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I need bacon, stat!

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Orthos wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:

Also: I was super impressed that we'd managed to get two pages filled from yesterday, before I realized most of one page was gran's jokes, and Vid's responses to them.

(Which were still funny, just less substantial than I was expecting.)

Classic FAWTL there. Used to be worse before the anti-spam update. Used to be I'd come on and find four new pages of nothing but Heathy spamming the same one-word post over and over.


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*puts on red robes, long white fake beard, waits in cave for someone to come in*

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

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Use this to cover the salad.

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*refuses to share bacon*

Ok. Got blood and death. Good start.

Now, Where's the bacon?

psst...Aberzombie...there's bacon over in the FaWtL thread.

*sets out plate of bacon in clever zombie trap*

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Treppa wrote:
Cake: flour, milk, eggs. Shoot, toss in a strip of bacon and you've basically got a Denny's Grand Slam.

As much as I love bacon, I ain't puttin' none in ma cake!!!

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
At least one cleric archetype should have a Channel Bacon ability.

My name is gran rey de los bacon, and I approve of this message.

Bacon was cooked and consumed. Yum.

Irontruth wrote:
My Benton's hickory smoked bacon arrived while I was on vacation. My roommate graciously put it in the fridge for me and amazingly didn't steal any. I'm not sure if I'm gracious enough to share though.

How clever is your roommate? Perhaps he carefully cut open the package, removed the bacon, cooked and ate it, then replaced it with some tofu-bacon and resealed the bag so well that you can't tell that he did anything.

David M Mallon wrote:
The world is a terrible, frightening, and lonely place.

True. But at least we have bacon.

And if wishes were fishes we'd all be drowning in carp.

If wishes were bacon, I'd be a very happy boy indeed.

Orthos wrote:
Don't do that man. You'll confuse people, and that could end badly. ;)

Sounds like a great big bunch of their problem.

Orthos wrote:
Why would I want to get rid of the egg and cheese? Seriously man

You can keep it if you like, but I loathe eggs and am not fond of cheese on most things.

Orthos wrote:
Could be worse. Could've said Miracle Whip. Bleugh!

Actually, I meant Miracle Whip. I just call it mayo because it's easier and we always called it mayo while growing up. I like mayo (as long as it's not lite, blah), but always buy Miracle Whip.

No, see, you get rid of the egg. And the cheese. Just leaving bacon, lettuce, and mayo on toast. No ketchup, no tomato, nothing else.

Replace the egg and cheese with mayo and lettuce and I'll take a couple.

We are testing out having bacon on the breakfast bar at work. It's not bad for pre-cooked stuff. A lot better than the "cajun bacon" I had last time I visited my parents. It tasted like teriyaki beef jerky. Which isn't bad if that's what you are wanting, but definitely not what you want when you are expecting a spicy bacon.

BluePigeon wrote:
Bacon strips!

Sounds like my kind of club.

That was a pleasant, and tasty, surprise. I was hungry and rooting through the fridge where I found a half pound of bacon I had forgotten about. It has now been cooked and eaten. Yum.

Spanky the Leprechaun is banned for failing to provide me with cured smoked pork belly.


Aberzombie wrote:
gran rey de los bacon wrote:
Tasty bacon and winning at Settlers of Catan. Good way to start the day.
I should have cooked bacon this morning. Maybe tomorrow.

So long as it doesn't become a "bacon yesterday and bacon tomorrow, but never bacon today" kind of situation.

Tasty bacon and winning at Settlers of Catan. Good way to start the day.

Hooray! Bacon!!

Get in my belly!!!

Even more BACON!!!!!!!!!!!

More Bacon!!!!


Sissyl is banned for not giving me bacon.

I think Gary has so far failed to ask the most important question:

Where is my bacon?

Went to Cracker Barrel yesterday. Had some bacon. It was good.

The Nasty Orc is banned because I am saving the griddle for cooking bacon tonight.

Give me bacon!

The bacon, she is cooking.'re looking in the novelty version of the rules that were released as an April Fool's Day prank. You should probably stop doing that.

Nah, Rule 3 just don't make sense. Bacon should never last long enough to spoil.

I could have had more, but I am saving it for tomorrow's breakfast.

Just had two bacon sandwiches for breakfast. Good, but could have used more bacon.

Gone? Why is all the bacon gone?

Oh, right. I are it already. Yum.

Had bacon last night. Yummy chewy, yet slightly crispy, bacon.

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Shut up and pass the bacon.

I had bacon 3 times yesterday. All were delicious.

Bacon is banned for going wild, rather than in my stomach.

Krystel Kallit is banned for failing a Perception check.

If your bacon is wriggling, you're doing it wrong.

Had bacon for breakfast Christmas morning. Great start to the holiday.

Spanky the Leprechaun is banned for Huzzah!

BladeTempest is banned for confusing the banhammer with the hambanner.

Spanky the Leprechaun is banned for giving MythrilDragon the cold iron shoulder.

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