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Thanks. I knew that was the answer, but I just wanted to tripple check. Thank you.

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Do you plan on consolidating much of the stories of the various gods into one book?

Stories of how the gods fought back Rovagug, how Shelyn fought Zon Kuthon for the Whisperer of Souls or how Zon Kuthon tortured his father until he became his herald, the story of the death of Aroden or the rise of Iomedae or Cayden Cailean, or how Asmodeus murdered his brother Ihys but out of sympathy allowed mortals to have free will.

These stories are found in many many different books and you would have to read many Adventure Paths, Campaign Settings, Novels, Player Companions, etc to find it all. Some books exist (Inner Seas Gods, Inner Seas World Guide) that expand on a collection of existing Gods to add items, feats, spells, traits and the like to followers of each god, and even helpful roleplaying tips and cultural information of followers found in Golarion. But the stories and timelines are not available without much searching.

I love these stories and would love even more if there was a book that you can recommend which showcases many of them that I could read. Can you please point out which one or let me know if there are plans to consolidate the amazing amount of rich lore related to the different deities?

Thank you for taking the time to answer everyone's questions.

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Hi all,

I'm practicing interpreting the Harrow Deck cards and I'd like for you to ask me questions (one at a time/one each) pertaining to your character or the quest your character is on.

As an unbiased, unknowing party in your campaign, I will attempt to divine the answers to your questions by performing a harrow reading.

Please state your question and include a number between 1 and 9 for me to draw your Role Card necessary for the reading. And as per the Harrow Handbook, although questions about Wealth and Revenge are taboo, they are not forbidden. Questions about the details of your death however, are forbidden.

Optionally, include the deity you worship so that I may channel them in the reading.

And, lastly, thank you for letting me practice :)

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In case the link doesn't work:

Excel Sheet here

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Hi everyone, I am a person who favors structure and I have difficulty being creative and improvising on the fly, so I have made up these tips to help anyone else who is like me. Please feel free to offer me advice or your own tips from your own experience performing Harrow Readings and Harrowings.

For my, and possibly your convenience, I have made a spreadsheet with the card interpretations, as per the Deluxe Harrow Deck manual PDF available as a free download on the Deluxe Harrow Deck product page, and a Pathfinder Wiki page with summarized interpretations. If I have infringed on any copyrights, please let me know (via private message to make sure I get it) and I will remove the link below immediately, and please forgive my ignorance as I meant no harm and mean to gain no profit from this.

The spreadsheet is available here if you would like to use it:

Google Drive shared Harrowing Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet highlights the cards revealed with a trump order of importance.

  • First: Role Card Match
  • Second: True Alignment Match
  • Third: Opposed Alignment Match
  • Forth: Misaligned/Partial Match
  • Fifth: No Match

For ease of readings, I interpret only the most important card of each column. If there is a tie, I interpret a card with the same attribute (Intelligence, Charisma, Strength, etc) as the Role Card of the character. If there is still a tie, I use the card with the closest alignment (1 Step away, 2 Steps away, etc) to the character getting the reading. Finally, if there is still a tie, I make an arbitrary call on what may be most relevant card to the question/harrow reading.

I also add a few more tweaks for flair:

  • If while shuffling, cards fall out of the deck, I say that the Gods have rejected those fates and I keep them out of the deck.
  • I regularly alternate shuffling my cards face down and then face up to keep my cards from bending a certain way. When I do this in front of a character, I role play that it is to maintain balance of the fates.
  • I also like involving the characters deity in the reading, saying "Shelyn is telling you that ..." or "Pharasma wishes to warn you of ..."
  • When I reveal each column (past, present, future), I have gotten better at recognizing matches quickly, so when a card is a non-match, I flip face down to make it easier for me to read the correct cards, which are face up, back to the character.
  • Finally, when an entire column (past, present, future) reveals all non-matches, I flip them all face down, and continue to draw on top of them an entirely new column, until I have at least one match.

Thanks for reading my little blurb. Hope to hear your feedback.

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For anyone wondering the same thing, I have found these one so far:

I'll keep looking for any in Korvosa, Riddleport or Kaer Maga.

Just helpful to know if you require the services or such a divine caster.

(I always found it odd that the named heads of each church were level 7 almost everywhere but that the general rule of thumb was big cities had these services at your disposal. Something didn't add up if all big cities have this service, but the head priests were all too low of a level to perform it ...)

So so far only one named NPC in Varisia is capable of it.

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Hi all,

I have been DMing for about a year now and have tweaked my overland travel every so often to what it is now.

But I was wondering how other people do it: (I know lots of questions. These are mostly enumerated here to inspire answers and see what other people do for overland travel. Please feel free to answer as little or many of the questions as you want, or to just simply describe anything relevant to handling overland travel in your campaign.)

  • How does your DM/GM handle overland travel?
  • If you are the DM, how do you make it appropriately time consuming (so it's not pointless and easy) but not take 4 sessions to travel 7 days?
  • Do you prepare encounters ahead of time, or do you roll from a chart?
  • Do you have multiple encounters a day?
  • What percentage do you roll for to see if an encounter is triggered?
  • If you do one encounter a day, how do you handle the fact that for each of those encounters, the part has their full list of spells and buffs and leads to the encounter being a cakewalk?
  • Do you have charts you can share that you use in your campaign?
  • What are some of the problems you have run into DMing travel time and how did you go about it to make it better or fix it?
  • Do you use Weather in your Campaign?


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is there a way to make someone take a penalty on saves so that they have a greater chance of failing saves?

*Other than Bestow Curse*