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Not quite what I was hoping for


Okay lets get this out of the way, the books sidebars and acknowledgement of furrydom makes it a bit of a creepy read, but to be honest, it's easily ignored if you're mature and there is a good system in the book. If you've built an eidelon, then using this books system will feel very familiar, so for experienced players this is a very user friendly system, and for DMs who want to throw in an anthropomorphic beasty or two it's simple enough to go quickly. I was however hoping for a more points based building system from the ground up rather than a choose a base form and then add extras with the point system, still for the price I think this is a solid system. However I want to stress that I think this book was clearly written for 3.5 rules and then updated to Pathfinder rules later, and the update missed some minor things Like updating the poison rules in the book which adds some extra work for the purchaser. There are also little editing errors that bring down the overall quality. All that said, this is a good product that can add something to your game, just be careful about the gamer who focuses a little too much on some of the more reproductive aspects of this book.

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Can't beat what you get for the price


Okay, I'll admit, if this wasn't 99 cents, I'd probably give it a 2-3 star rating. But at a dollar what you get for that dollar is well worth the investment. I'll probably only ever really use pages 6-11, but I'll get a lot of use out of them. The contacts/events page will help my players take much better notes, and the condition cards alone are worth the 1 dollar you pay.

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Muddy Road, really Paizo?


Two tiles that have essentially nothing on them, just dirty looking tiles, no thanks. This pack does fail to live up to expectations, if the title had been run down village or ghost town, I could actually see it, as slums I have to side with other reviewers who say they fail to capture the feel of high density urban living. That isn't to say that they aren't beautifully produced and easy to look at, but they really just aren't slums. And then those arrows to tell you hey this goes here, how annoying, nothing says immersive like opaque arrows on the scene.