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Where can the stats for those Co7S pregens be located? I'm interested in their stories as well.

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You can try Technology Unleashed from Otherverse Games. There are some first party books that have something you're looking for. Have you tried Starfinder?

When is Spheres of Guile being released as I would like to buy it as soon as possible. I am very much interested in the new classes.

Try Gonzo on the Spheres of Power wiki. They have a class called the chess master.

Rules for combiners, Gobots, and most of the tropes from Transformers like how to make bestials. Cool thing is classes can be put on different caste and vehicle types. Of course, these guys are slightly more powerful than most Pathfinder characters, but I think it works out.

It's a third-party product. The name of it is Battlechangers: Ironworks. I was on the internet "hunting" for something Pathfinder, something Transformers and somehow found it on RPG drive thru. I think it fits in with all the other vehicle and technology rules that I'm integrated into Pathfinder such as D20 Star Wars, Ships of Skybourne, Starjammer, and a few more.
On another note, there's also the Transforming Construct template in the Advanced Bestiary or the Pfd20 site. Slap that on an Animated object with the robot subtype or as in Battlechangers, they made the Transformer like beings into monstrous humanoids. Then a way to integrate modern vehicle modes into that. Something Battlechangers already does sufficient enough.
Just wondering if there were any other opinions of this product?

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Does anybody else have this? I think it has a good representation of the source material.
It's possible to build almost any Autobot, Decepticon, or even a couple of Rock Lords. I may try to make Gundam type vehicles as there are rules for that as well.
I haven't seen any reviews. I was wondering if anybody else had used this ruleset.

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You can make Hannibal Lecter a verbal Mentalist. If there is such a thing. A Mentalist/Bard?

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Dragon78 wrote:

-That you could move and still get a full attack action.

-That you got much better stat progression(maybe 1 point per level) and a lot less reliant on stat boosting items.
-That you got to add 1/2 your class level to AC(including touch/FF and maybe CMD) so you wouldn't need amulets of natural armor and rings of protection.
-Better base saves so you don't need cloaks of Resistance.
-Monsters add 1/2 their natural armor bonus to their touch AC.
-That all classes with armor prof. could loose that prof. to get a monk-like AC using main mental stat or even Con mod in the case of Barbarians, Brawlers, Fighters, and Kineticist.
-That Arcanist, Psychic, Sorcerer, Witch, and Wizard got a "Force Armor"(Su) ability that is a constant mage armor effect that increases by +1 AC at level 6 and an additional +1 for every 3 levels after 6th.
-That every player race got at least 10 race based feats.
-That once you put a rank in a skill it was considered a class skill(+3 bonus).
-That you got max HP per HD.

I give half base movement/full attack.

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The Alien Bestiary Companion has an alien that pretty much is the Thing. A very nasty creature named the Qomok.

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I have those stats already. What I'm asking for has the advanced classes with all the core races, so there would be an alchemist build for each race,a cavalier build for each race and so on. The person did the original 11 classes in that way for a total of 90 character blocks.
You know what would be nice if you can find iconic stats for sub rules such as akashic Mysteries and path of War. I've been looking but I don't think they really are any.

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There is a document where the 11 original character classes are statted out using the core races. A similar document was made for the advanced classes. I am trying to locate this document. Adam Thomas-Brashier is the author's name.
Does anybody know where to recover this document.

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I like Desna. I have this campaign that's somewhat like the beginning of Starfleet. Desna will be one of the patron deities who sends a fleet consisting of all the Paizo classes and more than a few subsets of Pathfinder out exploring space preparing for a cosmic threat.

Battlechangers is what you need! Google it. Since 3e has been out this has been the best Transformers ruleset I've seen. You can make a literal tank/dwarf.

Isn't there rules for crouching? I could have sworn I seen them somewhere. Something to do with D20 in some way shape or form.

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I love Dromites!

I'm looking for battlefield maps as well as encounters to go with them. Something like Heroes of Battle with that one map of a fight across a large town and its surroundings. The scale was like 300 ft.per square.

I would like to see a battlefield manipulator something like fortnite. Kind of like the Architect from Gonzo, but with spells to create obstacles and conditions on the field. Also be capable of making buildings and forts that level up as the class levels up.

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avr wrote:

Dozens of different classes would be difficult even for the administrative infrastructure of a modern army and just totally out of the question for a renaissance/early modern army. It seems more like an army of retinues as per a medieval army, where each little village or clan has its own knight/champion and the feudal system collects them and their followers up.

Do you want to take this to its own thread?

Starting a new thread sounds like a good idea. The infrastructure thing? You ain't never watch G.I. Joe? Army, Airforce, Navy, and Marines all on the same squad. The chain of command was General Hawk, Duke, Flint and then Beachhead. After that, its pretty much up in the air as far as chain of command.

avr wrote:

Happy to help with the latter, but I wouldn't call that homebrew.

If you want a wide variety of races and classes it is hard to tie that to a single organisation. A gladiatorial matchup, a pirate fleet, Hellknights etc. are all likely to have biases in who they appeal to. Though it might be fun trying to figure out how to make luchadores out of atypical classes for that sort of thing. Also what sort of level are you looking at?

If the idea is 'make example builds' it might be easier to use multiple organisations as the structure, or none. If the idea is the organisation it needs more flesh before making builds.

Not so much as homebrew, more like ideas, themes, and scenarios. One scenario I thought up would be having Hellnights be deployed against such an organization while on a relic hunt from a couple of heavy Air Dancers from Ships of Skybourne. One of the many vehicles used by the Hellknights. Of course, certain characters are on other missions, downtime, and stuff like that. Which means you're not always going to have the best characters where you need them.

The themes might be overboard when it comes to making a hundred characters! Maybe have the same goals? Being a big fan of Heroes of battle from 3.0 I was thinking of an army composed of the different classes and races with the region taken into account. I'm going with exploration as a theme.

Well, what I thought up so far is fifth level, 18-25 pt. buy as determined by a d8 roll. I picked the hundred classes and races and put them together.

If I may interject? I would like to see more builds of various race and classes. My other favorite rpg Mutants and Masterminds has a plethora of builds. Established characters or homebrew. As far as Pathfinder, I've seen builds of certain themes before, like Darkness. I would like to see scenarios as well. Something like taking on certain type of enemies in a certain type of environment. A Golden Axe or Double Dragon type map and beat em' up style of play.
I've also dreamed up the Hundred Class Organization made up of different races and classes from Pathfinder and the various third party products, wondering how anyone would logistically such an organization and how it would affect a game world, region or campaign. How would you handle multiple threats? What class with what race? What region would such an organization be based out of? What themes could be applied, one race or one country? Pirates, Luchadores, or Hellknights?
These are some of the things I would like to see in the homebrew forum. Not so much new rules, but new ways to use preexisting rules.

P.s. a hundred might be too much! Twenty?

I think there needs to be a squad template. Something that suits 4-6 medium characters.

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There's the Voyager psionic class. Also the Eclipse class from City of seven Seraphs on the Spheres of Power wiki.

LOL! What if a troop is being attacked by a bunch of Pcs at the same time? Matthew Downie, your answer seems to be going in the right direction. Thanks for the suggestion.
Zombie Hoards will be surrounded by stragglers consisting of 1D4 zombies.

I like the troop subtype, but I have a problem with the automatic damage. I can see if you're inside its space and being overwhelmed to a certain extent. Not having to roll to hit nullifies armour. Fighting a troop becomes a war of attrition.
Are there any suggestions to change combat up?
This is for a zombie apocalypse scenario.

I know about the Codex and Chronicle. I got some nice Lupin stats off one of them! No love for Gemstone Dragons though. Now I can't even find 3.5 stats for them now that I think about it.
Filby, thanks for the builds. I have populated my Mystara with quite a few of your builds.

Is this feasible? Or is there a need to convert because something might be off with the stats for a monster bought in to Pathfinder?

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Frank,where is your campaign in Mystara located?

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They have given Immortals domains that suits them or Golarian gods to swap out on the Vaults of Pandius.
I've just asked a similar question. I'm using the Golarian Pantheon on Mystara as well as the Pathfinder ruleset. I was answered on the Piazza in the 3rd edition section. I'm going for the blending of the geopolitics of Mystara with the rulesets of Pathfinder.

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Dragonstar D20 is one that I like. Vehicle rules and guns. Same for Star Wars Revised. A little modification may be necessary. The Aethera Campaign Setting has tech in it. Starfinder has computers.

Those sample bipedal Nightmares ain't no joke. Picture 3 of them dropping inside the walls of a fort and going to work!

Try this link. It should start you on your way. Use some kind of giant turned construct or find stats for a appropriate vehicle. That's all I got for now! onstruct-cr-1/.

What the smurf?

Are you going for a ninja with "genjutsu" powers like the Sharingan? It might work if you can lessen the casting time on the gaze action.

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I believe it's called Microsized adventures.

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Everyman games have an excellent rules book about extremely small and large creatures and how spells are effected by size.

I would like to throw a few vehicles from Dragonstar D20 or Ships of Skyebourne at one. An armada or another kaiju is the only way I see to stop one.

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Find a really bad bard!

Is there a Pathfinder version of Heroes of Battle? I know it is 3.5 and there's a lot of still useful things to be used, but I've been looking for army breakdowns as in this book and Red Hand of Doom for Pathfinder.
Are there any mass combat rules that are similar to Warhammer 40k or something like that?

Ooh! A sheep with some kind of nasty wool. Fire is too blasé. I was thinking tar but, maybe some type of spores or something.

Nice ideas! Maybe in 2e we'll get some stats and lore for those 6 that haven't been done yet. There's always the Kaiju template to make our own.

Will we ever get the stats in 1e for the other kaiju. I think there are 5 more that haven't been statted. One or two are on Archives of Nethys.

Certain creatures would recognize clerics of certain gods and that sneaky person who likes to stab people. Adventurers have a general way of dressing based on classes. A few skill points should give something to figure out the difference between a fighter and a wizard.

I'm looking for the effects of a campfire on a cold environment. Are there any rules benefits for such a thing?

Isn't closing your eyes part of the demorialization?


Have you seen the Rockstar from Gonzo? How about the Breakdancer, Harmonicist, or Cantor from Composition Magic on the Spheres of Power wiki? These four classes lend themselves well to adventuring parties as bands.
I was thinking of a Josie and the Pussycats type vibe through your favorite campaign world!

With dungeon sketch I can take a map and put a grid over it and have pieces that would lock into the grid. Yes I would like to use my tablet as a battle map. Any suggestions would help.

How do I put a square grid on top of existing Maps? I was using dungeon sketch but that app is over. I have not found an alternative.
What type of map making programs can I use on a tablet?

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