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Father Black, my shadowrunning Catholic priest FTW.

Just picked up Iron Kingdoms Core Rules (not d20 anymore), and it's fantastic. I can't wait to roll up a Gun Mage Trollkin Explorer.

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You know the entire time I read this thread I thought the OP should let the fighter retire, and hand her a character sheet with a lvl 1 imp on it.

That would have been a way more interesting outcome.

+1 Silver Dragon

I'll be meditating with the supposed immortal yogis in the Himalayas if anyone needs me.

Then why post?

I've ejected so many immature selfish creetins (gamers) from my living room, it seems I should have installed a revolving front door!

I was born with a heroic heart, and seek only others that share the same burden.

Yucale wrote:

If I don't want to get in a war for stupid nationalistic reasons?

War is an extension of Politics. Politics are an extension of economics. Every war in history was fought for an Economic reason. The other reasons touted by the media/church/kings whoever, is just dribble for the sheeple.

At least that's how it was taught to me by my macro economics professor.

Using the content of the rules books to correlate the direction of fantasy gaming is faulty logic. Assuming Paizo has a "direction" and they are leading the imaginations of it's customers is equally faulty. Paizo's rules are not causal of the "evolved" fantasy we see in gaming these days.

I wonder if the OP wears tin foil on his head.

Paizo produces books that contain rules for any and all situations that may come up in someone's fantasies. By spreading out and covering all bases, they intend to capture the widest audience possible.

Gamers decide the content of games, not Paizo. Looking to the rules books to get ideas for games indicates a lacking imagination in my opinion. Gamers by design should already be fantasy lovers, which means they may have read a book or two along the way.

The real cause of all this Sci-Fi, Steampunk, technology, aliens, guns, and awesomeness in general is the evolvement of people's imaginations. It's us that's changing, Paizo along with everyone else.

You can represent yourself in all matters pertaining to you as an individual (court).

Matters pertaining to larger bodies of individuals require the decision makers to be bonded, vested, and knowledgeable about the outcomes of said decisions.

If every person in the country got a say (vote) individually over every single decision the state has to make, no decisions could be made in a timely manner. And, if every individual could initiate ideas for the state to decide on, there would be an overwhelming amount of frivolous, disturbing, and dangerous requests bogging down the clogged decision making process.

Lawyers become law makers, not individuals. Lawyers spend years studying the history of laws, and understand the pretenses and circumstances that have brought society as a whole this far along.

The system is rife with graft, corruption, and greed, but that is only because it is run by humans. If any single person wanted to become a part of the law making process, education in those matters is widely available to all who apply.

Numeria +1

I would also like to see:

Osirion/Distant Worlds

Planar AP

Mammoth Lords/Prehistoric Orvian Vault

Mwangi/Mana Wastes

First and foremost Numeria +1

I'm not a sci/fi nut, or a steampunk enthusiast per se. I like all fantasy, as long as it's done well.

That's what Paizo is best at. This company has a record of driving the gaming industry to higher and higher levels of standard.

Some people might gripe about the technology aspect of the setting, but I trust Paizo. They are going to do it right. The end result is going to be a more integrated customer base.

So, since I am already subscribed to the adventure path product line, I offer to not only buy every product that Paizo puts Numeria/Distant Worlds material in, but every thing they publish or put out during the year the AP is put in print. That's the best I can do for support. I hope it's taken into consideration.

It was better when the purple hooved horse ran around saying funny things.

Face it, everything is going to continue to get worse. The future although technologically amazing isn't going to even resemble freedom. Not even remotely.

Oh, and it doesn't matter who gets elected.

Nor is it any politician's fault per se.

It's just the way it is.

Ok, I understand what your aiming at.

My preferences in this case (I'm going on mood here) are Story, Action, and if balance is the way the party is leaning, we can do that.

I'd go the other way though. I feel all pent up out here. I'd like to stick it to the man if I could!

richard develyn said wrote:
, and the last thing I'd ever do is talk to a lawyer (they have enough money as it is!)

Attorney hatred quips are dated. Lawyering is a valid profession that helps more people than it hurts. The perception that it's otherwise comes from media sensationalism.


1. I'm 30ish and live in Afghanistan on a tiny combat outpost. I work as a utilities manager.

2. I have played games all my life (my Nana was ruthless at Monopoly). I started RPG's with the Rules Cyclopedia in 7th grade. There was a long stretch with Palladium, and 3.5.

3. I am currently in no games. (I've applied to several pbp)

4. I do not have a preference in any of those catagories (sorry). To me, each concept presented doesn't necessarily oppose the other; it simply denotes a different theme. A good game encompasses all of those aspects at different times. I am versatile enough to contribute in all of those areas. To me it is more important to depict those catagories (in one's games) as attractively and immersively as humanly possible.

5. I love every character I make. They are an extension of me, so why not? I have two you may view Here and Here, but the latter is a work in progress. He may still end up with a page 1 rewrite. I do not plan on playing either with your game, and would make a new one of course.

The monk class is the exhaust port in Paizo's DeathStar.

PRD said wrote:
Hand of the Apprentice (Su): You cause your melee weapon to fly from your grasp and strike a foe before instantly returning to you. As a standard action, you can make a single attack using a melee weapon at a range of 30 feet. This attack is treated as a ranged attack with a thrown weapon, except that you add your Intelligence modifier on the attack roll instead of your Dexterity modifier (damage still relies on Strength). This ability cannot be used to perform a combat maneuver. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

It doesn't say you actually throw it. Elf wielding a Longsword, or a half-orc wielding a falchion/greataxe should be no problem RAW. However, if the GM is uncomfortable, there is always the feat two-handed thrower from Ultimate Combat. It changes throwing a two handed weapon to just a standard action. Expensive requirements for a wizard though (15 str).

As for the 1.5 damage, I'd say not without two-hand thrower. The feat also grants you 1.5 damage from two hand throws. Giving it to the Wizard for nothing seems cheap.

Numeria AP that goes into space. Epic. *digs through Edgar Rice Burroughs collection*

Currently in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. For some odd reason wild elves are emerging from an Orvian vault.

BTW this thread is BRILLIANT! Paizo should code in a map for us to drive virtual campaign pins into. This would provide us all with a visual representation of community interest.

The Magus and Paladin can be disarmed, so can any single/TWF. Even if locked gauntlets are used (try to don two locked gauntlets by yourself) they can be sundered, broken, and the character summarily disarmed.

How do you disarm a monk that has enchanted his body parts?

Balancing their "weapon" enhancement options against every other TWF doesn't appear to be so simple.

I'm personally chomping at the bit to play the Imperious bloodline (ARG).

I wish they'd publish the stats on the missing bloodline spell (Pure Strain) *hint hint hint

I was reading through the Inner Sea World Guide and noticed a striking resemblance between the illustration on page 42 (Andoran) and Liberty Leading the People (famous painting by Eugene Delacroix displayed in the Louvre).

I thought I'd start this thread to see if anyone else has found examples of famous scenes inspiring Paizo's artists.

Since the Rod goes with you into the dimensional pocket, time slows down for it as well. One could argue that it must rest for a week after it exits the dimensional paradise. This would keep players from abusing the instant escape quality of this thing, while still letting them use it for a one time save.

That's how I've run it before anyhow. Giving PC's the ability to heal up to full in the middle of every fight is a bad idea. Once a week isn't so bad. Therefore, any "immortal" would have to age and survive a week every 200 days. That still provides a huge longevity, but as LazarX brought up ....

Who would enjoy such an existance? There is no growth for you in the pocket. Works great for some creepy "come follow me to paradise" villian that basically hunts you in his dimensional prison. But Lichdom makes way more sense than this for immortality. Heck, the Sun Orchid elixir makes better sense.

If Sir Having A Bad Day uses invisibility, or any other trickery to save the lady, he's a pretty weak and craven knight.

The proper knight saves the lady routine involves boldy entering with vicious force, challenging your feral foes in such a way that demoralizes them (intimidate), beating them fairly by your clearly superior (and very arousing) physical presence, and seeing the last of them flee before your might. Then and only then can said ladies be saved.

Using deviltry (magic) to save the day is for weaker men.

Although praying about such things never made any sense to me (every man owes a death), I look at the life of Ambassador Stevens with fondness and respect in my heart. His final communications showed courage, strength, and optimism despite what was evidently inevitable to him.

I work for the LogCap contractor in Afghanistan. (Lead Electrician)

I look forward to scrounging for work back home again when this gig dries up.

Cudos to anyone striking out into Thailand for work. That place is awesome!

Goblinworks Founder

I'm more interested in how we tear other peoples buildings down!

Reading the first post I thought the girl was making sexual innuendos.

The reality of the situation was a big letdown for me.



Mothers of Oblivion (Black Maga) from PF# 03

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Just because they like to drink doesn't make them bafoons.

Have you ever visited the "projects" in your city? Not the safest environment you could imagine, but with a proper escourt you might get to enjoy one hell of a party.

I absolutly love Golarion Orcs. It's all about perspective.

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If you put the word "Game" in the URL then Websense will block it.

That'll be the end of me on these message boards, because the Nazis I work for will block the entire site. There is no private internet out here :(

Suns of Arqa

Pepe Deluxe

Radio Citizen


And just so you guys think I'm one of you ...


That list changes weekly.

'I don't need my throat any longer.'

Fletcher to the Jaffe

The Great and Secret Show -- Clive Barker --

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It doesn't matter what the "normal" people think. Hand them a copy of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

We know we are the enlightened ones.

Gargantuan is way to big for Masamune (or Buster sword). Rune Giants weild Gargantuan weapons, and they cleave bridges in two with one swing!

At best they are only one step up. Large sized Nodachi, and a Large sized Bastard sword. Since Masamune is enchanted in many of Square Enix releases (ChronoTrigger), and Sephiroth is a BBEG, I don't see why it wouldn't be +3 and keen. The Buster sword needn't be enchanted really. It would be fun to see it made of adamantine though!

Since the mechanic in VIII required timing I like the idea of the projectile only hitting on a critical threat, but I'd make the player announce whether he was going to try for it before he swung, making it a sacrifice to try. This makes the gunblade kinda interesting as it eats up resources over time. Of course you could alternately allow the player to get an automatic chance for a shot, by making them use an iterative attack to pull the trigger. Thus they swing, leave the blade in place, use iterative attack to shoot and repeat if they have any other iterative attacks in their BAB. The video game didn't tackle the idea of reloading. The weapon appeared to be a six shot revolver, so six chances when fully loaded, then maybe a full round action to reload.

The Rebublican's in Texas aren't outwardly against critical thinking, just having a school teach it instead of keeping those sorts of lessons within the home.

It's news to me that American Housholds contain such lessons. Growing up my family thought I came from a different dimension.

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Immediately following the fireball the Paladin could have rushed to aid the burning vicitms despite the danger of possible giant spiders. Anybody still squirming could get a LoH and if theres a cleric, the paladin could request help.

After the encounter, while everyone else is looting, a sullen Paladin could be giving last rights, and gathering the bodies for a journey to town.

There is no need for direct confrontation until judgement is passed. The paladin need not question the sorcerer. What was seen was evidence enough of wanton cruelty, and senseless murder. From me he'd get silence and an icy stare.

Carrying the bodies back to town in a respectful manner, finding the victims next of kin or liege, and swearing a witness statement should be sufficient atonement for traveling with this murderer, and being slower on the draw. Wether or not the town reacts to this knowlege is up to the GM, but if a bounty is offered for the miscreant caster, the paladin could take the job for free.

I'm not a paladin, but in RL that's what I'd be doing.

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Anyone with asian-itus should look up Russian Orthodox Monks. Those guys knew how to throw a punch, and had the mysticism thing going on. No fruity outfits, no weird weapons, just plain ass beating with a divine "discover yourself" motif.

In home brew games I've written totally brand new monk themes and players loved them.

Wild elf thai boxers whose style mimicked the movements of the sea.

Halfling underground boxing clubs whose teachers were not of this plane. It mixed Pugilitsts with Lovcraftian boiler hat wearing arcanists.

Orc tribes who settled differences with bare knuckle "wrestiling" matches, the masters of which could take on the mighty behemoths bare handed. These guys reminded me of the incredible hulk.

Chi/Qi can be called whatever you like. The elf kickboxers called it Wava. The haffer pugilists called it Moxy. Orcs Mojo ect.

The main thing here is not cancelling out a class, but restructuring it to something that you can marvel at. Truly legendary gamers are the ones whose imaginations can bridge any gap in order to augment immersion.

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An aquatic book would be interesting. What's going on under the sea? So much has sunken down there, and we know there must be powerfull beings in the water.

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Kudos to Jacobs and his secrecy. I hope to buy Paizo's products until I'm 90 years old.

Lirgen was a society bent on astrology and prophecy. The eye wiped them out. I imagine (knowing James's tastes) that they may have seen something they shouldn't have. Aroden may have seen the same things. Even if neither saw what was to come, the probablility exists that they would be the first to notice, so they had to go.

As for the Worldwound, I know very little about Mendev and it's history.

I commend your courage.

Is it the concept cunstructing a game in an imaginary world that is difficult to convey, or is it the world of Golarion itself that is hard to describe?

I look back at Japanese ideas like Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, and Zelda, and I know that sword and magic fantasy exists in Japan.

1. Tounges
2. Detect Thoughts
3. Heroes Feast
4. Heal
5. Gate

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Any incentive program that can be created, will be exploited.

On this subject polarization is likely, due to the varied experience of such a diverse populous.

People are lazy, people are unfortunate, people are greedy, and everything in between.

Our energy would be better spent finding a way to remove the need for such incentive programs.

True compassion isn't giving someone a free lunch. Seeing somebody for who and what they are, and inventing a way for them to contribute that appeals to their heart (and their wallet) is closer to the mark.

Is the Club 33 thing a masonic reference? I know how those types love exclusivity.

Don't care what Kevin did, cause I remember a Hero's Unlimited Campaign that blew my mind for an entire summer.

11 of us and it never got slow. Mind blowing.

Goblinworks Founder

I will be your King.

Barring that ....

Union Organizer (trouble maker) priest of Cayden.

Hospitalized "victim" bites a nurse ...

... and it begins!

Changing a class would require an update to the Core rules, which means we all get to buy another book :(

I overcome many of the complaints (fighing incorporeal undead, AoMF)with home brew solutions like magical tatoos, and new Ki abilities/ Ki recharge methods.

If I find the monk struggling with his/her funds, I can always spike monk specific loot like magic temple swords and so on. Panthro's Numbchuku always fascinated me as a kid.

143. Being undesirable is the greatest sin.

For those who have said that killing is always an evil act, I would suggest careful study of the Bhagavad Gita.

From a more personal and modern perspective:

Our universe is always moving. What is good in one situation would be evil in another and vice versa. That's why morality can not be written down and handed to another except as a generality.

Regardless of how one chooses to act in a desperate situation, they do so without all of the facts being made clear to them.

I guess I fall on the conservative (self responsibility) side of this debate, but I'd like to bring up something the media isn't really saying.

The number one factor that will reduce all of our healthcare costs is personal awareness/responsibility. If the average person in our society knew more about health, healthcare, and biology in general, better choices could be made. If society as a whole pushed these concepts and punished those who transgress, better choices WOULD be made.

I don't mind paying for Grandma's dialysis, or a person's MS ect.
I definately mind paying for some fat lazy slob's third heart attack!

Diseases that stem from bad life choices shouldn't be covered by the insurance companies. If you sun tan 3 times a week in your 20's, I'm all for letting you die (or pay for out of pocket 100%) for your malignant melinoma. I'll bet if you break down cost of health in our county, you'll find we pay more for avoidable issues, than naturally occuring ones.

How about creating a "health score" for people, and making that number public knowlege. In fact, if I'm paying for a person's healthcare, why not make the whole file public knowlege? Once you make me responsible for others, I don't see why they get to act how ever they want. Afterall, I'm now invested in their health (whether I like it or not).

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