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Picked up a couple of boosters from the local store. I received the Juggernaut, now that is a beast.

One of the figures I received, the Zorbo, looks like a large pile of horse manure. Worst paintjob ever. You can't even see what it is. I had to go to the internet for pictures of the monster to find out what it is.

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

A large four-armed "Draegloth" (half Drow/half Demon) has been previewed.

I'll link a pic later, as i only have my mobile atm.
It looks cool though, possibly more impressive than the old one from the "Underdark" set.

I agree, it does look nice. I am curious about it's real size though. The old one is quite large. I hope this one is similar size. :-)

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While I like these Minotaurs, I do have to ask when will we get some of the simple things like a mule with supplies on it? I mean there has been a mule in almost every adventure I have ever played and yet it has not showed up at all in PPM.

I love the quality and work Paizo puts into the PPM line so I would love to see them do a mule.

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Thanks for the Repainted Brazier. I bought a set for use with the two I received in my case. Great thing you did doing these.

Thank You

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While I understand the attraction such an idea holds, I would really rather they spent the effort and miniature slots on other things. This game is one of imagination after all.

As for the D&D invisible figures, I found they were more of a pain than they were worth. They knocked out Rares from slots. Not worth it in my opinion.

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I am going to take a black sharpie to one Dwarf and make it look like she is wearing a mask. That way the lack of detail will not be an issue.

I have to admit I would love to know why humanoid faces are the issue they can't seem to beat. I would be curious if it is a paint issue. The "skin tones" paint, is it thicker maybe?

Regardless, I wish they could deal with it.

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Cleanthes wrote:
Do fights never happen in taverns in your campaign?

Can't speak for Curmudgeonly, but when compared to Dungeons, Castles, Roads, Generic Outdoors, Caves, City Streets, Temples, and Grave Yards? In my experience Taverns would be at the bottom of the list below even Air Ships and under water.

I accept that I can't love everything Erik elects to do. But I love his efforts and will support them with my cash regardless, so the line overall will continue.

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CanisDirus wrote:

I love that site and use it all the time, but they don't have any more inside info on rarity than we do here (every set since Reign of Winter the actual rarity was different than what was on that site the same day of the release).

Thanks though!

He tries his best, but as I said above, the only info that we all have is what is told us in the previews, until the set is released of course. Once it is released they make a list available. It has been that way sense the beginning of the line.

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I should post a few of mine:

I found this wonderful spider in a Halloween assortment.

This demonic figure is a Spawn Toy.

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I will again say how nice it would be to have a Mule or Pack Horse with a full pack saddle. I would also like to have a real war mastiff with armor.

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James Jacobs wrote:

...... And I've long wanted to do a megadungeon of Hollow Mountain. That would be FAR MORE detailed than Emerald Spire.

I think a megadungeon would make a great place to focus an entire AP.

No question, just a statement. I love this idea. The Ap is the mega-dungeon. Wonderful. I hope you get the chance to do it and I get the chance to buy it. :-)

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jimibones83 wrote:
It seems like all we've gotten for a while are previews of stuff we've already known about. I kind of think it's caused my excitement to wind down. I felt that coming on in the past as well, those few weeks I would look forward to a preview and not find one. Promotion is important. It stirs up excitement, which causes people to buy a product. I use to be on it man, right here every Friday, anxious to see whats coming next. But now it's Tuesday night and I just realized that I never looked to see last weeks preview.

Funny, I was just thinking the opposite today. I really don't want too many more previews until they get the last set shipped and in my hand. I really don't want to be working myself up over the "next set" when I have not even had a chance to savor the set I am still waiting on.

Once again, I am reminded how much fun the different points of view bring to the forum.

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In the past I always took "wild talent" to be a talent that someone does not have to train to get. It just came natural to the person. Maybe I am reading something into the name that is not meant to be there though.

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Liz Courts wrote:
The Iconic Sets are not part of the subscription, but subscribers will be getting their discount on them.

Thank you Liz.

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I do not want all my games to be mega-dungeons, but once in a while to deedicate some time to a mega-dungeon can be fun in my opinion.

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I am so very sad for both the loss and for his family. :-(

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Guys, don't get me wrong, I do accept that my PPM will never look as good as the custom painted minis I pay $20 each for. But what I do think is reasonable is for the final mini I get to look at least close to the previewed mini or to the picture on the box.

I am not asking for the quality of paint job I get when I pay one of the pro painters to paint. I am asking for at least close to the preview or to the picture they show on the box.

If they are going to show X quality in the preview and on the packaging that should reasonably set my expectation. Regardless of what X quality is. If the preview or the photo on the box had looked odd and disfigured well then we got what we were shown.

But I also understand and agree with many of the points Isil-zha and Zorka have made. I agree that we should not have too high of expectations. Maybe the real question is; Are the previews and marketing photos on the packages too unrealistic and thus need to change to reflect the real quality that we should expect?

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Rurik Terra Deepflagon wrote:
Back in my day Paizo pdfs cost less than the hardcovers.

And the fun part is they still do.

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I am curious, why can't you just not tell the kids the information you think is too "adult" for them and still use the adventure for the core stuff like the monsters and maps?

As a long time GM I edit lots of stuff I don't want or add in what I want. LGBT relationships if I were running a game for kids would be easy to cut out.

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DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:
... plus unfortunately moar Drizzt and pals.

I remember a time before Drizzt. It was a good time. A time where all drow were evil and we could kill them on sight. Now we have to first see if they are a two handed fighter who has somehow turned good and is on our side. </silly old man rant>

On a more serious note, I am looking forward to this new "era" of PPM. Pathfinder and D&D figures both killing my budget and filling my shelves. :-)

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I have to say I like having options but then anyone who plays my game has to understand just because it is published does mean it makes it into my game. The more options presented the more I can pick or reject from.

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Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:
I for one am a bit distressed that there will be less paint steps, the last company to do prepainted minis started cutting corners and next thing you knew we had some really awful figures. This concerns me especially at the price of these.

If less steps means I get finished figures rather than half finished figures, figures painted with care rather than sloppy paint jobs with more steps, then I can't see how you can call it "cutting coners". For me cutting corners is slapping paint on a face area so it globs on or half painted faces like my Goblin Pyros. I couldn't care less about steps if the figure looks bad.

As for the preview, some nice looking figures here. I like Faxon, he will make a great NPC bad guy.

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Forgotten Knight wrote:
I think a better name for the Warpriest would have been Templar.

I have to disagree. Warpriest at least feels generic. Templar is linked to a specific religion/church. I say stay away from specific links like that IMO.

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Still happening for me as well.

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Erik Mona wrote:
There are certainly lots more figures to reveal, including several that will leak at Gen Con. In fact, I'm about to start working on the display in a few minutes!

Oh you evil tease. :-)

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Steve Geddes wrote:
I suspect that an April-August-Christmas release schedule will be what they aim for in 2014.

I can't tell you how much I hope you are right. That I could pull off without worry. I do want to support Paizo.

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I know this is not exactly what you asked for, nor is this one, but I like either of these figures for a female Magus. Check them out just in case.

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Leo_Negri wrote:
RuyanVe wrote:
Seltiyel is a must-have, awesome mini!
Why? I looked at it again, and it still just looks like an elf who has never seen the sun done up as an '80's rocker with a sword. What am I missing that makes this mini so must have cool?

What you are missing is that not everyone thinks like you do. Some people like that he looks like a fantasy version of Billy Idol. Snear while casting spell....

You are not wrong and they are not wrong. This is a subjective call and thus both points of view are "right" for the person looking at the figure.

As they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

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ciretose wrote:
No, this argument is about people being ticked off that a loophole they found got closed.

I have to agree. After reading this whole thread it sure feels more like anger over the loss of a loophole then a real issue.

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Marcus Moroe wrote:
meh, I guess I'd figured Eric's comments had calmed everyone down.

Erik's comments explained things and offered some reasons for it. But his comments did not change our right to express our opinions and give feedback to Paizo/Wizkids.

But I admit I am glad this pace works for you and for some others. At least some will be able to support the line and keep the message of interest going.

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PsychoticWarrior wrote:
For all the b*&#$ing about updates I notice everyone still manages to be apprised of the most current information.

While I understand you think it is ok to take hundreds from people and then make them search for updates, I don't agree. I didn't sign up for the Kickstarter on their forum, nor their facebook page, nor here at Paizo's forum. I signed up on Kickstarter. I do not think it is bad to expect that updates be sent out at least once a month from the kickstarter.

Did I expect daily or even weekly updates? No. But I was not happy that it took other intenet people to help me stay informed.

Bottom line, I respect your right to only want limited service and poor communication, I just reserve my right to ask for better communication and better service.

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Steve Geddes wrote:
Up until recently the release rate has been frustratingly slow for me.

While I understand and agree just one set in the first six months was "slow". I really would like to see more figures but spaced out better.

If they want to do four sets, then one per quarter; march, june, september, december for example. However, three sets a year plus builder sets/box sets makes more sense to me.

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Lisa Stevens wrote:
If it turns out that there is no appetite for a lot of miniatures coming as fast as they are, then WizKids will slow down. But right now, they are seeing a lot of demand for miniatures, so they are ramping up accordingly. Paizo doesn't control how many miniatures sets they make at all. We just approve the actual miniatures as part of our licensing deal.


While I respect this point of view I would suggest that the issue is not "an appetite" for the miniatures but rather a reality of funds. Even if I limit myself to only the miniatures we have the Goblin case this month, the Dragon set, the Undead set, two full Battles sets all before December. It does not take a lot of brains to see that if you flood the market you will force your collectors to not buy everything and thus sales for all the sets will lower as each person picks different things to buy. As the IP owner I do think your voice would be heard if you let them know the reaction on your forums to the idea of four full sets plus three or four additional items a year. Think of your input as marketing Research, they should at least explore the concern.

Just one man's opinion of course. :-)

Have a great Con.


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Will you be posting a PDF like you did last year?

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Not to be picky, but when the player rage quit the game didn't the character go from PC to NPC?

So it is not the players looting a dead player, it is PCs looting a dead NPC. ;-)

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This card game just looks silly. I think I own enough silly with the Munchkin Card game.

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This sounds more of a problem with how you have elected to play and less about how bad the rules are. In our game there is very little of the "must have" magic for everyone. I say not much because the fighter does tend to like his +X weapon, but it is not like the magic items are outlined for us or some such.

I would say work with your GM to address this within your game. Work together to find a solution to help make it more fun for you all.

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To be honest I don't care what the ratio of women to men gamers is, I want there to be a realistic ration because that what life has. I have never based any figure demand on the people around my table. I want Orcs. Half-Elves, Elves, Dwarves, and yes, a nice selection of female figures in realistic looking outfits.

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Wolf Munroe wrote:
kmal2t wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Here, help yourself.


That thing seems like an intentionally sarcastic google feature.

I doubt it's actually a Google feature but rather a site that links to the Google results page.

And it is ment to be intentionally sarcastic.

As to the Topic: I don't want a blank hex page in my book. It is a waste of a full page when I can get all I want from several other sources. Paizo did the right thing.

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I think any GM that has to call out "Rule Zero" has failed. Period. If a GM is doing their part/role correctly then the players are having a good time and the game is going well. There is not need to remind the players about "Rule Zero".

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Laithoron wrote:

FWIW, I keep a folder on my DeviantArt account to keep track of artwork depicting (IMO) women in reasonable/functional armor. At some point, I'll try to go back thru this thread and find those that I've missed, but I just figured it might be useful to share.

DeviantArt Favorites: Women in Reasonable Armor

Nice collection of images. Some I have not seen before. Thanks for showing them to us.

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It depends on what the map is of. I find that most of the time showing too much at once takes away from the game as the players try and "fill it in". But if I let them only see what they need to see, well then their focus is on the area or encounter of the moment.

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GeraintElberion wrote:
It makes me wonder from the other direction: if a Kickstarter project like this had a delivery estimate of 12-16 months after the KS finished, would that put you off?

It didn't stop me from backing the Pathfinder On Line Kickstarter. It closed in mid Jan 2013 with an estimated delivery date of June 2014.

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Reading this thread reminds me why some are worried that epople who pledge are starting to think of Kickstarter as an order system. Kickstarter is not an on-line store. It does not have the same obligations of an on-line store. Go back and read the legalese you agreed to when you signed up and pledged. The estimated delivery dates are just that, estimates. Th eperson or company who offers the Kickstarter does not have to meat that date per say. They do agree they will, at some point, send out what they offered. But Kickstarter is an investment tool.

One other thought, two months "late" is nothing in Kickstarter terms. Go look at the number fo Kickstarters that are over a year late. You guys who are upset, should use care in the future before you pledge. You should not let the idea of great reward cloud your minds. Only pledge what you are willing to let ride.

Just my .02

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uriel222 wrote:

Okay, what's up with Kickstarter shipping these days?

I understand it can be expensive to ship outside the US. I get that.
But I live in Canada, about two feet across the border. What you're telling me is that it costs the same to ship to me ($25 MORE than to a US address!), as it would if I were in Australia, or Mongolia?!?

Just a thought: in 2013 the USPS raised its rates accross the board.

First Class Package Intl Service - Canada (1 lb.)
2013: $10.55
2012: $5.75
$4.80 raise
**over pound Priority is your only option.

Priority Mail Intl Small Flat Rate Box - Canada
2013: $19.95
2012: $12.95
$7.00 rise

Priority Mail Intl Medium Flat Rate Box - Canada
2013: $40.95
2012: $32.95
$8.00 raise

Priority Mail Intl Large Flat Rate Box - Canada
2013: $53.95
2012: $39.95
$14.00 raise

Other than Canada the rates are even higher. Just some numbers to think about.

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While I am sad that I have not recieved an update or new estimated delivery date, I am not angry. I mean these are not anything I need to live. They are toys that I will play with when they arrive. They are items I was able to buy at much less than their MSRP and are not on the painter's schedule until mid summer any way. To be super angry because your toys have not arrived yet just seems like a waste of effort and energy.

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Some call me Tim wrote:

The DM and you weren't the only players.

Walking out on a DM who is a tool, meh.
Walking out on your fellow players, not cool.

I have to disagree with Tim. Some people are willing to put up with very poor behavier just to play. Some will even play when they are not having a good time just to play.

But if you were no longer going to have a good time, your time is valuable. You did the right thing in leaving. The others need to make their own choices and you do not owe them your time just because they are willing to put up with the situation as is.

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The idea of a Paladin with the symbol of their god tattooed onto their forhead is a visual I have always liked. Maybe even shaved head with tattooed scripture on their head.

Never pictured my paladin with piercings, but to be honest, it was more out of just not thinking about it and not out of thinking their god would have issue with it.

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As someone who is an Admin and a Moderator on several other boards I have to say I think it is funny how folks here think this forum moderation is "hard" or "heavy handed" at all. Not only is the moderation here some of the best I have seen, it is wonderful they even allow you to disagree with them or say things negative regarding their products or services. One forum I know of would have banned someone for even starting this thread.

Just my .02

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