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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Starfinder Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: August 17, 2017.

Chapter 2: Character Creation

The explanation for stabilizing on page 23 says you can spend Resolve Points equal to one-quarter your maximum (minimum 1 RP, maximum 3 RP) on your turn to immediately stabilize. But it also says if you don't have at least 3 Resolve Points remaining when you are dying, you lose Resolve Points per the dying rules. Is the second part accurate?

No. Once you have stabilized, you no longer lose Resolve Points (unless you take damage again). The full rules for Injury and Death on page 250 are correct.

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Does a character with the icon theme (page 31) increase the DC by 5 when attempting Profession or Culture check to recall knowledge about other icons of her profession or details about her profession's cultural aspects?

No, the icon should decrease the DC of those checks by 5.

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Chapter 4: Classes

Does the improved get 'em ability (page 63) also grant the increased morale bonus to damage if you spend 1 Resolve Point to grant the benefits against all enemies within 60 feet?

Yes. If you spend 1 Resolve Point when using this ability, you grant +2 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls against all enemies who are within 60 feet.

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The mechanic class feature custom rig (page 69) states it functions "as a Mk 1 comm unit," but I can't find anything by that name.

The custom rig functions as a personal comm unit (page 218).

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How does a mechanic repair his drone?

Once per day, a mechanic can take 10 minutes to repair his drone, which then recovers 10% of its Hit Point maximum. Additionally, any time a mechanic takes a 10-minute rest and spends a Resolve Point to recover his Stamina Points, he can also choose to repair his drone as part of that same time period. This is an exception to the normal rule that you cannot perform any tasks while taking a 10-minute rest to recover your Stamina Points. The repair drone mechanic trick increases the amount the mechanic's drone recovers when it is repaired (in either way) to 25% of its maximum Hit Points.

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Does a mechanic have to pay twice as much to equip his hover drone, which is Tiny, with smaller weapons to avoid taking a -4 penalty to attack rolls with improperly sized weapons, as suggested under Weapon Sizes on page 168?

No, a hover drone is an exception to the normal rules for weapons built for Tiny creatures. Combat, hover, and stealth drones with melee weapon arms or weapon mounts can use weapons designed for Small or Medium creatures without penalty for their size.

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When an operative succeeds at a skill check to perform a trick attack (page 93), how long is the target flat-footed?

The target is flat-footed only against the single attack roll of the trick attack. Once the operative is 4th level and gains the debilitating trick class feature (page 94), the operative can additionally cause the target hit by a trick attack to have the normal flat-footed or off-target condition until the beginning of the operative's next turn.

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Chapter 5: Skills

Engineering specifies it can be used to identify technological items, and Mysticism specifies it can be used in conjunction with detect magic or identify to identify the properties of a magic item, but how do I identify hybrid items?

Either skill can identify hybrid items, using the same DCs as for technological (for Engineering) or magic (Mysticism) items.

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Chapter 7: Equipment

The "Weapon Special Property and Critical Hit DCs" sidebar on page 181 says the save DC for a weapon that explodes or has a critical effect is typically 10 + half the weapon's item level + the ability modifier the attacker adds to the attack roll. It also states that for thrown weapons, that is Dexterity. But the rules for ranged attacks with thrown weapons on page 245 say you add your Strength modifier to attack rolls with thrown weapons. Also, the rules for grenades on page 183 state that grenades are thrown weapons, and that the save DC for a grenade is 10 + half the weapon's item level + the attacker's Dexterity modifier. Which of these is correct?

Thrown weapons includes all weapons with the thrown special weapon property (such as carbonedge shurikens), and all weapons that note they are thrown weapons in their description (such as grenades). Thrown weapons add the attacker's Strength modifier to attack rolls, and calculate the save DC of any critical effect or explode special property as 10 + half the weapon's item level + attacker's Strength modifier, unless they specify otherwise.

The exception to the normal rules for calculating the save DC of thrown weapons is grenades. As stated on page 183 in the description for grenades, the save DC for a grenade equals 10 + half the grenade's item level + attacker's Dexterity modifier.

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The nyfiber net (page 179) does not list any damage, critical effect, or special properties. What does it do if you hit a target with it?

The nyfiber net has the entangle and thrown weapon special properties. It does no damage, but can entangle a foe.

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Can I place multiple personal upgrades (page 212) on the same ability score? For example, can I have both a mk 2 and a mk 3 upgrade apply to my Dexterity for a total of +10 Dexterity?

No. Each personal upgrade you have must apply to a different ability score.

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How do you calculate the save DC of a spell from a spell ampoule or cast from a spell gem?

The save DC of a spell from a spell ampoule or cast from a spell gem equals 10 + spell level + the modifier of the user's key ability score.

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Chapter 8: Tactical Rules

The rules for ability damage on page 252 claim operative weapons add your Dexterity modifier to damage rolls. This is not mentioned anywhere else. Is this accurate?

No. Attacks made with melee weapons with the operative weapon special property can add either your Strength or Dexterity modifier to attack rolls, but always add your Strength modifier to damage rolls.

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Chapter 9: Starships

When an engineer diverts power to shields (page 323), what do the rules mean when they say "...putting any excess Shield Points in the forward quadrant"?

The last sentence of that action should instead read, "You can distribute the restored Shield Points across the shield's four quadrants as you see fit."

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Can you give an example of how the divert engineer action works with regards to restoring shields?

Of course.

Assume your ship has a Pulse Gray power core (100 PCU) and Basic 20 shields. After some starship combat, your Shield Points are down to forward 0, port 5. starboard 3, and aft 1. The engineer succeeds at the divert action and restores a total of 5 SP. As some examples, the engineer could place them all into the forward quadrant and bring up the forward shields to 5, split the shields up between two section so that they are now forward 3, port 5, starboard 3, and aft 3, or even spread around the points so they're forward 2, port 6, starboard 4, and aft 2.

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If I don't have to have enough PCU to power everything at once, when do I decide what to power?

Outside of combat, you can choose to change what systems are powered freely. However, you have to decide what exactly is powered on your ship as combat begins and you can't change it during combat, as it requires too much fiddling with wires, switches, programs, and such.

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How do you resolve critical damage to a power core (page 321) if the starship has multiple power cores?

The power core critical effect affects the ship as normal. Taking a power core critical damage effect means the whole power system of the ship is damaged in some fashion. Basically, multiple power cores are pretty much "wired together" to power the ship.

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