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I had a lot of fun playing my inquisitor. I played him as a monster hunter sent out to hunt those who preyed on his flock. With a 10 con the animal companion helped protect him and to help the hunt.

So inquisitor would be more the archer but with spells tweaking his abilities. Based on Grandlounge:
Feats: PB, PS, RS, DA, Boon companion, Friendly fire maneuver and Coordinated shot.

By level 7 hopefully you will have a lesser extend rod and Heroism will be lasting for 140 mins. Divine favor would be a standard, studied target would be a swift action...but the velociraptor would be running in with pounce during this. Once you get a ring of tactical precision, I would switch coordinated shot to improved spell sharing..then you split heroism, possibly divine favor with the animal companion. Sorry for the side track.

Attack BAB +5 +3 dex +3 DF +2 studied +2 heroism +1 coordinated =+16 (+-2 rapid shot, -2 deadly aim

Damage 1D8 +2+3+2+4

With the long duration and 5 level 1 spells you can do this pretty much every encounter. As a extra boost 7X per day you can bane the weapon to get +2 hit and damage with 2d6.

Not to mention better skills then either one..sadly at 8th level you could get the extra attack with many shot (or clustered shot)

Woot first post in like 6 months :P I feel most have posted the biggest issue with the idea...you need feats and dex.

Honestly long long ago I had a similar idea and went with the inquisitor, specifically the sacred slayer archetype. Getting bonus teamwork feats will help and honestly divine favor with studied target never got old. Wisdom can be low since you are mainly buffing yourself/allies.

Ok So sickening strike, With my massive 6000g I was gonna go with Admixture vial..but I'm starting to lean towards getting a boro bead 1st and 2nd (currently just have the one) With the left over pick up a composite longbow in case I need

It's just a thought, definitely not both. Not sure if losing opportune is worth it, the one dip allows me to play him as a competent fencer. The occultist dip would work with his flexibility, giving him more options. I've had a gm look at me odd when he had to pull out a wand of detect magic, also he has a good selection of potions for alchemical allocation. Probably wouldn't do it but still a cool idea

The character falls into a grey space with 18 dex and 14 str (moved up at 8) So reduce person brings my str to 12 which means power attack (I believe) is out and enlarge person boosts my str but lowers my dex which is my main stat...oddly enough it would bring my str and dex both to 16. The shield spell helps but honestly I normally have a 28 AC...the shield would add 2 to that.

The character currently has +1 keen silversheen rapier, MW cold iron rapier, Masterwork heavy mace and Scimitar (plain atm) I kinda made him to cover all damage types..he has a couple oils of magic weapon on hand too. He keeps a pot of bull str just in case and of course if it really mattered I could change my mutagen in a hour.

Funny enough as I'm typing this I wonder if I should change him up (retrain) and get occultist as a one level dip instead...it would fit the character now that I think about it

Yeah I'm thinking at this point, sickening offensive is the way to go.

I was hoping infuse self would give me give me a tad more, it is still nice but sadly I don't have the book and not sure if is is worth the cash.

Monstrous physique is nice but the duration has me a tad nervous. The one good thing is I already have a bunch of potions that I use with alchemical allocation

So I'm leaning towards Admixture Vial, but I'm realizing I'm not sure what my emergency mix would be...I would say longarm and maybe shield?

I really think the skald is the best way since you like to smash things. So at the least when built right you would provide +8 str and con to yourself. As you level it just gets better. Since this is a home game you can pick up celestial totem lesser. If nobody takes the rage you have all the bard's spells

So with infuse self you wouldnt get the swim speed from the undine right?

I was really leaning towards the expanded inspiration but the more I look at it, I would really just be using it for diplomacy, perception and sense motive...it's not bad by any means, Diplmacy with student of philosophy and empiricist gives me +16, Sense motive is 14 and perception is 21 (the character currently used heightened awareness for a hour and heroism for 2 hours) So getting the 1d6+1 is really not bad.

Sickening offensive seems really nice since all I have to do is hit and they are sickened (no save.) I am usually buffed and hitting +17/+12 1d6+11(+3 precision) So I could pretty reliably be applying sickened to opponents.

I agree I need to get the wand of heightened. Also need to figure out my "combat cocktail" for the admixture vial

I have a ton of potions which I tend to use with alchemical allocation...biggest one was heroism...Just thinking I could save the alchemical allocation for something else and just make my own.

I have 6000 gp atm honestly didn't really think I could afford the admixture vial...so now my choice is another boro bead or the vial. Reduce person makes me nervous, I believe it shorts out my power attack (yeah I'm dex based with power attack) Sickening strike and gloves of marking is a interesting combo.

Lol thought I had my path, now back to considering

I am doing the skald/bloodrager and it is pretty fun. I think the cleric evangelist is godly if you are ok not having too many skills

Yeah I'm pretty much stuck with PFS for now. But that is part of the fun to me. I like sickening offensive but the more I've been thinking about it I'm soso. Combine extracts is up there for me. Expanded inspiration is definitely up there too, With my massive cha 7 I'm at a 14 diplomacy and am typically the one rolling so it is a good option, I'm good with perception...but hey more is good and sense motive could use the bump. Also forgot about amazing inspiration I need to get it in there soon.

Spells: Infuse self is pretty nice...actually all of them are pretty nice. One thing I'm debating on is getting heroism and freeing up a spot for alchemical allocation. Right now I have 2 prepped and a second level boro bead. Ablative barrier and resist energy is the other two.

So I've been playing this character a looong time and finally hit level 8. So he is 7 levels investigator and 1 swashbuckler. He is pretty much a jack of all trades.. So the advice I'm trying to figure out is where to go in my talent and extracts (possibly where to go after)

Talents right now I went mutagen, quick study, extend potion and enhance potion. The character relies a lot on alchemical allocation.

Feats: Extra talent (x2) Fencing grace, power attack and skill focus umd and weapon focus rapier. The skill focus is from half elf and focus is from the swashbuckler dip.

Lol just realizing how much is to this character...his UMD is up to 18, so as long as he rolls a 2 or higher the wand is going to work. Typically he has been buffed with heroism, barkskin, ablative barrier, heightened awareness..with a ton of potions: darkvision, barkskin, bull's str, cure serious wounds, fly and heroism. Wands: comprehend lang, cure light, detect magic, faerie fire and shield.

I'm sure I'm missing things but just a idea for the moment

Whaaat Erastil is the best god! Old one eye is one of the elder deity, so his lawful good is a bit more brutal. A inquisitor works well for him since they don't really need to fit into a category of the church. So mine is a monster hunter that keeps the farms and villagers safe by hunting down the monsters.

Fate's favored is probably your go to. Honestly there are a lot of opinions on vanilla vs archetype. Sanctified slayer is honestly awesome, you gain the slayer's studied target and a couple bonus feats..sneak attack wont come up too often but hey if you ever need a mace it would come in handy :) But to give you a idea I spend 1st round casting divine favor (at level 11 it is up to +4 strike and damage) and then a free action to study (+3 strike and damage) Now I was silly and my velociraptor would then charge in with his +3 strike/damage from divine favor but hey. This would give you the ability to every encounter/round gain about +7 to hit and damage with the bow...of course at that level you can use bane to just kill them. Judgements might catch up and give you some versatility but hey I'm just there to kill monsters :)

Honestly a inquisitor archer is godly (I guess pun intended) Mine was a inquisitor of erastil...basically he was the one that goes out to hunt down the monsters plaguing the villagers. My domain was feather (so animal companion)

There are a ton of archery teamwork feats: coordinated shot and friendly fire maneuvers are my favorites (I took improved spell sharing for my build)

I went with the sanctified slayer archetype and honestly he is at level 11 and not many things survive a round. Add in no he has divine interference so if a ally is about to die he burns a spell to keep that crit from happening :)

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So damage is +2 str, +4 enh (bane + 2 from bow), +4 luck from divine favor, +6 deadly aim, +2 pheromone arrow and +3 studied.

To hit is +5 dex, +8 base, +4 divine favor +3 studied, +2 heroism, +1 coordinated shot, +4 enh, +2 pheromone and -5 rapid shot and deadly aim.

Kinda why I'm saying the multiclass is in the way. I have a +11 init and 11 rounds of bane per day. My velociraptor is +16 bite and +16 (2 claws) doing about 1d6+14 and 1d4+14 per hit

Anything slowing down getting bane is bad imo. Plus those 3 levels means no level 4 spells, longer to get to the spells and the other perks. The spells are honestly huge, so the question becomes, what do you get for the dip? Wis to hit is nice but not worth losing all that you are going to get. Flurry really just isnt worth it for a dip since you will still need rapid shot for certain feats and many shot!? seriously? Granted you get a couple feats, so that is nice.

Now look at it another way: My guy started with 14 str, 18 dex, 10 con, 12 int, 15 wis and 7 cha. That 10 con was probably a bad choice but the animal companion is meant to get between them and me. For skills: honestly going a face on top of everything will not work very well honestly there were levels I had to choose which knowledge skill would be past by so I could put the points in something else..that is 5 skills right there you want to be decent enough to tell what a monster is for bane. Drawing a blank but I spent PP to make my survival skill my dayjob roll.

Spells..man the inquisitor gets some nice ones. Big ones: divine favor is honestly the most used imo, litany of sloth was nice in a pinch. Bloodhound with pheromone arrows and lesser restoration. HEROISM...I'm sorry was that in caps? Greater magic weapon and communal resist energy (honestly that spell saved the entire party in a encounter.

Gear: (a lot) Biggest thing for me was ring of tactical precision so I could share improved spell sharing with my animal companion. At level 11 I'm still using a +1 seeking bow (typically buffed with greater magic weapon so it is +2) Lesser rod of extend, swarmbane clasp (honestly it is fun to see the gm's reaction when your arrows are taking out the swarm)

I'm sure there is more but honestly I'm tired and spent awhile on this. Long story short at level 11 if I'm trying to kill something my first round I study the opponent and then cast divine favor (5 rounds for me and animal companion) and send him in for a pounce. Then on my turn I activate bane and typically sending out 4 arrows at +24/+24+19 and each arrow is hitting at 1d8+21 +2d6+1dl acid...that isnt counting point blank or if someone is flanking, the 1d6 acid is from deliquescent gloves. I havent needed it yet but I could go greater invisibility and get +3d6 to each arrows for sneak attack. Oh and with divine interference if someone is getting critted I can sack a spell to make a gm reroll. Sorry but gravity bow just isnt worth it.

People are still going on about this? I swear I should just copy and paste :P So look just go pure inquisitor..Ideally sanctified slayer with feather domain. Yeah you wont get the diplomacy from wisdom but things will be dead faster and with less effort. Wand is a waste of time. Gravity bow is honestly not worth the effort. Instead of magical knack you can take fate favored. The loss of point blank master stinks but luckily there is a 5 ft step and litany of sloth. 2 Levels of 0 bab will hurt a lot. Sorry typing fast need to wake the baby in a minute. Going pure inquisitor will give you your spells quicker and honestly you want them. I will try to go more in depth later but honestly you can still play a archer inquisitor that will make the multiclass cry.

Sadly this is a bit vague. What was your old build? Is your gm allowing homebrew? What level and what point buy? Basically if you want more hex just keep getting the extra hex feat.

Personally sounds a lot like a inquisitor :) No multiclassing needed.

While I agree Illusion isn't the greatest...those spells make up for it..especially in melee.

Another interesting route is just going sword and shield, since you can cast with it. Also if you need a face you can always go skill focus: Linguistic and pick up orator.

I would put weapon focus up there since a occultist doesn't get much of a accuracy buff. Too bad you are level 3, half elf with the fcb is close to mandatory imo. I know doesn't help but still :)

Extra focus power will be nice down the road, For some reason I always thought telekinetic mastery would be fun.

You could always go the reach route with size alteration. Really you don't need a lot, I think you hit the basics for greatsword. Honestly I would skip weapon versatility and just pick up back up weapons.

There is something to keep in mind..you need the familiar to prepare spells if it dies you are truly in trouble. 1 week 200gp per level and 8 hour ritual..I'm not sure if it can take the figment ability (don't think so) So I would really not go that route.

I'm usually more interested in what the familiar brings instead of what it can do. But yeah there are a few spells that are nice for touch...cure spells etc.

Familiars can take certain archetypes my favorite are bodyguard and seer. Sage is fun in that the familiar gets 5+lvl int and can pick up knowledge skills like a bard (1/2 per level and can be untrained) So by 5th when it can talk to you, I could see it quoting Sun Tzu to you. Bodyguard is all about the familiar protecting you and taking some of the damage. I'm fond of Compsognathus, a hare or Scorpion, greensting..basically when they are close by you will have alertness and +4 init.

If a familiar isn't for you the speaker for the past archetype is really nice.

As for the weapon...depends...if you really plan to up the combat then maybe it is worth it...but as a full caster, I would just use the longspear.. you would still use reach tactics without spending a feat. The big aim is to convert yourself from a martial with magic to a caster :)

As for a guide...lol I wish I had time to watch movies :)

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Sigh when you start typing and realize you need to start over....

So I've tried the shaman a few times and it always fizzled for me, mainly because of stats. Since you are at 25 and then some you will have a advantage. The reach cleric guide is pretty awesome and can be applied to the shaman, the difference though, as you noticed, is instead of summons you will be a debuffer. So you cast on your turn and you pick up attacks of opp when you can. So unlike what Syries is saying, you ARE attempting to cast AND attack. (where is Magda when you need her :)

So funny enough improved init isn't critical for you..combat reflexes allows you to attack when flat footed..so you roll a 3 and they charge in...you still get that attack of opp. Big thing is avoid full round casting (aka enlarge person isn't great unless you pre-buff)

For your familiar I would probably go protector, at level 5 you split damage. So that will help with the hp issue. I would also consider what you will take for your wandering hex at 4, I'm not sold on mammoth but your call.

If you do a search in the forums for shaman reach, you will find a ton of my posts and a lot of good advice.

Lol that does seem to be a fun build for a goblin. If you want a spell caster and archer I really think the sanctified slayer inquisitor would be a good match for the character and you would destroy things, the loss of size would barely be noticed.

Sorry forgot to thank everyone for their advice. Definitely some things I'll be using. Realized I have some reading up on magic rules to do. (I usually had casters that weren't in the front line) But as I mentioned, he is gonna be a elven hexcrafter/occultist...looked into further occultist levels but shot it down quick. :P

So another twist you could look at is taking one of the other occult classes since their spells suffer no arcane spell check. Spiritualist would give you a nice mix bag of utility/divine spells and a cool spirit you might be able to use as a scout..with it being wis focused you would probably want/need a higher wis. which is needed imo.

Now I'm sure people will disagree but really you just need twf..the further you go down the tree the greater the penalties and less reward.

Downside MrCharisma is in pfs TRAPPINGS OF THE WARRIOR PANOPLY is banned. Sadly that would probably make the occultist more popular.

A druid nature fang could take ranger combat at level 4 and you could be a tanky full caster..but then any divine could do that in one way or another and you want arcane..

Another way is go full slayer and just up your umd to pull out wands on demand..I know not what you are thinking but it is a really nice route. A tank slayer is a thing of beauty. Studied and sneak attack with a weapon and shield and the damage keeps adding up. I would only pick up power attack for if you need to choke up on your main...taking a -1 penalty for +1 gain is not worth it.

Biggest issue you will run into is that dex 12..most casters will only let you get away with light armor and that dex will hurt.

*Insert cursing* Ahem..ok so no extra arcana at 3. So brainstormed and realized I dont have a idea for a third level feat...BUT that might be a good thing.

So my experience was a bit mixed...first I was the lowest character and when a monster is hitting for easily 8 points and you only have 17...my urge to be in front is weakened. That and I forgot about concentration checks to prevent attacks of opp.

My plan at this point would be go Elf, I would gain +2 int so a bit more dc, more focus point, skill boosts, +2 concentration, +2 vs spell resist, immune to sleep, low light vision etc...at the cost of 2 con (boo) and the +1 skill per level (which is evened out by the +2 int) and the extra feat.

Level 4 now would give me a arcana (wand wielder) At 5th level I would take the flight hex Feat extra arcana (Figment protectorFamiliar). At 6 Intensified spell (bonus feat) 7 hmm either tongues or evil eye. 8th hmm 3rd level spells :)

Just a rough draft

@ Ferious Thune You have a good point about the extra mental focus, at level 4 I would have 3 uses and I'll be a bit more comfortable. At level 3 I'm debating on taking extra arcana and get wand wielder.

Anyways kinda torn now on hexcrafter or not...really it seems to come down to wanting flight (which seems to be very nice in pfs from experience) or spell recall...which would help my fear of running out of spells.

Sorry lost power and my initial post. Have everything ready for today, I'll try to plan out hexcrafter vs base later

Lol should be working more on the character but here I am...well then again he is pretty well done..just debating on hexcrafter or not atm.

@PCScipio..just seems odd remember it being slightly different...ah well kids will fry your memory I guess :P

@Temperans Yeah I read iceplant and was all for it...until I found out I couldnt. :(

@Ferious Thune Yeah 3 points at level 2..I'm debating on taking extra points at 3..then level 4 will increase it...followed by int head at some point. For the physical enhancement, since it will always be +2..I plan to buy a belt of dex asap...then move the enhancement from dex to con (since it appears you can change it per day.) that way My dex belt can keep going up and I dont have to worry as much using all the focus...but then I might have too much :)

@MrCharisma I agree the dip is a tough call and probably why I've never seen too many do it. Correction I dont think I've seen anyone do it. But I really am not a blaster type so the magus always made me nervous..hexcrafter was my "fix" but with legacy weapon I might be ok...

@Slim Jim..umm..ok. I really do not think I was condescending towards you. Now don't get me wrong I could go that route...but honestly I have better things to do. That said your initial post displayed a severe lack of knowledge of legacy weapon...Then as a knee jerk reaction you put it in the cheese category..I attempted to let you know that while it is really nice...it has a cost to it. So not many will go that route... I assume you've been on the forums long enough to see cheese dips so I really don't see why you need examples. There are other classes that get bane without a dip and are far better (perhaps)

@JiaYou Yeeeesss come to the darkside...we have bane :)

Aww this has been interesting :) Yeah but it is thursday so guess I should finalize things.

I think I will go the dex route, forgot about the agile fist amulet so if I decide to go the monstrous physique route I would pick it up. Odd thing was I started to work in hero lab and it was saying that a scimitar wasn't compatible with finesse until dervish dance...and dervish dance only requires a perform dance +2.. very odd thought finesse worked with it and it required +3 dance. So plan is to probably go human and retrain at 2 to get finesse and dervish right off the bat.

A funny thing came to mind too (yeah it takes 2 hours to mow so mind was going) Going dex also means I can pick up a longbow in a pinch...Funny to take a longbow and turn it into a +1 bane longbow in a pinch..or maybe seeking...Granted it isn't something that comes up very often but I always try to have a bow :P

Yeah I have to read up on the hexes I always went the default 3 (misfortune, evil eye and cackle)

Anyways will try to build him tonight or tomorrow during my break

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I will have to disagree Slim, if this was so broken wouldn't the forums be crawling with builds. I mean seriously most posts you praise the savage technologist barbarian..there isn't a melee build (heck didn't you recommend it for a archer too?) When something is so great you cannot imagine a build without it...that is cheese, and that came out in 2014. That specific spiritualist is cheese no two ways about it.

Now as to why this isn't cheese: First Kurald posted on this...the expert in magus and occultist barely even bleeped for him.. he never even rated in for dips. That I think is pretty telling to me. (Not salty about that Kurald :) There is only so many times you can use it and you need to have a decent int...so most builds wouldn't really be able to use it. Heck you might even have to burn a feat to get 2 more uses and you can only do that once. As mentioned by others too, I have to spend a round to buff...magus usually dont pause long enough, instead they just spell combat things into oblivion.

Now why is it great? Well if you are dipping into a class..you are doing it for a reason..I mean that sort of cheese has been going on forever. Cleric has no armor? Take a level of fighter..oh noes that is broken! Sorry humor. So obviously my whole reason is legacy weapon...everybody is getting bane now, why not? Getting a free "belt" and my thought is to take conjuration so I can use a wand of cure without UMD...I know broken.

I've mentioned it before I have a nervous streak with blaster types I know it is a bit illogical but I'm always afraid of running out.Hence the hexcrafter and hexes. Then I will be able to utilize bane when I need to hurt things...on top of blasting things. I think it is pretty nice and always nice to have options.

I admit I probably am over thinking, but since I only get to play once in awhile, planning is 75% my hobby now. :)

Going the dex route would allow me to move my con up to 14.. but I would lose the option to utilize monsterous physique which was on my wish list later on. Yes I know I have a large wish list..but I usually aim for jack of all trades..which this character might not reach that but he will have a lot of options.

But don't get me wrong I prefer people to look and see if I missed something or know of something that might change my route...aka the mindblade has me thinking now :)

So my thought atm for str vs dex is that as mentioned str will save you 2 feats and you are hurting things right off the bat. Downside is the AC..worse with the dip I wouldnt get med armor until 8th level and mirror image until 5th..since I'm more towards the front atm this makes me nervous. While one ranger is in the front he went greatsword and ac is less than me with a shield. Now I'm wondering how mindblade would apply since I could basically be in full plate armor right off the bat which makes str workable.

Dex would give me 2+ hit, ac, init and reflex..but the two feat tax applies. I would then be able move stats a bit to make him take a couple more hits. I'll need to tweak the build tonight to see where I stand. I might take wand wielder asap to use shield every fight..might train out later on. Protector familiar later on to take some damage for me too. I will probably still go hexcrafter I will just move away from my initial path probably flight, slumber and evil eye but don't quote me on that yet.

The mindblade could be a interesting take. My knowledge on metamagic or items and how they interact with it vs magic is a bit lacking. For a moment I was hoping I could use a shield (I know greedy) but wouldn't work with spell combat. But you are right getting full plate for free would be nice.

@Slim sorry didn't see your previous post..also bane adds +2 to hit and damage along with the 2d6 so the loss of +1 bab isn't as bad. I'm not saying it is great by any means but not as bad as you might think. The dex route is a possiblity but I already have a investigator/swash and would hate to make a similar character.

Hate to say it but dex might be a better route since it will help the ac and init right off the bat. Sorry thinking and typing.

@Slim Jim you took one of the most powerful and versatile ability (Legacy weapon) and made it into a really bad level 1 spell... Legacy weapon does add +1 to a non magical weapon, but as soon as you have a magical weapon it can instead add a +1 enhancement aka bane is the popular one..but it doesn't stop there Cruel, keen, rusting, menacing, limning, ghost touch..etc etc are all +1 enhancements you could add to your weapon as needed. Honestly my origional thought on the build was how to get as many attacks with bane the earliest I can :) The 2 +0bab does stink which is why I planned to use my "belt" to str to offset the penalty I would see early on...that and I have a boon that I can borrow a magic weapon 3x..so hopefully I can get a magic weapon before that ends.
As for stats, yeah they aren't tracked but I guess I'm lawful and rather leave it as I built it...Heck I have a level 11 inquisitor archer that was rocking his 10 con for the longest time. The only reason I'm making adjustments post 1 is when I played I realized the character wasn't complete so GM granted me mercy. I admit I was debating on going dex but was thinking later on going monstrous :)

Thanks for the comments Kurald I've actually gone through your guide a few times as well as the hexcrafter guide. Granted I probably should go through it again. I'm trying a slight variation with occultist and trying to tank so I had questions. I really think this character will be a beast for damage at 6..imagine bane, flaming and shocking grasp :)
Mirror image will probably be my go to defense, worried about using up spells for shield...actually considered using wand combat (or whatever it is called)

@PossibleCabbage That could be interesting, not overly familiar with mindblade, it seems to have a love/hate opinion going on, but I'll look into it.

Thanks all, I really appreciate the help..I cant seem to get more than 10 mins to work on this at a time. Even while typing my wife called and I had to change my plans for the day :P

Thanks for the responses.
@McCharisma With transmutation I could just change the "belt" to con to bring it up to 14 or better to move the actual stats? I need to reevaluate the hexes to determine how much I gain/lose to have them. My thought would be to utilize the legacy weapon or the hexes based on the encounter...probably not both, my thought is one round to buff/move should be ok.

@Dave Justus I think my biggest fear of the magus is blowing through spells in no time..probably a fallacy, but thats why I like a cleric for longer buffs. So to gain bane for a min for so many rounds per day on top of your bursting...not to mention all the other perks you can grab. I'm debating on picking up Rime spell with frostbite wayang...especially later levels. I'm also trying to have him able to be as flexible as possible since after this I'll be in a normal PFS pool..which who knows what I'll be with. But in the last session the ranged archer and the greatsword ranger did ok but I seem to pull ahead of greatsword.

@Cevah yeah I agree I thought there was a hex strike for weapons

So I have until saturday to finish up this character and while things on the home front seem to have finally settled a little, I'm hoping to hear if I'm going the right way. In the beginning I'll probably be the closest thing to the tank in the party (2 rangers so at 4 I will have help) This is for a mod in PFS so a settled group for a few adventures.

I'm still leaning towards a single dip in occultist for the legacy weapon and the rest is magus. Originally I was gonna go hexcrafter but starting to think that going misfortune, evil eye, chant route would prevent me from full attacking...not saying it is out but starting to feel like going a straight magus and debuff that way.

Stats are a tad rough since I went with a str based:18/20 str, 14 dex, 12 con,15 int, 10 wis and 7cha. So AC is 16 (since he was only level 2 I was leaning more on the occultist so was using a shield to bump ac to 18) and scimitar does +6 hit 1d6+5...when I bane it was +8 hit 1d6+7+2d6...Third level when I get another magus level I'll probably ditch the shield and I'll be able to hit with bane twice in a round.

So here is a odd one for you and a character I'm debating on.

Hexcrafter magus X, occultist 1...basically I went occultist for transmutation (so a free +2 "belt" for str/con/dex) and legacy weapon and then conjuration so I can use wands of cure without issue. Where it becomes fun is by level 3 when you can start giving your magic weapon bane for a minute and with spellstrike/combat I'll be hitting for 2x per round not to mention a shocking grasp or debuff that I might need

Ah cool you already thought of the Shaman Alesander (honest I meant to reply earlier.)

The one level dip with any wis caster will help with your touch AC. A shaman can be a fun debuffer and if you go with the FCB to gain cleric spells they round out pretty nicely.. So by level 3 you can get divine favor, so you could be hitting like a cleric. With 4+int for skills you have a bit more wiggle room. Sadly that is my biggest gripe with cleric, just not enough skills and no synergy with stats..(honestly besides the wizard, I see a cleric more book learned.)

So you would have cleric spells (granted a delay) abd the shaman spell list, which is a bit all over. Depending on how far you want to go down that rabbit hole you could go more casterly and gain some wizard spells too. Then when you start getting hexes you could start picking up misfortune, evil eye and chant to start.

Honestly a shaman covers a lot of bases, I would probably go more of a reach build. With the one level dip in monk you could get combat reflexes. Biggest problem I always run into is how to spend your stats since a hex usually wants you to have a high caster stat but if you are looking at combat you need to shore up your physical stats. So its tough for me here..but the perks are you can already get divine favor at 5...if you go protector you will have by next level a familiar taking half damage for you and you also get barkskin..if you go basic debuff probably evil eye and chant..hopefully this helps, little one is up again

Yeah inspired, so at level 1 I had finesse, focus and fencing grace. Along with parry and riposte I had my combat pretty close to set. I have a 13 str so I went with power attack. I did go half elf for the favored bonus and since a investigator has to use umd I put my skill focus in umd. He is level 7 and i have a 19 in umd. I've had a lot of fun looking at wands i normally wouldn't touch and emergency potions.

So I pretty much have a well rounded character that is extremely accurate and does some healthy damage. Downside I'd since I can do everything I try to play him as the type that will correct someone if they are wrong, i dumped cha and honestly have had a blast. One adventure a player said that since my diplomacy was so good I should take lead... yeah didn't work out :) (at 7 with my 7 cha I have +16 diplomacy)

So I've had a lot of fun with a empiricist, and I did take the level dip in swashbuckler. That one level honestly changed the flavor of the character.

Quick study/mutagen as said before are pretty mandatory. I've gone more of a generalist and alchemical allocation was king taking enhance potion and extend potion.

I'm mainly grabbing illusion for the spells and shadow beast later on. Yeah necromancy for the skeleton minion and also gaining a familiar to take damage at level 5..or heck sage if you really need knowledge. Transmutation I'm planning on the "belt" and legacy weapon. Probably mind over gravity and telekinetic mastery later on.

Guess I'm a bit concerned since it wasn't the original plan and besides a ranger with a greatsword I'm the only other front liner. Stats aren't the greatest either with 18/20 str, 14 dex, 12 con, 15 int, 10 wis and 7 cha. So my ac is only 16 atm. I was gonna go hexcrafter but that might have to be skipped. If I went with my origional plan at level 5 he would have 2 uses of mirror image, misfortune (dc 15) and a permanent familiar to take hits. Alternatively I would go straight magus and maybe go familiar and then pick up wand wielder so I could use my wand of shield as part of spell combat.

The occultist is 18/20, 12 dex, 14 con, 15 int, 10 wis and 7 cha. Ac is 19. He would also have a skeleton he could bring up for 20 mins to take a few hits, mind barrier to absorb 4 damage if he knows he is about to get hit. Later on he would take energy shield and then soulbound puppet by level 5. By level 6 if i go illusion I would gain mirror image.

Sorry if I'm repeating myself I'm just building both up to level 5 as I'm trying to compare the pros and cons. I feel it is almost splitting hairs since I feel that the occultist has a lot more flexibility and defense is better. But the magus can have some healthy defense pretty close to the occultist but he is hitting for 2x+ the damage. I'm not sure if I answered the question or muddied the water some more.

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There is a soul bound doll. Honestly I would cheat and just use small zombies and flavor them as dolls. To diffuse the barrier maybe they find a creepy room that has a older lady who passed away. Maybe they need to bury the body or hand her a doll. Her spirit passes on and the barrier falls

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So follow the dredd movie and have it so all the exits are sealed either by magic or physical obstruction. Now they need to disarm that before they can leave. The "defense" kicks in and the beasties are let loose.

I would assume at least awhile in the beginning and then hopefully I can move to the side and just hit hard. The straight occultist would not hit so hard but with abjuration/transmutation and necro he will definitely be able to take some hits and even bring a friend or two. The Magus would hit a lot harder and can still take some hits but he wont have as many tricks to keep him up. But don't get me wrong he would not be a slouch..both I can see using a bodyguard familiar at level 5 for example. While the occultist would have a higher ac and assorted tricks the magus would be using legacy weapon to get 2 bane (usually) attacks by level 3..not counting shocking grasp

So I made a mistake and played a level 2 character for PFS that was occultist/magus and the party really needed a front liner. This is for a mod so a semi regular group for a few sessions. Anyways I realized half way through I had the wrong sheet...no feats traits missing etc. I still played him basically as a sword and shield (yeah a magus no-no but since I didn't cast anything it was ok)

So the character could make a pretty nice striker,but worried about defense, especially since I'm front row. I'm trying to decide if I should bite the bullet and retrain out of the magus and go pure occultist...I'm pretty sure I can get him tanky. Or do you guys think I should keep going magus and build him up that way..hit hard and fast along with mirror image asap.

I will probably put the haunt on my necromancy...espcially since animate dead will mainly be used in emergencies, had a thread about it and since it is evil I will have to use it sparingly.

I'm leaning towards grasping corpse for my level 1 necro spell seems cause fear will be outdated pretty quick. Sadly due to being in pfs trapping of warrior is banned but I'm struggling with my 6/10 implement mainly which to pick first, either illusion or divination. Illusion has some great def spells and divination has mind eye.

I agree with you, a lot of spells don't seem to be too combat related or that they are just too much to stack on. I feel like legacy weapon will be my go to buff and it probably isn't worth spending more than a round buffing. I see the appeal of reach but it feels like it takes too long to come online...which is funny since it is only 2 or 3 feats.

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