to adhere to his code. He should, at least, talk with the sorcerer about the fireball.
However, if the sorcerer percieved them as a treat to the hostages, i dont see it wrong either.

But, as a GM, you can be as picky as you want with it.

Your character in not a lvl 1 character. The negative levels never means an effective level loss instead your char only has -2 to all checks (Sv, skills and attack), -10 hp and -2 caster levels.-

Well, tethyr could be a choice, but you´ll need to wipe a few epic chars keeping a eye on them, same goes with Cormyr. I just dont think that it would fit easily.

For me, the idea of a rising Nar/cheliax under a proper guidance and unchecked is far more plausible than the corruption of one of the greatest realms (or empire- if you take 4th edition in account) of the realms, as is Cormyr. Tethyr on the other hand, Its current ruler, is Elminster´s former apprentice, so get yourself a few demons and you´ll have Harpes, and at least 3 of the seven sisters meddling around the issue.- Oh, and dont forget that elminster helped to raise Cormyr too, so he will be sticking his pointy nose over there too.-

Hi! May i, as the others, request a copy of your conversion?


Why not just raise Cheliax as a Remanent of the Narfell empire?

Maybe linking them as a new potency that rises over the years w/o the spellplague, they quickly conquer Vaasa and Damara. Maybe the rites of the Rotting Man went too bad, and a demonlord managed to escape.-

Thats a solid artifact in my book. Not world shaking - but a good one. Ill go for spell storing too, seems to fit the "fluff" and also is a solid choice for a gyth/EK/Slash n cast character type..

Keep in mind that Distance/returning and throwing are specific to the weapon of choice, even if the rules allow it, sword are not meant for Throwing xD (Maybe you can "pre-select" a few forms for the weapon to take)

just my 2 cp.-

Sounds fun, yet i dont see the tank part, seems to be more a support/dps class.

In order to be a tank, i think that he should get a better defense/armor class/abilities.

however, your idea, gave me another What do you think about changing the staff to magic/elemental bolts -a la warlock - and make him a ranged dps/buffer? (Maybe im playing too much DA2 - with my mage)

I would say, neutral if she fought them before surrendering, Evil if she initiated the conversation and was attacked by the monk. However, not aligment changin evil (I usually use 3 strikes before that - so, this would be strike 1).

Yep, I Agree Useless feat, should be reworked.-

Silent hill + Rose Red mansion = Awesome Call of Chtulhu Campaing

Hiring henchmen often carries moral implication, its not the same "hire henchmens" than get yourselves a few fire prot potions...

I never let them treat henchmens as simple cannon fodder, unless of course they are wicked and evil... xD

Also, why the focus on henchmens, if you wanted to "show" them the power of your BBEG, you may have him lash out a goon that failed him.-

I love these feats, ill test them this weekend.-

Mmm, Polymorph the party into fire elemental/noble salamander + normal ones. And intercept one of the ships in the elemental plane of fire, for a surprise inspection/customs/etc. Get inside the ship, and use disintegrate to place a few "airvents" into the hull.
Tp away, rinse and repeat.-

Stefan Hill wrote:

Ravenloft*, play Ravenloft*. It has everything.

2 cents.

PS: Convert the 1e version the rest are sort of naff in comparison.


Convert any of the grand conjuntion modules!

those just Rock!

I never saw an issue with this ability, actually if you think it for a sec. how can you produce a burst of "positive energy" that harms undead, but do not heals or think it backwards, how can you produce a burst of positive energy that heals but do not harm undead.

I mean, it was just changed ´cause of the "cleric hate" that came back from 3.5 not really because it is game breaking.-

Sure, you can drop it at lvl 10 or 11 if you think that fits your game, its your cal after all. For me any1 that get channel does harm/heal from the same lvl that they get the ability.-

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