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Self explanatory title. I am currently running RotRL and I am curious what you would have done differently if you ran through it a second or more times. Any regrets, any advice, what would you have done better, what would you do differently, what mistakes did you make?

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In case the link doesn't work:

Excel Sheet here

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Hi everyone, I am a person who favors structure and I have difficulty being creative and improvising on the fly, so I have made up these tips to help anyone else who is like me. Please feel free to offer me advice or your own tips from your own experience performing Harrow Readings and Harrowings.

For my, and possibly your convenience, I have made a spreadsheet with the card interpretations, as per the Deluxe Harrow Deck manual PDF available as a free download on the Deluxe Harrow Deck product page, and a Pathfinder Wiki page with summarized interpretations. If I have infringed on any copyrights, please let me know (via private message to make sure I get it) and I will remove the link below immediately, and please forgive my ignorance as I meant no harm and mean to gain no profit from this.

The spreadsheet is available here if you would like to use it:

Google Drive shared Harrowing Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet highlights the cards revealed with a trump order of importance.

  • First: Role Card Match
  • Second: True Alignment Match
  • Third: Opposed Alignment Match
  • Forth: Misaligned/Partial Match
  • Fifth: No Match

For ease of readings, I interpret only the most important card of each column. If there is a tie, I interpret a card with the same attribute (Intelligence, Charisma, Strength, etc) as the Role Card of the character. If there is still a tie, I use the card with the closest alignment (1 Step away, 2 Steps away, etc) to the character getting the reading. Finally, if there is still a tie, I make an arbitrary call on what may be most relevant card to the question/harrow reading.

I also add a few more tweaks for flair:

  • If while shuffling, cards fall out of the deck, I say that the Gods have rejected those fates and I keep them out of the deck.
  • I regularly alternate shuffling my cards face down and then face up to keep my cards from bending a certain way. When I do this in front of a character, I role play that it is to maintain balance of the fates.
  • I also like involving the characters deity in the reading, saying "Shelyn is telling you that ..." or "Pharasma wishes to warn you of ..."
  • When I reveal each column (past, present, future), I have gotten better at recognizing matches quickly, so when a card is a non-match, I flip face down to make it easier for me to read the correct cards, which are face up, back to the character.
  • Finally, when an entire column (past, present, future) reveals all non-matches, I flip them all face down, and continue to draw on top of them an entirely new column, until I have at least one match.

Thanks for reading my little blurb. Hope to hear your feedback.

Thanks for the recommendation. Yes I have actually referenced the Harrow Handbook and the Inner Sea world guide, but not Varisia: Birthplace of Legends.

I have a short list of traits and Feats that I would make use of, including:

* Deadly Dealer,
* Arcane Strike,
* Fortune Teller,
* Harrow Chosen ...

I don't believe my trouble is lack of options or lack of knowing what my options are, rather, I cannot make a case for a class to be a more suitable choice over another. I need advice on which class to pick, either for flavor, or what is mechanically better, or just for fun. What would you choose and why?

I have seen quite a few Harrower threads pop up recently. Either that or I'm just noticing them more because I am trying to build one. I am having trouble deciding what class to multiclass into Harrower, so I need help deciding. Here are some of the pros and cons I have for a few choices, but the more I read them the less I can make a choice. Help please!!

  • Bard: Charisma based like Harrower, 3/4 BAB, arcane magic, buffer, flavor of a performer works well with flavor of a fortune teller, no known archetype that goes with Harrower, Harrower at level 7
  • Magus: Inteligence based unlike Harrower, 3/4 BAB, arcane magic, melee and spellcasting, flavor doesn't work extremely well with fortune telling and divination, card caster archetype is a pretty cool and unique mechanic, Harrower at level 7
  • Oracle: Charisma based like Harrower, 3/4 BAB, divine magic, spellcasting class, flavor of oracle works very well with that of a fortune teller, no known archetype suitable for Harrower, Harrower at level 6
  • Sorcerer: Charisma based like Harrower, 1/2 BAB, arcane magic, spellcasting class, flavor works well enough although a typical or generic choice IMHO, Harrow Bloodline available for transitioning to Harrower, Harrower at level 6
  • Witch: Intelligence based unlike Harrower, 1/2 BAB, arcane magic, debuffer, flavor of quirky witch works well with that of a fortune teller, Cartomancer archetype available for throwing cards for ranged touch attacks, Harrower at level 5
  • Wizard: Intelligence based unlike Harrower, 1/2 BAB, arcane magic, spellcasting class, flavor works well enough although a typical or generic choice IMHO, Divination school of magic closest available for something Harrowing related, Harrower at level 5

there are of course other options not mentioned above ...

So say you are a Harrower and you have the Deadly Dealer feat. You enchant a deck of cards with +2 magic for 8000gp.

Then you run through all of your cards and you have to buy a new deck ... Is it right that you have to pay another 8000gp to enchant it again? Meanwhile the ranger with the +2 longbow just has to buy regular ammunition and his attacks are still considered magical and +2.

Am I missing something?

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For anyone wondering the same thing, I have found these one so far:

I'll keep looking for any in Korvosa, Riddleport or Kaer Maga.

Just helpful to know if you require the services or such a divine caster.

(I always found it odd that the named heads of each church were level 7 almost everywhere but that the general rule of thumb was big cities had these services at your disposal. Something didn't add up if all big cities have this service, but the head priests were all too low of a level to perform it ...)

So so far only one named NPC in Varisia is capable of it.


I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but I figured it was a campaign setting question in general, not specifically related to any one module.

In Varisia, who are the Named NPCs capable of a lvl 7 Cleric Spell Resurrection?

Who created the image of the Priestess of Pharasma that is in the Faiths of Balance, page 17?

The same image is shared by my avatar.

By power of deduction, looking at the artists credited in Faiths of Balance, it is either Michele Chang, Francesco Graziani or Allison Theus.

By further process of elimination, if I look at the credited artists on the NPC Codex Pawns box, which has the same image on pawn "261 Acolyte", only Michele Chang and Allison Theus are credited on the box.

Does anyone know with certainty which artist drew this artwork?

Thanks :)

Thanks @dave justus

Hi all,

The Black Magga has DR 15/cold iron and magic.

Does this mean you need both cold iron AND magic to overcome the DR, or does it mean you need cold iron OR magic to overcome it?

In the Damage Reduction rules, it says you need at least a +3 magical weapon to be considered appropriate for overcoming cold iron, so that leads me to believe it is you either need a +3 magical weapon OR you need cold iron AND either a +1 or a +2 magical weapon to overcome it's DR.

So I ask you all, can you please clarify?


In Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition, in the back where it details the area of Hook Mountain region, it hints at the potential of an unexpected ally called Razmus, a CR 10 Hill Giant Fighter 2/Ranger 1.

I thought it would be a neat idea at the very least to roleplay his encounter and see if the party convinces him to lend his earth breaker to their cause, or if they would just fight him.

  • Has anyone else dealt with an encounter with Razmus?
  • If so, how did it go?
  • And how did you plan for his dialog and attitude?

:) Thanks.

thanks @stabbbitydoom, that answered everything.

I looked in the forums and the two posts I found said something different.
This one only covered specifically for a lvl 6 bear:
This Forum post
While this one said it followed the monster template 2 + int dice roll method:
This other Forum post

The problem is, they are both conflicting answers, and neither one says what to do upon level up.
So to make my question simple, how many skill points would a bear of level 1 and int 2 get at lvl 1, and then again how many more would it get at lvl 2, and then at lvl 3 again?

Also, does an animal companion take the class skill bonuses from the PC?

Thanks for your help, I promise I looked before I asked.

Sorry for the necromancered thread ... but to blahpers point, you could also use Mending found here as free healing on your cat or your owl or Make Whole found here to do up to 5d6 of healing.

It has to be the second interpretation.

alexperience wrote:

I'm Disappointed....... Don't get me wrong, I love that they were consistent (for the most part) with artwork I had seen from the books, I love that, that's what drove me to buy the box in the first place, but they dropped the ball on the pawn I actually needed. In the book Faiths of Balance, followers of Pharasma share a certain color theme. They were true to this theme with teh Priest of Pharasma, it matches perfectly with the artwork for teh priestess of Pharasma in the book, perfectly ...

But why didn't they use the artwork for the Priestess of Pharasma from the book too? They went completely off course there and introduced new artwork. Where the other Priests and Priestesses match each other, and are consistent with the books, they for some reason decided to go completely off base with this one and not provide a matching female pawn, and decided to not be consistent with the books like every other pawn in the box.

I know this is not as important to others, as it is to me, but seriously, why choose to be consistent with the books for 95% of the artwork and then by chance, with the one I need and grew to like from the books, choose not to be consistent?

It appears I was too rash and hasty, as the artwork I had expected to see for the pharasman priestess is actually available in the previous NPC Codex Pawn Box, as number 261:Acolyte .

So I am happy to say that I have found teh pawn I had hoped to see in this box, in a turn of serendipitous events, and in the form of a previously owned pawn.

dragonhunterq wrote:
Rise of the Runelords forums have suggested alternate feats for this guy I believe (If it' who I think it is). I'll see if I can find a link.

It is the guy you think it is. Seems like there is a few mistakes with his stats. Thanks for the link and the clarifications.

I'm not usually bad with understanding how multiple attacks work ... but I just can't figure out how many attacks this character is supposed to get.

There is a character from Rise of the Runelords who's stats look as follows:

human fighter 4/ranger 2
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +1; Senses Perception +10


AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 16 (+6 armor, +1 Dex, +1 dodge)
HP 53 (6d10+16)
Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +2; +1 vs. fear
Defensive Abilities bravery +1


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 battleaxe +10/+5 (1d8+7/x3), +1 handaxe +10/+5 (1d6+5/x3)
Ranged composite longbow +7/+2 (1d8+4/x3)
Space 5 ft., Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks favored enemy (giants +2)


Str 18, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Atk +6; CMB 10; CMD 22
Feats Dodge, Double Slice, Great Fortitude, Power Attack, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (battleaxe), Weapon Focus (handaxe), Weapon Specialization (battleaxe)
Skills Climb +9, Craft (stonemasonry) +7, Knowledge (engineering) +5, Perception +10, Profession (siege engineer) +6, Survival +10
Languages Common, Osiriani
SQ armor training 1, track +1, wild empathy +1
Gear chainmail, +1 battleaxe, +1 handaxe, composite longbow with 20 arrows

Could you please explain to me how many attacks he gets when two weapon fighting?


I'm Disappointed....... Don't get me wrong, I love that they were consistent (for the most part) with artwork I had seen from the books, I love that, that's what drove me to buy the box in the first place, but they dropped the ball on the pawn I actually needed. In the book Faiths of Balance, followers of Pharasma share a certain color theme. They were true to this theme with teh Priest of Pharasma, it matches perfectly with the artwork for teh priestess of Pharasma in the book, perfectly ...

But why didn't they use the artwork for the Priestess of Pharasma from the book too? They went completely off course there and introduced new artwork. Where the other Priests and Priestesses match each other, and are consistent with the books, they for some reason decided to go completely off base with this one and not provide a matching female pawn, and decided to not be consistent with the books like every other pawn in the box.

I know this is not as important to others, as it is to me, but seriously, why choose to be consistent with the books for 95% of the artwork and then by chance, with the one I need and grew to like from the books, choose not to be consistent?

edit: I started searching the forums for related posts about this adventure path and wealth, and most if not all go off on tangents and off course topics about spoilers and ideas to convince GMs to buy back loot at full cost. I'd like to continue to ask this question despite it being asked before, if only to get a straight answers about how other GMs have handled wealth in their Rise of the Runelords campaigns.

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that each party and experience is different and where one game might have an abundance of wealth and items, another might get by just fine without flashy fancy treasure. I also concede that the DM is in charge of making the experience work regardless of treasure given.

**Disregarding** these two facts, by the core book Character Wealth by Level, players should get a certain number of wealth by each level, to purchase goods, upgrade gear, etc ... And it seems like Rise of the Runelords has been a bit behind on treasure.

For Rise of the Runelords:

  • Do you compensate by adding more treasure in your group?
  • Do you leave it as is?
  • Do you compensate if your group is composed of 5 or 6 players?
  • Have you found a need to provide loot/gold/treasure outside of what is detailed in each module?

Context: If it helps, my group has 5 players, each level 8, and they just started the Hook Mountain Massacre. I have calculated the total expected wealth gained, as per the module, at around 29000gp by the time they should hit level 9, short of the standard 4 man group amount of wealth expected of 52000gp and much shorter of the expected wealth of our 5 man group which would be 65000gp. Up until now, the treasure has been pretty sparse as well, giving an overall impression that the campaign is stingy wealth wise. Intentional?

I'm pretty sure they don't but I wanted to confirm.

In the following example Wizard Arcane School Conjuration Teleportation Supernatural Ability Shift,

Shift (Su) wrote:
... you can teleport to a nearby space as a swift action as if using dimension door.

Dimension door has a V component.

If Supernatural Abilities such as shift do not have components, then you could Shift out of a magically Silenced area, but if it uses components as per the spells, then you cannot.

This is just one example.

Please advise.

Skeld wrote:

It's ok if your players are missing the clues that point to Lucretia. The adventure very clearly leads to her toward the end when her reveal takes place. If your players are unsuspecting, that will make for a bigger surprise and maybe lead to a few "so that's what that meant" realizations after the fact. With luck, it will cause them to pay more attention to the little details in the future (I've had several instances now of my players trying to connect the dots and coming to hilariously incorrect conclusions that are very entertaining for me). :D


Thanks for clarifying. I was worried I forgot to give out clear evidence of her involvement, but if her reveal is later, then I am grateful for the red herrings they have created for themselves.

My group is beginning the Hook Mountain Massacre and something seems odd: At the end of the Skinsaw Murders, the PCs found a letter to Xanesha from an anonymous source (not signed). It doesn't say who the letter is from, but it does call Xanesha a sister. The PCs have assumed they are looking for a brother because it is not specified.

My question: There are a lot of strong hints at the beginning of the Hook Mountain Massacre, that point to the Paradise and Lucrecia, but the PCs aren't picking up on them,

  • How should I handle this?
  • and also, did we miss something that would have been a more obvious hint that they should be looking for Lucrecia, or does that unfold later?

Thanks for your help!

I don't think he will be outright out shined. I mean a fighter will never match the damage output of a ranger against their favored enemy, or a rogue with sequential sneak attacks, or a paladin against something evil ...

However, he will be consistently useful across the board. I will do damage to everything and land most if not all his hits with his amazing BAB and fighter only feats.

I mean sure he will take a back seat in certain fights when there is a specialized class in the party facing a specific enemy, but he will be by far the most consistent and useful damage dealer your party has.

*If he dives into fighter only feats.

**Fighters used to be bland in other editions, lacking flavor and fun factor that other more interesting classes had, but I find they really have their place in Pathfinder. They are by far the best suited at combat, period.

***I apologize for my biased post. Just don't get why people choose to rag on a class because of it's history of being bland.

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Hi all,

I have been DMing for about a year now and have tweaked my overland travel every so often to what it is now.

But I was wondering how other people do it: (I know lots of questions. These are mostly enumerated here to inspire answers and see what other people do for overland travel. Please feel free to answer as little or many of the questions as you want, or to just simply describe anything relevant to handling overland travel in your campaign.)

  • How does your DM/GM handle overland travel?
  • If you are the DM, how do you make it appropriately time consuming (so it's not pointless and easy) but not take 4 sessions to travel 7 days?
  • Do you prepare encounters ahead of time, or do you roll from a chart?
  • Do you have multiple encounters a day?
  • What percentage do you roll for to see if an encounter is triggered?
  • If you do one encounter a day, how do you handle the fact that for each of those encounters, the part has their full list of spells and buffs and leads to the encounter being a cakewalk?
  • Do you have charts you can share that you use in your campaign?
  • What are some of the problems you have run into DMing travel time and how did you go about it to make it better or fix it?
  • Do you use Weather in your Campaign?


Thanks! I knew it would be something like this, but I saw nowhere that it distinguished between "Modifier" and "Bonus".

Chemlak wrote:
I can't think of anywhere off the top of my head to answer your bonus question, though the double slice feat might do it.

I think you answered it anyway, by explaining the difference between Modifier and Bonus.

Thank you.

Hi all,

I promise you I have Googled and searched the forums. I believe this is a simple question since because I have not found any threads about this, I am assuming it's general knowledge that I just missed.

If your Strength Score is 8, and your modifier is -1, does -1 apply to your combat maneuver rolls and DC?

I already know that it applies to damage, to a minimum damage of 1, I just didn't know if it applied to combat maneuvers.

Bonus Question: Are there any circumstances where negative strength modifiers are NOT considered but positive strength modifiers are?


Thanks for the clarifications.

I apologize in advance, I'm sure these have been asked before but I still can't find the answer to them.

  • While using Animate Dead, can you only create Skeletons and Zombies (and Beheaded), along with their respective variants, or can you also create ghouls, ghasts or other?
  • Also can you Animate whatever is nearby, if hypothetically a Gorgon died nearby, could you Animate Dead the Gorgon and create an Gorgon Skeleton so long as it is within your HD budget for the spell, using the Skeleton template?

Final optional question: Purely for Semantics, can you only Animate Dead what is nearby? or in the middle of nowhere could you create an undead skeleton or other from the carbon in the materials nearby, etc, even if there are no bones nearby?



Certain spells have the tag "evil" (without quotes) right next to the school of magic.

Three examples are Animate Dead, Blood Transcription and Nightmare.

Please note not all Evil aligns spells are from the school of magic Necromancy, however, it seems the majority are, just not all of them. It has been ruled at our table that the consistent use of such spells will result in an alignment shift.

My question to you is, should it?

Thanks for your time.

Wizard BAB isn't great and Strength for wizards is typically a dump stat, how to successfully and consistently use spells requiring melee touch attacks? I have been avoiding them for the most part.

Are there ways to boost BAB? Are there ways to sub Strength with another ability score for melee touch attacks?

Thanks for your help!

Zedth wrote:
Another tactic I've used against players is a thrill encounter that turns out to be harmless. Narrate that the crow's nest spots something large and flying, then moments later he calls out..."DRAGON!".... the sailors scramble, ballistas are loaded, etc. The party gets all scared. Then the dragon flies in out of the sun, (thus disguising that it is a metallic dragon until it gets close) divebombs RIGHT NEAR the ship and lifts a huge swordfish out of the sea, glistening in the sunlight, splashing some crew with seawater. The dragon flies away. (picture an eagle pulling a trout from a lake, but on a grander scale)

Love this! Stealing this exact scene.


Guardianlord wrote:
I do an Oregon trail, table, a different one for every terrain. Each day a player rolls d100 (with bonuses or penalties depending on skills), and I set in motion the days encounter, 1/3 are bad (monsters, storms, rigging fails, leaks etc), 1/3 are good (school of fish, strong winds, resupply island, clear navigation points, etc), and 1/3 neutral (normal day, interesting sight, other ship on the horizon, shipwrecks, etc).

That's awesome! I especially like the part about being stranded or big storms changing the course of the ship.

Do you have your tables handy? Do you mind sharing them?


my party has decided to use a ship to get to their next destination. I'm a big advocate of making sure the travel takes days, and making appropriate day to day events happen to give the time traveling some life and make it seem like it's not just a quick easy thing to get from point a to point b and for the players to not just arbitrarily choose to go 12 days away whenever they feel like it.

That being said, I have done this well on land, across multiple terrain types .. .but never by sea.

The APL is 7 and closing in on 8.

What types of monsters do you like for sea battles?
Are there any that you can think of that can hop out of the water and fight on deck or do they need the party to fight in the water with them?
Do you know any short length modules that happen on a ship? Maybe like a ghost on the ship or a mystery that needs to be solved along the way?
Any other tips in general to make the experience better?

Anything will help and is appreciated.


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is there a way to make someone take a penalty on saves so that they have a greater chance of failing saves?

*Other than Bestow Curse*


How have others handled the Falling Bell CR4 trap in the Shadow Clock near the end of the Skinsaw Murders?

Quick (hopefully easy) question about the Haunts in Foxglove Manor (RotRL Anniversary Edition) ...

It says that I should select specific haunts for specific characters based on which characters are more violent, seek revenge, obsessed with burning or fire, etc ...

But How can I guarantee that that specific character is the one that will trigger the respective haunts by being the closest, or picking up an item, etc?

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:

I've seen all the pawns, and I have not seen any red mantis pawns. sorry.

If they ever come out with a pawn set for Serpent's Skull they will most likely be in it since they're one of the factions in that AP

That's good to know. Thanks.

RuyanVe wrote:

Yeah, can't find it either; HA!

The Pit by Daviot


Thanks! That's perfect.

Thanks @everyone!

Thanks @RuyanVe! I'm looking but I can't find it. I'll keep looking though. It sounds like it would work great!

- Alex

Hi, does anyone know of a quest leading to the Sandpoint Devil?

The Rise of the Runelords campaign book gives information that it lives in "The Pit" atop "The Devil's Platter" and that The Pit if this sinkhole, etc etc etc.

Is there a module or adventure that leads here or uses this information to ultimately end with a confrontation with the sandpoint devil?



So my players have just about ended Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings.

Upon killing Nualia (which is a whole story on it's own), they opened the door to the Barghest. They were outmatched since they are still level 3 and the Barghest is a CR 7. They got extremely lucky with some illusions and rolls and managed to escape through a narrow hallway in which the Barghest could not fit or continue to pursue them.

Having not gone through the door with the shadows and having not found the treasure, they decided to camp up, refresh and buff and get a second chance at taking on the Barghest ... except ... I decided that it had escaped through the shadow room and the treasure room through the pool of water and out.

This has made for an interesting turn of events for Sandpoint:

- A Barghest is on the loose, Father Zantus is freaking out
- The town guard is worried since it has DR unless you have magic weapons and the guards just can't all afford magic weapons
- The skinsaw murders have started and the party has no clue if it's the Barghest or something else (which has made an intersting Red Herring)
- And the stage is set for an epic showdown, in the rain, at night, with Ameiko, Shalelu, Hemlock and the party to face the Barghest when it comes in to attack the town again.
- The party is luring the Barghest by making use of the minor runewell of wrath

I'd like to extend to you: What are your thoughts? Have you had alternate endings to the Chapter of your own? Have you had something similar with Nualia or the Barghest getting free and harrassing the party throughout the Campaign?

P.S. Lyrie and Orik escaped Thistletop. Any ideas how I can use them as well as recurring pests?



Hi everyone,

I'm a big fan of collection all the pawns, at least I have started to be, and I would really like to find Red Mantis pawns. I know the Inner Sea guide has two pictures, one of a Red Mantis man with the Mantis Mask on and another of a Woman with a cloak and no Mask on.

I'd love know what product has these pawns in it, but I would settle for any Red Mantis pawns regardless.

Do you know what Product would have Red Mantis Pawns?

To specify, I do mean the cardboard pawns, not full fledged 3D miniatures.

Thank you for your time,


thejeff wrote:
No reason you can't make up your own. Founded as a refuge for escaping halflinfg slaves as Cheliax lost it's hold on the area?

Thanks @thejeff, I ended up going with something similar.

Thank you everyone for your input and for clarifying the campaign setting for Halflings in Golarion.


This is actually 2 question, if you would be so kind, could you please answer both:

- All the material I have read seems to indicate that Halflings are found in major cities or with Varisian Nomadics. However, I cannot find anything that would set Halflings in their own secluded and sheltered community/settlement. Can they be found in such a setting?

- Specifically, is there such a small and secluded settlement in Varisia where they can be found? Even if it's not just Halflings in the settlement, but as long as it's primarily Halflings.

Thank you for your time :)


I'm surprised I can't find a core rulebook answer on this, or in the forums.

While adventuring in a dungeon, or setting up camp outside, is there any benefit to lugging around the extra weight of a bedroll and using that to rest versus not carrying the extra weight and just sleeping on the ground?

Thank you for reading my question.


SlimGauge wrote:

From the core rule book heal skill (bolding mine):

Action: Providing first aid, treating a wound, or treating poison is a standard action. Treating a disease or tending a creature wounded by a spike growth or spike stones spell takes 10 minutes of work. Treating deadly wounds takes 1 hour of work. Providing long-term care requires 8 hours of light activity.

Why didn't any of us see that? Thanks for your clarification!

Do you happen to know about the second question too?

Hi everyone,

One of my PCs suffers from STR dmg and has been slowly healing back his ability points each night while resting. I know Long Term Care can accelerate the process.

However it doesn't say if the person providing Long Term Care does one Heal Check and then is done and can leave the other while he rests, or if that person has to stay awake and provide that care while the other rests, doing nothing else?

Side Question: Does Ray of Enfeeblement provide lasting STR dmg which has to be healed with resting, or does the dmg leave (restoring the ability score to it's full score) as soon as the duration is over?


Thank you for your reply!

Would you happen to also know the answer to my second question?

Hi everyone,

I have the following feat: Acadamae Graduate from the Curse of the Crimson Throne Campaign

Acadamae Graduate wrote:
Whenever you cast a prepared arcane spell from the conjuration (summoning) school that takes longer than a standard action to cast, reduce the casting time by one round (to a minimum casting time of one standard action). Casting a spell in this way is taxing and requires a Fortitude save (DC 15 + spell level) to resist becoming fatigued.

My two questions:

1 - Does using this twice and failing twice cause exhaustion? I read somewhere that magical fatigue doesn't stack, but this might not be considered magical fatigue.

2 - If you continue to cast Summons while exhausted, do you get any worse conditions applied to you for failing the saving throw for this feat?

Thank you for your help.

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