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I know this for a fact....there is at least 1!!! Mine, hehe good luck to all.

The contest was fun, as I missed out on it last year. I would have to admit, the Paizo fans and board posters here for this contest, its nice to see compliments, good sportsmanship and overall excitement for this contest. Good luck to all and especially the judges as they judge the entries.

Clark Peterson wrote:

OK, I'll start the list.

1. Item Formatting. A good number of submissions didn’t follow the Pathfinder wondrous item format. Not sure how people screwed this one up. We considered this a big error. I mean, this is RPG Superstar. If you cant get the format right, that is a problem.

Maybe it is that tiny voice in the back of my head saying go ahead...just ask...but on formatting, I used the beta release PDF, according to the rules and they also had the magic items web enhancement PDF. But one thing confused me on the formatting and I didn't know which PDF to follow in formatting.

Web items enhancement PDF used the word CREATION instead of CONSTRUCTION which was used in the Beta PDF. Are either of these words acceptable? Maybe it was intended like that because the Magic Items Web PDF examples were items that were made from others. So that might be the difference. I followed the full blown PDF for formatting but was always curious if you wanted CREATION or CONSTRUCTION?

Captain Sir Hexen Ineptus wrote:

So now my only concern is would what I want to do over powered due to the pathfinder changes. I'd rather not go into details unless I don't make it into the last 32 contestants.

Any way, thanks.

The good thing about Villains and monsters, they are never overpowered, there is always someone bigger and better. Just have to watch at what encounter level range you want your villain to be in so he is not going to wipe everything off of the realms in the suggested lvl range hehe.

But when we play we don't really follow closely to ECL and encounter levels, because honestly, realistically speaking, a character could run into very weak creatures or even EPIC characters. So tell me this, do you really want to start a fight with that lone human in the dark corner of the bar? HEHE

harowlan wrote:
Souphin wrote:

I posted but the system stated 15 seconds ago.....am i too late? NO!!!!!!!!!!
If your talking about the deadline, you still have 18 days, at least I thought it was the 20th. As it says on the main page of superstar contest.

woops my bad, yeah your too late if you haven't submitted yet hehe, today was DDAY, 20th the finalists are announced.

Souphin wrote:

I posted but the system stated 15 seconds ago.....am i too late? NO!!!!!!!!!!

If your talking about the deadline, you still have 18 days, at least I thought it was the 20th. As it says on the main page of superstar contest.

Villian concept is too vague. I know what I will be using if I get that far, but as far as fleshing out details and figuring it out, I am just going to wait until the requirements are out. The minute those are out I will hit the ground running.

Darkjoy wrote:


I'd calculate as follows:

fear effect 1/week = 4 x 7 x 2000 , divide by 5 and now for some black magic, divide by two again = 4800

deathwatch = 1 x 1 x 2000 = 2000

doom = 1 x 1 x 2000 = 2000

4800 + (0.75 x 2000) + (0.5 x 2000) = 7300 gp

hmm, comparing it to the 25000 gp that it seems to cost I am way off.

Basically, Eyes of Doom are just not worth it ;>

The way Piazo reads,

Multiple Similar Abilities: For items with multiple
similar abilities that don’t take up space on a character’s
body, use the following formula: Calculate the price of the
single most costly ability, then add 75% of the value of the
next most costly ability, plus one-half the value of any other

Since these take up the face slot you can't reduce by 75% and 50%. Here is my calculations breaking up many different ways to try to come up with price close enough...All and all my point is, find an item that is close to the price and use that price...IE ADHOC.

Doom clr 1 1min/lvl use activated- 1*11*2000 = 22000 (CL 2nd 1*2*2000= 4000) (CL 7 1*7*2000= 14,000)
Deathwatch clr 1 10min/lvl – 1*2*2000 =4,000*1.5 (10min/lvl continuous)= 6,000
Fear sor/wiz 4 1rd/lvl 4*7*2000 = 56000/5 = 11,200 (1/day price usage) /7 (since it’s 1/week)= 1600
Total price = 29,600 @ CL11th
Total price= 11,600 @ CL 2
Item can’t be at CL2 because of the Fear ability, so minimum CL of item for Fear (7th), so @ CL 7 total price would be = 21,600, 13,600 @ CL 3rd Doom effect. Take your pick, none of these options match the price.

The item was being priced during the holiday specials...discounted 50% off retail price.

Denver Colorado, Looking out my window seeing the snow on the mountain peaks. None here atm, but BRRRRR! Happy New Year....Deadline timer..20 days and counting...tick tock...get your item in!

As far as worrying whether or not your going to get rejected...well all I can say is I am a pisces, my item is submitted, not going to worry about things I can't control. Just sit back and wait and see. Overall it has been a fun experience.

With all the spells in Paizo, SRD and other OGL publications, you have practically any spell you need to do whatever you need in a wondrous item, and as a DM and hoping soon to be published :), there is always the catch all for lesser and greater abilities you cant find...IE Limited Wish and Wish. If your looking for a Divine item and in your God's favor a Miracle works quite nicely too.

Captain Sir Hexen Ineptus wrote:
Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Captain Sir Hexen Ineptus wrote:

I have a question about the rules. There is an inconsistency between the chart and what is said in the text. In DnD rules you are supposed to go with the text over the chart, but I want to be sure.

In the chart it says:
"Multiple different abilities Multiply higher item cost by 2"

But in the text it says:
"Multiple Different Abilities: Abilities such as an attack
roll bonus or saving throw bonus and a spell-like function
are not similar, and their values are simply added together
to determine the cost. For items that do take up a space on
a character’s body, each additional power not only has no
discount but instead has a 50% increase in price."

The chart makes little sense as non of the items created in the beta go by the charts rules, the example given doesn't even do that.

So could you please clarify what I am supposed to do?

I can see how this is unclear (and actually quite contradictory). In this case, I would go with the text, which leads to more reasonably priced items.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Publishing

YAY!!! Thank You!

Most of the items in 3.5 SRD or Paizo Beta PDF follow exactly what Jason has stated. The only items never in questions are ability, enchancement and skills, you can take those straight from the chart, what gets confusing is if you start adding abilities, what I do, is find a similiar item of build or effect and then look at what spell may be close to duplicating the effect, if your spell is higher then the example item, then up the price a bit, if you follow chart to the tee, your item will always priced at least 2x higher. Like everyone has said, its not really written in stone but more of an art to get an item that fits yet isn't unreasonable when being purchased.

Suicidal dagger of AHH

Were sorry but it seems that the wizard identifying this item has met with some unfortunate fate....

Most popular giant item yet>>>

Holy Gnomegrenade of alchemical BOOM!
This rather squirly hand tossed weapon consists of one gnome alchemist tied up with his whole alchemy set, can be tossed at close range but the farther the gnomegrenade goes the more screaming effect there is!!!

actually let me re-phrase, I made them "available" and the party gave them to the Paladin. Hehe

Something I used in my campaign for a troublesome Paladin :-)

Goggles O good (ie See no evil, hear no evil)

Aura Faint illusion; CL 5th
Slot feet; Price 30,000gp ; Weight 1 lb.

These rather mundane eyeglasses look like any other normal pair of goggles except for they have no lenses. When donning the eyeglasses the character must make a will save DC 15 or be affected by a simple yet effective illusion. A failed will save causes the user to see only the good in people. Everything observed by the character is peaceful, quiet and serene. The goggles are best used by evil clergy for their Paladin friends. Once worn, the only way to remove these goggles is with a successful remove curse or break enchantment spell.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, major image, silence; Cost 15000 gp

Silence is golden.....

All I can say about the math for wondrous items is:

IMO, best bet is find an item close and go with that price with a little adjusting. The "math" can be figured so many different ways depending on the person that is trying to figure out what you did, hehe.

I have re-worked hundreds of items over the years since 3.5 came out and well except for the really simple in plain english items that conform to a rule in the chart exactly, I have never been able to re-create the cost the item was actually priced at. So long story short, have fun with the chart, if it makes sense to you, your probably not too far off. Just read the rules and bring a calculator.

Gary Teter wrote:

If you go to the RPG Superstar page, and you see a box just beneath the logo that reads, "Click here to submit your entry for this round of RPG Superstar!" then your submission didn't go through.

If the box says, "Thanks for entering RPG Superstar—good luck!" then the judges have one more entry to judge.

If you don't see a box at all, you need to sign in. This season I forgot to make the box say "Sign in to submit an entry for RPG Superstar."

Don't worry, you won't be disqualified for submitting the same item more than once.

Thanks man, I had to resubmit, for some reason it didn't take the first time. But it's all good now.

How do you know your submission went through? I received no acknowledgement, it just redirected me back. Anyone that submitted an item see something different?

I submitted my wondrous item, but I didn't get any notification that it was submitted successfully, I don't want to repost the item for fear of more then one entry you get disqualified.

Only thing I seen when I submitted the post is it redirected me back to the submit your entry page. Did anyone that submitted see something other then what I have experienced?