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Does anyone know of a complete list of published divine domains along with their source?

I have searched for such a list and couldn't find one.

Thank You


I just wanted to share a change I made to my Angelkin Paladin from Deadly Foes.

I didn't really like the way the cloak was so I tore it off. I replaced it with some wings.

Here is a photo of how he turned out.

Let me know what you think..... :-)

Just saw and backed a great Kick Starter for those who love super large miniatures. They call it
the Behemoth and it is very Tarrasque like in shape and size.

I hope it looks as good as the digital sculpt shown. :-)

I have come across a few "toys" that worked well as miniatures. I was curious what kinds of toys have you added to your miniature collections if any. Pictures are welcome as well. :-)

So is there an easy way to fix the bows on this figure?

Every one I received in my case is wrong, but I was thinking of just cutting the "string" on the bow, use hot water to reshape the bow, and use a small drop of glue to attach the string under the arm.


... I present my proxy for the dreaded (dramatic pause)
Squealy Nord

Here are a couple of other figures I have converted just for fun.
Nothing fancy, just fun for me to do.

Goblin Warchief on foot

Goblin Fire Sorcerer

I am so excited. I just received some new toys from KeeblerOrc. Before I show you my new stuff, I want to ask you not judge his stuff based on my poor photography. :-)

I orderd a couple of his square fire pits. Here is my square pit with the orage fire
, he does other colors as well. I realize you can't tell the light is on in this photo.

Next up is the small pool. It is made with some glow in the dark paint. I realize this does not show up in the photo but my son loved the effect.

Next we have some
. They also have been painted with the glow in the dark paint. Very cool effect that I could not capture on the photos.

Here is the small sewer grate. It is free standing and thus could be added anywhere. The
first picture
shows it against the wall and the second one shows it away from the wall so you can see what it is.

Last but not least by any means is my latest round fire pit. As I am looking forward to my Chamber of Sorrows sets from the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter, I ordered
a round fire pit painted in red and black
. I also had him do it with green fire. I thought it would be more creepy that way. :-)

I admit I am addicted to KeeblerOrcs stuff. Some wonderful work. Drop him a line at or look him up on ebay. You will not be sorry.


So when I first found Kickstarter I was jazzed at the idea and what it could do for small companies/people.

Then I backed about 8 or so. Now I find myself ignoring Kickstarters, not because they are bad, but because I am burned out. I just can't keep up with the costs.

It seems most now make the level to get all goals and add-ons in the $200+ range. My first Kickstarter I backed it at $35. If my annual game budget is $1000 then if I back four Kickstarters at $200+ then I am mostly done for the year.

So my question for others is: How are you feeling? Still high on the idea? Starting to pull back? Never bought in? Growing more selective?

I am just curious if people will rebase their bones figures or just leave them on the molded bases the figures already have?

Hello Paizo Staff,

Just a note to say how much I love my latest PDFs. I bought a few items yesterday and was able to be reading them last night. Got to love it. :-)

Thanks Again.


I pledged in the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter. Part of getting ready for my new Dungeons is stocking up the monsters I will need. I just picked up these great slimes, oozes etc from ebay. They will be great for using on th eplayers.

A person named keebleorc offers these great figures of slimes, oozes etc. This set is clear in various colors. They look better in person, believe me. He also has other sets so check his listings out.

Some time ago I used to do a lot of trading of the old D&D line of minis. Then I had to step away from RPGs for quite some time. I have come back an dof course bought into the Pathfinder minis.

One change I have noticed is it seems there is little trading happening, but rather it seems the trading went ebay. Lots for sale and clearly lots being bought.

Am I seeing this right? Is trading lost its place and ebay is now the way to go?

We are going to try our first Adventure Path. But a question came up that I need advise/answers to:

If we start with one of the OGL Adventure Paths, what issues will we run into using the Pathfinder rules? Will I need to do much adjustments or can I still play them out of the book with little adjustment?

Next question: Other then the six parts and the players guide, what other items did you find you needed?

Lastly, is there a particular reason to run the different paths in order or could we start with "Cure of the Crimson Throne" first and return to the Rise of the runelords later? Or shoudl we start with Runelords first and work our way through that way?

Thank You for any and all help.

I was looking at some pictures of various people's maps and game tables and I saw some had mixed bases (Circle and Square) and others clearly had one or the other.

It made me curious:

Do you mix base shapes?

Do you care either way?

Do you rebase to make the minis match your collection?

Does your feelings change with the larger monsters?

Please discuss.....

I am curious if anyone has ever had a custom mini done just for them and if so what did you have done.

I have two characters I have yet to find a mini that matched what I imagine they would look like. Over time, I have just accepted that. But it does make me curious.

Ok, I love my miniatures. I love my pawns. But I realized last night I dislike both mixed on the table. I am unsure why it bugs me to have both at the same time. But it was clearly bugging me.

Anyone else feel this way and if so, why?