A Game of Nobles Intrigue and Revenge


My level 16 party is running around Sigil at the moment. We are a Barbarian, A Wizard, A Psychic Rogue(3.5 Web Published), an Ice Witch(Third Party), and a Cleric. We got ourselves involved in a “game of nobles.” The gist of the game is that there are 50 levels. At level 50 there are 50 nobles at level 49 there are 49 noble at 48 there are 48 and so on. How you gain in level is when there is a slot open in the tier above you you can get voted up to that tier. You can make that opening or wait for one to open up.

While we were putzing around looking for work we were sent to a drugar merchant. In to course of negotiations he threatened the party and the friends and family of the party. So he is now on our list. He employs Ifreet and does a lot of business with the City of Brass on the plain of fire. So we decided to take him down Djinn would be eager allies. So we track down a few and ask for their help taking down the Drugar. They will help us IF we sink a few of the Drugars’ ships.

So my questions for the forum are thus. How would you go about sinking ships that sail on the elemental plain of fire? Do you have any idea for taking out the Drugar? If you wanted to gain levels in this game how would you go about it?

Who cares what or where they sail... because a hole in the hull usually does the same thing in lava as in water.

So, my suggestion. Disintegrate... it creates holes.

Mmm, Polymorph the party into fire elemental/noble salamander + normal ones. And intercept one of the ships in the elemental plane of fire, for a surprise inspection/customs/etc. Get inside the ship, and use disintegrate to place a few "airvents" into the hull.
Tp away, rinse and repeat.-

Daniel Gold wrote:

If you wanted to gain levels in this game how would you go about it?

Assuming level in the game has no connection to actual power level, I'd suggest knocking off someone in the upper third of the pyramid, then waiting for the people in the level below to fight each other over it. If you're capable of it, I'd secretly frame one of the possible contenders for it, then give someone from that level or the next level down a push to find that evidence. Sow internal conflict, and they'll hopefully weed themselves.

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