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I really like what you’re doing with the decks. I can’t wait to play as Nyctessa.

And another vote. I'm currently running a RotRL game using Fantasy Grounds, but would like to be able to run it tabletop style.

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It seems odd/bad that the support products (maps, pawns...) aren't available until months after the AP is. I am putting together a group to do Ruins of Azlant asap and would love to have the support materials. I would think that having it all available on AP launch day just makes sense.

Very excited to see this unfold. I picked it to kick off my AP subscription!

Thanks for the update.. I was left wondering since there wasn't a whole lot said at the banquet.
I will say that the news about goblin antics in the digital version is great. In our Mummy's Mask group, 2 of us are playing the Goblins Fight & Burn decks... hilarity usually ensues.

I'm kind of relieved to have a break before the next base set.I have all 4 and it will probably take a while to play through everything.

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Kryzbyn wrote:
When is the expected release date?

The Peterson Games site says the book pre-orders will ship in August.

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I kickstarted this as well, but just for the book/pdf/herolab-files as I haven't been using minis yet (VTT only so far). I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it, but I'm not sure where/when/how I'm going to work it in. Though who knows what Karzoug might have in store for my players!

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Renraku wrote:
Whoever had the keys to the Paizo twitter account needs a raise, you were a machine during the banquet and ridiculously fast on the responses.

Couldn't agree more. A great job. I had a search pane on the #PaizoCon hashtag open all weekend and it was a steady stream of information. Nowhere near like being there, but it made not being there a bit less harsh.

WorldEngine from MesaMundi is what I'm looking forward to. It's web based, so Windows & Mac, but also Linux, iOS, and Android. The pre-alpha demo is impressive and the alpha should drop by the end of this month. After trying to us Campaign Cartographer (Essentially a reskinned CAD system for windows only) and giving up because of the non-intuitive interface (and did I mention it only runs on Windows, which is almost a showstopper for me), I'm looking forward to some more fit-to-purpose systems. As huruca mentions, MapForge looks sweet as well if you're on Mac or Windows.

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Andrew Mullen wrote:
A few ideas for this. Gonna be my first RPG submissions ever, slightly nerve-wracking!

I'm in the same boat. While I've thought about writing some PF content before, I'm only now thinking very seriously about it.

Wayfinder seems like a good first foray, since I've used material from it for sidequests in the past.

Tineke Bolleman wrote:

So, to kick this off:

I arrived at the hotel on monday and am setteling in well. This is my first time in the USA, so there are some differences to get used to. Like, why is there so much water im the toilets? Why is the bread so weird? And why is all the coffee so disapointing?

I have brought Stroopwafels for every table I am attending. And a good amount of licorice.

I have a full scedule starting off on thursday afternoon with an early game, and ending monday afternoon with a late game.
I will keeo you all informed about what develops.

I grew up (and am still in) Canada, which is much like the US, but I fully agree about the bread and coffee. Our solution is to make our own in each case. There is good bread and coffee (and beer) in the US, but you are less likely to find it at a hotel. If you spend some time in Seattle, you should be able to find something satisfactory.

Malik Doom wrote:

I checked the prices on Fantasy Grounds, and damn they are insanely expensive. Yeah it makes it so you can play on VTT, but seriously? $59.99 for RotRL Anniversary Edition on FG? Come on guys, you're killing us.

Yes, somewhat shockingly expensive, but the quality is there. It's ALL there. With great quality maps, not just grabs from the PDF. Much higher resolution pretagged with encounters and points of interest.

Everything is nicely linked and can be shared with players.

Pricy, but I shelled out for the core rules & rise of the runelords. I think it'll be worth it. I'll be trying it with my group in out next session (we're at the end of Fortress of the Stone Giants).

Very sad I won't be making it this year. I got there the last two years and had a great time.

Having a tshirt in the swag bag would be good. I'd be happy to pay a bit extra for my ticket. Maybe as an extra at a good price (the way the banquet is).

Speaking of the banquet... was the food pretty much exactly the same as last year? It was fine as conference banquets go (so no complaint on the quality), but to be the same menu?

The room block being in wing 5 was a bit of a perk in a way... with all that sitting, a walk now & then was nice. Cutting through the parking lot when the weather was agreeable was also a nice chance to get outside briefly.

The hotel seems to have gone downhill from what I remember (last year): wifi being very unstable, housekeeping neglecting things, and being quoted and charged different amounts.

If PaizoCon 2017 is at the Doubletree again, we will look into alternative places to stay; there are several other hotels not much further away than wing 5.

Despite any complaints, the Con itself was great. Such fun. Beyond the games, I greatly enjoyed the GM oriented seminars & panels (being a new GM and all). The banquet presentations were awesome... looking forward to my games getting scary!

YAY! Con & banquet tickets acquired. Hotel room acquired previously. Now to figure out how much extra time we want in the area & get flights (and more hotel for the extra time).

Nyarlathotep93 wrote:

You see, I've chosen to run -- after much thought -- Rise of the Runelords. I started a thread asking for advice on which AP to run in General. Maybe you saw it.

So now, I'm here. And I'm terrified. I've only played in Pathfinder as a character, and I'm one of those sorts who learns rules as they're needed.

I've just started doing the same, using Syrinscape, HeroLab, RealmWorks, and d20Pro.

My party (of 4) has finished "Local Heros" and are exploring the town. They seemed to have gravitated to areas not dealt with in the book: The Hagfish Nora water challenge, Junker's Beach, the Old Light, and Chopper's Isle. After much searching I found material for all of them.

The Hagfish

Shopkeeper's daughter

There's a Junker's Beach encounter in Pathfinder Chronicles; Sandpoint Gazetter.

The Old Light encounter I'm using is from Wayfinder 9 and Chopper's Isle in Wayfinder 7.

Wayfinder backissue PDFs are available free.

My players paid a visit to The Pillbug to score some healing teas and recreational herbs. This led to my favorite line to date: "You mean this dude will sell me drugs? Sweet!" The PC in question is very hippie-esque and seems stone all the time anyway, so...

I'm currently building a map for The Pixie's Kitten as they want to go whoring. The party is split 50/50 male/female (players and PCs) so that should be interesting. I'm working on an encounter that will provide more than they are bargaining for.

I also built up a map and series of encounters for the Boar Hunt, but the dice favored them and they found and killed a boar before stumbling into anything else.

As for the festival, I cobbled together various sources to come up with this (mostly found in these forums):


Father Zantus
Welcome! Today’s a day of celebration and first of all I’d like to ask our dear Mayor Deverin to step forward and say a few words…

Mayor Deverin

I see everyone’s arrived. Even Larz Rovanky has left off tanning hides to be here. I’m sure his workers are glad it’s not their hides getting tanned – at least, not today!

When the chuckles die down and Larz stops glowering, Mayor Deverin continues.
Citizens of Sandpoint. Today we celebrate!

It is almost precisely five years since we started to build our new Chapel. I know almost everyone of you has participated as they can and has helped in ways available for them. And today this major undertaking is finally coming to and end.

But this is not the end. No! Quite the opposite. Today marks the beginning of our future. A future we’ve paid for in sweat. Today we put the late unpleasantness behind us and begin a a new chapter in our lives.

So mark this day for it’s an important day.

Anyway, I can smell the lunch being prepared already. A round of applause for Ameiko, Garridan, Cracktooth, and Jargie!

At this, more cheering erupts: the enticing aromas drifting over the crowd are mouthwatering.
Now it is time for the other speakers so, I’m going to sit down. But one last thing. Today, as mayor, I am declaring a town order: have fun!
The crowd responds with a roar, and it is a while before the Mayor can continue.

So without further ado, let me welcome our dutiful Sheriff, Belor Hemlock, to the stage!
She gestures towards a dark-skinned, bulky man, clearly of Shoanti descent, dressed in well-kept armour and with a sword at his side. Sheriff Hemlock nods and steps up onto the stage.
Sheriff Belor Hemlock

Yes. Um. Ahem.

As Kendra said today’s important. It’s five years since we started to build our Cathedral. And it’s five years since the Fire of Sandpoint.

Now, I know Kendra doesn’t want me to talk about Chopper or the evil things that took place before the fire.

(Stops. Draws breath. Then continues.)

So, all I’ll say is we lost many good people to Chopper. And we lost many good men and woman that night of the fire. Friends, fathers, mothers, people carrying out their duty or worrying about feeding their families. They will be missed.

I’d ask everyone here to join me for a moment of silence to honor those who have passed.

(An awkward moment passes.)

Then finally I’d ask everyone to please be careful in the evening’s bonfire. No really, I’m serious about this. We don’t need to repeat the fire, okay?


Father Zantus returns to stage:

Father Zantus

Our next speaker is Mr. Kajitsu. Unfortunately a sudden illness has prevented him for joining us today and so he won’t be speaking. So, let’s just move forward and give the stage over to our beloved Cyrdas Drokkus!

Cyrdas Drokkus

Why thank you, thank you thank you. As always you’re such a lovely audience!

Alright! After the sobering words of our very own Sheriff Hemlock I want to get everyone back on track! Today’s about celebration! Heck, today is about awesome!

And with awesome I mean our amazing founding families that formed Sandpoint Mercantile League; the Kaijitsus, our esteemed glass makers, the Valdemars our trusted ship builders, the Scarnetti’s our ruggedly handsome loggers and the Deverins our reliable farmers and brewers. Of course it was Kendra who archistered this amazing, amazing feat.

And the end result is the majestic view you see behind me! It took years to finish the cathedral, but the it is truly impressive. To the south, facing Sandpoint’s heart, are the shrines of civilization: Erastil and Abadar. To the west, ,offering a view of the Old Light and the sea beyond, are the shrines of Shelyn and Gozreh. And to the east, offering a view of the Sandpoint Boneyard and the rising sun, are the shrines of Sarenrae and Desna.

Six powerful gods who will look after the seven virtues that we honour. Those will give us strength and make Sandpoint stand tall and proud no matter what lady fate decides to send in our direction!

And finally, this wouldn’t be a speech of Cyrdas Drokkus, the man you’ve come to know as the mysterious patron and fearless leader of Sandpoint Theather, unless I’d have a specific treat for you in the end! This time I’ve set out to out do myself for this is no mere treat, but a dramatic reveal! I know most of you are keenly waiting for our brand new production “The Harpy’s Curse” which will be premiering tomorrow. So this is the best time to announce that the lead role of Avis aka the Harpy Queen will be played by none other that the famous Magnimarian diva Allishanda!

Father Zantus

Father Zantus takes the stage again and motions towards a corner of the square, where a covered wagon has appeared and is being wheeled through the crowd by two acolytes. It is a slow process, as the square is already crammed to bursting point, but somehow the wagon manages to reach the middle as the throng parts to let it pass then closes again in its wake.

When the goddess Desna first fell to earth,

says Father Zantus, his voice suddenly taking on the commanding resonance with which he delivers his sermons,

she was gravely injured by her fall. A blind child, full of kindness and light, nursed the goddess back to health with no thought as to who this injured lady might be. As a reward, Desna transformed the child, who was reborn as an immortal butterfly.

With this theme of rebirth in mind, I declare the Swallowtail Festival…open!

As he utters the final word, the acolytes pull back the cover on the wagon, releasing a furious storm of a thousand swallowtail butterflies that swarm in the air in a spiralling riot of colour to a great cheer from the crowd.


Lunch is provided free of charge, at the expense of Sandpoint’s taverns, each bringing its best dish in as much a bid to win new customers as to feed a hungry crowd. It soon becomes apparent that the darling of the lunch is, once again, Ameiko Kaijitsu, whose remarkable curry-spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead easily overshadow the other offerings, even the Hagfish’s famous lobster chowder and the White Deer’s peppercorn venison, both of which would not be out of place in a royal banquet. It is a rare treat for most of Sandpoint’s common folk to sample such delicacies, and they attack the fare with great zeal. Luckily there is more than enough to go around, and everyone heads into the afternoon with full stomachs and a more refined palate.

Throughout the afternoon, the swallowtail butterflies provide an endless source of amusement for the town’s children, who try in vain to catch them as they perch on trees, walls, or buildings. Despite the children’s best efforts, the butterflies always manage to stay just out of reach, always a little too quick for their pursuers.


The Devil Hunt

Do you have what it takes to bring down the infamous Sandpoint Devil and keep him from menacing the surrounding area? Take a shot and see. This is an archery range setup on the beach down by the Lighthouse. Two large targets, with silhouettes of a scary looking winged horse on them, are set up 50 yards away from a firing line. The bull’s-eye is about where a horse's heart would be. There are bigger concentric circles around the bull’s-eye.

One copper piece per play. Using the longbows provided, fire two arrows at the target, scoring the best one. Hitting a bull’s-eye wins a small pie. Hitting anything else wins progressively cheaper trinkets for each band outside the bull’s-eye, with nothing for a miss. Hitting AC 20 gets a bull’s-eye, each band out side that is AC 18, AC 16, AC 14, and AC 12.

This game is being run by Jodar Provolost (CG male human Expert 1/Ranger 3), an older balding Varisian with black hair, a big thick black mustache, and a noticeable big belly. He is a mediocre carpenter, but is considered one of the best hunters in Sandpoint. He is friendly, but has lots of bad jokes, and particularly likes telling his (untrue) stories of his encounters with the Sandpoint Devil. The pies have been provided by Alma Avertin from Sandpoint Savories. They aren't her best work, but they are good enough for what they are.

Sheriff Hemlock has asked Jodar to quietly make note of anyone who scores a bull’s-eye, or gets both shots in either of the center two circles, so that he can later approach them about joining the militia. Jodar asks anyone who wins his or her name and then announces quite loudly "Attention! Insert name has done Sandpoint a great service. He or she has slain the Sandpoint Devil! Here's your pie!"

The Goblin Toss

Three Goblins have found their way into your house and are tearing the place up! Grab them and toss them into the fireplace before they can destroy everything. This game is a simple bean bag toss setup in the middle of the Sandpoint Market square. A board is setup with lines of three holes. The board is 10 feet from a throw line. The closest hole is the largest and the farthest hole is the smallest. There are buckets of beanbags sewn to look like Goblins by each of the three stations. Each bean bag has a Goblin name printed on it.

One copper piece per play. Take three Goblins and try to toss them into a fireplace. Kids have to try and hit the biggest and closest hole, which is AC 10. Women use the medium sized hole, which is AC 12, and adult men use the smallest and furthest hole, which is AC 15. The bean bags have a range increment of 10' and there is no non-proficient penalty. Get all three in and win a small bag of venison jerky. Anything less gives a cheap trinket. Something Swallowtail related most likely. Nothing for not getting any in the fireplace.

This game is being run by Daverin Hosk of Goblin Squash Stables. He's getting perverse pleasure out of the idea of tossing Goblins in the fire. It's for this reason that he has written a Goblin name on each beanbag, just so he can desecrate some Goblin's memory even more. It's well known his hatred of Goblin's and nobody is surprised to see this game. Chod Bevuk of the Sandpoint Meat Market has provided the venison jerky for the prize. It is quite tasty and next to Ameiko's salmon, it is the talk of the event. Unfortunately there's been lots of young children asking their parents if the jerky is really made of Goblin meat from the Goblins they threw in the fireplace, like Daverin says it is. Some adults have heard the rumor and actually believe that it is Goblin meat!

The Lighthouse Smash

Who needs a Lighthouse without a light? The old Lighthouse has become an eyesore; let's knock it down so we can use the stone to build something new. This game is set up at the end of Junker's Way next to the Lighthouse. It has a table with nine square stones stacked on it in a pyramid shape. Three on the bottom, two in the middle, and one on top. There is a firing line 20' from the tables. Using the mini-catapult, try to knock down the stack of stones within three shots.

Two copper pieces to play. You get three shots. It takes a total of three hits to knock down all the stones. Hitting higher ACs counts as more hits, so that it is possible to knock them down with one hit. Hitting AC 12 counts as one hit, Hitting AC 16 counts as two hits, and hitting AC 20 counts as three hits. The catapults have a range of 50', so there is no range penalty, but there is the normal non-proficient penalty of -4 if someone does not have proficiency with siege weapons. Knocking down all the stones wins a small toy catapult; it amounts to being a slingshot. Anything less provides some other cheap trinkets. No prize if nothing is knocked down.

This game is being run by Aesrick Battlehorn. He's been working on the mini catapult and toy catapults during his spare time all year, in preparation for the festival. The mini catapult is quite a work of art. He's carved it to look like a stone giant with its arm throwing the stone. He suspects that he'll be able to sell it in Magnimar for quite a bit after the festival. It's about 2 foot tall, but functions just as a real catapult, albeit with less range and much less damage. He's worked very hard at keeping it a secret all year, so that he can surprise everyone with it.

He's got a soft spot for the kids and helps the kids aim it so that they can win the toy catapults, negates the non-proficient penalty; much to the consternation of mothers. According to many mother's complaints, "They are just the right size for young boys to shoot an eye out with!" This complaining doesn't stop those same mothers from handing over the two coppers for their sons to play. There is no shortage of boys crying because they've been hit in the head by a flying stone.

Dragon Races

There's been talk of starting Dragon farming in Sandpoint, so we've gotta find out which ones are the fastest so that we have the best dragons! Pick yourself a dragon and pit it in a Dragon Race against your friends.

The final game is located in the Sandpoint Market Square on the south side by the docks just at the beginning of Market Street. It has two double lane tracks set up next to each other with a three-foot wide gap between the two tracks. The tracks are 30' feet long. Near the starting line there is a large cage with 12 lizards in it. Each one has a set of twig and cloth wings attached to their backs. Each one is painted a different color so that they look like little dragons. Without touching the lizards, goad your lizard down the track. Get him to cross the finish line before your opponents and win a prize!

One copper piece to play. Once they have four people with a dragon picked, place them in the starting lanes. At the sound of the whistle, the gates are lifted and you goad your dragon down the track without touching them. To do this, each person racing makes an initiative check and players attempt to goad their lizard in initiative order. The lizards are notoriously difficult to deal with, so you must make a DC 14 Handle Animal check to get them to move. The lizards move 5' on a succesful check. On a failure they do not move. On a failure by 10 or more, the lizard actually moves backwards. The first lizard to cross the finish line wins. The winner gets a big cheap medal that says "1st Place Swallowtail Dragon Races" and 2 Copper Pieces. All other places get nothing and the others get nothing.

This game is run by Gressel Tenniwar. He's running it on the orders of Jubrayl Vhiski, but nobody knows this. Jubrayl is using it to run a gambling scheme betting on the races. Nobody knows it but 9 of the 12 lizards were secretly well fed the night before and they are tired and are even more difficult to move. These 9 are DC 16 to move. The other three are quite hungry and haven't eaten in about a week. These are at normal DC 14. In fact if some raw meat or other small rodent like thing is held in front of them they will be DC 12 to move.

Jubrayl and his men know which three are the hungry ones and use this to fix the betting. Jubrayl has also ordered that one of his men should always try to be in the race each time, so that they can pick one of the hungry lizards in order to hedge the bets even more, but not make a big deal if any group of four really want to race each other. The GM should pick the nine that are well fed. Anyone that watches more than 5 races with one of the hungry lizards can make a DC 20 Sense Motive check to notice that some of the lizards seem more motivated than others. Jubrayl and his men will disappear if it looks like anyone has caught onto their scheme. Gressel will claim ignorance and one of his barmaids will back him up when he claims they are all well fed.


I've read through Yossarian's guide. I was hoping there was something floating around already.

I like your first suggestion. I can work with that. Time to dust of my so far unused mapping software.

My party already visited the Pillbug. "What? You mean this dude will actually sell my character drugs?!"

We're only 2 sessions in (part way through Local Heroes) and my players are interested in exploring everything they can find in Sandpoint. I had The Hagfish built out for last session. As soon as they heard of the Norah challenge they had to try... and one won the purse, and more importantly for her, the fame & bragging rights.

So for this week I found encounters for the Old Light, Junker's Beach, and Chopper's Isle. Those should keep them busy for a while, but I know this group will want to visit the Pixie's Kitten eventually. Does anyone have an encounter of some sort for it?


That's 1000 times heavier than my current order of Pathfinder books.

Garrett Guillotte wrote:
Who's already planning for it?

This year was my first (just bought in to Pathfind (rpg & card) at GenCon last year) and fully plan to be back in 2016!

Digital Mystic wrote:
Here you go . All three of the maps Cinchbug made.

Yes, much thanks! And Thanks to Cinchbug!

bdk86 wrote:
Fourth PaizoCon for me. It has been really great to see the 'con shift from a smaller venue up in Redmond to the great space it was in this year.

Agreed. The location was superb. Close to the airport (and a short, free shuttle ride), and also easy to get into the city (shuttle back to the airport & Link to downtown). Also, cookies.

While playing Wrath of the Righteous at PaizoCon we encountered the barrier Rallying Cry. There was quite a bit of discussion about the wording, specifically "If any character fails, this barrier is undefeated; banish all the allies, and you may banish this barrier." Our point of discussion was whether banishing all the allies to banish the barrier was required if not all allies were acquired.

I was a first-timer (just started playing in Oct. RPG & ACG... Never even played D&D before) and had a great time.

The PFS room was noisy to me, having some of the internal dividers in place might have helped, maybe partially separating the RPG & ACG areas?

The banquet was fun. Lots of great information reveals, and the food was delicious. The line to get in was a bit much after a long day of gaming, though. Avoidable? Unknown. Certainly better organized than airport security on the way home.

The prize roll was great fun, and netted us our first hardcopy rulebook. I even got Jason to sign it for +2 to Rules Enforcement.

Staff and volunteers were amazing. Now I have faces to put to names.

Having the 3rd party folks present was fun. getting to meet and talk to the people behind Syrenscape & Lonewolf was fun and informative, especially as I am putting together a run through Rise of the Runelords using their tools ( and d20Pro... missed you Matt).

Summary: people were great, venue was great, organization was great. I'm already planning for PaizoCon2016.

Got it. Thanks!

Am I correct in thinking that I should bring a class deck with a character built using "B" and "1" cards?

IIISantosIII wrote:

Hey Amigos,

I have decided to sleeve up my cards. I have some ultra pro standard sleeves ( I think 2 1/2 x 3 1/2). They seem a little big. Just curious what y'all use. I want something snugger but not too tight that the cards start bending. Any suggestions?

I'm using Black Dragon Shields for the box/location cards. Perfect fit clear sleeves for locations, and others that require access to both sides. Each Player has chosen his/her own sleeves for their character decks.

Any sleeves for Magic the Gathering cards should work fine.

stormtrigger wrote:
I just got all the class decks and now I'm wondering what everyone does to store these. I haven't sleeved and don't think I will anytime soon but I don't want to keep stuffing them into the boxes they came in. I was wondering if that broken token insert would fit an entire adventure path and the class decks unsleeved. I don't really intent to take part in organized play either so the ultra pro towers may or may not be the way to go.

I've sleeved everything (that we're playing with now which is just the base set so far), and put it all in a 4-row card storage box.

There's a photo of it here: Card storage box.

The labeled sections contain what they say. The back part of the second row is adventure decks. The third row is class decks, some not used/opened yet. Each deck has extra sleeves with it. various extra sleeves are in the fourth row.

It's working great.