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what's the emerald spire made of? green stone? green glass? actual emerald?

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Rob Kuntz wrote:
infomatic wrote:
Who’s Ill? And why did the Maures consider her a threat?
What is ILL looking for?

this question doesn't seem to have been addressed. so she's looking for the three origin temples. i don't remember these being mentioned anywhere else. help?

while we're on the subject of that note, the crystals of sooth are a mystery, too. help?

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Andor the Wise wrote:

2) what is she doing in the picture?

There are TWO ways to read this...

A) what is she DOING in the picture
B) what is SHE doing in the picture

you sir, have lived up to your name.

all this time i was reading it as version a. by pointing out version b you've opened up a can of worms.

you get a cookie.

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Siobharek wrote:
Third, and this is a whopper: The hoard at the end of Bright Mountain isn't detailed.

i was also shocked at the lack of description of the treasure hoard at the end. was this ever addressed?

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thanks for the clarification, everyone!

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seeming is a close-range spell that disguises a group of creatures for 12 hours.

veil is a long-range spell that disguises a group of creatures for concentration+1 hour/level.

these spells seem awfully similar. why do both exist? why are they different levels?

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jeez, i had to look up ten words while reading "the weavers." :-P

er, well done, richard. :-)

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what happened with this? can dragon's delve be purchased?

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the hell hound is lawful evil and the nightmare is neutral evil, but is there a chaotic evil horse-like creature for demons to ride?

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Lathiira wrote:
It breaks instantaneous effects...


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Pantshandshake wrote:


Also some instantaneous effects.

That's likely as specific as you're going to get. Certainly it's as specific as I'm going to get, I'm not listing everything that's one of those for you.

i guess what i really want to know is: why would break enchantment be needed when the conditions it removes can all be removed by lower-level spells (enchantments by dispel magic, transmutations by dispel magic, and curses by remove curse)?

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no generalities here. i want specific examples, please. :-)

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a number of guides (this one, this one, and this one) make it sound like sneak attacking with ranged attacks is very difficult.

but between stealth, smokesticks, and blur (from an ally or a wand), there seem to be many ways to sneak attack with a rogue's full attack.

am i missing something?

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a human paladin with strength 14 and charisma 14 using power attack, mounted combat, ride-by attack, spirited charge, smite evil can charge and make a single attack.

attack bonus is +9 (5base+2strength+2charge+2smiteevil-2powerattack).

damage is 3d8+42 (1d8lance+3strength+6powerattack+5smiteevilx3spiritedcharge), for a range of 45 to 66.


on a critical hit our paladin does triple damage, or 9d8+126, for a range of 135 to 198.


have i made a mistake or overlooked something?

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does shield stack with an actual light/heavy/wood/steel shield?

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the description of disjunction says "All magical effects and magic items within the radius of the spell, except for those that you carry or touch, are disjoined."

but it says nothing of a dispel check, such as is required by dispel magic.

so does disjunction require a die roll?

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how might a high-constitution wizard be visualized/role-played?

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i'm trying to determine the cost of making a potion of heal.

brew potion only works on spells up to level 3, so this feat isn't an option. if it were an option, a potion of heal at level 11 would cost 3300 gp -- spell level 6 x caster level 11 x 50.

so presumably it would need to be created as a wondrous item. using craft wondrous item and the estimating magic item gold piece values table, the cost would be 1320 gp - spell level 6 x caster level 11 x 2000 for use-activated item /2 for 50 charge item /50 for one charge.

does this creation method seem reasonable? does 1320 seem like a reasonable price for an 11th level potion of heal?

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i read somewhere that a gnome is the offspring of an elf and dwarf. has anyone else heard this? does anyone know whose idea it is?

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what's the origin of the wolf's ability to trip? it seems to be in every edition of d&d. do wolves do this in real life or something?

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great replies, everybody. spot on.

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the barbarian has some skills and abilities that seem more appropriate for a ranger or rogue than a strong, clumsy barbarian. specifically, acrobatics, uncanny dodge, and trap sense.

why does the barbarian get these abilities?

i'm hoping for something other than:
"because that's what the designers decided."

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i love the (literally) reskinned dark elves on pages 167 and 407. what's the inspiration?

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has anyone combined this with this into a single character effectively?

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what's the formula for determining the cost of a (non-magical) item that gives a competence bonus to a skill?

for example, there are numerous examples of libraries that give a competence bonus to one knowledge skill. what would be the value of such a library?

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Stonesnake wrote:

After watching Stranger Things, I dug into the attic to see if I could find any of my old D&D characters – I found an entire binder of D&D goodies from 1981! Check out my characters when I was a 10-year-old kid!

this is awesome! the artwork is great, especially of wizardry. very, very cool.

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maybe greater two-weapon fighting shouldn't be available as a bonus ranger feat until level 14. that way the ranger would get his/her third primary attack before his/her secondary attack.

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Shady Stranger wrote:
Yes, this is correct.


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Wolventad wrote:
No. If the weapon cannot be used with weapon finesse, then you cannot use dexterity to attack just because you are using flurry of blows. A monk can only use weapon finesse with flurry of blows because unarmed strikes and other light monk weapons are usable with weapon finesse, so using a weapon not compatible with weapon finesse in a flurry does not suddenly grant that weapon the ability to be used with weapon finesse.

makes sense. thank you.

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a monk can use special monk weapons with flurry of blows. he can also use weapon finesse with flurry of blows.

but what if the weapon used (say, a quarterstaff) doesn't normally work with weapon finesse?

in other words, if bob the monk uses a quarterstaff with flurry of blows, does weapon finesse apply to his attack rolls?

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the ranger can select greater two-weapon fighting as a bonus feat at level 10. this gives him a third secondary attack.

but he doesn't get his third primary attack until level 11!

so the ranger can have three secondary attacks before having three primary attacks.

is this correct?

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ericthecleric wrote:
The page for that deal lists everything now.


seriously, a list of what the bundle contains should be required when it goes up for sale.

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necromental wrote:
As far as I understand, everything.

which is? a list would be helpful.

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a list of what this contains would be really helpful. not buying if i don't know what i'm getting.

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just make it "weapon training." i.e., the bonus applies to all weapons.

sure, this would remove some of the customization, but it would make the fighter truly the master of combat.

smart? silly? stinky?

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*raises hand*

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what i liked about the sword of air-
intriguing backstory, plot, primary npcs, and antagonist.
many fun easter eggs and inside jokes, including a reference to monty python and the holy grail.
it has a magic toilet!
effectively uses "mofo."

what i disliked about the sword of air-
careless editing throughout.
has a marilith described as "lion-headed" (a potentially awesome variation), but whose picture on the next page depicts the classic human-headed demon.
has a good-aligned dragon who doesn't seem to have a name.

Bill Webb wrote:
The Hel’s Temple Dungeon—kind of like Tomb of Horrors on crack.

this assessment isn't even close to accurate.

still, a magic toilot!

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Java Man wrote:
I always thought that was why druids have flamestrike and not fireball, no forest fires.

that would make perfect sense except that some druid spells, like flame blade, flaming sphere, and fire seeds all say they ignite combustibles.

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i've purchased this and sent it to myself as an attachment for easy reading in my email, but gmail seems to have difficulty opening such a large file. is there a way to download each chapter separately?

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*casts thread necromancy*

there's this, but it only helps the catfolk out there.

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Jeraa wrote:
You choose each time you use the ability.


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i would assume that if it says it does then it does (like fireball), but otherwise doesn't (like flame strike), but you know what they say about assuming...

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"A good cleric (or a neutral cleric who worships a good deity) channels positive energy and can choose to deal damage to undead creatures or to heal living creatures."

is this choice made when the character is created or each time the ability is used?

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plane shift is a 5th level spell for clerics, a 7th level spell for wizards, is a standard action to cast, doesn't involve the danger of having a silver cord, and goes to any plane chosen.

astral projection is a 9th level spell for clerics, a 9th level spell for wizards, takes 30 minutes to cast, involves the danger of having a silver cord, and only goes to the astral plane.

plane shift seems to be superior to astral projection in every way. so why is it lower level?

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Chris Lambertz wrote:

GameMastery is a now-retired brand that was used for gaming accessories and modules published by Paizo. The overall shift away from the brand began in 2010, and was finalized in late 2012 (and completed in 2013)—you can find our blog about the transition here.

There were ~13* GameMastery Modules, and these transitioned to the Pathfinder brand with The Flight of the Red Raven in 2010. We are now up to ~50* Pathfinder branded modules (including our Free RPG Day items). The notable differences that have been made over the years is game edition (though, there are 3.5 Pathfinder branded modules), format (older modules have notes from the author/pregens/3-column layout), and that the later Pathfinder branded modules are a 64-page format with a poster map.

* These are very close off-hand estimates; might be off by a couple volumes.

ah, thank you chris.

i would refer to you as "mr./mrs. lambertz," but i'm confused about your gender.

your picture doesn't offer any clues.

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when did pathfinder modules start? how many have there been?

when did gamemastery modules start? how many have there been?

what's the difference between the two?

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Owen KC Stephens wrote:

To the best of my knowledge, this DriveThruRPG/RPGNow bundle is literally every pdf I was the primary author for that Rogue Genius Games sells.

$600 dollars worth of pdfs. More than 1700 pages of actual content. Lest than $30.

It gets deactivated (presumably forever) sometime tomorrow, Saturday the 9th.

Get it here

advertisement says 200 pdfs, reviews say 198 files, my download had 197 files.

am i missing something?

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Java Man wrote:
Untyped bonuses from different sources? It doesn't get more stackable than that.

so a 20th level ranger with favored enemy +10 (orc) and favored terrain +8 (forest) gets +18 to perception and survival checks against orcs in forests.


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alter self seems to assume that the caster is a humanoid, otherwise it would be called "humanoid shape" or something.

does alter self work the same regardless of the caster's creature type?

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