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That´s why Channel must go back as it was on Beta!

No targeting issues!

*Teleports away*

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+1 regarding Burning Wheel as a better System for that setting.

Otherwise, i think that you should ban most of the Spellcasting classes, until the Magic is back into the world.

In order to keep my comment spoiler free, i would state that its a Low magic setting while the dragons are dead. As its said in the books, "magic died with the dragons"

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+1 for using rules of Battletech.-

Btw, i loved a mad dog with PPC + flamers rather than lasers and machineguns xD

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No, if you keep takin levels in you current class, if you want to multiclass or take a level into a prestige class. Either find a teacher or a fellow party member with that class.-

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I Like where this is going, actually i tried to houserule multiclassing as well but never reached any solid ground, So, i was thinking, instead of giving full class benefit (At a max of x1.5 lvl), I would limit the benefits to the essence of those classes i.e:

Barb: Rage/rounds / uncanny d.
Bard: Bardic music/rounds/spellcasting
Clr: Spellcasting
Rngr: Fav. enemy (??)/spellcasting
Ftr: weap. training/ Armor training
Mnk: AC/Flurry prog/move.
Pal: Smite evil (? or Maybe LOH)/spellcasting
Rog: Sneak attk/uncanny d.
Sorc: spellcasting
Wiz: Spellcasting

What do you think?
Full Spellcasting classes, gets the caster lvl, Partial spellcasting enhaces some of their abilities and a bit of spellcaster lvl. And martial classes enhaces their abilities.-