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For the previously played SFS chronicles, who needs to sign off on them? Particularly if the game was played at an out-of-state convention.

On a slightly different tangent, who signs the boons for on-line play? That may be difficult in person if the GM is on the other side of the continent (or a different continent altogether).

A keen flail? Keen can only be placed on slashing or piercing weapons. Flails are bludgeoning weapons, so it won't work.

4/5 Venture-Agent, Minnesota—Minneapolis

"Our guiding voice of sanity?" We have one of those?

Crazy, isn't it?

Metamagic feats do not increase the spell level. They only increase the spell slot used. Only the Heighten Magic feat increases the spell's level.

The masterwork bonus does not stack with enhancement bonuses, since it is also an enhancement bonus.

Glitterdust - 10ft burst, will save or be blinded. Save at the end of each round until you succeed or the spell expires.

Also negates invisibility and drops a huge penalty on stealth checks (the sniper taking pot shots at our party did not fare too well after he rolled a -16 on his stealth check).

Any chance any of these archetypes will be PFS-legal?

Exotic Weapon (Firearms) is needed to be proficient in the weapon.

To be effective, Point-Blank Shot and Precise Shot will come in handy. Rapid Reload (Musket) is very recommended for a musket. Deadly Aim can also be good for more damage.

Yes, the base damage would do max damage (5 per missile), with the empowered part requiring a dice roll. Also, keep in mind that the level bumps from both feats would apply as well, making a maximized-empowered-magic missile a 6th level spell.

In short:

Damage would be 5 (max damage) + (1d4+1)/2 per missile.

I believe there is an error in the out-of-tier gold for this scenario.

Low tier pays 1,275 gold.
High tier pays 3,223.

The average of these is 2,249, but the chronicle sheet lists the out-of-tier gold at 1,496 gold. Is there any reason why it would be off?

Making armor out of mithril does not change its type. All it does is reduce the weight, check penalty, and arcane spell failure, and increase the maximum dexterity to AC bonus. It is also treated as one category less for movement (heavy is treated as medium, medium is treated as light, light is unaffected).

This does not change its type for any other purpose, including proficiency.

A mithril breastplate is still medium armor.

The only time an AoO or immediate action will keep you from completing a readied action would be if the AoO or immediate action would prevent the trigger conditions of the readied action.

We've all done this before, spending an hour or more looking for the keys/remote/whatever, only to spot it sitting out in plain sight. So it got me wondering, what would the Stealth check be for mundane items hiding in plain sight?

1. There is no miss-chance for incorporeal creatures.
2. Smite has no effect on miss chances, and the 50% damage is not DR.
3. The ghostbane dirge spell is the only thing I can think of off-hand. It's a first (second?) level spell for paladins.
4. Any ghost-touched weapon will work against an incorporeal creature, and ghost-touched armor will have its full AC value against their attacks.

4/5 Venture-Agent, Minnesota—Minneapolis

Custom Order
Seen It Once
Pathfinder Apprentice
Aspis Defector

Extra Traits

Aether - The ability to grab an enemy and just toss him away, or bounce him off walls or the ceiling. (Foe Throw is similar, but you must use the target NPC as a projectile to attack another NPC.)

And you can still move your full movement rate (barring encumbrance, of course).

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To change to the Unchained rogue, just make the needed adjustments on your character sheet. There is no need to spend anything on it.

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The Confirmation and The Wounded Wisp can be both be replayed with level one characters, gaining credit as normal. This is pretty basic.

But there seems to be some discrepancy with whether or not you can gain credit more then once while GMing either one more then once (barring the use of GM replays, of course). Can someone please clarify this for me, please? Preferably with an official post I can use to back it up, if needed.

4/5 Venture-Agent, Minnesota—Minneapolis

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The fighter to the cleric:

"Did you just plane shift the mission objective to the Maelstrom?"

Can a Core barbarian use Unchained rage powers? Can a Core rogue use Unchained rogue tricks?

I have a +1 undead bane holy long sword. I attack a vampire. What will the attack bonus and damage be, based on the weapon alone?

The Blessed Touch trait from the Champions of Purity companion adds +1 healing to all cure spells, healing channels, and Lay on Hands.

Imagine this scenario:

A group of humans are exploring a cavern and stumble across a group of drow fighters. The human cleric casts daylight on a stone to illuminate the area and give his companions an advantage. One of the drow then sunders the stone.

What happens to the spell?
a.) Would the spell persist on both halves of the stone, effectively giving you two spells?
b.) Would the spell persist on the larger of the two pieces only?
Or c.) Would it be negated by having the stone broken?

If the answer is a or b, then how badly damaged must the item be to negate the spell cast upon it?

I had a character in a Gamma World game named Lee Pardus.

What made it even more amusing for me is that I later found out that the scientific name for leopards is 'panthera pardus'...

Even if the fast healing is from a magical source, such as an Infernal Healing spell?

The magic healing has to be applied before the bleed to stop it. So which happens first?

Fast healing heals a character for a number of hit points at the beginning of his turn. Bleed deals damage at the beginning of a character's turn. Bleed continues each round until halted by a successful heal check or until the character receives magic healing. So which happens first? Assuming the fast healing is magical in nature, would it stop the bleed damage before it damages the character?

Think of it as a "move equivalent" action. Moving cannot be used with a 5' step. Opening a door, which is a an equivalent action, can be.

Any move action that does not involve actually moving any distance is a move equivalent, and can be used with a 5' step.

The Rugged Northerner feat from the Inner Sea World guide allows the character to treat cold conditions as one category less, from extreme to severe, severe to cold, and cold to it's-not-really-that-bad-out. The Heart of the Snows alternate racial trait from the Advanced Race Guide also allows a character to do the same.

So if you have both, does only one apply, or do both? Could Sonja really be running around in her chain-mail bikini in sub-zero temperatures and not feel the sting?

I would like to have this cleared up, as well, as this situation has come up once already.

Having played a gunslinger in PFS, I can say that Precise Shot is very much needed at the lower levels. Shooting into a melee through cover is a common thing, since the maps can be quite tight. I missed A LOT at low levels, and it really hampered my effectiveness.

Those same cramped quarters also made Deft Shootist a God-send. It didn't matter where I went, someone was able to close ranks and cut off any 5' steps to safety. With DS, I don't worry about it any more and just shoot the bad guy in the face, from the most literal of point-blank ranges.

As far as using a bow at lower levels, the character is a gunslinger, not a bowslinger. I'm a role-player, not an optimizer.

One other thing to keep in mind is how much humans have changed over the centuries. Our lifespans have increased due to improved medicine, as well as better understandings of nutrition and proper exercise. This has led to a shift in when a person is considered an adult.

A 12 year old entering the job market today would bring the full extent of the law in today's society. It wasn't that uncommon in the Middle Ages, when children were taught a craft as soon as they were physically able.

I have used Up Close from long range (couldn't get to within 20' and still fire). Missed badly. Target still took 1 point of damage (half of the precision damage on a miss). Then I ate a flying great axe...

Is there a maximum range for precision damage?

I know Sneak Attack is limited to 30 ft, because the skill description says so. But what about a Pistolero Gunslinger's "Up Close and Deadly" feat? It's listed as precision damage, but nothing is said as to how far away it can be used from.

Can you cast the Alter Self spell and just get the relevant ability modifier, but without altering your appearance or emulating a particular being? For example, could a human magus cast the spell, without making any changes to himself, and still gain the +2 strength bonus?

Assuming a paladin with a 16 Charisma and a +1 Ring of Protection...

When the Smite Evil ability is not being used, the paladin receives a +1 deflection bonus from her ring.

When the Smite is active, she receives a +3 deflection bonus to attacks made by the target of her Smite, and the ring is ignored (deflection bonuses don't stack). This part is pretty straight-forward.

But what about the enemy's allies? The smite does not apply to them, so will the paladin still receive the bonus from her ring against their attacks?

Picture? What picture?