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My character, a noble knight, has sworn an oath of service to a particular Lady. He has just discovered that said Lady was the beloved of a fellow-knight who gave his life to save my character; in his final words my fellow-knight asked that I "carry the flame of his love" to said Lady.

I almost immediately thereafter discovered that the Lady has been captured by a pack of werewolves. Given the circumstances, my character intends to honour his oath of service and his companion's sacrifice by rescuing the Lady at whatever personal cost.

I got some great ideas from this forum for dealing with a lich cabal in a previous campaign, so I was hoping for some ideas about pulling off a dramatic and effective rescue without pulling the spotlight too much away from the other characters just because my knight is personally invested in this.

Character Abilities:

Inquisitor 11, LG

Feats: Saving Shield, Bodyguard (4 attacks of opportunity, +5 bonus), Quickdraw, Reach Spell, Antagonize (Diplo +14, Intimidate +10)

+1 Defending Merciful Keen Scimitar
---- Attack +10 to +16 depending on buffs, up to 4d6+4 damage
+2 Holy Axiomatic Longsword (his fallen fellow-knight's, non-proficient)
---- Attack +7 to +17 depending on buffs, up to d8+6d6+5 damage

Notable Spells:
1 (7/day) - Lend Judgement, Protection from Evil, Litany of Sloth
2 (5/day) - Bestow Weapon Proficiency
3 (5/day) - Magic Vestment, Terrible Remorse
4 (3/day) - Judgement Light, Divine Power
Plus the whole range of Cures, empowered by Healing Domain.

+1 Light Fortification Benevolent Adamantine Breastplate
Heavy Shield
Magic token that normally enhances his scimitar but could also give his shield +1 Guarding.

The Rescue Crew:
Sorcerer, CN. Assortment of blast spells. Others include Invisibility, Greater Invisibility, Haste, Dispel Magic, Resilient Sphere.

Samurai, NG. Straightforward smashing type, carries what I believe is a +2 Frost Flaming Burst sword and therefore won't pierce DR/silver but does get decent energy damage.

Magus, CN. Standard evocation. Not sure what weapon but can definitely use Arcane Pool to boost it enough to get through DR/silver.

Ranger, werewolf NPC. Solid melee fighter with non-magical silver dagger.

Ranger (TWF), NPC. Both weapons capable of piercing DR/silver.

Magus, NPC.

Wizard, NPC, high-level but squishy.

Not sure whether we'll have the opportunity to be sneaky but my character is more than willing to serve as a loud distraction while another character (preferably the sorc and/or NPC wiz) sneaks around and locates/extracts the Lady. He's also perfectly happy to push through as many enemies as it takes to get to her side and leverage his considerable other-defending abilities to keep her safe.

He'd prefer to use the Longsword in the fight since this seems in tune with his fellow-knight's final injunction to "carry the flame of my love" to the Lady, and because he expects the Holy Axiomatic Weapon to tear through the typical CE werewolf. However, this would require him to cast Bestow Weapon Proficiency on himself shortly before the battle or suffer the non-proficiency penalty. As a practical sort, he's not averse to giving it to another character to use should he think it would be more effective in their hands.

He might try to challenge the pack leader, possibly enhanced by Antagonize, especially if a distraction is called for. In any case, I fully intend to find the pack leader and tell him he should be ashamed of himself.

I find your lack of jumping through windows heroically disturbing... (You did say WITH STYLE!)

Bonus points if you swing in from above. I used The last part as a baseline for epic save-the-girl-ness.

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No windows, alas. Also I'm at net 0 to Acrobatics, so trying to swing in from above might have me landing on my face. Style generally varies a bit between swashbucklers and knights in shining breastplate.

I have considered carefully the dramatic entrance, though:

"I am Sir Valiant,* Knight of the Land, slayer of creatures of darkness and thrice-sworn protector of the Lady you have taken! Have at you, cur!"

* Names changed to protect the Righteous.

Weirdo wrote:
No windows, alas. Also I'm at net 0 to Acrobatics, so trying to swing in from above might have me landing on my face. Style generally varies a bit between swashbucklers and knights in shining breastplate.

Well if not the glass window entrance, at least the breaking of the doors down will suffice too.

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You really need a bard to sing something epic while you lead the charge with a horde of raging barbarians in a "V" formation and maybe fireshield for both coolness and making the bad guys pay when they hit you...which they will. Don't foget to bring a banner an wave it all over the place and if you are victorious, plant it atop a pile of dead werewolves

challenge the lead werewolf to a fight on equal ground.
You, buck ass naked, with only a pair of silver knuckles against him in werewolf shape.

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as long as the final fantasy victory theme (or something similarly triumphant) is played afterwards, it's all good.

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Get tons of Invisibility and methods of flying for the whole group, sneak in to where the Lady is being held, and have the entire party suddenly appear, yourself down on one knee and offering the Lady your hand.

"My Lady, please, allow me to escort you out of this den of evil."

Then kill everything in your path as you lead a mad rush to escape.

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Might not even be doors. These are seriously feral werewolves. I'm not even sure they shelter in caves. Which might make the surprise entrance via invisibility both practical and dramatic. This is preferable as style is no good if the Girl is not actually Saved.

Banner is obtainable and will be waved. Bard is not (though the Magus plays piano). Silver knuckles are not. We are in an isolated area with no time for shopping.

Sir Having A Bad Day is perfectly willing to strip naked and challenge the werewolf pack leader even without silver knuckles if he thinks it would be the most effective way to Save the Girl. Actually, that might work. With Litany of Sloth the pack leader couldn't take AoO on the unarmed strikes, and if an Inquisitor can Bane their UAS (and I don't see why they couldn't) that would at least sting enough that the pack leader might not laugh it off. Or he could borrow the ranger's silver dagger for the purpose.

Actually, I'd forgotten my 1/day ability that lets me blind everything within 30ft or so that fails a Ref save. That's a damn good argument for the "push myself noisily into the middle of things when my friends are off somewhere else" plan.

To add to Garabbot...

Enlarge your primary Melees, then Invis, then Fly. Your Enlarged Melees can serve as ad hoc mounts for the smaller, non-flying folks ;)


Your primary goal is to rescue the Damsel in Distress, not to slaughter all the enemies. It would be wise to keep that in mind. Rushing in, lifting her on the back of your steed and then ride out into the sunset is an acceptable outcome, even if no werewolf is hurt in the process.

In my opinion, you need to focus primarily on:

  1. Learning exactly where the Lady in question is.
  2. Getting near to her, so that you might protect her.
  3. Getting her out of harms way.
  4. Explaining yourself and your quest to her.
The werewolves are irrelevant, a minor nuisance or a speed bump in accomplishing the above.

Be careful trying to use invisibility to sneak past werewolves. In either their hybrid or wolf form, they'll have the scent ability, and no matter how invisible you might be, they'll know something is amiss.

dont werewolves get scent (in wolf form i mean)? i'd think that'd put a damper on the invisibility plan.

For drama's sake, I prefer the kick-in-the-door approach in this circumstance, if it's feasible.

When you first enter the hall with the damsel and the villain, re-Christen your sword "Wolvesbane" and swear (or re-swear, as the case may be) an Oath to see the Lady freed unharmed. Then give the alpha wolf a chance to flee with his cronies, or you will take the proof of your fidelity from his quivering flesh.

Remember to offer her your cloak after the fiend is slain. ;)

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I also think that you should focus on saving the lady. Since you mentioned "other-defending abilities", that means you must reach her side asap.

Let someone else attract the Werewolves' attention.

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VRMH wrote:

Your primary goal is to rescue the Damsel in Distress, not to slaughter all the enemies. It would be wise to keep that in mind. Rushing in, lifting her on the back of your steed and then ride out into the sunset is an acceptable outcome, even if no werewolf is hurt in the process.

In my opinion, you need to focus primarily on:

a) Learning exactly where the Lady in question is.
b) Getting near to her, so that you might protect her.
c) Getting her out of harms way.
d) Explaining yourself and your quest to her.

The werewolves are irrelevant, a minor nuisance or a speed bump in accomplishing the above.

Agreed. However, odds are good that we will either need a distraction to get in or need to bash our way out or both.


I'm aware of the scent hitch. (We have never seen these wolves in full human form, so I'm assuming they'll be scent-capable.) Was hoping that one of the NPC rangers might be able to pull a Negate Aroma out of their hat. Or possibly that the high-survival characters might be able to improvise a scent mask for one or two characters.

A loud distraction might prevent the pack from noticing another foreign scent, especially if it's masked. Not sure if they'd be keen enough to differentiate our werewolf from one of their own. A distraction party could also lob some scentbane incense or stench bombs to confuse scent. I was a bit over-zealous when I said we didn't have time to shop, as we are passing through a small settlement on our way and though I can guarantee they don't keep silver weapons or anything more magical than a Potion CLW in stock, we might be able to drop into an apothecary or alchemist's lab and pull something noxious off a shelf.

Plus, even if they notice there's something invisible, it's still difficult to actually attack that invisible thing, especially if they don't have magic - and we haven't seen any from this pack yet.

Other-Defence: AKA Sir Having a Bad Day is a Bodyguard Build

If I get everything going at once, I can give one adjacent ally +13 to AC vs the first attack against them in a round, +11 vs the next 3 attacks, and +5 to everything after that, and an extra +3 vs crit confirms, and the ability to force up to three rerolls on successful hits. I can do this without sacrificing my move or standard actions.

  • Bodyguard combo that gives me 4 uses of Aid Another's AC per round at +5 to AC, plus a shield interception for an extra +2 on the first attack. Usable only on adjacent allies. If I use Magic Vestment to pump my (Benevolent) Armour this increases to +8 on the first attack, +6 on the next 3.

  • If I use the Longsword instead of the Scimitar I get a +1 Guardian shield (+2 with Magic Vestment) giving +1/+2 to adjacent ally's AC.

  • Lend Judgment and Judgment Light which can be used to give allies who are nearby at time of casting bonuses to AC or saves or DR 3/evil.

  • Preacher archetype, allowing me to force a reroll on a successful attack against an ally up to 3 times per day as a free action so long as the ally can hear me and respond. Not range-dependent.

  • Antagonize, useful to encourage enemies to attack me instead of someone else, especially useful if I can use the Diplomacy variant to taunt the pack leader before entering combat proper (if I get an Eagle's Splendour shortly beforehand and don't botch my Sense Motive, I taunt at +18).

  • Litany of Sloth, preventing one enemy per turn from taking AoO at me or others.

Suggested Plan: have the Rangers, Magii, Samurai, and Sorc bust some heads and while I get invisible with the Wizard (with whatever scent protection can be arranged) and get to the Lady. Depending on the situation we discover, might borrow the Samurai's mount for improved mobility either with Invisibility or instead of Invisibility (and rely on Overrun).

jesus H christ I like Sir Having A Bad Day already. brb grabbing leadership.

You simply *must* use the longsword to draw a line in the dirt and dare the alpha wolf to come across. I consider this point non-negotiable. :)

Good luck!

If Sir Having A Bad Day uses invisibility, or any other trickery to save the lady, he's a pretty weak and craven knight.

The proper knight saves the lady routine involves boldy entering with vicious force, challenging your feral foes in such a way that demoralizes them (intimidate), beating them fairly by your clearly superior (and very arousing) physical presence, and seeing the last of them flee before your might. Then and only then can said ladies be saved.

Using deviltry (magic) to save the day is for weaker men.

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Yep. Overwhelming frontal assault. Charge in and kill everything furry.

only issue with the frontal assault is if their first instinct is "well things have gone south, kill the hostage" then you sorta knee'd yourself in the groin. I mean, they ARE feral beast who've shown that they're not above kidnapping.

magically assisted appearance at princess' side should be perfectly acceptable if it means she is kept safe, and you can still do a daring rescue going out instead of coming in.

I think that escaping (with or without lady fair) would indeed be craven and not befitting a knight of Sir Having A Bad Day's obvious stature. But allowing her a front row seat to the daring heroics as he and his loyal companions hack their way out of the camp of vicious, evil offenders of feminine virtue, more than overcomes any irregularities in just how they got there in the first place (especially as this takes full advantage of his abilities to woo-by-placing-self-in-harms-way).

PS If given the chance, you must absolutely work in the "Over my dead body!" line.

I assume the rest of the party (possibly barring NPCs) are the same level as Sir Having a Bad Day, namely level 11.

Rangers can cast spells. I know it's not their primary schtick, but they do have a few handy ones. And one of those is Negate Aroma. At level 11, it'll last for 11 hours and a single casting works on 11 people. That'll help if you take a sneaky approach.

Alternatively, have your high-level-but-squishy wizard prep Teleport spells (at least two, preferably more). If you can arrange for him to see the area the captive is being held, perhaps via scrying or similar, great. Then:

1) bamf a fully-buffed party teleports directly to the maiden in distress;

2) You deliver your intro line and do your bodyguard massive AC bonus for her;

3) Everybody readies actions to trip or otherwise incapacitate any werewolf attempting to interfere;

4) bamf you teleport away again, with the damsel coming along.

Of course, if there's a werewolf caster who manages to get a Dimensional Anchor in place, you're in for a big fight. But at least you're right there at her side from round 1.


And, uh, bring some wolfsbane and/or a level 12 cleric with Remove Disease. Just in case she's been turned.

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On sneaking in:

It is neither honourable nor stylish to let a Lady come to harm through being too obstinate or prideful to use the tools at hand in her rescue. Sir HABD holds himself personally responsible for the Lady's welfare and absolutely will not take any action that he thinks increases her risk. That includes inducing the pack to harm the hostage, or leaving the Lady in hostile territory without at least one defender by her side. Given his bodyguard training and the fact that (with the possible exception of one of the Rangers) he is the only healer in the rescue party, he has reason to believe that he is the most capable such defender. He has also previously been a situation where he was physically prevented from reaching an ally and that ally died where they might have lived with his bodyguard abilities. Not something he wants to repeat.

Also, said Lady has repeatedly instructed Sir HABD to flee rather than engage in a battle that is both costly and pointless. She's not likely to take offence at a practical approach to the rescue and might instead rebuke him for recklessness.

Tinalles, the party is all level 11, and I think most of the NPCs are about the same. I think the wizard is either a conjurer or illusionist. At least one of the rangers is a no-spells archetype. I am not sure if anyone has had / will get time to prepare specific spells as the situation is urgent. I've had Negate Aroma used against my druid in the last campaign and fully intend to use it against the wolves if possible.

The Lady herself is if I am not very much mistaken a level 12+ cleric with Remove Disease. She's our hometown's primary healer. Sir HABD is among other things her field agent. I do suspect that the reason that she's been kidnapped and not killed is because they specifically intend to turn her. Either that or it's a trap.

List of highly recommended/required dramatic elements so far:

1) Bold kick in the door entrance OR dramatic sudden appearance at the Lady's side (debated)
2) Bard
3) Banner
4) Final Fantasy victory theme or similar
5) Loud swearing of oaths
6) Offering of cloak to the Lady
7) Drawing a line in the dirt
8) “Over my dead body” (is a variation such as "Go through me" acceptable?)

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