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I think there should be no proble...Ktunk SKLORtch! AAAAArgh! the pain!

Tell me about it. I got stabbed to death in gruesome detail.

It's all right for you lot. I was stabbed to death by a Nubian that I used to sell hashish to.


Heroes? Depraved Lechers!

Vinder virgin deflowered by elvish cad! Rapine most foul!

The “heroes of Sandpoint” are in the public eye, and what do they do? Let me tell you, reader. They spit in that eye, and betray the trust placed in them by making advances most lustful and base against a young girl. Maiden no longer, and shamed by a callow bastard orphan that we once called a son of Sandpoint. The brute lured the damsel into the cellar of Vinder’s hardware. He seized her, stifled her cries and took a husband’s priveledges! Were her father not to find him, would he have slit her throat to silence her? Is any wench safe, with a predator of fey blood in our midst? No longer. Be aware of the danger posed by these "adventurers". They are rootless shiftless villains, prone to rapine. Robbers of corpses and traffickers in poison and witchcraft. Does slaying goblins earn the right to make free with our womenfolk? I SAY NOT! Lock your doors and look to your daughters, and aye! your wives! Do not let these vagabond brutes cost you your good name, and make your maiden daughters into harlots.

Szcarni Peril in our midst!

Educated people knoe that the Varisian native holds hatred for the noble Chelish citizen. This hatred and spite are nowhere so evident than in the dread Szarni. The secret cult of villainy that has plagued Abadar-fearing folk across Avistan. Foolish womenfolk think the Varisians are fortune tellers and dancers, but the canny know that the coloured skirts hold knives, and the smile of a Varisian is the smile of a wolf. Do not let your guard down around such characters, and do not let their easy manner confuse you. They want us DEAD! Tell a guardsman or good Chelish man if you see a vagabond around your house after dark. The Varisian lowlife thinks nothing of taking what he wants. Buy bars and locks, and have the keys made by a true Chelish locksmith.

Our trust led us to this pass!

One might expect nothing better from the alien Tian. After nesting in the bosem of our town for decades, the evil in the house of Kaijutsu is finally laid bare. A half elf bastard colluded with monsters, and set tham at the throats of the people who gave them shelter, and yea! enriched them with our labour. For sheer spite, the half Tian, half eldritch bastard TSUTO KAIJUTSU brought ruin to this town. Now the glassworks are an abbatoir. What was once a mark of pride is now a brand of shame, and let none look through Sandpoint glass again, without cursing the fools who let these inscrutable foreign fiends and half human hybrids live among us.

What am I doing here? I'm dead!

Post from a fictional character that is bleeding to death on another thread.

"You b*~&&! You betrayed me"

Zalmoxis, slick with his own blood, is scrabbling to grab hold of the Nubian assassin's heel to trip him.


The Nubian tries to shift out of reach without opening himself to attack from the two threatening him.


Despite his speed and grace, the tenacity of the old slaves grip pins his foot to the floor.

Paper gets an attack of opportunity as the man tries to steal a glance at his foot.