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I'm restarting an old 3.5 Faerun campaign and one of my players was a Fighter/Tempest. He expressed some interest in retaining the TWF progression from that class (i.e. he didn't like the TWF Figther archetype) so I set out to retool the old Tempest prestige class.

Using that as an opportunity to bring the class more in line with the flavor of the campaign (Weeping War, Mythals, lost weapon shards, demons, elves etc) I decided to rename the class Mythal Tempest and have the flavor closer to that of an elite elven warrior band dedicated to defending the Mythals (and perhaps somehow affected by the Mythals).

I did a quick conversion here, and would like to hear some suggestions, advice and critique.

Any takers?

Sovereign Court

No one?

It's far over the expected power level for Pathfinder. Are you running D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder?

While the idea of a Pool its good, i think that most of the abilities granted are a pretty powerful and in the end the points are pretty useless since you can select "Permanent" enhacements.

IMO i would drop the Armor bonus, add the double strike / double oportunity and focus on another ability to make up for the loss. (Maybe converting the AC bonus to CMD and/or CMB in XYZ manuvers)

As i said before, as it is its pretty powerful for a lvl 6 Prestige, and the pool its kinda useless.

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