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How is setup taking that long? Does this include teaching? Setup usually takes us about 5 minutes.

Looks like CSI got their shipment

Really looking forward to getting this...

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Can we please get some info from someone at Paizo? My order is still pending. No email, no explanation, just one post in the august shipping thread.

How can you tell your base set has shipped? On my subscription page, it is still listed as pending...

This was posted Friday in the August subscription thread:

Greetings again Everyone,
Its likely that you know how crazy this month has been for us. When we were setting up this months subscription shipments we were confident that we would be able to have both the Skull & Shackles Base Set and Character Add-On Deck shipped out within our originally estimated fulfillment times. As you may have seen in our previous blog relating to the Character Class Decks the card game suffered a number of manufacturing issues that slowed down our originally planned release dates. While we pushed back to release dates on the Character Class Decks we still expected that we'd have the Skull & Shackles Character Add-On Deck ready for shipment without delaying this months subscriptions.
As the estimated fulfillment date drew closer we still had confidence that the Character Add-On Deck would be ready to fulfill subscribers orders, but, as of today the 22nd, its clear we misgauged our ability to do so.
At this time customer service is moving subscriber copies of the Character Add-On Deck and preexisting promotional cards to ship with September subscription shipments, ensuring Base Sets aren't delayed any further. We were able to ship out a fair number of them today, and expect to have any remaining orders containing the Base Set in the mail early next week. We've considered a few different options, and this is the best one available for ensuring you receive your products as soon as possible.
You have our apologies that we let this occur. We let our optimism cloud our judgement when we should have taken action on this sooner. Many of you have been excitedly waiting for your August items, and we should have them processed and shipped as soon as possible. We should be sending out an official email to everyone effected by this in the near future, so please keep an eye on your inbox.
Character Add-On Decks and promo cards should now be shipping in September shipment, and we'll make sure that everyone receives everything they should. At this time we don't want to cause any further disappointment or delays with your shipments. If you received a confirmation email for your subscription earlier this month stating that your shipment should leave our warehouse by the 22nd your S&S Base Set left the warehouse today. We should have the Character Add-On Deck shipping in September with the promo cards, and you will not be charged again for them.
If you feel that this could have been handled better we completely agree. This has been an ongoing learning experience for us as a collective team, and we hope to put the wisdom we've gained to use next time something like this pops up.

Does this mean that our base sets have shipped? I havn't received a shipping confirmation. Has anyone else?

Ok, so when will I get my base set and how do I know if it has shipped?

Are our preorders going to ship today? Could someone from Paizo please respond?

I'm going nuts over here! Give my my fix paizo!

To be clear, PFACG subscribes will not get these promo cards? They are available only if you buy the miniatures?

If you are forced to shuffle a gun into your deck, do you still get to use it on the check - ie would you still get to roll dexterity or ranged + 1d10 for the Blunderbuss?

What exactly is your moral issue? Is it mostly about playing with your kids? Or do you find it immoral to pretend to do something evil in a game? I'm just asking because many good, moral people play games were they are perfectly fine with doing amoral things (Chaos in the Old World, Grand Theft Auto, etc.). I'm really not trying to criticize. If you feel bad about playing a game, that's your call and you should do what you want. I'm just trying to understand.

I just finished a game where Ranzak died in the 3rd scenario of the first adventure deck. I was up against a Zombie Giant (Check to defeat 13). I used a light crossbow, plus I had one blessing cast on me giving me 2d10 + 1d8 + 2 (two skill feats in dexterity). I rolled a two 1's and a 2, meaning I had to take 7 damage. My one armor was still in my deck. I lost all the cards in my hand and only had 4 left in my deck - goodnight sweet Ranzak.

I had already played my one Cure, so I only had 14 cards total to work with. Even if I were at full strength with no cards in my discard pile I still would have died - Zombie Giant makes you discard a card from your deck if he is undefeated.

I want to play with him again, but, as I think Mike put it, he is VERY squishy. Only having one armor and a hand size of 7 makes things tough. The one spell is useful to keep a Cure. I tried keeping Guards and Potions of Healing, but those are each one-time use only.

How does this character handle combat checks? No weapons, no arcane and no power feat to significantly help in combat is crazy. Give this thing some claws and teeth!. A werewolf should be able to fight.

I really only play 2p. We have finished AP6 with 4 different sets of characters:

Seelah and Harsk
Lem and Meresiel
Ezren and Kyra
Sajan and Amiri

We enjoyed each set of characters and I doubt there is a duo that is unplayable or too difficult. Lem And Meresiel were fun to play even though their abilities are not cohesive. We had the advantage of doing AP6 with Harsk and Seelah first to prepare a little with the other duos - especially Sajan and Amiri, a pair with limited healing ability.

Each player may only play one card of each type (weapon, spell, etc.) during a check.

Harsk and Seelah

-Access to ranged and melee weapons.
-Both can stand their own in combat
-Seelah has divine for some healing.
-Harsk is an excellent combat support character

The negative is no access to arcane

I wonder why Main-Gauche specifies that it can not be used if you used a two-handed weapon on the check.

This is one of the best homebrew characters I've seen. I think the add a card to a location to add a d4 to non-combat checks is innovative, yet not overpowered.

Have you considered just taking the weapon out altogether and adding another item?

My sessions are always 2p with just two characters and we have found some interesting strategies to overcome our weaknesses. I was wondering what group stratgies other players have found.

In our 2p Ezren and Kyra group, we have found the Merchant to be very useful to send blessings to Ezren to support Kyra's lackluster fighting ability. Since taking the feat that allows Kyra to place Blessing of Serenrae on the top of the deck instead of discarding it, Kyra rarely runs low on blessings, freeing up 2-3 to send over to Ezren. This has the additional benefit of allowing Kyra to cycle her hand.

We just completed this scenario yesterday in a 2p game with Ezren and Kyra and found it to be a difficult encounter. We ended up defeating him with Ordikon's Staff, whcih lets you discard a spell to roll strength or melee die + 2D12.

I totally agree regarding a PDF. I downloaded the first PDF for Rise of the Runelords just to get a little backstory and would LOVE if an abridged version were available for PACG. Reading about Aldern Foxglove, The Monster in the Closet, etc. really helps bring the game to life.

Rakerian wrote:

From the rule book itself: "Anyone can play a card whenever the card allows it. Playing a card means activating that card’s power by revealing, displaying,discarding, recharging, burying, or banishing that card."

So there you go, you have your answer.

But you're not activating the card's power in this case.

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I think all three of the powers are overpowered.

Speaking of spells, I think Mirror Image is a very nice card for card for Ezren. Our Ezren still has it through Deck 4.

Part of the reason I enjoy reading these forums is to break out of my groupthink and see what cards other people find powerful that I may have overlooked. What cards do you think don't get their fair due?

I'm sorry if this has already been addressed. If an armor allows you to recharge it when you reset your hand, are you allowed to do so after drawing it as the last part of the 'reset your hand' phase?