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Thank you, have not read the intro as I figured it was part of the story and waiting till we stated it.

Also where is it listed about the 3 wildcards for continuing players.

A friend and I have finished dragons demand, when playing mission from 1-3 of Crimson throne do we get the hero points for completing them.

They where not available for guild play only box before these two decks


We tried several different appoarches but always at the end people can get to the needed locations to both find and fight the boss and plus close the other location.


This season of the runelords 2-3b, the party is grazzle, harsk, enora and athunal.

The henchman cards does not allow the closing of location.

You can only move one location clockwise on Your turn.

You take a d4 unpreventable damage if you end your turn at a occupied location.


Anyone figure out how to finish this, have failed like six times all ready? Are the henchmen suppose to allow closing, cause currently they do not.

thank you

Keith Richmond wrote:
Kevin B wrote:
Can't wait for this game!

Just three weeks to go!

It's really awesome being able to smash through a dozen scenarios in rapid succession, then go back, up the difficulty, and do it all again as a very different play through.

Is that a confirmed date?


The Scenario Twisty Passages has the following (during this scenario) text.

(When you close a location, shuffle together the location cards of all locations that are not permanently closed. Then randomly deal 1 to each location that does not have a location card.)

(When you encounter a blessing, banish it, then summon and build the location Middle of Nowhere and move to it.)

What is everyone take on the first section text, have several idea's running around my head about how to interpret this.


so we build our decks using the cards from the set the played in/with?


Blasphemy Demon: most of the text is the standard demon immune and what happens when defeated. the last line reads. (If you played a boon to examine this card, bury the boon.) would that effect trigger if say a person augured for barriers and this chap was still one of the three cards. or would you actual need to be looking for cards of its type>

Transmogrify: reads (When a character at your location encounters a monster, display this next to that monster. While displayed, the difficulty of checks to defeat that monster are decreased by your arcane/divine skill +1d6.) Am I reading the correctly the they would get their main die + skill bumps + 1d6 and no mythic bonus.?

How do I go about getting missing promo cards? I bought AP2 from my game store and the distributer told him they did not have any, my order was place the week of street release but due too distributer messing up the store's order did not arrive till the following week. AP3 was purchased by a friend of mine at Gencon and he was told they where all out of the promo cards. Thank you for your time

I like WoTR 10x more the Skull and Shackles. Yes parts are harder but that means using your resources wiser. Yes this means I have failed more scenario's and have 1 friends and 1 of my characters die, but unless someone needs too finish off a season 0 character the remaining season 0 of mine are done as is.

Well as a person who supports the game store, I myself feel like that being a non subscriber is like a second hand customer. I get to pay more, get the merchandize 2-3 later and wonder if I will get all the promo's. Well for me, I am debating if I will purchase any future set and just end it WoTR.

I am figuring this is no, but will ask anyways. A friend of mine was at a convention last month and a got a copy of fire sneeze for playing the card game. He gave it to me , and I am wondering even thou it was meant for runelords can I add it to wrath, I got it from him the day I was opening my box of wrath.

I would like to know why paizo punishes those who try and support their game store by purchasing the game thru them and not getting a subscription. I am getting my stuff 2-3 weeks behind subscriber; I am all ready missing the (temptation of the big die) promo for not being a subscriber and I get to pay more. I am finding this practice rather distasteful and the practice of making it look like paizo would rather cut out the game stores and sell directly to everyone seems rather short sighted. If game store do not make money than that is place that a larger gathering of player would more than likely lose.


asking this for a friend, sorry I do not have the full printed out line of text, so this may be off a bit.

The final reward talks about temporarily replacing 1 card in you deck with a loot of the same type.

was this suppose to mean that other character you a still playing in season 0 have access to all loot card that are in season 0.

does it mean that if you start a new season 0 character they would have access to all loot card at the beginning of the game, or that they would have access to all loot card of their appropriate level.

incase you a not aware, Imrijka has reprint of her role power, replacing the blessing of pharasma on her iron warden role card with basic blessing.


I am talking about, not applying all the scenarios (losing the ones not used) so that a player can join a group that is farther along than what he has available, but does not wish to be so low that they are most likely a burden to the team.


Do you have to fully cross over a S&S to WoTR, say I have completed Ap4 of season 0 but I am ask to join a table of WoTR that on says 2.2, can you just cross over what you need to make your character in line with the group or do you need to process all the previous sheets.


nice to hear that :)

what about the lack of pharasma blessings, she has a hero power under iron warden that benefits from them and none listed on deck list?

nocticula is most definitely enlightened self interest, but who can blame her.


thank you, do not have the scenario with me, its at the store where we play. was looking at the drive thru print offer for season 0 cards and noticed it said all 6 rings

but the spell says add its traits not it power.


are their suppose to be 6 copies of this loot item? and if yes is it usable by all future character that play in guild content? or only by your next one.


is their a post listing what was actually changed, had just recently printed v2.0 and do not want to reprint it so soon.

one more.

are characters allowed to give other characters mythic chargers, I say no because the one mythic path has a 5 charge power that kind of does that, but told my players I would ask.

have another question.

Sacred weapon, so you only get a 1d8 and the AP number for your roll?, the spell says add the traits from a random weapon not its power? seems kinda week

is that character that have 2 or more intelligence skills?

the guide says no more than 5 skills, but does not list any breakdown on assigning the +'s to them.

does the die size of the base attribute indicate the skill bonus. ie;
a d10 attributes gives a skill bonus of 3.

are some skills considered more valuable than others, in skull and shackles wisdom was very predominate on traps and ships, so would that make wisdom based skills more costly so they get a lower bonus.

can non mythic characters earn mythic charges?. Asking because Blessing of Ascension and nectar of the gods can provide them. Blessing of Ascension is auto acquired if you have a charge.

Imrijka's cold iron warden role card list a benefit for playing Blessing's of Pharasma, but on my WotR deck list their are none listed as being part of the game.

Are the Blessing of the Gods in the class decks still being used as those for guild play or should they be considered Blessing of Ascension


in the guide it says use the standard rule. is this the rules from season 0? a lot of my players do not like those loot rules. We had heard their was talk about changing from rolling on every piece of loot you are contesting to, each player chooses which loot the want for round 1, roll off any contested, but those that loose the roll have to wait till all round 1 roll are done than pick from what is left. Are we allowed to use a different loot handout as long as everyone is informed of it? I do not have a issue with using the new system and their is no prize support that would be effected by this change.


my group just finished the base box adventure, took 8 games to complete 5 scenarios with 1 death. we have to go back and redo scenario one for the guy that died.


when it says we unlock enora using the wizard class deck. this mean she can be used I guild play season of the righteous or just season 0?

due summoned monster killed count toward his power: (when you defeat a monster and would banish it, you may add it to your hand instead.) that is the first line from his line 5 power. asking because under role card (tyrannomancer) his line 6 power reads: (add 1d8 to any check at your location against a summoned monster. when you defeat a summoned monster, you may draw a random monster from the box)?

got my goblin ally promo yesterday, anyone know how you get the barrier one? (temptation of the big die)?

are the adventure given cohorts returned when the current adventure ends or does the player the got them keep till lost?

Are these meant to have no closing attempt to close effect?. I know it has been done before but this early in the game was wondering if that is correct?

When does your first exploration end? At the location (Befouled Alter) it says when closing encounter the henchman (cultist of Baphomet). On my first exploration I encountered and the defeated the Brimorak henchman and went to the when closing part of the location. The cultist says if this is your first exploration take 1 combat damage. I took the damage but was wondering when does your exploration step end. Soonas you defeated or failed or acquired the card encountered or with the henchman since it let me to attempt to close the location the exploration is still ongoing?

I am the only one reporting under by event number and the show all scenarios tab still does not work.


thanks for the response's. was rereading the play doc and part of that paragraph got me thinking you just got to pick one.


On page 7 of the orgnized play document under Earning Scenario rewards
it states: The biggest change in Adventure Card Guild play is the method for improving your deck after completing a scenario. This happens in two steps: earning scenario rewards and upgrading your deck.
The procedure for earning scenario rewards (or adventure rewards, or adventure path rewards) follows the standard rules with one exception: If you are rewarded with a card from the box, you will instead take a random card of the same type from your Class Deck box. The card you take cannot have an adventure deck number higher than that of the scenario you completed. For example, if you just completed a scenario
in adventure 2, and the scenario reward was a random item from the box, you would instead take an item with an adventure deck number no higher than 2 from your Class Deck. If you do not have an appropriate item, you do not gain that reward.

Now the way we have been doing it, is that we would take all the cards of the reward type of 2 and lower shuffle than take a random from those, but this rules does not state this. So my question is this, do we do as I mentioned or do we just take a reward of the proper type that level or less and add that to our decks.


Ok, I have friend who wants to play Jirelle since we unlocked her last weekend, the problem is I do no own the S&S base set, so my question is can he use a PDF print out to combine with the rogue class deck?


Is their a place to get a listing of the scenario release dates?


thanks for the replies, its not that he is doing this too stop others from playing without him, just that he thinks paizo set it up this way.

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