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Picked up a couple of boosters from the local store. I received the Juggernaut, now that is a beast.

One of the figures I received, the Zorbo, looks like a large pile of horse manure. Worst paintjob ever. You can't even see what it is. I had to go to the internet for pictures of the monster to find out what it is.

Might of the Paladins wrote:
i agree with u, but they just didnt do it like that before!!

Trust me when I say, I prefer to have the previews before they come up for sale. I love that Pathfinder makes a point of showing us each of the minis in the set ahead of time. I wish WoTC would do the same. :-)

Might of the Paladins wrote:
does anyone know why they havent previewed all the miniatures yet?

Because they want the blind boxes to contain some surprises for the people who buy them? :-)

There is a Kick Starter right now with magnetic parts for figures.

Wolfgang Baur wrote:

Frost is a free domain published on the Kobold Press site yesterday. With new spells and the ice soldier monster.

Beer, Ocean, and a dozen others are due this winter in the Midgard Heroes Handbook.

I will go check the Frost out.

As for the others, I must confess the idea of Beer as a domain just brings to mind an image of a "temple" with Clerics acting like a bunch of drunk frat bros. LOL

Robert Ranting wrote:
Ambition, Solidarity, Strength, and Zeal appear in Planeshift: Amonkhet.

Thank You, I saw the post, I will go have a look. :-)

P.H. Dungeon wrote:
I think it is important to keep in mind that this was originally intended as a tournament adventure. It was assumed that most party's would become stuck and not make it through the entire dungeon.

This is a very important point to keep in mind. Often the winner was the party that made it the furthest before they died. TPKs for many of Gygax's early stuff was normal. His idea of success in an adventure and mine didn't always align. LOL

Stereofm wrote:
The problem here for me is that they're selling sets only, while I would have preferred pick and choose.

Had they gone with a "Pick and Chose" model I might have done it just to pick up the few I like.

Stereofm wrote:

Hello guys,

Carnevale has been bought by TTcombat, so a new kickstarter for resin minis this time has just started.

It looks good, but expensive.

I looked at this new Kick Starter and just couldn't get into the minis. A few would be nice to won, but most are just out of my personal taste range.

But I wish them the best of luck!

Marco Massoudi wrote:

There is a video on youtube called "Tomb of Annihilation: Wizkids Miniatures Set Preview".


As i can't link the video right now, maybe somebody else could do that? ;-)

Here it is.

Thank You. I appreciate it. :-)

Keep Calm and Carrion wrote:

Kingdom Death is in the process of sculpting some fantastic minis of Kyra, Merisiel, Seoni, and Valeros.

Those look to be very nice sculpts. :-)

I was thinking UA or other PDFs as well. :-)


Does anyone know of a complete list of published divine domains along with their source?

I have searched for such a list and couldn't find one.

Thank You

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

A large four-armed "Draegloth" (half Drow/half Demon) has been previewed.

I'll link a pic later, as i only have my mobile atm.
It looks cool though, possibly more impressive than the old one from the "Underdark" set.

I agree, it does look nice. I am curious about it's real size though. The old one is quite large. I hope this one is similar size. :-)

Furdinand wrote:
To me, none of these would be as awesome as some/more of the uncommon player races: ratfolk, kitsune, tengu, wayang, etc. A mini that could be used throughout an entire campaign vs maybe once around 1st/2nd level.

So you only use your familiar or pet companion for one or two levels?

Let's just accept that you have a different idea of what is useful then I do. I have never used or seen used at my table a kitsune or tengu. The ones I already own just sit on the shelf unused. But the dog, monkey, and cat minis are used quite a bit.

I can accept you see things differently than I do. So for your sake I hope you get everything you want.

Furdinand wrote:
It's cool to want to have a mule, but it isn't fair to act like non-combatants are not being made.

Not sure why you felt the need to read into my post more than was there. All I said was I would love a mule with supplies as it is a staple in almost every game I have ever played.

To be real clear; I love all my Paizo miniatures. I buy a full case every time and yes, I love my non-combatants as well as the NPCs, monsters, and other fun things. It is because I love the quality of their work that I suggested it would be cool if they made a mule. Nothing more. No slam to anyone.

EileenProphetofIstus wrote:
Are there any modern miniature lines out there? I'm looking for miniatures that would work with the Top Secret RPG.

Have a look through the Heroclix line and you would be happy to find lots of cheap "Modern" figures.

I rebased quite a few to use in a near future SciFi setting.

Dragonborn3 wrote:
Well damn. That's an amazing mini!

Thank You. I admit, I loved how the adding of the wings made him so much more. :-)

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While I like these Minotaurs, I do have to ask when will we get some of the simple things like a mule with supplies on it? I mean there has been a mule in almost every adventure I have ever played and yet it has not showed up at all in PPM.

I love the quality and work Paizo puts into the PPM line so I would love to see them do a mule.

Thank You :-)

All three are interesting. I think they will make great encounters. :-)


I just wanted to share a change I made to my Angelkin Paladin from Deadly Foes.

I didn't really like the way the cloak was so I tore it off. I replaced it with some wings.

Here is a photo of how he turned out.

Let me know what you think..... :-)

I finally got to sit down and break out my case. Some nice looking figures in this set. Overall I am happy with them.

Couple of issues though:

1) I have bought a case of every set from the beginning. This is the first time I have not gotten a full set of figures. It is also the first time they have not seemed to be distributed evenly in the case. It is almost like I didn't get a complete case but rather two of the same brick. Please note I buy my case as a subscriber from Paizo so I know I received a case as it came from the factory.

2) I find this set had quite a few flimsy overly thin weapons. I would rather have had the swords look a little large than like they were whips rather than swords. I think I will try the superglue coating method to make them a little stiffer, but in the end, I would have liked them to be sculpted a little thicker.

3) Lastly, I also didn't get a well. I received three stockades. Like I will ever be able to sell off the extras of those to buy the well.

Figures I was the most impressed with?

1) Giant Scorpion. Much better than I expected. Great looking figure.

2) Death. Didn't need two of him, but I like the figure a lot.

3) Grey Maiden Dragon Rider. Wish I had been able to keep her longer, but the son put claim to the figure and so she flew away to his room.

4) I was shocked at how much I liked the Geist. What I will do with six of them, I don't know. But I do like the figure.

Anyway, off to see if I can score the rare figures I am missing.

Just curious, is being left handed a requirement for this order of knights?

I just don't understand how this hasn't funded yet. It is so nice, well worth the cost, and not another typical orc or dwarf.

I pledged for two but I might not even get one.

Sorry, I didn't mean to detract from your request for minis for the characters. Just when you compared them to Valeros I thought you were saying they were iconics. It was just my misunderstanding.

I would love to see them both be given sculpts in miniature form.

I must have missed something, I didn't realize Radovan was an iconic. What class is he the iconic for?

Valeros is the iconic fighter so his use makes sense to me.

Ok, now this was a great shot. They posted some photos over on the Kick Starter. Look how big this beast is...

I can't wait to place this baby out on the table and watch the fear in their eyes. LOL

QuidEst wrote:
We just use the GM's cat.

LOL. Get photos. :-)

kodiakbear wrote:
The Behemoth looks to be the big brother or daddy of Khanjira in the prototype pics I just saw.

I agree, Khanjira is a 4x4 sized mini. This new Behemoth is an 8x8. But there is no reason someone couldn't own both. :-)

I love the "hound archon". It will be a great addition to my collection.

Just saw and backed a great Kick Starter for those who love super large miniatures. They call it
the Behemoth and it is very Tarrasque like in shape and size.

I hope it looks as good as the digital sculpt shown. :-)

That is very nice. Not sure I could swing the cost for something that would almost never be used in our games, but it is real nice.

I wonder if they are going to do other 28mm ships.

Berk the Black wrote:
I like the flying Erinyes, but I'd certainly be open to another sculpt from PFB.

For me, I pray for another sculpt. :-)

Glutton wrote:
Wtb Red Mantis Assassin in this set.

I worry that because some folks have made this such a deal, that once the miniature does come out, it will be a disappointment. I almost don't want them to make one. Almost.

Marco Massoudi wrote:

So now we have:

-Aram Golden-Heart, aasimar paladin (m)
-Bearded Devil (m)
-Cleric of Asmodeus (m)
-Keketar Protean (L)....

Have we seen these minis or just artwork?

I am asking because I wonder if I missed a preview somehow?

I really want one of these Pre-Painted. I would hope others would see the value and jump on the band wagon.

DungeonCrawler_greyhaze wrote:
We are 1 Squadron backer away from success... who wants to be the hero? ;)

It is now over the number. :-)

Next goal, let's get to the painted level. Daddy needs his twin Behemoths, one in each paint scheme. :-)

This is an 8" x 8" based monster for less than 60 dollars US. And if they get enough you could buy a pre-painted one for less than $70 US. People will be sorry if they miss this one.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Hobbun wrote:

So I guess I just don’t understand if they have the capability to paint that way with the iconic line, why humanoid faces a lot of times look quite bad in the main sets. What is done so differently in the iconic line compared to the main sets?

Quite simply, the figures in a standard booster are priced at $15.99 for 4 figures, meaning a $4/figure average, while the Iconic Heroes minis are $29.99 for 6 figures, meaning a $5/figure average, which is to say they cost about 25% more per figure. And pretty much all that cost goes into additional paint operations, including additional touch-up work.

I get the Iconics are higher price and quality. I will give you that, but what is WizKids excuse when you look at how many human faces they do in their Heroclix lines and we don't see the melted faces there like we do in the Pathfinder sets?

Just saying, it seems like a problem that should be resolved by now. I realize this is not a Paizo problem, but it does not mean the question is not a valid one.

I think I am going to pass on this one and save up some money for the PPM one they hinted about that will come later. I can no longer paint and it costs a lot to get them painted. But a pre-painted Kick Starter to revitalize their PPM line would pull quite a bit from me.

Erik Mona wrote:
Of particular interest to you, I did at one point contemplate doing a mini of the "Seoni in Valeros's armor" image you use as your avatar. :)

Oh my, what stopped you. That would be a fun miniature to own. I would love to see that show up at some point.

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Thanks for the Repainted Brazier. I bought a set for use with the two I received in my case. Great thing you did doing these.

Thank You

I love both the cart and the horse. Wonderful additions. You keep doing this kind of stuff and I will remain a customer for life. Well done.

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While I understand the attraction such an idea holds, I would really rather they spent the effort and miniature slots on other things. This game is one of imagination after all.

As for the D&D invisible figures, I found they were more of a pain than they were worth. They knocked out Rares from slots. Not worth it in my opinion.

Erik Mona wrote:
... though I did come up with the idea and worked to make sure that the chest and the mimic looked pretty much exactly the same.

I am so glad you did. I think that is one of the best features of the two figures.

FabioMatt wrote:

How do I preorder this?

I am a Case subscriber. When I add the dragon to my cart, it says I *MUST* add a case to the cart to complete the Order. There *WILL* be a Case in the Order that is ultimately made at subscription time. I do *NOT* want two cases. My wife would kill me.

Second issue: When I put this in my shopping cart, I do not get the case subscriber discout.?

How do we remedy these issues?

When you subscribed did you select the case only option or did you select the case and the incentive option? If you selected the case and the incentive it is an auto add on. If you are worried it didn't get entered right call Customer Service, they can help.

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I am going to take a black sharpie to one Dwarf and make it look like she is wearing a mask. That way the lack of detail will not be an issue.

I have to admit I would love to know why humanoid faces are the issue they can't seem to beat. I would be curious if it is a paint issue. The "skin tones" paint, is it thicker maybe?

Regardless, I wish they could deal with it.

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Cleanthes wrote:
Do fights never happen in taverns in your campaign?

Can't speak for Curmudgeonly, but when compared to Dungeons, Castles, Roads, Generic Outdoors, Caves, City Streets, Temples, and Grave Yards? In my experience Taverns would be at the bottom of the list below even Air Ships and under water.

I accept that I can't love everything Erik elects to do. But I love his efforts and will support them with my cash regardless, so the line overall will continue.

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