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The Knife Master archtype confused me. It stated nothing about gaining proficiency. Thought I would ask to see if something like that had been put out there somewhere that i have missed.

I asked the same question over in the rules section. I have yet to get a good response.

I ask because it came up in a discussion dealing with Society Play. I was curious if it was like the Gladius, (treated as a short sword) but with the Kerambit, it says its a dagger. But it doesn't have the sentence stating something about proficiency.

I personally am inclined to think it is not.

Kerambit. Description says it is a favored weapon of two different classes. Neither of which can use it without taking martial weapon proficiency. I can think of one other class it would be good for.(rogue)

Does anybody know if there is or will be an update for the core classes since the release of ultimate equipment?

Kryzbyn wrote:
Just tell her she reminds you of your little toe....that you have a feeling you're gonna end up bangin' her on the coffee table.

Thank you former president clinton, courtesy of the Bob and Tom show.

I fight in a Dagorhir chapter and i arch most of the time. While not a fan of shooting my bow while wearing a shield strapped to my arm, i have not noticed it affecting my shooting in any capacity. The only hindrance it provides is it cuts down on the peripheral vision to the left.

Thats just me though, others may see it differently.

From everything i have read the creator's level has to be 3 times enhancement bonus of the weapon. That is not able to be bypassed with the +5 DC

When faced with this particular situation what you should have done was execute a brilliant military strategy:

Strategic Advance to the Rear. In other words, run away. Gear up better then come back and try again. Or try to figure out what the ghost wanted and get rid of it that way. Not every encounter has to be a fight. Ask any of my players.

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Ravingdork wrote:
bcpeery wrote:

i can grant you that some of the equipment can be made smaller for of other materials... are you paying for that luxury or just assuming you can have it because the rules don't say you cannot?

If my players want something that would be considered nonstandard, there is a price for premium equipment. (made of different materials, ect.)

What luxury? A tent is a tent is a tent. It doesn't matter if it is burlap or polka-dot cotton. If I'm not getting any mechanical benefit and it isn't laced out of rubies, why should I have to pay more?

because fine light weight material (oil treated silk to stick with period) is much more expensive than standard burlap or canvas. Metal pully system is going to take more time to manufacture than a simple wooden block and tackle. ect, ect, ect.

Not everything has to only be about a mechanical bonus just because it has an added cost. Think about the types of people your PC is going to be dealing with. Think about their mentality. (Profit vs. time to make, ect.)

If this doesn't make it easy enough to understand my point then i must not be getting my point across clear enough.

This is a common problem i have had both as a player and a DM for players with the same problem. A spear (in real life) is made to strike with ALL parts. Not just the pointy end but the haft, the butt end, and the haft.

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i can grant you that some of the equipment can be made smaller for of other materials... are you paying for that luxury or just assuming you can have it because the rules don't say you cannot?

If my players want something that would be considered nonstandard, there is a price for premium equipment. (made of different materials, ect.)

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Yes. I looked SPECIFICALLY what was in the backpack. one block and tackle takes up about the same dimensions as a shoe box. (i have owned these in real life, we used them on the farm when i was growing up). I would allow for smaller ones in my game IF you spent the money to have a masterwork one made. But then again, that is my game. Also, a new tent that is made of light weight rip stop material that will sleep two is still a sizable object. one modern MRE (enough calories to sustain a human for 24 hours) is roughly 4inches by 6inches by 12inches. Now torches....

do you understand where a DM could be coming from?

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I am not trying to anger anyone here but i have two things to add:

1: Rule 0.

2: I was in the Army. A military style large pack capable of carrying what you have listed is not a standard ruck sack. You are looking more at the larger backpack (not necessarily the old green duffel bags). they typically are not what i would think a backpack is. Regardless, even with the quick release straps that hold the top of a ruck down unless you have shoulders and elbows that can move into any direction ( ie. you have no ligaments or cartilage) you cannot get them open while on your back.

In my games I interpret the word "usually" to imply at the DM's Discretion. not every single situation can be thought of and discussed. Situations are going to come up that the DM cannot plan for. That's the fun of players. My DM's have done this to me. Its a situational ruling.

Get on with the game.

James Jacobs wrote:
bcpeery wrote:

My party is already planning for this, one is playing a wizard who is trying to figure out a way to convert one of the caravan wagons into a mobile workshop for crafting.

I would actually say "No Conversion Necessary." The caravan is really supposed to be a mobile home-base for the PCs as they make their multi-thousand-mile journey. Using it as place to craft magic items is exactly one of the reasons we put a caravan into the adventure in the first place.

To be more specific he is building one of the caravan wagons (prior to the trip to leave Sandport)to be like his mobile lab; comfortable stable lab, small forging area, scribe's table, ect.

I tend to be on the side of the argument that a player can determine whatever they want to look like within reason.

example, in one game i ran one player had a high charisma (paladin) but didn't want to be a pretty boy, he was a combat hardened knight after all. so he had some scars... but he also had a commanding voice, a pleasant demeanor and was skilled with words. But not really all that attractive.

My party is already planning for this, one is playing a wizard who is trying to figure out a way to convert one of the caravan wagons into a mobile workshop for crafting.

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Good Question. I have a similar issue about throwing one into a (insert name of huge creature capable of swollow whole) mouth or dropping it once swolled by said (insert name of huge creature capable of swollow whole). I would like to see some more input on this.

I remember that. Wow, I am getting old. That phrase "could only be hurt by ..." was the bane of several campaigns I ran back in the 90's.

finaly got it working.

thanks everyone!!

mine is set to pathfinder rpg for gamemasters

title bar says PCGen v 5.16.3 The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Campaign

where do i get the v5.16.4 ?

still cannot get it to work... what am i doing wrong?

downloaded and installed correct version, working with the advanced screen, it still doesn't appear anywhere.

evedently my search fu is bad.... i cannot seem to find the beta.
Link please?

Stable version... will try the beta. Thanks.

appearantly i'm doing something wrong as well... i can't even get the option for APG on the advanced sources tab

any ideas?

The proficiency granted by the trait only applies to that specific weapon... not the type of weapon. If ever it is lost or destroyed the player is out a trait.

on page 199 of the core rule book it says:
"When you attempt to perform a combat maneuver, make an attack roll and add you CMB in place of you normal attack bonus. Add any bonuses you currently have on attack rolls due to spells, feats, and other effects. These bonuses must be applicable to the weapon or attack used to perform the maneuver."

I would like to think that an attack bonus falls under the other effects catagory. The attaqck bonus on a scythe(for example) would make it more effective for tripping, would it not?

Its not the curse of lycanthropy... the player recieved the inherant werebear lycanthropy from drawing the bear card from the harrow deck of many things.

it was from the curse of the crimson throne adventure paths
But its not the curse.

@StabbityDoom thats kind of what i thought.... but I'm a kind GM and was going to let him get away with only a +1 level adjust.
If he keeps pushing the issue i think i'll give him the +3

The Harrow Deck of Many Things has a card that gives the werebear lycanthropic template

a player of mine just acquired the lycanthrope template(deck of many things). I feel that the CR+1 is the sam as a level adjust as this template has put him leaps and bounds above the almost carbon copy of one of the other players.


quotable rules?

TriOmegaZero wrote:
bcpeery wrote:

**thread jacking**

I understand that it does as per the Rules As Written, but flavor wise it makes my brain hurt to try to figure it out.


**end thread jack**

How do you mean? They take the spell Read Magic, cast it to understand the spell, and then do so. What part of the flavor troubles you? That sorcerers aren't trained, so how do they know how to cast from a scroll? I would posit instinct.

Sorry about confusion, its not about using them its writing them. How do you write down what comes to you through your blood?

**thread jacking**

This is an amazingly redundant and self-defeating thread.
Nobody is going to agree so i have an interesting thought reguarding Sorcerers and scrolls... how is it that they can do it exactly.

I get how the wizard can, but I and many of my current and past players have wondered this.

I understand that it does as per the Rules As Written, but flavor wise it makes my brain hurt to try to figure it out.


**end thread jack**

not so much as it leaves him open to recieve the Sickened condition from the dirty fighting combat maneuver!

Fear my halfling monk who works out on a speed-bag!

Really? Never crossed anyones minds?

I am currently running my players through the Crown of the Kobold King, Revenge of the Kobold King, and Carnival of Tears modules. They are about half way through Revenge and I know they are going to want to kill Kreed at the end. The only one of the players who might have a remote objection to this is the cleric (and I doubt that as he is a very proud dwarf who will be exceptionally angry at being betrayed to the point of attempted murder).

I don’t have a problem with this series of events. I do however would like to know if anyone else has encountered this. I have already figured the recourse being taken by the lumber consortium, the population of Falcons Hollow, and the world at large.

I plan to let them run this course of action after Carnival of Tears. I feel that the investigation into the “evil approaching on the horizon” will be a good way for the PC’s to lay low for a bit.

My question is has anyone else had this happen and how did it turn out for the group?

An Enhancement bonus is not a bonus type... a large steel shield with a +3 enhancement bonus gives you a +5 SHIELD bonus.

Same problem, different spell. Shield to be exact. I had to explain that the formula was only a guide line... we did figure up a price on a Ring of Shield.

While not able to put three doses of poison on a single blade, you can apply one dose to three blades and use TWF in conjunction with quick draw as I have done in the past. Good for multi-weapon fighter or roque types to knock down attributes in enemies.

Jason Rice wrote:

but isn't there weapons that add to your trip attempt? Or has that all been changed from 3rd edition?

Also, I'd still like to see the entry. Is it in the book? Is the above link "official?" How is a temple sword different from any other sword? They sound VERY similar to a Kopesh, from the link provided above.

I couldn't find the post but Jason gave his official position on it in another thread. But yes it has been answered an the message boards. If a weapon does not have the trip quality then it cannot be used to make a trip.

The Trip special quality means the weapon may be used to make trip attempts. You can use the bonuses to that weapon (magic enhancement, weapon focus, ect.) to add to your CMB roll for the trip attempt.

If I remember correctly from another thread the Vicious quality is not subject to damage reduction... you take it regardless. I may be mistaken and if so I would appreciate the correction.

thats what i figured... all the same I appreciate it greatly

I found a nearly 1000 post long thread but i don't think there was ever an official ruling....

Would casting Blink (50% miss chance for not being on the material plane) work with the spell Displacement (50% miss chance for not being where the attacker thinks you are)?

If they do would it be a 75% miss chance total or two separate 50% miss chances.

If this has already been covered I apologize ahead of time.


I was rnning a game a few years back in 3.5 and this came up... balance (acrobatics now) check on stay on and the dragon was denied its dex to armor.

**It is important to note at this time our brave little halfling stated he was standing so as not to get hi with teh pealties for fighting pone or while climbing.**

However our halfling rogue could not fly nor could he feather fall so when the dragon flew its max movement up and performed a corkscrew...

well you get the idea. I did give him and attempt to grab back ahold of the dragon (touch attack after dropping what was in his hands to use them both) before falling to his demise.

in a recent game it came up that someone was bound up in the Iron Bands of Binding and the question was if using Reduce person would free them and if not what about when the spell ended? Would the bands remain at the smaller size since growing would be the equivelent of trying to force against them and thus crush the person...

Thats what i thought but was not sure... thanks all!!

Can you give me a citation on that concerro? I am not sure where in any of the rules it says anything about it. I get the +2 portion, thats clearly stated in the Core Rulebook, but what about the other?


I think this example would be a good representation of what is being asked:

Robert Ranger has a +1 flaming long bow and fires a +2 frost arrow.
When it hits is it a +2 flaming, frost arrow or is it just a +2 frost arrow?

I am curious about this as well, I may have missed this in the book but can't remember anything about the special abilities.

Kind of depends mostly on how well the party is equipped to handle certain encounters.

Typically what I do is plan 1 or 2 encounters at Average Party Level (APL) -1 to give the party an idea of what is coming. After that I plan 3 to 4 encounters at APL and the final conflict at APL +1.

I will also put a few of non-combat encounters just for a change of pace so the game gets a bit more RP in its dungeon crawl.

Speaking of Boomsticks...
In a past campaign I was in we had a wizard who had a rather bad problem with never having enough hands for what he considered enough wands. So he made what he called his Boomstick.

It was a rod that held three wands, free action to switch between wands. Twice per day it could fire two wands simultaneously, and once per day it could fire all three.

DM wouldn't let him use three wands of fireball. Didn't realize how deadly firing THREE wands of Empowered Magic Missile (CL 10) all directed at the same target could be.

Fun concepts but seemed to be a bit overpowered in my opinion.

I may just be stupid but what is a BBEG?

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