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100% Fantastic


I bought this mini along with 5 others: Karzoug Status, Rune Giant, White Gargantuan Dragon, Red Gargantuan Dragon and Blue Gargantuan Dragon. Why am I telling you this?

Because this is by far the best mini of them all!

The detail is amazing, the painting is amazing, the interpretation of the monster is amazing.

As a mini it is re-usable for many types of demons and it just looks so awesome. Absolutely job well done on this mini.

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Amazing amount of detail and great paint job.


Although the mini comes in pieces and you need to add the tail and wings, with 20 minutes of patience, some crazy glue and some delicate force, you can add these limbs and have no seams showing. The result is really cool! Very glad I got this mini.

EDIT: spelling "seems" to "seams"

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Great mini!


I love the detail on it, the pose and the interpretation of the White Dragon.

It came packaged with the wings detached. I applied some crazy glue and attached the wings. I had to apply a bit of force but the seams are now pretty hard to notice unless you know where to look and are looking for them.

Overall a nice addition to the collection.

EDIT: spelling "seems" to "seams"

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Epic Mini!


I don't agree with the two biggest complaints: Disproportional wings and position of the wings.

The wings are not disproportional. If you look at the detail, it is the pose of the wings. One is fanned out and the spikes at the end of the wings shows this, while the other is not fanned out. If they were both posed in a way that the dragon fanned out both wings, they'd be the same. It is merely the pose, and it looks great.

As for the Wing not looking like the picture on the box. I spent a minimal amount of time when I got mine adjusting the wings and gently bending it into the pose on the box and it looks great.

Overall it has a lot of detail and it's an epic pose.

I rated the mini 5 stars. What I don't like is that you need to buy a case of minis just to qualify to buy this one. I bought mine on Ebay from someone else who bought a case and I couldn't be happier. I would not pay x dollars to buy a case of minis I don't want just to get the one mini I do want.

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Arrived with the weapon bent


I ordered this item along with 4 additional gargantuan miniatures. This item was sent and packaged in the same box as the other minis, but where the other minis had their own individual packaging (smaller boxes within one larger box), this one did not and only had the popcorn styrofoam to protect it. It arrived and the weapon was bent. I could not unbend the weapon so now it looks like Karzougs glaive has been twisted. A little disappointed in that.

Otherwise the mini is as expected. Huge in size. Textured like a statue, the jewels on his head are painted. Will likely attempt to place the mini in warm water to soften him up and straighten his weapon by cooling him in ice water. Wish me luck.

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The miniature is awesome, but they shipped it to me without the packaging ...


Quick review: No complaints about the mini. It is as satisfying to see towering over the heroes as I had hoped.

But because I ordered a bunch of minis at once, Paizo opted to send everything in the same box, and took the Rune Giant out of it's packaging in order to fit it in the box with the other items from my order instead of sending it separately. This and another item came without their packaging. Kinda disappointed in that actually.

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I'm happy that the faction pawns are finally available, notably, the red mantis pawns!