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No, not really. Just curious. Guess I'll advise my player to take Emblazon Armament, then take Armor Proficiency at third and the dedication at 4th

Is there a way to make a non-human cleric qualify for Hellknight Armiger Dedication at level 2? The "trained in heavy armor" requirement seems to be holding me back.

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Shield bash is listed in the weapons, don't see why you couldn't. It's not agile, but it doesn't have to be

The chase rules from Ultimate Intrigue still work, arguably even better with the 3 action system.
Get 10 index cards or post-its, write down whatever obstacle is there, fruitcart, crowd, climb up a building, etc, and write down two checks to have the PCs choose between. Use a variety of skill and saves, and don't use the same DC for both checks on an obstacle. Spend an action to make a check and pass the obstacle in order to Stride to the next card. Spend 3 actions and attempt both checks to go three cards forward. Every +-10' speed gives a +-1 bonus to the check. Assume each card is 25' apart if characters want to attack

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Let's assume a 1st level wizard, so the DCs are 17 (3 proficiency and 4 Int).
If the target rolls a nat 20, or gets a 27 or better, nothing happens.
If they get a 17-26, they're sickened 1
If they get a 8-16, they get goblin pox at stage 1
If they roll a nat 1, or a 7 or less, they get goblin pox at stage 2.

Goblin pox says:
Stage 1 sickened 1 (1 round)
Stage 2 sickened 1 and slowed 1 (1 round)
Stage 3 sickened 1 and the creature can't reduce its sickened value below 1 (1 day)

So stage 1 they're sickened 1 and make another save after a round. If they succeed they are cured, if they fail they go to stage 2. After a round at stage 2, they roll a save and either go back to 1 or go to three, depending on the success of the save.

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Nonlethal only matters if it's the last hit

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Yeah, the AC isn't super hard, but every attack on it is an attack that isn't on a PC

At 4th level, it has +10 to hit (assuming 18 Int), and AC 20, and deals 1d4+4 damage. Compared to acid arrow (+10 to hit, 3d8 A +1d6 persistent), it does less damage on the initial cast, but has a good chance of dealing more over time with it's two actions a round. Plus a canny wizard can counter pick the illusion to match the weaknesses of the target. Plus the flanking ability is cool.

Though a question that just came to me, can it use Demoralize or Feint?

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ClanPsi wrote:

"Pathfinder Second Edition does not include one single sentence or rule carried over directly from first edition."

Except for, you know, the entire prepared casting system. It's straight out of the year 2000.

I took it as less, "we kept nothing" and more as "we asked ourselves if it was worth keeping?" Large parts of the casting system are quite different.

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Ravingdork wrote:

The ONLY thing I don't like about wands, is that if you want to be a serious wand user, you need a golf bag of wands, rather than having a single wand that can do multiple things.

I feel single multipurpose wands are more thematic than a golf bag of a dozen. Having a dozen wands to cover all your favorite spells or to allow for more of a given spell a day just reminds me of those cartoonish anime characters with a dozen one shot pistols lining the inside of their coats.

Go watch Tower of Druaga. The main wizardy character on it has a literal golf bag of wands, and even swings them like a golf club. It's hilarious

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I think there's a reason detect alignment is an uncommon spell, because of players constantly spamming it on everything in sight. Yeah, it was a fairly major class ability that was kinda supposed to be spammed, being at will and all, but it got old

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Heck, slap mage armor on a wand and laugh. Never need to cast that more than once anyways

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NobodySpecial wrote:
Wands = useless, I mean, c'mon, ONE casting a day then maybe, MAYBE, a second use then destroyed or broken. What's the point of even having one? Spellstaffs are really limited but at least they have some flexibility in casting charges which are good in a pinch.

Look at how many spell slots you get. One extra casting of a crux spell, or a utility spell that you dont necessarily want to prepare is great.


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well I'm excited to hop back into PFS after a long hiatus due to a whole bunch of stuff. And a brand new edition to rack up cool stuff in!

Did you have room for one more?

Looking over the Bestiary, a lot of lower level enemies have pretty high Reflex saves so it is tougher at 1st level. Once you get a few levels up it seems to become easier to Assurance maneuver everyone tho

Well I know what skill feat I'm giving my monk!

lemeres wrote:

From what mark sheifer has said, this feat was designed so that a level 3 rogue could trip a ogre as long as they had assurance in athletics.

So it is designed with low score characters in mind. For good or bad, you are throwing raw proficiency+10 at the target.


Checks book

Not quite level 3, ogres have Reflex DC of 16, but a level 4 rogue could totally do it.

Is Assurance (Athletics) that good? Apparently so!

Rahod wrote:

Could you be the Captain and give yourself a bonus to the minor crew actions. Say something witty/motivational and then do it.

You can't use Captain actions on yourself though.

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I think Medical Expert isn't there to let you treat deadly wounds with a medpatch, but instead to treat deadly wounds faster if you use a medpatch in conjunction with your normal medkit.

Is it odd? Yep. Does fire work in a vacuum? Yep.

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How do crits work on turret weapons? The book says that turrets count as being in every weapon arc, and when the weapons take a crit you randomly determine an arc that has weapons in it to be affected.

So does a ship with a front weapon, rear weapon, and turret have 4 arcs that can be critted since the turret is in every arc, or does it only have the front and rear and the turret just shared the crits.

And if an arc is Malfunctioning and the turret fires to a different arc, does the turret still take the penalty?

How do crits on weapons stack? Do I roll a different arc each time? That sounds like the right way to me, but it does make the weapons difficult to wreck.

In- combat healing is the least effective way to do it anyways.

I disagree that the Stamina system doesn't work, eventually you'll have more Resolve than you need to heal. I haven't seen many early abilities that use it anyways.

If the ability that you used Resolve on ends the fight before you go down, then you don't need the Resolve to heal, and you might save someone else in your party from damage as well.

McAllister wrote:
d'Eon wrote:
I already play Attack Vector: Tactical for that, thanks.
I'm intrigued, thanks for mentioning it to me.

If you want what is likely the most accurate Newtonian-based space game on the market, go for it. The math is already done for the most part, and the playaids that make it possible are pretty amazing.

3-dimensional movement, with vectors, and playable orbital mechanics rules if you want to really melt your brain.

It's not for everyone, which is why I don't mind the Starfinder space rules. They're laughably inaccurate, but people who care about that stuff already have games that cover that, and people who don't care aren't going to enjoy the math involved.

Besides, Starfinder is a pretty good setting to actually have an ether that would slow things in space. There's cities on the Sun, it's hardly the least accurate thing in the book.

I wonder if that line is a relic from when starships were credit based and not BP based.

If your players really want to upgrade their ship, get them in touch with one of the shipbuilder mega-corps. I'm sure some of them would find a job for a small team of highly skilled mercenaries and pay them in surplus parts. And if that job they're given just so happens to bump them a level, even better.

At level four they can get Debilitating Trick, which does work the way they want.

McAllister wrote:
This seems like it's also an issue in starship combat: does this universe have some kind of ether-like space medium that provides friction in vacuum? Because otherwise, I could spend a few hours accelerating toward a stationary target and do all sorts of mean things to it in the blink of an eye.

I already play Attack Vector: Tactical for that, thanks. Some of my Starfinder/Pathfinder friends would go for that level of math, most would tell me to get bent. Trying to do vector analysis with 5 other people who just want to shoot the guns isn't likely to work out.

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Actually two large races are in First Contact. Sarcesians are large as well.

I don't think they can get 18 Dex and have the Int and Cha they want. What else are they going to lower, Str, Con?


It's been addressed in the FAQ.

16 at level one probably wouldn't cripple them though. It's -1 to hit and skills, but only till level 5.

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The flat footed condition only applies to your next attack, i.e. the one you're making for the Trick Attack. Without some of the later class abilities, you're the only one who benefits from the flat-footed condition.

Miss the skill check, you still make the attack, just without the extra damage and condition.

Make the skill check, you then get to make your attack against their AC-2.

Make the skill check but miss the attack roll, nothing happens.

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And are you really complaining that Starfinder comms are basically modern smartphones?

Storage is left intentionally vague, it's basically a tier 1 computer that's easily hidden. All the tier does is set the Hack DC at 17.

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Although another weird thing I found is rereading the Radiation Revelation. Even though it talks about low-level radiation, I'm pretty convinced that it isn't actually a radiation effect. The DCs aren't the comparable, the effect never actually references the radiation rules, and it doesn't do the same thing as actual radiation.

I'm thinking it just gives you an aura that sickens people, unless they're immune to poison. No interaction with armor, or other rad fields, or anything. Just exactly what the ability says.

Charm doesn't fail in combat, they just get a +5 bonus to their save. Not amazing, but it does seem to work without completely falling apart.

We'd need to see the expected saves for a CD 6 critter to get a sense of how likely it is to work in combat, but I think you could easily get a DC of 17-18 at level 6.

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Seriously, Solarians maybe having 1 less Resolve than a Soldier hardly cripples them. At least they get Perception as a class skill. Speaking of which, I agree that the more annoying issue is their skills. They get the bonus 2 class skills, but probably won't ever use them!

Tarik, did you miss that Hypnotic Glow's attuned effect is command? Letting you disarm or remove them from the fight.

Level 5 hover drone, with Longarms Proficiency, a second Weapon Mount, Weapon Focus, and Versatile Specialisation
+8 to hit, corona laser rifle 2d6+5, 80 shots

Level 5 combat drone, with Heavy Weapons, Extra Ammo, Weapon Focus, and Versatile Specialisation
+6 to hit, corona artillery laser 2d8+5, 40 shots

If we assume the hover drone hits 60% of the time, it'll get (0.55×12)+(0.05×12×2)=7.8 average damage.

The combat drone would get (0.45×14)+(0.05×14×2)=7.7 average damage. The combat drone has the option to full attack though, giving it 9.8 on those turns.

Going to level 20, the hover drone would max out at +22 to hit, with a zenith laser rifle doing 11d6+20 damage.

The combat drone would get to +20, with a zenith artillery laser doing 9d8+20 damage.

Assuming the same to hit chances, the hover drone would do 38.025.

The combat drone would do 33.285, or 42.35 on a full attack.

The hover drone's higher attack bonus seems to be offset by being unable to hover and full attack, and its inability to get better than longarms.

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Yep, deliberate choice by the devs. Note how the weapons scale in damage, it's especially noticeable on the Solarian's Solar Weapon. Slow increases until level 8-10, then rapid increases every level.

Trick Attack follows a similar pattern. Slow gains early on, and the average damage is reduced by the occasional failure. Starting at mid-levels it takes off once you can't fail anymore.

The devs are even on record stating that you should auto-succeed about this point.

7 ranks, +3 from Operative's Edge, +3 class skill, 18 stat with a +4 upgrade added on.

You could start with a 16 at level 1, bump it to 18 at level 5, and use a MK 2 personal upgrade to get a 22 total, for a +6 bonus.

Huh, missed that. Haven't really looked over the mechanic stuff much.

What mods does your hover drone have? Keep in mind that without using one of your 3 mods on Weapon Proficiency, drones other than combat versions don't have any proficiencies.

So you need to spend a mod to get the +7 to hit, otherwise it's only +3.

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And how many people get a job they're crap at? Even a level 1 NPC will have a 12-14 in some thing.

Metaphysician wrote:
+5 to hit is less than what a Soldier will have, but its not terrible. Are you sure the GM didn't overturn the AC of his encounters? Also, did you consider giving the combat drone Weapon Focus?

Yeah, I think +6 to hit at level 5 is the max any drone can have. Soldiers and Solarians can hit +10, everyone else is at +8. Drones will always have lower attack bonuses, but remember the cheap that animal companions used to pull in Pathfinder.

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Sleight of Hand Trick Attacks could be Revolver Ocelot style gun twirling.

I don't plan on making any players justify their Trick Attack choices beyond what the rules demand, like the Hacker's requirement to have some sort of computer nearby. If they pass the skill check, their character succeeded at whatever their Trick was. I'd hope they have some fluffy description, but I don't feel the need to penalise them if it is just 'I hide my gun again.'

The bonus from a hacker's kit is hacking without direct access to a UI on the computer you want. It lets you hack from the infosphere, or a data line, or where ever.

I wonder if the feat represents a shift from Pathfinder to Starfinder. Power Attack was a gimme feat for anyone that qualified, and Starfinder seems to have just baked the bonuses in to the main damage classes. If you need Deadly Aim to compete in damage, it should have been included in the class, since everyone will just take it anyways.

I think it might go along with Automatic weapons, useful in certain situations, but you won't use it every round. We also haven't seen the exact stats for NPCs, if the ACs are easy enough to hit, then stacking a few bonuses might be enough to tip the numbers in its favor.

I think part of the cheek pouch issue is people expecting the cheek pouches to be stealthy. Hamsters can triple the size of their head by filling their pouches, so I see no problems with the ysoki and 19 grenades. Everyone's going to notice though.

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