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Hi all I was just wondering if players where fans of rules light systems or more comprehensive rules systems?

Hi chuck mount glad to see B2 " keep on the Boarderlands " getting revamped and more use

I second fantasy age and D&D 5ed

Hello all just a quick question, how long in real time do you give players to move in combat ?
I ask because I've seen on a number of occasions players literally take 3/4 minutes to work out the route to avoid aoo's difficult terrain etc .
Now personally I find this a pain as I believe that combat should be fast paced and the characters would not have time to ponder there route , now I'm not saying they shouldn't have a little time (say a minute at most) .
How do you run it what's your normal way of handling it

Hi all probably a fairly silly question but how much do you trust the GM to be totally fair !
I know it often depends on the individual person but as a whole do you think they are a 100% honest.
I only ask as on a few other forums I've been on there seems to be a lot of mistrust as to how the GM will handle things not covered by the rules , and this then leads to a need for everything to be in the rules just in case
Your thoughts please

Also in Europe most water wasn't fit to drink so alcohol was added to help make it safe to drink .
In the far east like China they boiled the water and added herbs (which is where tea first came from )

Hi all just read this on an old D&D forum and thought it was worth a read
To create a magic item, the spell caster must first gather rare materials from which the item will be made.

A scroll might require special parchment and a different formula of ink for each spell effect.

Weapons might require rare metals, powdered gems forged into the metal, or the blood or skins of creatures to be specially affected by the weapon.

These items should be difficult to obtain, and the spell caster will often have to adventure to acquire them, for there are no magic shops.
How much things have changed your thoughts please

I think some of you missed the point of my post at no point did I say that's not how you play the game !
My own thoughts where that as far as I can see all the choices made in that character where taken only because of what they gave the character in the game mechanics.
(Please correct me if I'm wrong) and to my way of thinking the character is no more than a set of numbers to allow the best chance to beet other sets of numbers in a mathematical contest.
A and if that floats your boat fine but I just don't get it I would rather have a character that has some faults and there for less likely to survive mathematical speaking.
But when they do beat the odds the sense of achievement is so much better
Feel free to play how you like so long as everyone is playing the same

Hmmmm what can I say that won't be censored?
5 classes in 7 levels really just about everything about this character is for max game advantage and as far as I can see nothing to do with Role-playing!
Oh well if that's what you like I guess that's what you like .
Now I remember why I stopped reading these message boards oh well back to DRAGONSFOOT I guess

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I love that after my ex wife cheating on me I now have a new lady in my life that loves my three boys and they love her

Easy way to remove bloat only allow the rule books your happy with anything you don't like say sorry not in my game

The main cause of disagreements about the rules is because different people read the same thing and interpret it differently.
And then assume that there interpretation is the right and only one.
And you know what they say assumption is ?
That's right it's the mother of all f*%~ ups

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I love the fact that my 3 little boys all play nicely togeather and give each other hugs on the morning and kisses at bed time

What do you think is more important
Rules as written or
Rules as intended
Or maybe neither

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What can I say but f#+% me sideways
And you guys thought the our leaving Europe was a dumb thing to do ! well you just topped that
Seriously though good luck every one where in for a bumpy ride

Yep your making total sense to me it's how I run all my games, sadly it's not really something you could put into an adventure path as there are just to meny possibilities to cover .
When I run my games I have a basic primary plot line which the players start out on , I then add a few rumours or local legends some of which are to do with the main story most are not and one or two encounters which give the players other things to think about.
Then just let them wonder where they want I probably have 3 or 4 sub plots and half a dozen side track encounters ready at any one time so no matter which way they go I've got something I can use .
And I do a lot on the fly which is very cool

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Well said quibblemuch that's exactly the kind of game I enjoy as well and is how I tty to run all my games

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My grievance is people post uber damage builds on the forums that can kill an ancient wyrm with one hit .
Then loads of others copy it like simple minded sheep because they think it's "cool" to be able to one shot things instead of being creative and think for themselves

Well said vidmaster7.
If one character can do everything in the party what's the point of other classes ?
Clearly that type of class is way over powered and makes playing in a group redundant .
Maybe magic needs to be rained in a bit just because it has the possibility to do anything doesn't mean that it should

But a cleric and magic user shouldn't be able to do every roll in a party

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Isn't that why you have a party everyone has what they are good at so you have to work togeather to cover all the bases

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Hi all just a quick rant but after I had been looking at few post I just have to say .
IS it me or have magic items just become another resource to be brought and sold as needed players and by default thair characters see them as no more than aids in making them machines that are mathematical more likely to smeg the next encounter.
So they can get more loot to take to ye olde magic mart and buy another gross of scrolls potions and other magical gear to fit in with there pre-planed character concept.
Where is the wonder gone and the excitement when players find a new item among a treasure trove, I'm not saying players should not be able to buy minor magic items in big citys , but when I see people comparing the price of things to find the most cost effective way of doing things then sorry in my mind your missing out on the point a bit magic items like staffs,wands and other items should be rare and wonderful.
Not just something to be crossed of as you use them like torches arrows and rations

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Now days I'm more worried about rule playing than roll playing

This thread has been going on for 5 years ffs

Hi I've only scanned most of this thread but seems to me that from what's been said your player expect to be able to over come every combat as you've never really challenged them and have become overconfident in there abilities.
Have the odd encounter that they are ment to run from is a good thing , remind them that they are powerful but there's plenty of things out there that will happily tear them a new a#~~ h+#~ .
They may even thank you for it as they won't be able to just power through every combat and will have to think up new and clever ways to do things

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I didn't think you could have to much role playing in a role play game

Ok arrowslits are ment to be used when an enemy is at range , if they can get right up to the wall then they can hide from view and not be targeted.
But if they are at a range of 10 foot or more then they work just as described so just use some common sense and tell your players if they want to gain the same cover bonuses as the attackers they need to get right up to the wall.
Which is why arrowslits are always located in places where the enemy can't close with just look on line for pictures of castles or visit one if that can be done .
And I mean a real one not disney style prop

I think that the main difference is play style , and certain types of system help with one style more than another.
To me old school is a rules light system which encourages a more story based game and story development is more important than character development and rules are guidelines open to interpretation.
New school tend to be more complex rules systems and character development is a priority and rules are less open to debate
(Which ironical often leads to more disagreements over the rules) , I think either style can be played with any system but as I said earlier some systems lend themselves to one style better than another.
But as long as everyone is have fun then it matters not a rats cock how you play

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However the DM interprets it is what matters .
So long as it is constant then no worries

Hi all I've just started running a campaign and I'm still unsure about the end boss.
I really want some kind of dragon but not sure what type , are there any dragons that have a affinity for gems above pure greed.
As the campaign revolves around a set of magical gem stones any thoughts

Do you think that there might be to meny classes

Hi all can anyone recommend a good syfy system that's easy to pick up and easy to get hold of.
Don't mind old or new but not setting specific like star wars

Ok so the big bad knows that they're coming, and they know he knows !
And there still rest for a few days, then yes if there is anything he could do to strengthen his position then do it , or if he has some way of attacking the party at rest then he should go and f++* there s@%& up big time

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I love throwing birthday parties for my kids and seeing them and there friends have fun playing in the sunshine.
While I sit a chat to friends that I've known for over 20 years

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It was 1981 on my summer break from school
Our dad brought home a game called Dungeons and Dragons no board no pieces just 2 books a crayon and some funny looking dice.
A few days later I sat down with my dad and older brother and rolled up my first character a fighter my brother did a cleric .
So our first game we went through about 4 rooms of a dungeon and then where killed just after my brother said the immortal line
"Look it just 6 orcs how hard can they be"
I was hooked from day one few weeks later back at school I got my best friend in to it and 35 years later me my friend and my dad still play every Friday. good times still

The One Ring is fairly rules lite although character gen can take a bit of time.
But that's mostly down to book design lots of page flipping.
And of course it's a very low magic system

Dragonage is a good system and pretty lite also you can download a quick start rules set for free from green ronin.
Also if you can find a set jaws of the six serpents is very easy

In all the groups I play in we roll for stats normally 4D6 drop the lowest in order .
It works really well for us as none of us mind what class of character we play although obviously people have favourites I just think it give the characters a more organic feel to them

Welcome to the world of Role Playing
Sounds like your all set to go my only advice would be don't try and use all the rule,class,race,feat options in the beginning start with the basics then bring the options in when you and your players feel ready .
And remember it's your game and no matter what other players do or how they run there game you run your game how you like.
You'll soon find out what works for your group so good luck and happy adventuring

I'm actually playing a 12 lvl spear and shield fighter in the carrion crown campaign
My DM and I had a talk about it and agreed that if I spent a feat he would allow me to use a spear one handed as an exotic weapon

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I love that this thread is still going
And I love that my yongest son is almost 1
And that my oldest son starts school this September

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Hi all sorry I've not been about for a while but life has got in the way of gaming (not that I'm complaining when the slice of life is my third son).
I was just wondering how meny house rules you use in your games ?
And is there a particular area of rules that seem to get house ruled the most .
And how much thought and debate goes into making these rules
And this is purely out or idol curiosity
Thanks all

Hi all quick question
If a creature has dr/10 magic is it effected by normal fire

Go to ebay and pick up the old red and blue boxes of basic D&D
And dive in still a great game with loads of stuff available online

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Well loads of good stuff thanks ladies and Gent's
To me old school is a style of play where you could be a bit fast and lose with the rules you don't need perfect scale maps and minis (although it is nice sometimes) games tended to be a bit faster paced especially in combat there was no players measuring how far they where from the bad guys so the mage could drop a fireball on them or spending ages working out there characters route to a bad guy so he can get flanking bonus and avoid aoo .
Players where more interested in a good story than how to advance there character ability, now I know some of this is down to how the game system has advanced over the years and I think most of the changes are for the good but I can't help but feel that something has been lost along the way.
And I know some of you will say I've got my rose tinted glasses on, and there is of course a bit of that in the mix as well and I know that most people who play have a great time (which is the most important thing)
I just think that maybe we've all become a bit to worried about "how the game is played" when what's important is "how we play the game"

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I love the sound of 20 kids all laughing at my son's 2nd birthday party

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I love that my new baby is already sleeping 4 hours at a time so I only have to wake up once a night to do a feed

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I think the roll player Vs role player argument is over blown
There are always players who want the most powerful character they can make so make all there choices based on the mechanics of the rules and then try to think of a way to explain all there choices with a bizarre back story that often never works
And total role players will often make choices based purely on some strange background that they have dreamed up for there character in an effort to make a unique character which again often doesn't work
Finding the balance is the trick solid choices in Feats and skills are needed but they shouldn't have to be the absolute best they can be
And just because a character idea has been used before doesn't make it a bad one its all down to the player and how they play the game
Because all said and done it is only a game

I think Kthulhu makes a good point in older systems there where less rule options so to make your character different you had to use good role playing to make them unique
Where as now you just go down a list of options in the rule books to get the character you want to play it requires less imagination as there are rules for almost everything.
Now I'm not totally against have plenty of choices for characters and I think that the feat system is one of the best parts of 3.x and PF
But they need to be used as an aid in role playing to develop your character not just a list of bonuses to add more math to the character
I'm sure we all know players who pick strange Feats and extra classes JUST for the mechanical bonuses they give and not because they make for a fun and unique character
This of course is all just my opinion

Hi all just wondering what you think the name old school gaming means to you ?
Is it just a reference to how long someone's been gaming or do you think it describes a style of play.
Your thoughts please