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My first two sets are from the brown box days of Tinker Tactics Combat Tiers. Have changes been done to sizing or are these ones going to work mixed in with my old ones?


Last hour to join.

Today is the last day.

Come join.

Looks like a Sea Elf or a Mermaid mini would fit in the Deviant's mouth. Heck even a PCs mini just might. }>:)

Behemoth goal reached!

Up next is the Clawed Deviant it is not an Eye Of The Deep.

Come join the 300!

Behemoth backers that is not Spartans.


Less than five days left to pledge for a Behemoth to eat your least favorite player's character. ;)

One week left.

The Behemoth KS

If you have not joined the KS yet and you want to see this fantastic mini made join today do not wait till the last day.

Be bold like your character needs to be to defeat a Tarrasque.

The GM

Ashiel wrote:
Perhaps, but it seems really inefficient to do that.

Inefficient and even more not so easy because an orphanage would likely be run by another priesthood, perhaps even in their temple complex.

All I can come up with for burning down the orphanage is if the Undead Lord Cleric wanted to gather up the corpses as food for a gluttonous feast to Urgathoa or wanted to make young undead servants.

I read on this and other sites where people tell how they played an evil character who worked well with a good party and how it was great fun, much more than I ever read where people tell how they played in a good party and another player played an evil character and it was great fun.

Not to say that many times having an evil character in your party can not be fun it just seams like it is almost always the player whos character was evil who recounts how great it was.

Alignment in games is neither a bad or good thing. It is often a rule to help make players think about what effects and/or motivates a characters views and actions in a world. In imagined worlds of fiction and the real world people do not act in a constant or consistent manner but they often do act close to a constant or consistent manner with deviations often caused in moments of stress caused by fear or unexpected reward. I should mention deviations caused by the effects of mind altering substances also.

Even the best role players often play simplified versions of fully real people due to the fact that we play for fun not to analyze every action of a fictional person.

And even the best role players do cheat on their character true personality for out of game party harmony, but heck in the real world we almost all cheat on our own true personality for harmony with our coworkers and perhaps even our family also. It is a rare person who says and acts on every thing she or he thinks of doing or saying.

Just some random thoughts.

I understand for some Khanjira works but for me a Tarrasque should be something awe inspiring. 2nd edition had them at 50'long and 3.5 had them at 70' long, 50' tall and weight in at 130 tons.

The Khanjira mini just does not cut it for me in the awe inspiring department no matter how nice a paint job or what base it sits on.
I do not even have a Tarrasque in my personal game world yet but I think the Behemoth mini is such a great deal and truly awe inspiring I am pledging for it.

check out the below to see how it measures up. ehemoth-extended/posts/1626097 ehemoth-extended

Join and bring true fear to your player's characters!

Over half way to being funded.


Starting June 28th (Tuesday) and runs until August 1st (Monday).

The BIG guy is coming back to a KS near you.

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The crab is great.

They should do a repaint in another color perhaps blueish green.

Funding Unsuccessful :(

Act quick and join.

Behemoths are used by the Orcs of Dungeon Crawler™ as mounts until they become too large to control without powerful magic. Then they are brought to slumber for decades, awakened only as a last ditch defensive measure or to be fed criminals, slaves and prisoners during the Feasting Days. Should the Horde move against a nation, these beasts lead the attack guided by their shaman riders.

For less than 2 cent a day you can be awesome and get a Behemoth.

I doubt I will ever use my Behemoth as a tarrasque it will get used as a very big desert or jungle creature with just a touch of magic to make it not be an animal.

Then it can be used in non epic level games much more often.

You should see the painted prototypes in the KS video.

the Behemoth

It is a great deal.

A great deal at about $62 U.S. Dollars for a painted Behemoth

Check out the Behemoth KS

One week left to join the Behemoth KS

Behemoth KS ends Fri, Jun 17 2016

DCM really does make awesome PPM

the Behemoth

Check out the Behemoth KS

It is great to see another really big mini that is not a dragon.

Over a hundred backers

the Behemoth

Dungeon Crawler The BEHEMOTH 2016 Kickstarter​

The campaign is moving good.

This will be a great mini for play or display.

danielc wrote:
kodiakbear wrote:
The Behemoth looks to be the big brother or daddy of Khanjira in the prototype pics I just saw.
I agree, Khanjira is a 4x4 sized mini. This new Behemoth is an 8x8. But there is no reason someone couldn't own both. :-)

True, Get both paint schemes of Behemoth and a Khanjira and then you would have a happy little family of Tarrasques.

In all seriousness the Behemoth is a great deal for its awesome size.

The Behemoth looks to be the big brother or daddy of Khanjira in the prototype pics I just saw.

danielc wrote:

Just saw and backed a great Kick Starter for those who love super large miniatures. They call it

the Behemoth and it is very Tarrasque like in shape and size.

I hope it looks as good as the digital sculpt shown. :-)

This will be a great KS, Dungeon Crawler (DCM) makes great minis.

The return of huge minis is very exciting, even if these two minis are of no use to me.

Hopefully a hydra and a huge plant creature will make it to the next set.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
it would be contrary to the point of a social game to not help each other out. The chemistry/culture/attitudes at your table will make your experience different from others'.

well said

Why is the grey goo inside the character, how did it get there, why does it stay, where is it in the character's body and lastly is the grey goo a more interesting character than the character it is in?

I am not against the idea of spellcasting being a more elaborate affair rather than an push button instant affair, so having it be a little taxing could be interesting.

But if I understand what your DM has done it is way more than just a little taxing.

Cast and fail one Fortitude save in a battle and your fatigued, fail a second Fortitude save in the same battle and you become exhausted at which point you are possibly also effected by encumbrance.

It could all still work to majorly lower arcane spell caster power if the NPC spell casters are also affected. It is a whole world of asthmatic arcane casters.

Arachnofiend wrote:

The devs aren't the cream of the crop but they certainly have more game knowledge than the absolute beginners AP's are written to be a reasonable challenge to.

One day, Paizo will write an AP with their usual excellent stories and characters as well as a difficulty level designed for the competent table in mind... One day.

I just hope that competent table will write excellent characters with competent stories to play that AP. ;)

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At the meeting of the great clerical council the realization that the reason for the worsening drought was in fact the magical efforts to create water through the use of the acolyte's spell known as CREATE WATER. Clerical investigation revealed that the water that the clerics were creating was being conjured from the ground around the city and since the water was not always used directly on crops but was sometimes being used for other purpose the earth was slowly becoming dryer and dryer. After this realization the council is recommending the repair of the old aqueduct system that brings water from another location.

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Ah the great folly of the ancient city of Hubris how it lives in the legends of all the modern lands. King Hubris spread his city full of continual flame and all was to be great. But then the swarms of insects that the magical light drew were more than anyone could stand. Clerics could not hold back the plagues. One after another brought death and even more swarms of flies and rats, a cycle of plagues lasted till the edge of winter, when the flies were replaced with swarms of monster who feasted upon the last of the living.

What was to bring great prosperity only brought death.

A lot of good advise above but I would like to add.

If you are good friends with any of the players ask them what they like and do not like about your games.

If you are not good friends with any of them, then just take the good advise from the above posters and if things do not get better soon find a different group to play with or DM.

I would like to bring up the hut only options as a great way for gamers to get huts for humanoid village encounters.

I really like the idea of having about three huts and then one of them rises up on legs.

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Wall of Iron says the iron from it is trash

Stone Shape says fine detail is not possible

Over the years I have seen rules added to stop a technological explosion. So I would guess that again and again over the years many players and some DMs have gamed technological explosions and did not like the end result.

Most spells were written for a battle that would take 20 minutes or now closer to 2 minutes in game time. The material was not meant to effect the worlds future as a commodity. So the gold rule if you so chose in your game can be that something is not going to make it easy to have a technological explosion.

If you have deities would they have any reason to foster technology.

If you have wizards guilds would they have any reason to foster technology.

Would any body even think about since you can just have a magic user do it.

If your wizard stone shapes a door shape he or she is taking a piece of clay and forming it in to a door shape and than the stone takes that shape. Now we know we are going to be nice and let that door look better that it would if you gave me a piece of clay and less than 6 seconds to turn it in to a door. But we do not have to be nice and have that door be the same quality or strength as a stone door that had its stone picked by a stone mason and crafted by a Dwarven stove carver and installed by a engineer. Perhaps magic turns a good piece of stone into a great piece of stone but it could just as easily weaken the grain or alignment of the stones crystalline structure turning a great stone block in the a worthless piece of rock.

Spells that create light are often used to turn a medieval castle into a modern lit city in games but what would be the effect of light that generated no heat. I could perhaps see swarms of deadly bugs swarming around a magically lit castle.

Of course if the point in the game is to have magic replace technology then go for it.

If you want a fantastic not-a-Tarasque miniature come join.

A pledge of $68 USA dollars ($90 Canadian dollars) can get you a humongous monster. ainted-miniatures-storm-rid

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