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Same here

Katina Davis wrote:
Sorry about that folks, the PDF should be available now.


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How different is this from the first edition version?

Hello all
Is there any nice people out there that can recommend a good app so I can download my pathfinder PDFs to a Samsung tablet as when I try nothing happens
Thanks in advance

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And a big yes from me. It's the biggest missing part from pathfinder on my opinion.

Going to buy this too

Going to buy it right now Wolfgang because your stuff rocks

Thanks whtknt for the kind words. Thanks Trinite also. As I have said good discussion all around and it helped with the initial dilemma. Now just to find some more people in the Essex area to play with.

I know this is the wrong forum but I cannot find the answer in faq. How do you start a new thread on the messageboards? Sorry but if anyone can enlighten me I will be grateful

Yeah I would agree- all white with no females either. Oh there was one girl in 1990 but that was a long time ago.

Thanks klaus for the encouragement

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As the guy who asked the original question I am still amazed how good this thread has been. Thanks for everybody who has responded. In case you are interested I decided to keep playing dnd with my friends. None are Christian but can be spiritual. I do stay away from the demon and devil stuff. Have a great weekend whether you are a believer or not.

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Mine as well. No message to say so but all working. Everyone who has pledged should just check. All good stuff

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Thanks for the update

Plus one here

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Has anybody received their PDFs from Paizo Kickstarter yet?

Naomi loves rabbits. This is so awesome! :P

Naomi would like to know when you started playing dungeons and dragons? She is well happy with the greetings Jason. Thanks

Hi Jason. My 10 year old daughter Naomi would like to say hello to all the people at paizo

Valid point - never should be in there.sorry

I was on these boards few months ago wondering if dnd was okay to playing as I am a Christian. The Paizo gang were all helpful and insightful and I even got some private messages. I am fine with it but limit the controversial stuff like demons. My conscience is clear with God.

Watching the clip of mr paterson I feel he has a point if you are confused and think rpg are evil then why take the chance. The devil will try and tempt everyone with different things - for some this may be RPGs. However I still cannot believe dnd had killed people. Please don't mention Mazes and monsters in this.

As usual good discussion. God bless you all and may your hip points run out.

Vic- you make I buy. Simple as that. I bought all 3.5 and will continue with pathfinder.

Woul love to add a Half elven cleric to the mix. I wont be able to submit a character until Sunday as work is very busy. How do you want the character presented as I am new to this.

Just found out I wasn't chosen so ignore my last message. Was nice to be considered- have a great game you lucky ones


I forgot about traits- are we all using them and if so can I use any from the pathfinder core document - as I don't know which ones are from the apg only?

Did manage to myth weavers and done my character sheet with the changes for the reduced strength- now do I need to get to you and if so how?

Now we have a team- where are we all from on the real world- I am from england. Will this affect response times if we are from all over- I presume most of you are from USA.

Looking forward to adventuring with you all


My logic - core rule book page 16- All stats starting at 10- I did 14 13 13 12 12 10 then added the half elven bonus to 14. However going back over my sheet I put a 14 in strength rather than the second 12
Should read
S 12 D 13. C 12. I 10. W 16( including racial bonus). Ch13

Points 2. 3. 2. 0. 5 (for the 14). Ch 3 equals 15.

I had read a lot of pathfinder but never played. I will Lower all strength related things tonight once I try the virtual character sheet.


I will try and get a virtual sheer as recommended. I thought I did use the 15 point buy but I will look at it again tonight. Looking forward to this.

Blood wolven- you can rescue me- it was left vague- any class you want.


Here we go- I am not sure of format.
Name 13 -1st level female cleric of Calistra CG
Half elf with knowledge and luck domains .

S 14. D 13. C 12. I 10. W 16. C 13.

Fort +3. Ref +1. Wil +5

Melee +2. Range +1. AC 15. Init +1.

Skills. Heal + 10 ( skill focus) Religion +4. Sense motive+7
Others as ability modifier

Feats- turn undead plus skill focus from half elf

Proficiencies- simple weapons, light and medium armour, shields and whip from deity chosen weapon.

Morning star 1-8 x2
Sling 1-4 x2 range 50'
Whip 1-3 disarm, non lethal, trip, reach

Chainshirt +4 AC

Backpack, caltrops, hooded lamp, trail rations x4, hemp rope and wooden holy symbol

Orisons detect magic, guidance, stabilise

1st level - bane, sanctuary (bonus wisdom) and comprehend languages (domain)

I hope that is all on order. Looking forward to seeing if I get into the game. Thanks whatever hsppens fyrian.


I am going for a half elven cleric that was captured by slavers when young and has no recollection of his family or even her name. She escaped with only the broken manacle that she holds as a signal of pride. She was taken in by a church and was taught to be a cleric. Her name is 13 as that is all she knows. She adventures to provide funds for her church and also to find something- anything about her past...

Character sheet to be done this evening.

Blood woven we could have been prisoners together or you could have passes through the church

So create a character and let you know. Will come up with idea and concept tomorrow ad it is late in England. This sounds exciting. Nick

I am interested as well but don't know what to do or what character to make. Any help would be gratefully approved. I want to role play but life seems to be getting in the way of it.
Thanks nick

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Thanks Being- I was to be get worried as I have changed my e mail several times recently

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Don't know if this is the right place but as a successful kick starter are the questionnaires been sent as I have heard nothing?

I dnd with some great guys but it seems life gets in the way and it is cancelled. I love role playing the greatest games ( dnd and pathfinder) but is there anybody in the Essex area of the UK that does it or wants to start a group?

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Will do that. Thank you very much.

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Quick question. I have given 135 dollars for the 35 post and the mega dungeon. As I live in the uk do I get charged the 15 dollars for postage or do I pledge 150. Any help would be greatfully received. Thanks nick

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I am still a little confused. On the kickstarter web page how do I make a donation when all I want is the 35 dollars and the 100 for the mega dungeon- do I just donate 135 dollars as I don't find that mentioned on the web page?V

Is there any pathfinder groups in Essex as I would to play. I play 4dnd as well but we play sporadically . Any help would be grateful

Is vege- bacon a viable option ?

Maybe because that was supernatural and the power was divine and came from god. Anything that comes fromGod is good. Sorcery I think would be classified as evil as it is not from god and is possibly from Satan . Only a suggestion

Is there any kind of company guidance that Paizo has to follow ? I am interested to hear from the industry leader? Thanks

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I would like to thank everybOdy especially John McCoy ( I wasn't expected a gaming company president to reply). All the comments have been excellent and I am going to add some good old fashioned moral quandaries the next time I DM.

As a Christian we presume that demons and devils are real and are there to stop us living with Jesus in the next world. I don't want to summons demons as I feel that trivialities the bible. Strangely, I have no issue with gods- I feel pelor and bahamut have commonality with God and creates good moral discussions.

Thank you all for the comments- all great especially after an awful day at hospital when the staff are iller then the patients.

Thank you very much north king- love that answer and very helpful .

It is so easy gentle giant. We all live by restrictions and laws that are supposed to make our lives better. Being a christian I need to be aware of god's laws even more as they are for our eternal benefit. I could go out and have an affair but my wife presumably would not approve and there would be consequences. I do appreciate your comment thoug.

I am now off to work for aong day nursing at the local hospital. Enjoy yourselves

I hope the former! I like the idea of heaven. Hell always seems too hot for me

Mazes and monsters is awful and tom hanks should have known better

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I forgot to say God bless you all, and I really mean it

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