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Cover Date Sep 2006 Shipped to Subscribers 18 Jul 2006 Appeared on Newsstands 9 Aug 2006

Urban Decay
by Amber E. Scott
In the back alleys and sewers, a wererat plots the overthrow of the humans he despises. A D&D adventure for 2nd-level characters.

The Weavers
by Richard Pett
An opportunistic kenku threatens the Styes with a swarm of dangerous spiders, but his plans go horribly awry when the keepers of his stolen spiders come to collect. A D&D adventure for 10th-level characters.

The Mud Sorcerer’s Tomb
by Mike Shel
Brave the notorious traps and harrowing monsters of the Mud Sorcerer’s Tomb! Fully updated, this classic Dungeon D&D adventure is for 14th-level characters.

Challenge of Champions VI
by Jonathan Richards
The annual adventurers’ guild competition returns to the pages of Dungeon. A D&D adventure for all characer levels.

An extensive Savage Tide sneak preview, a Downer Critical Threat, and a complete index of every adventure ever published in Dungeon!

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4.80/5 (based on 5 ratings)

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Perfect: 6 Stars


This issue was amazing! Every adventure inside of it was perfect. I loved the Weavers, making Downer a character, and the annual Competition. This edition was topped of with the beautifully constructed "Mud Sorcerer's Tomb", which is one of the largest, most complex, and best dungeons I have ever seen.

A Good Issue,But...


The quality of Dungeon has gotten better and better over the years since I began my subscription and especially since issue #114. Mud Sorcerer I'd never heard of, but is a very good adventure and well presented. I loved getting stats for Downer and Savage Tide sneak preview was valuable to me in making my adventure plans for my players. Weavers: very good! I love Richard Pett's work. More, MORE! Urban Decay was also good. Challenge of the Champions, however, has never intrigued me personally, and this issue is no exception: meh.
One question: where's the ..."complete index of every adventure ever published in Dungeon!"? Nope, not there. This amounts to false advertising, gentlemen. We can't have that!

Orcus needs to stay away from Twinkies!


Wow! This issue is the finest issue of Dungeon in ages. It tops issue 134 as my favorite issue of 3/3.5 edition.

"Urban Decay" is a short adventure, but a cool one. It is a really good adventure to start a campaign with, as well as a good adventure to run for a new player.

"The Weavers" is a great adventure set in the Styes (a cool town as it is) about all things demonic and arachnoid. The obox-ob worshipping chitine is an awesome final boss for the adventure. (I've always been partial to chitines.)

"Mud Sorcerer's Tomb" is a masterpeice. It is a "Tomb of Horrors"-style adventure done right! Most crawls from so long ago get ruined when they are re-made, but this was a work of art. I applaud you, Paizo staff.

The Critical Threat article in this issue is also awesome. We get stats for Downer Tarantula! 'Nuff said!

And, of course, as my review title refrences, we get Kyle Stanley's caricature of Orcus...big gut and all. :)

Mud Sorcerer's Tomb!


What can I say. The original was one of the best Dungeon Adventures EVER! Any issue that even mentions it should get 5 stars automatically =)

EDIT: And after finally getting around to playing it... it is awesome.

Articles in the magazine:

Running a Game is Hard to Do, Part 2: Precision in Combat
The Cast - Strictly Legit
The City - 100 Things Found in an Inn
The Dungeon - Obstacle Traps

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

jeez, i had to look up ten words while reading "the weavers." :-P

er, well done, richard. :-)

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