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Hydro I'm Jeremiah if you guys are still looking for players I could be interested I'm over in Spokane Washington on the other side of the state but if you do roll20 or Skyping or something like that I could be interested in gaming

Pretty simple, if you were going to build Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher series how would you build him? Only rules are that it should be a 20 point build and the build should max at level 15.

+2 STAR and NA sounds pretty darn good for a melee striker!

Build a switch hitting Ranger.

Ay a Bard to help buff and build him as an archer.

We played with just a Magus-, a Druid and a Bard and those three classes were awesome!

I've been watching the various Marvel Netflix shows and it got me wondering what the characters would be in Pathfinder.
1. Daredevil
2. Electra
3. Punisher

1. Luke Cage

2. Colleen Wing

He has to go.

Consider Dwarf for your reach Cleric the bonus Wis and Con are awsome. The 20' move doesn't matter because your already wearing medium armor, dark vision can be huge and they get great saving throw bonuses

Play either a Bard or a Cleric(my choice) as a reach build. That will keep you and the Barbarian close on the battle field which will help, and hopefully either the Monk or the Rogue decide to change there mi d and play something a bit more useful.

Point buy is what we use, bit next time I might try a base 8 plus 2d4 before racial modifiers.

I agree with Kileanna. I played a Bard in my Skull and Shackles campaign about two years ago and he became one of my most beloved characters of all time. (PS- I've been gaming 20+ years, lots of characters)


Seriously. Does anyone play Gnomes as a "go to" race? Because as I see it there flavor and back story is kinda lame and mechanically they are easily the worst of the base races. Just curious if anyone likes the Halfling lame cousin and if so why? Maybe I missed something about them....

Use what you like.

Exactly what the post says I'm looking for any help feet Straits races alternate racial traits any build points you can think of to build the ultimate magic Missile guy.

Gestalt Brawler/Investigator

Lady-J wrote:
you could do way of the wicked. if skull and shackeles is the one im thinking of were you get kidnaped by pirates and are forced to work on a boat i can tell you it is boring as hell and non of us including the dm liked running it

Did you get past book one? Because my gaming group play through the entire campaign and yes book one was difficult the rest of the game was fantastic.

Pendagast wrote:
OmegaZ wrote:

"An inquisitor is proficient with all simple weapons, plus the hand crossbow, longbow, repeating crossbow, shortbow, and the favored weapon of her deity. She is also proficient with light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields)."

-Quoted from the PFSRD.

There are some very decent options in there, especially the longbow.

As for the deity's favored weapon, lets look at these by alignment the usual PC will be (non-evil):

Iomedae: longsword, good melee option
Erastil: longbow, already have it, great ranged option
Torag: warhammer, good melee option

Shelyn: glaive, good melee/reach option
Sarenrae: scimitar, great melee option, high crit range

Cayden Cailean: rapier, good melee, high crit
Desna: starknife, sub-par option for melee and range

Irori: unarmed strike, bad because you're not a monk
Abadar: light crossbow, already have it, decent range option

Nethys: quaterstaff, already have it, decent melee option, free
Gozreh: trident, good melee option
Pharasma: dagger, bad melee and range option

Gorum: greatsword, "best" melee option
Calistria: whip, bad melee/reach weapon

First, there are 3 lawful good deities:

One of them you already get the longbow. The Other two? Boring dieties substandardly boring RP domains.
Longsword is a good standard weapon, but out of the 9 deities only Imo gets it, lame.
Glaive, oh yea, the inquisitor of beauty. Lame.
Sarenrae, the only decent deity in the whole pantheon that doesnt require you to act like a paladin, without paladin power. I don't want to make every divine character, ever, always worship sarenrae. Out of all of them, the bonus weapon, domain powers and spells are all the best in sarenrae. rapier, starknife, lame.
punching- you said it already
light xbow you already get.
Q-staff you get.
Gozreh is pretty much limited to sea types, trident is an oddball weapon.
Dagger you already get
Greatsword, yea but Gorum, he's pretty much an evil god, really.
Calistria, whip again, lame.


I made an Inquisitor of Cayden who used a rapier and he was an absolute beast!

Dwarves Cleric!

If you were going to build a character based around throwing weapons how would you go about it? I feel like the build should "come on line" by 4th, no later then 6th level to be viable.

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I've always felt the Alchemist is broken and won't allow them in a game I run.

Why on Earth would you play a race team stats total -2?

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The Fighter was fixed successfully awhile ago, it's called Path of War.

Just use a Dwarves War axe

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1. Half Elf/Human- so versatile!
2. Elf- just great for tons of builds
3. Dwarf- love playing the guy who wins by surviving!

Honorable mentions to Assimar, tiefling, and Dhampir for sub race options. More races should have these. SERIOUSLY no sub race stuff for elves or Dwarves!?

Gulthor wrote:
ryric wrote:

Wrath of the Righteous really, really doesn't need more than 15 PB. You could go with 0 PB and characters would be one-shotting bosses as written.

(This is not a complaint, my players had a lot of fun curb-stomping the opposition)

I can confirm this. We played WotR with 10 point buy and it was still effortless.

My cleric started with a 16 Str after racial modifiers and would have ended with a 44 had we finished (real life stuff got in the way - we were all having a blast, GM included.)

44!? Really? I'm calling B's.

Sounds like your the odd man out as far as play style goes. So either adapt to the rest of the groups style or leave the group. It's not fair to them to have you shoving characters and ruining there fun with YOUR moral dilemma.

I think the whole debate is false. They are two sides to the same coin and you really can't have one without the other. Pepe who say things like "I enjoy the social interaction, but don't enjoy the table top strategy of the combat side", or maybe don't like all the options and min/maxing of character creation are forgetting that ALL these things are EQUAL parts of the game!

No new books! The information bloat has gotten out of control! Plus the last group of classes (Occult) were pure garbage and so are most of the monthly "splat" books. How about few books of MUCH better material quality!

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Rogue easily! Step 1. Build your Rogue, step 2. Sit down and let the effective classes go to work. Lol!

Great point, thanks!

Considering most AP's go somewhere between 13-17 should Pathfinder give classes there Capstone ability at 15th level so it can actually be used?

born_of_fire wrote:

Power-gaming is one thing, cheating is another. Most people find it very difficult to tolerate cheating and it kind of seems like you are criticizing them for this. More likely though, is that you want to use vague or convoluted rules to power your creations. If this is the case, you really should reasonably expect some push-back in the form of table variation, especially if you are clowning the game as a result of your "creativity".

It's true that everyone has the right to play the game they want to play but you have to consider the group you are playing with. Some players are just not compatible with some groups and tyranny of the majority dictates that the odd man out is the one that needs to move on or change his ways. It falls to you to find a group that appreciates your preferred play style; it is not up to everyone with a preferred play style different than yours to accomodate you.

This will end in tears. You are here pleading for tolerance while demonstrating intolerance for others. You'd be much better off just ignoring the people who "bully" or "disrespect" you than crying about how unfair it is that not everyone plays the way you like to. Do you really require validation from strangers on the internet so badly?

He wasn't asking for validation, just to have people look at the issue from both sides. You are in fact just being rude.

Given his name I would give him a Harry Potter Esq back story

Brodiggan Gale wrote:
Frogboy wrote:
Brodiggan Gale wrote:
We've obviously had some very divergent experiences with warlocks and bards.

Off topic a bit but based on this statement, yeah it does sound like it. I've got nothing against the Bard. He excels in his area of expertise and even has a new one in PFRPG.

I can't figure out how a Warlock could be considered weak though. I know they get this reputation for being a one trick pony but once they reach level 4 and can reliably use scrolls, they are extremely versatile spell casters. A little expensive? Yes, but very versatile. You've got to make sure to use your scrolls sparingly, though, and not just burn them on a whim.

Meh, they've always just seemed like slightly weaker rogue/archer/striker types with a mediocre spell themed attack to me. Admittedly, I haven't had many players want to play one, so I may just not have seen them at their best, but it just felt like all they contributed to the party was some damage, and even at flat damage dealing, they were having a hard time keeping up.

No offense but it seems the problem is you've seen Bard's played badly. A bird's greatest asset is not their damage output or what kind of Archer they can be it's the fact that with a fairly simple build they make everyone else in the party better in every encounter and they're useful and versatile in any and all situations.

Not that the Wizard truely needs fixing, however I do believe that they could use a little help.
1. Not enough spells at low level. This is your characters bread and butter ability, you shouldn't have to ration it for the first five levels like a starving man on a desert island.
2. NO class should be 2+Int for skill points! What happened to the days of the knowledgeable Wizard and wise Cleric being the "sages" of the group?
3. Why the super poor survivability at low level? It's the worst of all the classes and forces low level caster to burn precious spell resources just to survive instead of to succeed.


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Inquisitor-all the way!

1. Inquisitor- best class in the game in my opinion.Can do basically any role.
2. Bard- best skill monkey in the game, lacks the Inquisitors "punch" in combat but even more versatile out side of it.
3. Ranger- just top to bottom solid
4. Paladin- see Ranger
5. Magus- finally a great Gish!

I just finished playing the kingmaker campaign and in it I played of an Inquisitor well a Friend of Mine played a paladin and I can say I honestly believe my Inquisitor could take their Paladin and head up fight not to mention being thrown away more skilled and flexible outside of anything other than possibly straight up head-to-head combat

Dwarves Inquisitor!

1. Prestige Classes
2. Archetype stacking
3. The last TWO books worth of new classes!

Look up shifters

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Wraithguard wrote:

Grond, not sure if you have seen Spheres of Power, but I took a quick look through that to see if I could make a character close to that desired goal.

Mageknight is Full BAB with up to medium armor. This class is very customizable through the Mystic Combat and Combat Feat options. Other than that it is good at resisting magic and can Mark a target to be weaker to her own magic.

At level one you would start with 3 magic talents in total. First pick would be the Death Sphere, next would be Vampiric Strike and Cryptic Strike.

With this you could start making melee attacks that channel a small (1d6 at first level) bit of extra damage that heals you for the same amount. You could only use this particular combo a few times per day at first level, but depending on your particular Tradition you could use this very frequently by 5th level.

I literally have that EXACT build for a character I'm getting ready to play in a friend's homebrew.


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HeHateMe wrote:
Yeah, except you can't blame people for playing 2H weapon users when the other major melee styles (TWF & Sword n Board) are such unmitigated crapfests.

My point EXACTLY!

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I'm tired of how over powered (IMO) two handed STR builds are. All you need is a high STR a two handed weapon and Power Attack and your done. The two points of shield AC in a sword and board build doesn't make up to the noticeable dip in damage out put, and the feats needed for TWF in addition to excess money it costs and the 5' step game makes it not stack up, and finesse builds are a feat taxing joke!

1. Inquisitor- so versatile!
2. Ranger- just a great overall class.
3. Wizard- eh duh!
4. ANY PATH OF WAR CLASS (If allowed)
5. Paladin- so cool if not lawful stupid
6. Magus- spell combat is AWSOME!
7. Fighter- IF Path of War stuff is allowed!
8. Oracle- Love the role-playing aspects that are built in.
9. Bard- love 'em!
10. Swashbuckler- who doesn't wanna be a Musketeer!

1. Base rogue- worst class in the game.
2. Base monk- just terrible worthless abilities.
3. Base summoner - sooooo broken!
4. Cleric- powerful but boring
5. UC rogue- better, but Swashbuckler is a better class.
6. Skald- just don't like it
7. Warpriest- not needed
8. Samurai- a worse cavalier!
9. Alchemist - HATE 'em! Dont like the flavor, the mechanics, the bombs, the tumor familiars, just loath this class!
10. EVERYTHING out of the newest book! Kinetisist, medium ect... they all suck and I dont like the feel at all. Never allowed at my table.

Good question!

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