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have you tried Pact Magic on the Spheres of Power website? It's somewhat similar.

Vehicle with animated object stats, transforming template, and BLAM!!!
I think it could work.

Try to get a copy of Starfinder or Dragonstar. DS vehicles are tanks as far as DR, and HP. Their weapons are no joke neither.

I'm looking for a detailed grid map like Apex Legends or Fortnite. Something with alot of terrain options. A map like the one in Heroes of Battle for 3e. It had a really big scale, but was still capable of having Pc skirmishes.

You're awesome!

Basically, i'm making 100 characters,100 classes! Each character will consist of two classes. Those classes are all paizo(unchained where appropiate),psionic,akashic,spheres,Composition Magic,Herbalism,Ethermagic,Onmyodo and a few random picks.
I would like some suggestions for multi-class combos, especially the spheres.

Has anybody made characters like this? Are there any examples?

Does anybody have some macros handy? Can't seem to grasp how to make them.

Looking for fluff on Akashic Mysteries. Would like to fold the rules into Mystara. I like the crunch,but can't figure how to incorporate it into that world.

The Sage from Champions of the spheres.

Treat the battle between the Pcs and Orcs as a lumberjack match. Have some type of boundary penalty. Also I would like to see a squad template. A 5 to 10 being grouping. Lots of different breeds. Not Official, but you'll work something out.

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Pathbuilder app. It does almost what you want. You'll still have to do some calculations of your own.

Cool idea. I was thinking of a G.I.joe type organization made up of all the Paizo classes,Psionic classes,Akashic classes and most of the Spheres of power wiki classes.

Search "Lupins".

Yup, that's what I'd go with.

I had a similar idea. I was using the Breakdancer class with a dip in Samauri. Put that on a Half-drow, and bang! Highly mobile and good crits with reach and supernatural effects.

Thanks for the advice. Simple yet atmospheric. I'm running a fight between a Myrmidon Robot and a speed boat out in the ocean. I figured some choppy waves would make for, not only a rough time aiming but also some cover and concealment.
I think I'm looking for some kind of chance per round of a certain type of wave size and direction based on the weather. If that makes sense!

Are there any rules for waves? Something to spice up a boat trip. I can't find rules for the effects of weather on a tactical scale as far as boats go.

Add it to a humanoid and you've got Modok!

Bluenose wrote:
doc chaos wrote:
Is there a official Galaxy map? I found a map that is 200 lys. Per square.
On that sort of scale you've got thousands of stars (and potentially systems) within each square (cube? space is 3d, and the galactic disk averages something like 1,000 ly thick). 500 such squares would nicely fit the entire Milky Way galaxy - makes for a pretty big map to print out, though.

Yeah! The Galaxy is huge. Without Drift it's almost impossible to leave a sector. Under Dragonstar spaceship rules it's still a very long way.

How are the other systems like Starjammer and Aethera? Spelljammer speeds increase exponentially.

Is there a official Galaxy map? I found a map that is 200 lys. Per square.

Google Earth is our friend! Guns and cars from Starfinder.

The Vesk own their whole star system. I'm going to have a Shi'ar/Masters of the Universe type star cluster rich with possibilities. Space travel is prolific between star systems, but the Pact world's are far and there is no Drift. However there are over a quarter million stars within 200 Lys.of it's center.

Just what I'm looking for. A Pathfinder rules based space setting! Can't give up all those classes. Nice ruling, Goth Guru!

I bought the Skills challenge book just for sports. Blood bowl is high on my conversion list. Would anyone like to collaborate?

Four years isn't really that bad! After buying the Skills challenge handbook and then discovering Blood bowl on ps 4, and then finding this thread I was wondering are there any others who bought the Skills challenge book for the same reason?

I've been trying to figure out how to work Dragonstar and/or Star Wars into Starfinder. These systems handle vehicles differently from Starfinder. Both use vehicles and starships on a level where characters can interact.

Not so much 50 PC's,more like a large chess game or tournament played with Pathfinder. 50 may be too ambitious, but how would you manage a football/laser tag type/ctf game? Between 2 or 4 Is there a spreadsheet or combat tracker that I can use? Or template on how to format combat?

A 50 pc army vs a large group of zombies.Is this even possible with Pathfinder? How to manage such a beast? If only for a few rounds.
I'm interested in seeing all the classes operate together for a common goal,like cross a map.

Does anybody have some kind of drafting mechanic where characters can be generated and parceled amongst teams? All classes, races, and templates too.

thistledown wrote:
Kellids are "The people being fought against in the beginning of the Gladiator movie."

Nice catch. I didn't pay attention to details such as race for humans till Pathfinder and yet, I love historical fiction.

Yeah, got a few haunts to go with the fog. Unfettered phantoms too!
Mostly Drake's, River and forest. Boggards and kobolds. Black dragons and a few Esoterics.

Cool! As far as monsters, I've got Firbolgs, those dog people, some Fey, Badgers, ghosts, vermin, and some occult and psionics. Any suggestions?

Nice! I need some Akatas!

Anyone see Gaurdians of the Galaxy v2? Ego's Kurt Russell was partly based off the Gardener, another Elder of the Universe. The visuals are precise down to the pose.

Secret Wars by Jim Shooter comes to mind. My farther read comics to me from the early sixties. Black and White Conan mags with maps in the back sold me on fantasy geography.

Thanks! Iobaria,huh? Cool, I'm campaigning in Redstone on the Isle of Dawn in Mystara. I was looking for some fluff and a take on how the classes would be in such a setting. The weather and things like that.

The pancake joke made me like this movie. Funniest thing all day!

Using Starfinder equipment with Pathfinder, I had the same problem. Rednal beat me to the punch with the Technician. It's not too complicated, once you take what you want. There are a few others out there, but I think this one can be useful.

Is there an equivalent land or regions?

Cool! I'm doing Pathfinder with Starfinder,Dragonstar,and Star Wars equipment. Love Starfinder, but I'm sticking with Pathfinder classes.
I trying not to do too much at once, but the ideas come faster my organizational skills.

In the star wars D20 game, fine sized starships take up the same space as a large creature. Colossal creatures are the same as small spaceships.
It's not like that in Starfinder,is it?

I don't think they match up so much as cross over. So medium creature=fine or tiny spaceship?

What is the size comparison between creatures and spaceships?

Not so much a certain character, but a "G.I. Joe" version of the class. A build made to show why the class is needed. A five round playthrough with various threats and different terrain would show what characters can do.
For example, I had the hunter iconic,Adowyn(4thlvl) fight three hobgoblins from the prd. Nice and efficient. Wolf sneaks,attack, hunter buffs, provides covering fire. Got the concept. And the dice weren't cooperating much!
Thanks for commenting.

Oh,man! Swashbuckler character named Bartholomew Buckles™️!

Just slot everything into a level and you should be good to go.
I love Starfinder spaceship rules as far as stats and combat but I'm not using Drift in a certain part of the Galaxy. Not using SW rules neither. I'm going with Dragonstar vehicle rules because of the land, atmospheric,and space intergrated combat system with no double move for vehicles. I think the vehicles are too tankish though.

Vidmaster7 wrote:
He really did look the part. (*snicker*) he was a good thing.

Actually,he looked like a Snickers bar with no chocolate on it!

Have you thought about using equipment from SW d20? Looking at the balance issues it shouldn't be a big deal.

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