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I can't believe there is no Dwarven Dorn Derger in this thread title...a reach bastard sword.

I was wondering if i have the DD master feat, when i wield a large DD, cast lead blade and then Living monolith my self to large, what is the damage? I can't find the book that has huge/colossal weapon damage.

Can I choose to redeem the boon after I run/play this? Before the deadline is only req I see. I wanna be a master and 2 modules makes the 40 pp unattainable if I'm 7.2 when I run Way.

You know, chain has all the same stats as other 'ropes'... i wonder if i can get a cold iron chain to use with equip trick rope.

Or, if you can get a chain net. Then you'd be at the top hardness/break DCs.

It would use the 'guiding with feet' rule under ride checks i think.

Yeah, makes a ranger/living monolith quite the beast, perhaps a wild stalker tiefling, alter self sometimes and Ka stone enlarge others. Or, one hand two handers with a barb two ranger 4 living monolith. Swinging fireballs!

Also, spear sized arrows, the gravity bow spell, and enlarge person do the same thing, just add that bow ability that matches the str of the wielder. I say spear sized arrows since they change size when they leave the large bow (thus only effected by gravity bow.

Belier's bite and boar works like this. First hit 1d4, if you land two hits it's no D4, just two d6.

You basically can't stack bleed, just take the best. Tiger is on slashing crits only, and lasts a few rounds... however it's a 20 to crit unarmed. If you had BB, BS, and TS, your attacks always do a d4 bleed, 2 rounds of d4 bleed if they crit, and if you hit the same person twice, 2d6 bleed (a rend really).

I wonder if doing the tiger strike or janni rush (where you roll unarmed damage twice, some sort of double palm blast) would count towards two unarmed strikes in a round for bleed haha.

I'm buying a robe of infinite twine for my ET:rope Corsair 1 /four winds monk of the empty hand 1... but if i never cut the 10 foot hemp rope i use to attack, is my lash now magical?

Janni styles gives a psychocrusher esq move, and bonuses to charge attacks.

I'd say scrap monk, get unarmed fighter and barb. Rage, Janni style, exotic weapons, awesome!

If you do monk, the trait: adopted (by angel kin) lets you tke the trait Divine warrior,which lets you monk as chatic good or chaotic nuetral. And, they are feral folk. after that,barb!

Spell strike lets you cast and strike with a one handed weapon, and two use a two hander with spell strike, you have three options.

Net adept to use a net one handed.
Titan Mauler lvl 2 to use two handers 1 handed, with -2.
Or Thunder and fang, lets you use a Earth breaker (2d6) 1 handed.

Other wise, you cast the spell, and when you put your hand on your sword, your spell discharges... but someone told me that your own spells can't hurt you, but I'm not so sure about that.

Yeah i think you asked about monk barbs before.

If you want to style master, you can also splash unarmed fighter for a base style feat to get a second style feat from MOMF. Like, Crane style then crane wing at level 2, and then say a urban barb for controlled HP/ Attk dmg/ and Ranged attack rage uses.

And as troll said, trait in blood of angels to allow nuetral or neutral good monks.

If no master of many styles, there is some deep combo to be pieced together, like quigong (if you have a ki pool) to get barkskin, and vow for more ki. Or a iron mountain monk of the four winds lol.

So mithril cauldron... does that mean spec material items? Like, i dunno, dark leaf rope? or perhaps an adamantine cup? I've got a improvised weapon master who'd like a nice dr bypassing cup, haha.

No, there is a sidebar in blood of angles and blood of fiends.It expressly says that they don't have to be human. Yes, they can't be other extraplanar outsiders, but yes they can be orc, strix, halfing, or dwarf.

So, an oni spawn tiefling can look like a singed tengu right? Still medium, or is the "tieflings and other races" expressly prohibited in PFS?

I can see the small tieflings side of the coin, but no reason the tiefling with tiefling stat block can't be another medium sized humanoid race with no benifits other than cosmetic...

yay, the PFS rules were updated to carry those other traits, hello barb monk!

Hmm, yeah the alternates are approved, but does that not include those traits? It says everythings from pages x to y are approved, hope that includes traits for those types.

Drunk eh? How about a grog swilling buccanner drunken brute drunken fist! Traits would be adopted Enlightend warrior and that drinking as swift action trait.

yeah, hunger spawn are +2 str/wis, -2 cha, and alter self SLA. Blood ofs are good books, and with the ARG, grand books, esp with the new changes to PFS. Swap the SLA for claws or a bite, get some nat armor, 10ft charge speed, AND a prehensitle tail.

Now to find a way to get pounce, outside carrying around alot of those 1k extra move action shirts haha.

Hunger Spawn tiefling adopted by Idyllkin... 50ft charges! Maybe master of many styles for janni and dragon style.

Do they have the tiefling traits from blood of fiends? That block of alternate devil parentage lists two "traits" avaiable to said tieflings, as well as a list of like 10 other traits in the end of the book.

It's the same for asimars, but, i'm still not sure if they are adoptable traits, or stat block traits... they don't say they replace any other existing racial traits, but are traits.

Is that trait a "Pick two traits" trait, or are they part of the asimar racial stat block? Cause if it's a trait trait, you can be adopted.

So the traits below the alternate assimar types, those are traits one can pick up via adopted, right? Or are those supposed to be traits like sturdy or lucky, part of the races stat block?

Now if we could get a quick splash of the prereqs so we can plan for the FUTURE!

Also, do all the brawn PRCs get +1 BAB a level?

Druid and cavalier levels stack, take that BAB hit and get any animal you want.

So, is it legal to play the "tieflings and other races" stuff? Can i get my Tiefling of tengu descent so he looks like a scorched birdman? Singefeather! Caw and maw, that charge trait, dragon style n natural attacks!

Does a mighty fist amulet effect nat attacks?

Unarmed fighter can get an elemental style after being a four winds monk, but you'll be waiting a long time for a second or final elemental style.

But only if scarred WD is pfs approved, and it is not. Now about that spire defender lol

Dodge? Combat expertise? Toughness? Throw anything? Also, all the elemental styles sounds like over kill, i'd say focus on one and open your feats for some more varition, even taking weapon finess and piranna strike.

Gear, maybe some mule back cords, since i'm sure your str is low and monks have all good saves so resistance is not that important. Also, a wyrwood monk weapon, as critting will give you back ki points. Maybe a grapplers mask, but that might take up your headband of wisdom.

Oh, and WF: Lance at some point, and go into Low templar, since it name is great for a halfling.
You need mounted combat and wf.

I'm building a halfling charger.

Dragoon Fighter 1 for mounted combat and skill focus ride and 1st lvl feat ride by attack, Gerandeme cavalier for spirited charge, and barb at 3rd for titan mauler. Taking all the "I mess up medium and up" traits, racial traits, etc. And you get +1 vs small folks for being mounted.

The alternate is emissary cavalier 1, and then fighter (any) at 2 for a similar build.

Both would have boon companion at 3rd to bring the dog up to your level.

Another alterante is the helpful trait for halfling, giving +4 on aid another. Boost the wizards AC while you wait for a good charging lane. THe order of the paw also get a team buff type ability, at level 2.

Yeah, and for flurry, only the standard monk weapons and armor profs state you can't flurry in armor. Replacing those, like the sohei does, changes how those things function, except in cases like the AC bonus and Fast movement, which states the med and heavy load, armor and sheild line.

Flurry never states not being able to use armor, and function as a monk of his level means it works like flurry of a monk, i.e monk lvl = bab while TWF. At stated levels you get an extra attack, and so forth.

Is there any erratta for this, or is it more pyre for the Flurry of Broke FaQ?

And again, if it's not stated, and is replaced, it is clearly replaced, as is the case of all archetypes.

A monk of the empty hand replaces the normal weapon and armor proficiencies of the monk. He get's fists and shuriken, as well, treats weapons as improvised. For his flurry, it states he can flurry with improvised weapons.

A regular monk's weapon and armor pros state, at the end, that he cannot flurry, get wis to ac, or fast move while wearing armor.

A Empty hand monk does not state this. However, the AC and Fast movement DO state that they are lost when wearing armor, sheilds, or having a med. or heavy load.

So, am i correct that monks of the empty hand can flurry of blows in armor?

You dont' get the favored class bonus (+1 hp or skill point, or a racial thing) as well, you only get the +3 for being a class skill once per skill, so diplomacy, if from both, only gives +3, not +6.

Barb lvl 6, raging leaper, is the best, as it allow any standard action during you move. Well, any action you could take while raging, that is.

Or magus with three levels of phalanx fighter, perhaps a buckler and glaive? Phalanx fighter lets you use a polearm one handed.

Net adept works with spell strike, but I'm not sure it's a touch attack, since the feat does not clarify is attack with the 1 handed 10ft reach net is a normal net touch attack or not.

Orcs and Elves can get nets for free, trading in some racial traits. Gripplis also get them for free.

Oddly enough, urban ranger and wild stalker can both be taken, as they don't replace the same ranger abilities.

You could 3 lvl dip into HW(deserts) to get immunity to fatigue, which for a half orc invulnerable rager mean double DR every round.

I'm planning a Gnome systhesist, with a giant beard as his eidolon.

I have a half orc monk who uses ropes like whips n spiked chains, and wears full plate.

Fist of the north star style human monk/fighter with tiger style, boar style, and belier's bite.

Spellslinger cleric.

Oracle Sword saint (blind of course!)

Ooooo, and the coup de grace, 1st level beast bonded witch, all other levels classes that give feat. Take weapon proficiency with any reach weapon, give it to your familar.

Dragoon Fighter at 2 (skill focus ride and mounted combat, for your pet)
Divine Hunter for precise shot, Monk for any of those free monk feats, alchemist for throw anything, etc etc. I think you could quite the missle platform is you did a ranged familiar throwing stuff as you charge.

Ah, so to upgrade it to to +2 i need to have fame equal to the total price of the object? Or I just need fame enough to get the upgrade cost?

I'm a magus with med armor prof, so it's the best armor (at least till i scour the books for a better medium armor to mithril).

Well hot damn, good bye chain shirt, hello MBP.

I was thinking it's 4k price tag made it a faction item under that fame cap, but i was unclear via the society guide.


Is it after 18 scenarios? Or since it's mundane, is it always available?

Hmmm, so a master work cold weather suit wouldn't give a monk +1 to hit, but, would a +3 cold weather suit let a monk bypass Dr magic?

Well, the +1 frosty mug should at least bypass dmg reduction magic lol. A +3 mug bypasses coldiron, and +5 bypasses adamantine. Dmg reduction is a pain for non special material users.

Well let's see, it's a ranged weapon that can be used a melee weapon with a feat, so does that mean it can get both ranged AND melee enhancements?

If i have net adept, can i add vicious to it? If it has vicious, can I toss it and drop it the trailing rope, no longer weilding it and avoiding the back lash?

That's why I asked. I asked if there were rules about it, not if it's a weapon.

I didn't realise that RnR and FF are the same-ish trait, with the regional being the stronger trait. Thanks for pointing that out! By 'somewhat magical' i mean +1 to hit and +1 to dmg, via traits. There is a regional from pirate splat that has +1 to whip dmg i think.

Also, there are masterwork thieves tools, but I'm not sure of other masterworking of objects.

My magus uses net adept and spell strike, it's super effective.

So, are there any rules for enchanting a net? Does it need to deal damage to add the d6 of elemental damage?

Also, if you have equipment trick:rope, can you enchant a rope?

Can you get masterwork rope?

Would chain be considered a type of rope?

Cold iron chain used a whip??

I want to make a half orc rough and ready (+1 to hit with a tool, society field guide) and freedom fighter (+1 dmg with improvised weapons, Dragon empire gazetter? or primer?) and while his traits will make his rope some what magical(+1 to hit/+1 dmg), can it be magic?

I see it as thus:

If a class specifically says no, like the magus, then no, Y spell won't work with X ability.

If a class does not use a clalifier like the above, then it's open. Like arcane gun just says you can sack a spell and get a way better ability than the magus arcane pool, or fire ray or ranged touch spells. If it needed to say arcane, it would.

Besides, it's not PFS legal, so unless your GM is a cryhard you should be good. You can be a Cleric/Wis and sack your Wiz spells for seeking, ghost touch or vicious, all in nice armor. To bad for dhampiers that vicious is untyped energy.

I've taken net adept on my Spirit of the Water Elf Barb1/Magus2, and I can't wait to spell strike n spell combat with my one handed 10ft reach, haha.

Also, spell combat while enlarged should be fun, throwing one handed medium nets w/ shocking grasp or chill touch, deeeeeeebuffer.

Seth the scaleless! Hopefully they die less than one does in dark souls.

Levels of alchemist to get a vestigual arm?

Get a second and third gun and keep them loaded, so you can drop and draw.

End combat quicker?

Makes a human beast bonded witch/fighter with a homuculous quite the beast, with his super HP, super stealh/ bluff/ etc beast just lurking around, haha. That familair can be flowing with feats, haha. Let alone splashing levels of classes that give feats lvl 1.

Lvl dip to enter horizon walker, living monolith, or other endurance/die hard needing prestige classes or feat chains. Also, stalwart.

I have a Barb/Magus going into unbreakable so he can nab stalwart and go into living mono. He's a spire magus, might pick up 3 lvls of horizon walker to always double his dr (desert immunity!)

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