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Today I mourn the loss of my well used copy of Pathfinder #1. It had survived my game room flooding and even though it was water damaged still managed to run plenty of PCs to their deaths with gobliny goodness. I owned it before Pathfinder was an RPG back when it was just a line of adventure paths and even used it for prep as little as last year. But today after weeks of searching... I'm sorry this is so hard to say... I have to come to terms that I can find it nowhere in my house and seeing as how I would never lend out something so precious to me. I must assume that somehow through foolish recklessness for which I will never forgive myself. I no longer have a copy of the original issue of pathfinder.
Why must cruel fate mock me so? Was I so truly vile in a former life to deserve this awful punishment? Will I ever feel whole again? Will my copy of the Skinsaw Murders forever feel the cold naked press of air without the blissful warmth of Burnt Offerings back cover to lie against. Oh fickle gods of fate how have I angered you?

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So I am in a pathfinder carrion crown campaign and the DM running it is a super min/maxer. The problem is I'm not but he expects us to come with really super strong characters. I'm not that strong at twinking things out, so I need help building something? What would be the best thing to play through carrion crown and what feats/equipment should I be using for a third level character? As long as it is an official paizo resource it is allowed. The group has a magus, a samurai, and a slayer.

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Hi, I'm playing an ecclesiathurge and have a lot of touch attack abilities I'd like to not have to be in melee range to use. So are there magic items that allow me to do so, or if there are feats to help etc. right now I'm just trying to learn all of my options.

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Okay so I came to a new game with my bard built, I was told we had a player leaning towards paladin and another towards witch and no idea what the last player would be. so as the only person with a character ready to go the other players had a chance to work together to build a party for carrion crown. These players chose to build an elven witch, a dwarven wizard, and a gunslinger with the crossbow archetype.

So as the only player with melee capability, I'm gonna have to step up. Problem is, I've already made my archetype and stat selections.

I am a prankster gnome bard with stats (we rolled for stats and I hit jackpot)

Str 16
Dex 13
Con 16
Int 17
Wis 10
Cha 18

my spells are cure light wounds and hideous laughter

I wield a human sized earthbreaker (DM granted feat based on backstory I am proficient with and take no penalties for using that earthbreaker only) I also have the antagonize feat.

I need suggestions and advice going forward to make him as effective as possible as our parties melee guy.

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Hi I just ran the goblin attack on sandpoint in 5th ed rules. Going forward I know I have a lot of conversion work to do to make characters work for 5th ed. So far I've turned the quasit into a warlock and stated out tsuto, but I was wondering if anyone else has started to do this or already done it and has advice/statblocks etc. to share, I'll post my own conversions as I get them.

So far the only things the players have encoutered that wasn't from the MM is a goblin bard; I'll post stats tonight. Instead of a goblin dog and a goblin ranger I used the goblin boss from the MM mounted on a boar. It worked well and my player wound up using the grapple rules to toss the goblin boss down a well. I also had a player break off a table leg to use as a club and then try to throw said club. Pretty cool stuff and we had a lot of fun.

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So I went to order some items from the great golem sale and got to payment and had to stop myself, I ordered 3 map packs and a flip mat, but the shipping was going to be $14.00, I don't understand, I know the map packs combined are could fit in the same package that a pathfinder issue could ship in, is it the flip map jacking up the price, paying 3/4s the cost of my order just seems excessive, so is there any way to reduce cost, would dropping the flip map for another map pack make a difference or is it just based on a formula and there's nothing I can do?

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sorry don't have my books with me, just hoping for a quick answer to the question.

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So my character is a possessed (archtype) oracle of the dark tapestry. She's a Neutral good halfling character with the haunted curse named Faerune Littlefoot. I created some rules that I'll get approval from my DM to use but I just thought I'd post them here to see what other people thought, do the bonuses seem balanced to the negative effects, will it unbalance the game? She becomes more powerful when it takes over but it goes all evil and alien on her. So anyways here are the rules

Possession rules
Each time Faerune uses any Oracle ability or casts any spell granted by the Oracle class, she has a chance of being taken over. After resolving the action of the first ability in a day she has a 10% chance of being possessed. Each use of an ability or spell afterwards increases the chance of possession by 5%. When she fails a roll she becomes possessed.

• Faerune’s type changes to native outsider.
• Her alignment changes to Chaotic Evil.
• She gains one additional revelation, each separate time she becomes possessed a different revelation can be chosen.
• All known Cure spells become equivalent level Inflict spells. (Fearune can use a spell known slot to memorize an additional cure spell of that level, while this means the slot is wasted while she is in control, when the creature takes over this additional cure will remain when the rest become inflict)
• Faerune becomes unable to communicate by any means and cannot use charisma based skills that require communication, if she was under the effects of a spell that allowed telepathic communication anyone able to communicate with her by said means must make a will save DC 10+1/2 oracle level+ charisma modifier or the effect ends and they are stunned for 1d4 rounds as the sheer overwhelmingly alien nature of the mind consumes their thoughts. If they make the save they are able to withstand the creatures mind and may communicate with it mentally, the creature can use previously blocked skills on anyone that made the save. (DM speaks for the creature)
• All oracle class abilities and caster level for oracle spells are treated as 2 levels higher. She also gains +2 to charisma while possessed.
• Any scrying or divination affect that affected Faerune ends while the creature is in control, the creature can be scryed upon while in control if the person knows the nature of the possession but these effects end when Faerune resumes control.
• Faerune continuously sheds darkness as per the spell centered on herself. This darkness has no effect on her senses although other forms of darkness act as normal.
• Faerune floats 1 foot above the ground. Treat her movement as normal but she is never affected by difficult terrain. If knocked prone she still hovers on her back 1foot above the ground, but treats it with all the same rules of being prone. While possessed she is treated as if under the effects of feather fall.
• Each use of an oracle power or spell causes its control to weaken, treat this with the same rules as Faerune falling under possession. When the creature fails its roll Faerune returns to normal, all above effects end and she gains the Exhausted condition until she rests for 8 hours. If she continues to adventure and use abilities, she can become possessed again. If possessed while exhausted the exhausted condition ends when she becomes possessed but she dies when the possession ends. If Faerune sleeps while possessed she does not wake for 8 hours but wakes with no deleterious effects.

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So my new goblin character was raised by hippy half-elves. As such they having suffered racial prejudice raised him believing that goblins are just a victim of racial prejudice that's forced them to become the vicious monsters they are in order to survive. The father would collect stories of goblin heroes who broke societal molds and were good guys which the mother turned into epic songs (in honor of one of the good aspects of goblin culture). Most of these stories were made up, but a few were true. As such, I need your stories of goblin good guy characters. They don't have to be non-evil as long as they were fighting on the side of the angels. I'm gonna decide which ones were the real ones and which ones based on how much I like them but I'm pretty sure that unless I hate the story, then it'll be one that goes on a pamphlet. See Hasputh (my goblin) is the creator of the Goblin Temperance League, He goes from town to town with a large sign that reads "Don't shoot me! I'm a proud goblin citizen" and hands out pamphlets he made himself written with information about goblin citizens and each pamphlet has a different goblin story. That being said he does fly into a rage when people contradict him or make racist claims about goblins because he has no impulse control (a result of his hippy parents never disciplining him when he did crazy things because he was a "free spirit").

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So is there a reason I can't use feats for these interchangeably? I don't understand the need to reinvent the wheel and call it a 2 dimensional spheroid.

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Is there a character sheet that doesn't try to do the math for me, that lets me plug in or take out sections like if this character has a familiar i can add a familiar section to page two but if not i can take it out, and that I can fill in by typing but doesn't automatically add things for me just a type-able pdf that can be customized kind of deal?

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Hi, I'm a 10 year veteran of DnD/Pathfinder, and I've always been bugged by the abstraction of turn based combat representing simultaneous combat. Thus I am wanting to create some houserules so that the next time I try to run Rise of the Runelords we are going to have Simultaneous rounds. I came here so that I could get advice/different opinions on how to go about it.

Just one thing to keep things moving, this is for my game, so if I decide I'm going to use something someone suggests, go with it. recommend ways to change or optimize it, don't try to argue against it.

  • A round starts with everyone around the board declaring what they want to do in the round. They can also declare one conditional (I.e. I close and attack the ogre, if he falls I close and attack the wizard instead) or (i move to here and cast color spray, if there's only one guy there I cast chill touch instead)

  • delay actions allow you to skip first stage and declare actions in second stage, but you can only declare a move or a standard action at this time (charge can be done the same as in a surprise round at this time). Ready actions work the same as they did before, you declare what you are readying for and if it happens your ready action happens first but if it doesn't you loose your action for the round.

  • after all players declare actions the DM resolves based on this order in three stages, the first stage is the first 3 seconds, the next stage is the next three second the final stage is resolving actions that took the whole round. Initiative is now factored in and you resolve in initiative order the first three seconds (whether a creature used a move or standard action. the same for the second three seconds, then you resolve anything that took the whole round.

  • Spellcasting now takes on a new dimension as when you get hit plays a factor. If your spell is a standard action casting time and you get hit during resolution in the same stage as your spell would get cast you'll need a concentration check to keep the spell, but if you cast it and don't get hit during that stage you don't. Obviously if your spell is a 1 round spell and you get hit anytime during the round you have to make a concentration check to resolve it. Area selection for targeting with area attacks is chosen when you resolve the spell.

  • declaring full attack on a creature is still possible but be prepared with a conditional for if your target makes it invalid. If a full attack is declared your first attack is made during the first stage in initiative order, if the target falls you can change your declaration to move during the second stage. If not then your remaining attacks are resolved in the third stage if it is still valid.

  • 5 foot steps are special, they can be declared at during declaration, but they can also be declared spontaneously when your characters actions are being resolved (before or after) as long as they are valid.

  • AoOs work as normal.

    That's what I'm thinking so far, but none of it has been decided on yet, so lets hear it. I want your thoughts and opinions and suggestions.

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    So I rolled up an arcaninst, and down the line his stats are all 13s and 14s I did this for fun, but I'm not sure what exactly to do with an arcanist who's above average at everything but excels at nothing. So I was looking for advice, the first thing I'm doing at least at low levels is avoiding loading up on spells with saves favoring spells with touch attacks instead. The first discovery I took was the one that lets you replace a prepared spell with one full round of study. I don't have my character sheet with me so I can't go into further detail yet, but when I can I'll post all the info like what his stats are exactly, my first level spell selection etc.

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    I really like pawns but I have a few things I want to request/talk about, but I have no idea where to post general discussion about pawns, is this the right place?

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    Well last night my house flooded, and my pathfinder books were on the floor from the last game night. They all took significant water damage. Today I've been drying them out and amazingly, while my 1st edition core rulebook will be un-savable (the pages are fine but it was already weak from lots of play and the spine/binding is completely ruined). It looks like all of my other books will be salvageable considering that's over $200 of books that's pretty amazing. I've had books get water damage before and have pages stick together and covers fall apart. I just wanted to say thank you for making your materials of such high quality that my pathfinder collection wasn't ruined with my night.

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    Ok I haven't found anything saying there's a misprint in either of these cards, but something doesn't add up here.

    Amulet of life is basic, only takes an int 4 to acquire, has and arcane and divine recharge of 7 or is discarded, and prevents 3 damage of any kind.

    wand of shield isn't basic, takes 7 int to acquire, has only an arcane recharge of 8 or is buried, and only prevents combat damage and only 2.

    How is this right, a card you start with is easier to get and better in every regard than the wand which you have to earn, the amulet you can just start with. Am I missing something here. This seems crazy, hell the amulet is just one damage away from the dang sihedron medalion that you have to beat 5 scenarios to earn. I just don't get it.

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    Okay I'm sure the answers are scattered around the board but I read the rulebook and FAQ and this still isn't clear to me so I thought I'd ask them all at once. I've been playing 2 player with a friend as lem while he plays valeros and I just am not sure about this stiff

    During an encounter with a bane, can I use a weapon and an attack spell? Like when lem is in combat can he use a heavy crossbow and cast holy light to use both a dex die+divine die+2d6+1d10?

    When an ally in the same location as me is making a check, can I cast an attack spell to aid them, I'm not sure if that counts as modifying the skill used for the check or not, obviously strength can be cast when someone is making a melee attack and a blessing can be used to add a die, but can I as lem cast holy light when valeros is attacking a ghost?

    When a blessing adds die to something that you are getting multiple die to do you choose which die to multiply or do you use the base die, i.e. one blessing lets you add two die to a ranged combat check, and the crossbow lets me use my dex die plus a d10, my dex die is a d8, so do I use 3d8+1d10 or can I use 1d8+3d10?

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    So in our most recent game my character had his arm cut off (our game has rules for limb loss) by the Lopper from the Carrion Crown AP. My character is a gnome prankster bard so luckily he isn't actually that limited by having lost the arm I can still do magic, bardic music (oratory), and fight with a one handed weapon. The thing is I'm trying to think of various Pathfinder solutions to either regrow or replace the arm.

    There's the obvious of sidequest to find a high level druid to cast regeneration, but I'm curious to think of all possible solutions my character might try.

    Like what about clockwork or magitech limbs? are those things that could be found and where, (Like would I be able to seek solutions in Numeria or the mana wastes?)

    Are there any already existing options from any paizo material?

    What about researching a phantom limb spell and making it permanent?

    Just putting this up for discussion and seeing what comes up.

    I do want to eventually regrow or replace the arm because my character was using a human sized earthbreaker that he is really attached to. (for now he is just using a magic mace that they got in the dungeon and taking the size penalty for it).

    What would be the easiest and most plausible? Isn't there a place where I can get a golem arm? etc.

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    I know there is an elvish weapon that's two handed and finessable and I'm pretty sure it's called the curve blade, but I've gone through the PRD, my campaign setting PDF and the adventurers armory and I can't find it. could someone tell me where I see the table and write up for this weapon?

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    Yeah, whatever, it's a shameless plug for sympathy. What are you gonna do about it?

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    Hi, title explains it all, I've got my first society game this thursday and just had some general questions

    1 Where do i get cards for new players who haven't already registered? I won't have internet access at the store, so I want to have a few printed out and ready to go.

    2 is there a pregenerated character for ultimate magic classes? I couldn't find any but just making sure.

    If I have any more I'll post them later

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    Sorry new to society and that's really confusing as all the stuff says choose faction first but then the intros say they shouldn't have a faction.

    But the register a character page has the factions to choose required and no option that says playing the intros, so how do i register it for tracking without having a faction chosen?

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    well is there?

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    If you live in or around the Area in between Orlando and Daytona Beach, You may be interested in the new Orange City Meetup Group

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    This is an incredibly sad tale that actually weakens my faith in humanity just a bit. Senseless destruction at its worse.

    Go out and hug an old tree in your neighborhood and let it know that we aren't all as awful as the worthless dretch of a human being that did this. My parent took me to see this tree as a child and my wife used to visit it all the time. I always wanted to take the time to go see it as an adult, but now I know that it's too late. There's a lesson in this for me, but most of all this just depresses me.

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    Male Gnome Bard/3

    Bluff 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16

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    This is cool for me as Herman Cain and Ron Paul are the only GOP candidates I'm interested in, I just wanted to hear other paizonian thoughts on this.

    It would certainly make for an exciting election, two black men, no one able to make claims of racism. but I know the media is trying to act like this doesn't change the race. I for one sure hope it does.

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    Anyone else think this the second they saw the previews?

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    Hi, I don't have this book yet but I was curious to find out if there were any feats that affected or used the channel energy class feature?

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    Okay, so in this thread, I was inspired to take up a challange, create a by the rules foolish cleric using 15 point buy.

    I have done so and this is the guy.

    Terry Hammerstein
    LN Human Cleric 1
    Init +0; Senses: Perception -2
    AC 18 (+6 Armor, +2 Shield) FF 18 Touch 10
    HP 9
    Fort +3, Reflex +0, Will +0
    CMD 12
    Speed 20ft
    Melee +2 Heavy Mace (1d8+2)
    Ranged +0 Sling (1d4+2)

    Gentle Rest: 1/day; melee touch staggers living creature for 1 round, if creature is already staggered, it falls asleep for 1 round.

    Death's Kiss: 1/day; melee touch treats creature as undead for the effects that deal with positive energy, lasts 1 round
    Str 14, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 7, Cha 18
    BAB +0, CMB +2
    Feats: Selective Channel, Extra Channel
    Skills: Diplomacy +8, Intimidate +9, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Use Magic Device, +9
    Domains: Death (Undead subdomain), Repose
    Traits: Bully, Dangerously Curious
    Languages Common, Dwarven
    Special Abilities
    Channel Energy: 9/day; 30 ft radius burst; 1d6

    I'm working on his backstory now, I'll post it when I've finished but basically he's a cleric who focuses on melee combat and channeling, he doesn't comprehend the strehgth of will it takes to cast spells, but he genuinely wants to keep people alive so that they'll come to revere pharasma before ultimately facing their judgement, so he channels in order to keep his allies up.

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    Okay, that's an exageration, but the player switches weapons like every other session because he wants to try new different ones, he's not doing it to be optimal, I've been trying to make him focus on one optimal weapon for him, but he'll pull out a dagger one session, then a handaxe next, then a bow, then a slingstaff, then a horsechopper, then a different dagger, then a club. I want to make some feats and (eventually) a PrC for this guy if he contiues to do this so that he can have his fun switching weapons and not be left in the mechanical dust.

    For the record he plays a halfling ranger with the archery path. and is currently level 3, he might eventually settle on a weapon but for now I want to be prepared in case he doesn't

    So any suggestions or already exiting stuff, or made up stuff you have to share?

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    This is just a funny thing I noticed, so for the first time ever, a player in my games wanted to play a cleric. I haven't seen a cleric played in DnD, ever. So even though I know about cleric spontaneous casting when putting together her character (she was a new player, and I had 2 new players for the game) I was rushing, and just used the chart. Honestly because spontaneous casting is listed nowhere in the cleric chart, I forgot about it until I read a thread here that mentioned it. Our cleric is now level three, so she's been missing out on spells this whole time. Wow, so why was spontaneous casting removed from the chart, Orisons are listed, so you'd assume that spontaneous casting would be there too. [sarcasm]Do clerics just never get it, do we pick what level they get it?[/sarcasm]

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    So in another thread a poster talked about naming the +1 +2 etc. Magic properties so that you could ask for them in game, I like the idea so I came up with this...

    for weapons
    +1 = stinger
    +2 = talon
    +3 = paramount
    +4 = master
    +5 = sovereign

    For armor
    +1 = Bolstered
    +2 = reinforced
    +3 = bastion
    +4 = citadel
    +5 = Impenetrable

    I didn't go with any particular theme, I just looked for words that in my head sounded to have more weight even if some may not have any particular difference (i.e. bolstered vs. reinforced or master vs. sovereign)

    I just tried to get words that also sound cool. So a player could go to the weaponsmith and ask that his blade be made a stinger or a sovereign blade. Plus I think in game calling it a flaming talon or a sovereign vorpal longsword just sounds better. I realize that this is just flavor, so what about your lists, or thoughts on using this for your own games.

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    Okay so I've run a game for RotR before, and have an older campaign journal for it, that game fell apart with the economic collapse (One Gamer lost his job and had to move for school, two others had to focus on getting their higher education completed, and the last decided to call it quits) so I haven't gamed at all in almost a year. Well as luck would have it, I finally got some people interested in playing. They're both new to the game, so I'm teaching them as we go. They are playing a Halfling Ranger, and a Half-Elf cleric. My wife also joined so she is playing a Half-Elf Paladin.

    So first session begins, the Swallowtail Festival starts off with a bang, the players get their choices of starting positions either in the center where they were listening to the speeches, to the left at the lunch tables where there's free food and drink, or on the right where the butterfly cart has been released and there are children running around. The paladin and ranger go for the free food. The cleric wants to be around children. So combat begins, one goblin hidden underneath the butterfly cart, one hidden in the food stalls, and one coming in from an alley into the speech area. Goblins attack commoners in the first round and people all start panicking and running. Cleric goes for the goblin from under the cart who is attacking children and hits it, getting its attention. Kids get away from it, but one falls when running. Ranger and Paladin gang up on goblin in the food court, and a civilian goes after the one in the center. The goblins fight but attack lots of targets trying to go after children instead of fighting the bigger people, one commoner gets killed before he can run away, but it's not a hard fight and afterwards, the paladin sees smoke and immediately goes running for it, the halfling doublechecks that all the goblins are dead before following, and the cleric takes the time to check the two fallen citizens and channels energy to heal the one survivng as well as the hurt child. This causes them to get to the next scene at different points.

    The Paladin gets to the burning cart and sees two people down and the goblins cheering as the fire on the cart starts to grow, she uses her surprise round to shoot a goblin, one hit kill. Then she wins initiative, and shoots another, one hit kill. The other two normal goblins start charging her while the warchanter stays back and sings. One hits her one misses. She drops her bow, draws her falchion and attacks, missing. Goblins attack, one hits one misses, the warchanter tries to daze the paladin, and fails. Paladin attacks kills one goblin. This is when the Ranger catches up and joins combat complaining that she'll be done by the time he gets a chance to do anything. He throws his starknife at the last goblin missing. Goblin sees starknife and wants it because its pretty, the AoO from the paladin kills him, leaving the warchanter. At this point the Cleric catches up, and all three gang up killing it. The paladin sets off immediately in the direction of a scream along with the Ranger. The cleric stays behind and checks the two people who had been left alive, aparently the goblins wanted to watch them burn. She pulls them from the fire and channels to heal them. Then sets off after the party.

    The poor paladins luck is getting bad because she tried to heal herself with lay on hands and for three uses of lay on hands she healed 3 hp. The Ranger and Paladin get to the goblin fight and split up to go around a building and hit them from both sides. This causes the commando to go after the paladin while the gobbos try to get the halfling, although two stay behind trying to get at aldern who hides in a barrel. The halfling drops one goblin but the paladins luck got used up in the last fight and now she is missing with every attack, while I am rolling 18, 19, 17 so she wind up in the negatives, the goblin commando decides to go after the halfling now, who manages to take out a second goblin, meanwhile the cleric finally arives and starts heading towards the paladin to heal, but when two goblins go to surround her she decides to jump through a window into the house and cut through the house to get behind the commando. She takes some damage from this so she grabs a chair and smashes a window on the other side, in the meantime the goblin climbs in after her, and sees a family in the cowering in the house, goes after the family. the cleric throw her acid at the commando missing but hitting him and another gobbo with splash damage, meanwhile Aldern goes running for the paladin and starts feeding her a potion, the goblin chases after aldern, and the commando turns and attacks the cleric who because of jumping through the window was down hp and drops her. The paladin gets up and starts fighting the goblin Aldern cowering behind her the entire time. Now it's very hard to hit the ranger (AC 19) so I keep missing, and the rolls are turning bad all around. Which gives the cleric time to bleed out and die.

    This marks a point where I have a decision to make, do I have a new player sit out the rest of a session and then go through the process of creating an entirely new character? Also the fight is very close to a TPK with both the ranger and paladin at low HP and the commando with about half his total. I decide to take the cleric player into the next room where I describe for her, the herald of Iomedae who warns her that the runeforges have awoken and that a great evil threatens the land, Karzoug (I named him because I know that he doesn't really come up again for a while, so throwing this bit of forshadowing in will keep her guessing. Also she has just been asking everyone "who's Karzoug" so she doesn't really have a clue and it will help me tie it all together later) She is warned that if she dies again within a year, there will be no help for her (in game terms she has one year in game that if she dies she can't be brought back with raise dead etc.) and she wakes up with half her HP restored her hair turning blue as a sign of her covenant (something the character wanted). After the cleric is up they flank the commando killing the dog and then dropping the commando while the paladin cleans up the last goblin.

    Afterwards they start asking around to see if anyone knows why an attack would take place, but with no real leads, things wrap up and we end for the night.

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    So I'm thinking of making stats for humanoid creatures cap at 20 (something along the lines of their physiology just doesn't get any better), I'm tired of seeing int 28 humans and str 25 dwarves etc. Personally, if there's ever a new edition I want it to focus a lot less on pumping stats as high as they'll go. I was just hoping to get a discussion on what effects this will have on the game. I know that at higher level this means that there'll be more lost saving throws as the game expects players to use magic items to boost stats to blah blah blah. What else could I expect?

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    I'm a terrible artist so I don't want to draw these, and I'd like something a bit more visually interesting than a skull or something vague, but anybody know of a good resource for dead bodies, something I can print on construction paper and cut out, Hopefully with medium and large sized bodies?

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    forgive me if I'm just missing it, I've had a lot to deal with lately and to top it off I got sick again, so I haven't been on the sight much, I saw that the players guide is free to download I was just curious if there was a printed edition available to anyone and if so how do you get it?

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    yeah, I'm fairly regular on these boards, but last month was insane, and I just thought I'd share the kind of crazy that I've been dealing with.

    On January 31st I go into work like any other day. Right as I'm walking through the door to my office, my phone is ringing. That's unusual, we usually don't start getting calls till around 9, but whatever. I answer it and it's my mother.

    "Nathan, don't worry, deer are considered an act of god so your insurance should cover everything."

    Now keep in mind, that's the first thing she says to me, and I have no idea what she's talking about. Turns out that my wife who was driving to my parents house to watch my grandmother while my parents work swerved to avoid a deer and ran head first into a power pole. The car was totaled, the engine compartment smashed all the way to the firewall and her momentum carried the vehicle into a ditch where it landed sideways. The road she was driving on was in the country so there were no lights and it was 6:30 in the morning. Miraculously she was completely unharmed in the wreck and got out of her vehicle so that she could flag down help in the road since she was worried that in the dark no one would see her vehicle in the ditch. When she got out of the car the power line that had been dislodged from the pole hit her arm and electrocuted her, knocking her across the ditch.

    Amazingly she was okay. The emergency responders didn't even know she had been electrocuted, they thought the burns on her arm were road rash from the airbag. They checked her vitals and when she checked out okay they sent her home with my mother who came across the wreck when driving in to work. My mom took Tamiya (my wife) to her house and when she got there, she tried to clean up and that's when she discovered that the electricity had burned her feet, socks and shoes where it exited her body. At that point she decided to go to the hospital. They observed her overnight, but she was fine. They even tried to give her delotin (sp?) for the pain, but she refused because she wasn't having pain. She does have very bad third degree burns on her arm and her feet, but it's been a month in recovery and the most she's needed is IB profin for the pain. She talks daily about how blessed she is and I am so thankful to god for protecting her from something that doctor after doctor told horror stories about their experiences with electrocution deaths, and even injury which is always supposed to be a terribly painful recovery.

    That was monday, then friday, my grandmother wound up in the hospital for a week with some stomach virus that was making it impossible for her to hold her waste. So for the first two weeks of February I was run ragged, exhausted daily trying to take care of my wife, while at the same time attending to my family and my normal responsibilities.

    Thankfully the rest of February was a lot more manageable with my settlement for my accident coming through which ends my wife and I's financial worries at least for a while. We're a little stressed now because we're a one car household, and she is still in recovery (she lost half a toe to burns about three days after the accident she peeled off her toenail, but it's healing nicely, just slowly). My grandmother is also recovering, and I'm just posting all this to vent and get it out of my system.

    Just want to add, god blessed us on January 31st in a way I cannot describe adequately nor express. The fact that I could have easily been a widow from not one but two separate incidents on the same day and instead have to nurse my wife's almost pain free recovery from 3rd degree burns which I've had before and can tell you hurt like a mother &#$#. I can't express how much joy I've been able to maintain despite the frantic mess this has been for me. Anywho, that's it for now, I'll post updates on her recovery here.

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    Really, with archtypes I was really hoping we would see less of the glut of base classes that 3.5 had. But nope, ultimate combat comes with 3 more classes. ultimate magic with 1, advance players guide with 6. I was excited about advanced players guide because I thought okay this book will have new base classes and that'll be it at least for a while, but no, in the two years you've been making rulebooks we see the release of 10 new base classes. Well, I can say I'm dissapointed. Odds are I will not be picking up ultimate combat, or ultimate magic (which bugs me because I liked words of power) because I just can't bring myself to support this kind of class bloat, which is the exact kind of thing that started wearing on me in 3.5

    Sovereign Court


    Sovereign Court

    Oh Mournful day
    Kalu Kalay,
    For Paul the octopus has gone away.

    No more shall we know afore
    which team we should be rooting for
    For Paul has gone to that distant shore.

    Sovereign Court

    I know if I could afford a trip from florida to DC I'd be going right now. but alas I can't, so I was wondering if any Paizites intend to attend?

    Sovereign Court

    I'd love to be able to create custom tabs or folders for organizing my downloads page, the longer I've used the site the harder it is to find things. I'd love to be able to cordon my APs to one area, my rulebooks to another, my companions to a third, and my 3rd party stuff to a forth. What is the chance that we'll see something like that for the my downloads section?

    EDIT: by the way, I just used the new my downloads page and it's sooooooooooo much nicer than how it used to be, still organization wise it's just as bad for me to find older downloads.

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    Is there a page that lists society players or society games by region or zip code, I'd love to find society stuff, but the closest to my area is Orlando which is too far away.

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