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DungeonmasterCal I cannot express how wonderful this news is. I am truly greatful. I don't need the second issue. I will be forever in your debt

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Captain Killjoy wrote:



We'll sort it out!

there has been a standing invitation for years and yet no goblins have come!

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I may have a copy. If I can find it you can have it. I loaned it out a couple years ago and I *think* I got it back.

That would make me happy, it doesn't need to be in great shape or nuthin.

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pezlerpolychromatic wrote:
Where do you remember seeing it last?

Unfortunately I don't, I had to put the game on haitus during nursing school and when summer break hit and I went to start the game back up I went to the shelve with all my APs and it's not there.

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captain yesterday wrote:

Did you look under the couch.

Behind the bookcase, under the bookcase, behind your bed, under your kid's mattress ("I learned it from you dad!"), in the garage, or above your entertainment center.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, I don't have one, the garage is my game room where it is missing from, yes.

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Today I mourn the loss of my well used copy of Pathfinder #1. It had survived my game room flooding and even though it was water damaged still managed to run plenty of PCs to their deaths with gobliny goodness. I owned it before Pathfinder was an RPG back when it was just a line of adventure paths and even used it for prep as little as last year. But today after weeks of searching... I'm sorry this is so hard to say... I have to come to terms that I can find it nowhere in my house and seeing as how I would never lend out something so precious to me. I must assume that somehow through foolish recklessness for which I will never forgive myself. I no longer have a copy of the original issue of pathfinder.
Why must cruel fate mock me so? Was I so truly vile in a former life to deserve this awful punishment? Will I ever feel whole again? Will my copy of the Skinsaw Murders forever feel the cold naked press of air without the blissful warmth of Burnt Offerings back cover to lie against. Oh fickle gods of fate how have I angered you?

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Tell me, do the parents have a copy of The Green Knight? The hero, Paz, was played by the great Crystal Frasier herself!

No I was never aware of it till now, but now I will use it. I wish someone would actually write that book. Get on it Paizo!!!

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Dragonborn3 wrote:

However, the Caster Level 19 Firestorm trap that killed him his first game had no reason to be encountered by a group of level 8 characters....

I agree, there's probably no reasonable expectation of survival with something like that if there was no warning.

So I'm starting to think the name poog is like the bob of the goblin world

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Silent Saturn wrote:

So I'm 2-for-2 so far. Nice! Let's see if I can pull off the hat trick.

** spoiler omitted **...

Reviving this thread because I am finally playing the character (the original game he was created for never got going)

and no, I don't need class specifics, because these stories are being told 2nd hand by a person in the world, (thus class levels don't exist as a concept)

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correction, I took adopted as a racial trait, so I have 2 feats to choose.

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I changed my mind and went seperatist cleric, with sun/repose as my domains

I took a half orc with city raised, sacred tatoo, and skilled as my racial traits

that gave me a longsword to replace the lost scimitar, and I have a masterwork longsword, whip, and morningstar as my weapons.

I still need a 3rd level feat, what would be better, brew potion or extra channel, or something else?

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Well I have decided to go cleric of sarenrae, I am not going herald caller and I took one feat for heavy armor proficiency, and gave him full plate.

I've distributed his stats thusly,
Str 16
Dex 10
Con 13
Int 10
Wis 18
Cha 15

I put him in masterwork full plate, masterwork buckler, and am giving him a masterwork scimitar.

now I'm leaning Sun/healing for domains
and I have two more feats to consider
I also haven't settled on a race yet.

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Don't care what role I fill, We made it to level 3 (I was a fighter) before dying to the scribbler, I'll play whatever, but I want something that's good for more than just the first book and since the DM has said it's okay I want something that can last through the campaign and would work the best.

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for the record we rolled stats, I have an 18, 16, 15, 13, 10, 10

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So I am in a pathfinder carrion crown campaign and the DM running it is a super min/maxer. The problem is I'm not but he expects us to come with really super strong characters. I'm not that strong at twinking things out, so I need help building something? What would be the best thing to play through carrion crown and what feats/equipment should I be using for a third level character? As long as it is an official paizo resource it is allowed. The group has a magus, a samurai, and a slayer.

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Bob Bob Bob wrote:
Reach metamagic. Or a rod thereof.

That's a good one for spells :D

got any suggestions for abilities?

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Blave wrote:
For offensive touch needs, there's also spell storing and conductive reach weapons. A skorpion whip can allow you to deliver touch effects at 15 ft.

never seen that weapon before, what is it from?

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Hi, I'm playing an ecclesiathurge and have a lot of touch attack abilities I'd like to not have to be in melee range to use. So are there magic items that allow me to do so, or if there are feats to help etc. right now I'm just trying to learn all of my options.

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Here's what happened, my DM told me that we were playing carrion crown, one guy was going for witch, one guy for paladin, and one guy he didn't know. I built my character, got it approved, got a backstory bonus feat, then the other players showed up, the paladin player chose to go with a gunslinger instead and the player we didn't know made a dwarf wizard because he only plays dwarf wizards. then we started first session. If I knew when making my character what I know now I would have done it differently. I can't change what I've got now, I'm looking for advice going forward.

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I didn't, my character focuses on debilitation and my original plan was to stand behind the paladin and make anything intelligent try to focus on me which means ignoring the divine beat stick. I knew that with mindless undead I'd be less useful hence why I took cure light wounds so I could at least aid somewhat in healing. Then the guy leaning paladin went crossbow gunslinger instead. I straight up told the guys that I hope our second set of characters shows more cohesion when the first set dies.

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Okay so I came to a new game with my bard built, I was told we had a player leaning towards paladin and another towards witch and no idea what the last player would be. so as the only person with a character ready to go the other players had a chance to work together to build a party for carrion crown. These players chose to build an elven witch, a dwarven wizard, and a gunslinger with the crossbow archetype.

So as the only player with melee capability, I'm gonna have to step up. Problem is, I've already made my archetype and stat selections.

I am a prankster gnome bard with stats (we rolled for stats and I hit jackpot)

Str 16
Dex 13
Con 16
Int 17
Wis 10
Cha 18

my spells are cure light wounds and hideous laughter

I wield a human sized earthbreaker (DM granted feat based on backstory I am proficient with and take no penalties for using that earthbreaker only) I also have the antagonize feat.

I need suggestions and advice going forward to make him as effective as possible as our parties melee guy.

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I would just call it Dungeons and Dragons and then have a subforum for 3rd edition. That way people know to come here and talk about DnD in general rather than go exploring for specific edition boards.

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So far the worst class to me is the Dwarf, in ODnD I was comparable to the fighter now I get no features or attack progression and just darkvision and a couple of stat boosts what kind of class is that?

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we had our second session last week, the two quickly dispatched the skeletons in tobyns crypt even with me giving them resistance to slashing and piercing weapons. Then they went on the boar hunt with Aldern Foxglove. The boars charge attack killed a horse outright, but the paladin went nova with his attack using smite+ thunderous smite to deal a massive hit, and was quite scared when the boar was still up after taking 26 points of damage, but his ability did knock it prone and prevent a second charge attack, so it was worth it and the monk flurried to knock it out. In town the monk was more than happy to join shaylis vinder downstairs and to quote his words "I'll go as far with her as she's willing to go" so that was quite the moment when dad busted in. The dragonborn also had a fling with ameiko, but doesn't know yet she isn't interested in a relationship (that may change if he pursues her especially when we run the glassworks) but we'll see how he takes the news that he was just her indulging curiosity about "dancing with a dragon". So far they've both earned sin point for zeal during the festival because they played the tug of war game 8 times until they finally won (it was a contested str check vs a team with a str 18 and if they had formed their own team by gathering NPCs they met noted for str they would have had advantage, but instead they just kept going back with whomever would join them immediately and rolling and I kept rolling high), and the monk earned a sinpoint for lust and pride with his roleplaying last session. We wrapped up in the middle of Shelelu's meeting with the PCs. Instead of the longshanks, I had the goblins refer to the PCs as the giant kobold and the punchy longshanks.

Next session a new player with a high elf fighter with the outlander background (the elf was raised by varisians when his clan was killed at a young age) joins the group. So I'm looking forward to it. I will run them through the glassworks, the catacombs of wrath, and the goblin in the closet.

I also noticed the change in XP values so I talked it over with the group and I'm just leveling them when appropriate. They leveled to 2 after the attack on sandpoint, and they'll level to 3 after they clear the catacombs of wrath.

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play baldur's gate, it's set in the sword coast of the forgotten realms and it gives you lots of info into the world and setting while also letting you have lots of fun. honestly the best way I think you could intro into the setting.

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we weren't able to play this weekend and now one of my 2 players got a new job so I don't know how much further we'll be getting :(

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thenovalord wrote:
Why do you wish to take an elegant smooth system and make it complicated? I genuinely don't know why you would wish to do that?

You do understand that the very first words out of my mouth were "my players want me to..."

If you can think of a better reason to I'd love to hear it, and I don't understand why anyone would argue against players asking for something that we all (we being me and my players) enjoy.

As to your elegantly smooth and make it complicated, I don't think that a rule saying if you hit 0 from a crit roll %s and compare to chart is some mind bogglingly complex game changer. Giving monsters spellcasting is more complex.

And one could argue that the fun of a simple elegant system is finding ways to complicate it towards your tastes because you have the freedom too, It's way harder to add rules to pathfinder because there are so many variables to consider, but adding things to 5 is a breeze because it is so well designed to be modular in the first place.

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Funnily enough that reminds me that my players want me to reintroduce my rules for limb loss from pathfinder somehow, and the crit deck, so I think an easy thing to go for is that if a crit reduces a character to 0hp there's a chance that it causes limb loss or broken bones, maybe a chart with varying oddsor something

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2097 wrote:
Diffan wrote:

A few additional "Favorite things"

• Self Healing via Hit Die. Not as potent as Healing Surges but I'll take it where I can get it.

• Cantrips. YAY, no more Wizards with crossbows and can't be magic-users for 1/2 the day.

• Non-Magical Healing. Personally I would have loved to have a Warlord sub-class but some of the maneuvers and a feat or two can shore up this area quickly enough. At least I can hold out for future supplements.

All of those are in 4e :)

Yes but 4E made them terrible lol. I don't hate 4E I just was uber dissapointed in it, when 4E was announced and they were describing pre-release I was all super excited because 5E was what I was expecting.

As for the non-magical healing funny story. When I read the PHB I came up with a house rule and my players agreed with it. You can use HD recovery during a short rest as long as you use one charge from a healers kit per character healing. So when I got the DMG and read that as an official variant I laughed my ass off for a couple of seconds.

We also houseruled that you don't heal to full health with rest, rather that you heal any unused HD without a healers kit and then your HD pool resets.

The only other houserule is that you need equal amounts of advantage and dissadvantage to cancel themselves out. I don't do the well there are 8 reasons you have dissadvantage, but you did pick up that lucky penny last round, soooo regular attack.

But even as a new DM in 3.5 (when I learned the game) I was creating houserules and homebrews right out the gate so the fact that 5E right now only has two things that I thought needed a houserule out the gate is pretty impressive!

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2097 wrote:

I think I've mentioned this before, but as a DM, I don't use the "feats and multiclassing" chapter 6 in the PHB at my table.

Even though I've ran over twenty sessions of 5e at this point, I'm still digging a simple game.

And I'm the opposite throwing in all that optional stuff right off the back including stuff from the DMG and already telling people if you like something in pathfinder or 3.5 let me take a look at it and I'll see if I can turn it into a class path option. This edition sparked my love of making homebrew stuff that had kinda fallen by the wayside in pathfinder cause there was just soo much stuff already.

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well in pathfinder playing reign of winter, the one player had 2 deaths, and the other had one. and that was just in book one and two. So these players are no strangers to character death (my character was the only one that survived cause the bear man was awesome{someone else was DMing}). My group is not one to get all "it's my fault blackleaf died" over a character.

Honestly when 4th ed was anounced and discussed, my expectations were what 5th ed became. Although I'm glad 4th ed came out cause if it hadn't I might not have become such a paizo fan. Cause I'm not kidding i think 5th ed is great and if it had been 4th edition i would've stuck with dnd and might not have gotten all my great APs

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well 17 is the AC of the veteran, which is a CR 3 stat block and tsuto, erylium and koruvus are all CR 3-4.I may drop Tsuto down to 16, but Nualia is 18 because she was 23 in Paizo which was damn near impossible to hit so i kept it high without making it impossible since now she actually does way more physical damage than she did in pathfinder. Goblin bard has the same AC as a goblin so I gave him better armor and lost the shield.

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oh yeah for wrathspawn I plan to reskin ettercaps instead of poison damage the bite is all piercing damage and the poisoned condition will be described as rage making you attack recklessly.

and I'm not using the web stuff.

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That's everything the players should encounter within the next session or two. I'm curious what you guys think of my conversions if you see any issues. 1 correction since i gave it a recharge instead of a per day the goblin bards inspiration is an action instead of a bonus action.

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Stat attack continued

Koruvus Goblin Mutant:

AC 17 (natural)
HP 58 (9d8+18)
Speed 30ft
Str 16 Dex 13 Con 14 Int 3 Wis 10 Cha 8
Nimble Escape: Koruvus may use the hide or
disengage action as a bonus action on each
of his turns.
Multiattack: Koruvus may attack with his
burning longsword, handaxe, and silvered
dagger each round.

Melee: Burning Longsword +5 (5ft) 1d8+3
+2 fire
Handaxe +5 (5ft) 1d6+3
Silvered Dagger +5 (5ft) 1d4+3

Bloodspew: (recharge 5-6) 15ft cone, anything
caught in the bloodspew must take 3d6 poison
damage DC 13 ref save for half, followed by
a DC 13 con save or be poisoned for 3 rounds.

Koruvus was modeled off the veteran stat block
Erylium Quasit Warlock:

AC 18 (natural)
HP 35 fast healing 2
Speed 20ft fly 50ft
Str 8 Dex 18 Con 13 Int 15 Wis 10 Cha 13
Skills: Arcana +5, Stealth +5, Pursuasion +5
Damage Resistance: {non-magical bludgeoning,
piercing, and slashing} cold, fire, electric
Damage Immunity: Poison
Condition Immunity: Poison
Senses: Darkvision 120ft, PP 15
Fast Healing: As long as Erylium has not been hit
in the last round by a silvered weapon and is not
at 0HP she regains 2 HP at the beginning of her

Magic Resistance: advantage on saves vs spells and
magic effects

Dark Ones Blessing: if Erylium reduces something to
0HP she gains 4 temporary HP that last until she
completes a long rest.

Spellcasting: as 3rd level warlock, save DC 11,
+3 to attack
Cantrips (at will) chill touch, friends
1st (2 slots) Armor of Agathys, Arms of Hadar, Hex,
Witch Bolt

Melee Claw +4 (5ft) 1d4+3 DC 10 con or 2d4 poison +
poisoned for 1 minute, save at end of each turn to
end condition.

Scare (1/day) 20ft, DC 10 wis save or frightened for
1 minute, save at end of each turn to end condition
with disadvantage if they can see Erylium.

Invisibility: Attack, Scare, or concentration ends.

Erylium I've tried to keep somewhat close to the book by giving her wings and fast healing and loosing the shapechanging (more for simplicity than anything else) for ranged attacks she'll use chill touch. since I'm cutting back on the prolific magic items the original AP throws at the players.

Sovereign Court

Statblock time

goblin bard:

AC 15 (chain shirt)
HP 8
Speed 30ft
Str 8 Dex 14 Con 10 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 12
Skills: Stealth 6
Senses: Darkvision 60ft PP 9
CR 1/2 (100xp)
Nimble Escaple: Goblins may disengage or
hide as a bonus action each turn.

Spellcasting: As a 1st level Bard, save
DC 11, +3 to hit
Cantrips (at will): Viscious Mockery,
True Strike
1st (2 slots): Tasha's Hideous Laughter,
Thunderwave, Cure Wounds, Bane
Melee: Whip +4 (reach) 1d4+2

Bonus Action
Bardic inspiration (recharge 5-6) 1 creature
that can see and hear bard gains a d6 to
apply to either attack, damage, save, or
ability check before result is announced.
must be used within 1 minute or lost,
one creature cannot have multiple inspirations

Tsuto Kaijitsu:

AC 17
HP 58
Speed 40ft
Str 14 Dex 16 Con 12 Int 13 Wis 14 Cha 8
Cunning Movement: on each turn may take dodge,
disengage, or dash as a bonus action.

Sneak Attack: when Tsuto has advantage on attack
rolls or an ally within 5 ft of his target he
deals an extra 1d6 damage to target.
Multiattack: May take two attacks with fists

Melee: Fist +5 (5ft) 1d4+3

Ranged: Shortbow +5 (80/320ft) 1d6+3

Flurry of Blows: (2/day) May make an additional
fist attack as a bonus action

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my group is a human monk and a dragonborn paladin both leveled to 2 after the attack on sandpoint (since the xp rate is so different we're just leveling when I say)

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I love feats, I'd hate to see them go, I just fell in love with the way that 5e does them, I've always said feats should be nice not required even wrote an article about it a long time ago for the DnD 3.5 forums in the articles that required approval before they got posted. 5ed honestly just did them so well and I think the human variant fits perfectly with Golarion because players think the feat is so awesome that humans become the most common choice for characters so game groups wind up with more humans than any other race.

Sovereign Court

yeah Tsuto in my game will be a reskinned veteran with sneak attack and flurry of blows 2/day Orik will just be a veteran, Brathazmus will be a bugbear rager (or whatever it was called) the lady wizard will be a cult leader subbing wizard spells for cleric ones. a lot of the first AP is just reskinning things, I think I'll write up nualia as a full death cleric but give her multiattack. Ripnuggett will just be a goblin veteran with a goblin bard and three goblin bosses that'll be fun when no one in the room can hit who they target :).

I'm reskinning death dogs to be the goblin dogs, and I made a special stat block for the goblin druid since I wanted him to retain his natures stride. I forgot to take my notes with me so I wasn't able to post more last night but I won't forget tonight.

The first AP isn't as much of a concern, it's going forward. The second AP has lots of monsters that are gonna be completely different and I don't know if it'll be as challanging but I'm looking forward to the adventure!

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Hi I just ran the goblin attack on sandpoint in 5th ed rules. Going forward I know I have a lot of conversion work to do to make characters work for 5th ed. So far I've turned the quasit into a warlock and stated out tsuto, but I was wondering if anyone else has started to do this or already done it and has advice/statblocks etc. to share, I'll post my own conversions as I get them.

So far the only things the players have encoutered that wasn't from the MM is a goblin bard; I'll post stats tonight. Instead of a goblin dog and a goblin ranger I used the goblin boss from the MM mounted on a boar. It worked well and my player wound up using the grapple rules to toss the goblin boss down a well. I also had a player break off a table leg to use as a club and then try to throw said club. Pretty cool stuff and we had a lot of fun.

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This edition won me back to DnD when I thought I had given it up for good. My favorite things are monster stat blocks and the death of the 5ft step.

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allow it

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simple solution, body cams on all on duty cops on a beat at all times. solves all the problems when you are always held accountable for your actions with video evidence.

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because sometimes you want a character to hire a valet to park your exotic mawangi riding dog and you want to worry about whether your trail rations are cruelty free and artisan.

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So there's nothing to be done? That sucks I just don't think I can bring myself to pay 15 bucks to ship a 20 buck purchase. Bummer, I was super excited about the bargain (and I know it's still a bargain over paying full price for the items, but I just can't bring myself to bite the bullet when the reason I was ordering it in the first place was that i was expecting it to be less than 30).

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So I went to order some items from the great golem sale and got to payment and had to stop myself, I ordered 3 map packs and a flip mat, but the shipping was going to be $14.00, I don't understand, I know the map packs combined are could fit in the same package that a pathfinder issue could ship in, is it the flip map jacking up the price, paying 3/4s the cost of my order just seems excessive, so is there any way to reduce cost, would dropping the flip map for another map pack make a difference or is it just based on a formula and there's nothing I can do?

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Liranys wrote:
Apparently hats run in my family. LOL

This makes me sad because none of my hats have yet to cross the starting line of any race I put them in. (PUNS!)

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Freehold DM wrote:
Apparently everyone here hates me...

how is that different from everywhere else?

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I like Chuzzle he will definitely be given an entry in the pamphlets.

Goblins going in pamphlets so far
Rolph: Goblin of daring do's
Glim Figwit: Goblin knight
Skiritz: the Gnome's firestarter
Get the hell out of the way numbnuts!: Paladin of the dog and horse hating god
Gunn and Bob: Partners
Goblin who's name was lost to time (Bhijo): Sacrificial hero
Chuzzle: Enlightened experiment

keep em coming they've all been great so far!

Sovereign Court

bhijo, new favorite, can anyone top it?

silent saturn wrote:
He ate everything that wasn't nailed down, and he usually ate the nails too...

from all those things that people put nails in so that they stay loose? :D

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