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Could you cancel my pending order and active subscriptions? Thanks.

I am a fan of the book I think it is stronger than Ultimate Combat if you are playing in the Pathfinder setting. Some fluff, archtypes, spells, and a pair of prds.

The Computer wrote:

Mighty computer with more hard drives to remove abandwidth bottleneck you can work your packing slaves at greater efficiency.

Just going to leave this cup of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut buttercup and a few SATA 3 1TB hard drives on the table here. I am sure the automated system might like one of these.

A very large marionette puppet.

Brian Bachman wrote:
OK. I took the path of least resistance through the math and science requirements in college 25 years ago, but even as a politics major with extremely atrophied mathematical skills I can eyeball this and guess that the answer will be about 50% for standard array and perhaps 20% for elite array. Is there a particular reasion other than idle curiosity or strange desire to practice your math skills to want to be more precise?

Computer Science is all about precision and efficiency, cannot really just eye ball it and say good enough.

This thread is pretty interesting have some new reading material.

For a sufficiently large number sequence though is not there always going to be some sort of pattern? This sounds like an interesting topic to read up on.

Also ‘R’ is Ruby on Rails?

Is there any real difference between Java’s and other languages? I just assumed it is clock cycle multiplied by a seed. A professor told me that a hardware based rather than software RNG gives better “random” results.

Little discrete math helps get rid of the “random” problem though :)

Although in Java you will need to use big integer because the factorials get huge pretty fast.

Also could have used a binomial coefficient to avoid a brute force count, the tree it makes is basically a bell curve.

Most of his "clerics" are arcane casters with either healing potions or spell in a can healing, to fool general folks. Coupled with lots of intimidation and brainwashing.

Succubi don't ask for those things.

He should carry a bucket of sand with him and every once in a while eat a handful. When someone finally asks why he is doing that reply “I am a sandwitch”.

Just to add my own 2 cents to the x-files thread. What if the aboleths simply missed with the Starstone or it was a test run, on dropping a space rock into the Pit of Gormuz to wake up Rovagug?

Well Rovagug is still on the material plane in his prison. I would guess Deskari pops into the Worldwound to check things out every once in a while and the Worldwound itself is a melding of the material plane and the Abyss.

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CE turtles?

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Ha ha, good sir I applause your boldness to report something on an internet forum.

The one my group scratched our heads at is the Oath of Chastity, the class changes makes it easier to be seduced than a normal paladin (losing Aura of Resolve).

There are Aasimars who have two + stats and no - stat.

You cannot finesse a weapon that is not sized for you though so rapier is a better way to go.

In our campaign we have a homebrew LG goddess of fire and marriages. The goddess appeared to a goblin as a massive burning carrot and he fell to his knees in awe and horror, seeing such a massive vegetable that was also on fire. The goblin eventually became an inquisitor with a flaming, flaming burst heavy repeating crossbow which he starts firing (randomly) at the slightest whiff of “hair-easy”. Claiming things like “only the guilty burn” or “female horses fertilizes their eggs in the mouth’s of the male horse”.

Hi there, I still have not received the order for this month and my account said it was shipped on May 13th.

Firest wrote:
Foghammer wrote:
Jiraiya22 wrote:

Including atmosphere, the Earth is about 15 trillion cubic feet. As a 20th level caster you can make 400 10 ft cubes with the Greater Create Demiplane spell, so 40,000 cubic feet per cast. It will take 3.8 billion casts to equal the volume of the Earth and its atmosphere. To cast that many permanency spells at 22,500 gp per cast it will cost 87 trillion gold pieces, plus 2 trillion gold for the cost of forked metal rods which are the material component for the Create Demiplane spells, so you will need 89 trillion gold pieces. One gold piece is 9 ounces, so you need 800 trillion ounces of gold, which is about 880 million american short tons of gold.

So for the low low price of a 1.5 billion square foot block of gold you can have Earth.

I was bored, I'm done now.

That covers materials, what about labor costs?

Just offer free t-shirts, everyone will show up to help.

Wow Pinkey and the Brain?

In my campaign the party forms a sort trinity of a new religion of a homebrew deity, the paladin is the religion’s champion, the cleric is the religion’s high priestess, and a bow fighter is the religion’s assassin. The paladin is a ranking member of a military and has a number of underlings but I am unsure how to some responsibilities to the cleric and fighter.

What I would like to do with the fighter is to give it some assassins and spies that the player can send on missions. Is anyone aware of any products like this? I was going to do something like the Assassin Creed 2 Brotherhood after watching a friend play it but it seemed like a bit of work.

For the cleric I wanted a way to tie in the idea that it is the head of a religion. The religion is lawful and tied to marriage and contracts heavily. Other than doing noble weddings between adventuring I am not coming up with anything interesting to do.

The cleric also has access to the charm[lust] subdomain and has been vamping it up as a way to avoid combat. While amusing the cleric has nearly 30 charisma and an equally high diplomacy along with all the spell casting a cleric gets, it seems from my end incredibly easy to wrap a semi willing person around the cleric’s finger. Any ideas on how to add some challenge to this? Even if it does become a skill challenge. I am not looking to turn this into something horrible like FATAL but I do want to indulge the player.

Me: I sunder the door with my adamantine curve blade.
GM: What it is not even locked? You did not even try to open it. Sigh. The door explodes in explosion of splinters, it is sundered by your violence.
Me: Great, how many more?
GM: How many more for what?
Me: How many more vile doors do I need to slay for the door killer achievement?
GM: There is no door killer achievement.
Me: There is a gnoll killer achievement (Legacy of Fire). There is no door killer achievement? What are you a racist?
GM: Doors are not a race.
Me: Not when they are all dead because my crusade against their kind.
GM: Why are you on a murder quest against doors?
Me: They raped my father and killed my mother, I swore on that day I will kill all of their kind to avenge my parents.

The art in this book is just great too, the Dinosaur Druid on pg 39, Macabre Halfling on pg 54, Metal Wizard on pg 87, Magnus (?) on pg 99, and gnome arcane caster on pg 239, are my favorites.

I have been reading through Ultimate Magic tonight (great book) the Words of Magic seem great for the primary arcane casters but for primary divine casters the limited number of times the “boost” metaword can be applied to cures and lack of a word that mimics heal/harm, seems restrict the effectiveness of the divine caster in respect to healing. Am I viewing this the right way?

Generic Villain wrote:
Well it's 8 pm here and I still don't have mine. Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Sigh.

It is not 8pm Paizo time.

I am in Washington like Paizo is, they should do reverse alphabetically on states :)

Hero Lab also has numerous bugs that they never seem to fix. Monster CR does not take into account monster’s role when adding PC levels, rage prophet PrC has several bugs, bonus’ from some cleric domains/subdomains stack or do not stack when they are supposed to, to name a few. My group used Hero Lab enthusiastically for a while but with all the small bugs we are starting to hand write again.

Gnome/halfling/gobin cavalier works out well since they can fit anywhere and the real damage you are doing is the lance charge.

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Cleric: Arcane casters sure are weird lot. I cannot tell if this is a battle or poetry night at the inn.

Oracle: I know right? Do you see what they are wearing while in a battle?

Cleric: Anything heavier than a bath robe and they cannot wiggle their fingers right.

Oracle: Yeah… So want to get some more armor polish to complement our medium armor proficiency?

Cleric: Oh lets, I have some an orc stain left from the last battle where we were crushing in skulls.

Oracle: Should we wait for Druid to finish casting his 10 minute long reincarnation ritual while in the form of a box turtle, first?

Cleric: Of course, we cannot walk away from this dazzling display of intricate turtle hand gestures and the siren song of turtle chanting.

And so our three heroes walked into the sunset with their d8 hp and medium armor, to buy more armor polish.

True but what you are making up for in raw spell DC makes up for it I think. 18 base cha, +6 headband, +5 wish/miracle/tome, +5 from leveling, looking at 34 cha at 20 and 33 at 16 and up, base spell dc 32/33, plus whatever undead you are. Could get 36 ish if you are a skeleton or vampire. At level 16 a Pit Fiend needing a 19+ will save for Inflict Light Wounds is not too shabby.

The best thing to do with the Rage Prophet that I can think of is to have an undead rage prophet as the will get the most benefit out of ragecaster (undead use cha for their con and oracle is a cha class). They also can start and end a rage the same turn without any problems.

It is odd though now that you mention it they are a d10 class with a ¾ BaB. Even with a full BaB still seems like the class is missing something.

What I got from the design idea of the rage prophet it is diviner – spirit shaman – mystic, it has a connection to some kind of spiritual force or a guide spirit that grants it visions. Slightly off point this seems like something the normal oracle for the implications with its name. For the rage prophet mechanically problem comes down to the execution of having to multiclass with a slow progression spell caster, you are at the very least giving up 3 spell levels to take the rage prophet class and at most 5 spell levels which is a significant trade off. While other slow spell progression PrC like dragon disciple also has the three dead levels, it does not require the multiclass.

The rage prophet’s core ability spirit guide / spirit guardian / spirit warrior is somewhat lackluster. Spirit Guide gives you access to the guidance orison while raging, and three other orisons (dancing lights, mage hand, and ghost sound) as spell likes once per day. Spirit Guardian gives the guidance orison a little kick once per rage but while only fighting certain types. The ghost touch is useful to a point. Spirit Warrior gives you 9-10 points of damage to one attack once per rage, again to a small set of monsters. The immediate ghost touch is great but again how many ethereal creatures are you going to fight?

The prestige class seems to top out at 7th level with the 2nd ragecaster bonus (cha+con for spell DC). Raging spellstrength is a nice ability but I am not sure it is worth giving up access to 8th level spells for if you went oracle heavy and if you went barbarian heavy you are not even going to have access to worthwhile combat healing at that level.

For the significant tradeoffs for this PrC I am not sure if the rewards are really there. The rage prophet has a character theme to it something that I felt oracle was missing but mechanically it seems underwhelming for either a barbarian giving up your full BaB (and 4th iterative attack) and d12s for some minor spell casting and a good will save or an oracle giving up your 2 full spell school ranks on a for a bonus to your spell DCs, good fort, and d10 hp.

I am curious to hear what other people think of the rage prophet prc, it just seems like from whatever way you enter the prc (barbarian or oracle) you are hindering your core class mechanic for something of not equal return.

Zura’s favored minion would have to be “the Blood Bank” an Azlanti vampire wizard who specializes in teleportation magic. He makes a blood withdrawal from you, and redeposits it back with interest in the form of blood teleportation making you pop like a water balloon.

My character is nearing the middle age category but has turned into a vampire along the way. Would my character get any the penalties or bonuses for aging?

Come to play the game, don’t use your labtop to play video games or take naps, in between your turns in combat.

In one of the upcoming Paizo products there will be a flesh crafter PrC but I cannot recall which one it is.

Thomas Gerlick wrote:
Well, for one the people of Cheliax live under a demon-worshiping totalitarian regime.

I think a local Hellknight representative would like to have a few words with you.

Urgathoa is not a demon lord she is an actual deity.

I had a thought rather than make bonus skill points revolve around INT it is based off the attribute bonus to the skill. The basic skill points granted by class/race can be allocated to any skill, id est they are un-typed skill points. Some skills can be given two attributes bonus’ and you pick the higher so things like climb or swim can be STR/CON, knowledges INT/WIS, and so on while others like acrobatics or use magical device remain a single attribute skill. In such a proposal people who do dump point “x” will be at a penalty for gaining associated “x” bonus skills but someone like Krog the Orc barbarian with his good amount of strength will be proficient in climbing, swimming, and so on even though he may have only 7 int. It would also grant a greater breadth of skill points to characters that traditionally are limited to only a couple each level which would help build more thematic characters.

There is a spring loaded wrist sheath in the Adventurer's Armory.

I found a few threads in the search but they ended with disagreements on rules. My character is a vampire which gains a slam attack from the template and is using a 2 handed weapon with the power attack feat.

  • Does my slam attack get the full bonus of the power attack feat?
  • Does my slam attack get my full strength bonus?
  • Do I suffer two weapon fighting penalties or is my slam attack at a -5 for multi weapon fighting with no penalty to my iterative attack?

I am playing a divine caster with a modest use magical device skill check. Is it possible for me to use the UMD skill to emulate the arcane casting class feature to gain the benefits of wearing a Robe of the Arch magi?

In Book of Exalted Deeds (3.5) there are rules for it, involving prayer and some sacrifice of xp.

Is that the norm for the demon lords to have more non-demon minions than demonic?

Who are Zura’s favored demon minions? I would guess Succubi, Shadow Demons, and Nabasu.

Would rather have had this than the Halfling race book :)

I understand that an elf can use their minty breath as a basic fire arm that has a will save to disbelieve how minty fresh it really is. That is fine, Tolkien wrote tomes on the magnificent dental hygiene of the Eldar. But then why is it possible for a Samurai/Ninja while using their katanas like large elven curve blades to reflect the breath to turn an random target into a LE Paladin of Asmodeus in the latest play test PDF? Is this a typo?

Well like 90% of adventuring is fashion accessories and color coordination. What is a Marid going to do evaporate in some hot black full body robe in the desert heat? Of course not! A nice magenta outfit with breathable fabric says “Yes I am a water subtype but I can adapt to both function and fashion while I TPK your party because they fought me next to a body of water”.

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