Evening of an empire, the eagle in autumnn


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Levi catches his breath and says"How did I get here, and who are you people?"

He seems to realise that moving around is a bad idea. He is looking closely at Isat's face and waiting for an answer.


The closed room where the whispers came from has gone quiet. Zalmoxis does not come out.


Modius is now able to tell the others what he saw.

I need to know what everyone is doing and planning to do.

M Human Fighter 4


Paper is livid that some stranger has violated the sanctitiy of his family's house. He chokes back his fury with a soldier's discipline and decides he needs to try and find out more information. He moves to his sister's old room to try and listen for any further converstation between Zal and this mysterious stranger.

Paper is going to try and move to his sister's room to use the acoustic tricks to listen in on the conversation.

EDIT: Before he heads out he goes to the others and whispers:

"There is someone in the house with Zal. I am going to investigate. Please remain here with our wounded guest and act normal."

Male Human Cleric 4

Nodding very slightly to acknowledge Paper's words, Isat concentrates on Levi.

"We found you wounded and brought you here. You already know I'm a doctor. My friends and I would not leave a man to die in the street. We will help you if we can. Why were you attacked?"

Isat keeps his voice as calm and steady as possible.

"Act normal"? What's going on here and what have we got ourselves into?



The victim is in the Southwest of the house, in your mother's old room. Above that room, in the west is your sister's old room. Above that is an empty room. That is all in the part of the house for family. There is a large door to the north of the room you are in, which goes to the servant rooms. The mystery invader is thus three rooms to the north of the one the others are in.

Like so:

NW Servants and Slaves. The invader is in here.

Wall with doorway. This seperates the slaves from the rest.

W Women's study.

W Sister's old room.

SW. Mother's room and Levi, Galsius, Hrothgar and Isat.

To the South is the main door to the villa. It is barred. No windows.

Modius has just entered the large room you Paper is in. He has come in from the East side of the house through the kitchen and is probably moving very quickly toward you all.


The door to your sister's room is not locked, but it has stuck. You will not be able to get in without making enough noise to alert the intruder. You (and only you) suddenly hear a cracking sound, a knock and a quick series of thumps. The sound is over in a few seconds, and came from the slave room you are investigating. You have heard throats slit in the night in the forests of the Danube and you have just heard the same sounds again.

Isat, Hrothgar and Rufinus.
Levi seems to see something in Isat's face that reassures him. He lifts one hand to the side of his head and speaks:

"A man named Lycurgus wishes to find something I bore from the holy land. He has a man called Rafi who is chasing me. I was trying to reach a senator here in Constantinople who has ties to my people. I was waylaid and found myself here."

"My wife came to the city. She is outside, hiding in the tomb of Lysoskevos on the hills of the dead. She has the book and the key. Find her and get her to the senator. You must do it, or they will get the book, and give it to Lycurgus, and with its power he will bend the empire to his will. He will command men with the tongue of god and make the skies rain fire. He must not have them."

Levi realises that he is almost shouting. His lack of ears make it hard for him to judge his volume.


Simultaneous sequence of events:

Levi shouting.

Paper hears trouble.

Modius bursts into the room that Paper is in, the long central room that connects the house. He obviously has something to say.

Please all post your intentions for the next thirty seconds in your next post. Those who have not rolled initiative, please do so.

M Human Fighter 4

The next thirty seconds will be used by Paper to motion Modius to be quiet and to draw his Gladius with as much stealth as he can muster. He will then attempt to move quietly to the slave room.


Paper 9.
Hrothgar 14.
Modius 15, high dex, so goes before Isat.
Isat 15
Rufinus 19 1d20+6=19

Male Human Cleric 4

Isat will try to get Levi to be quiet - even though it's probably a bit late for that. Then he'll ask Red and Rufinus to guard the door, while reassuring Levi that they will protect him.

Modius bursts in and seeing Paper explains too quickly to understand. He slows himself and simplifies: "killers outside, very dangerous men."

He sees Paper motioning silence, and something in Papers eyes, him drawing his weapon: Modius knows there will be a fight.

He will back up Paper and try to flank anyone Paper engages. He draws his weapon.

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

Rufinus says to Hrothgar:

"Go. I will guard the doctor and their quarry. Look to the doors."

He hefts his hammer and starts to bind it to his hand with broad leather straps.


You are all on the same page now. Everyone heard Modius say: "Killers outside". Paper and Modius are now outside the door to the slave barracks. The door is closed, but has been oiled recently. The floor from the kitchen to this door was also mopped in a hurry a few hours ago. whoever is in there came in wet and someone, probably Zalmoxis cleaned up after them. .

Paper and Modius need to make Perception and Stealth checks, unless they are just charging the door.

If they are, let me know.

"Very well." Draws his weapons, Hrothgar tells Rufinus, "You'll miss out on the fun, though. Oh well more for me."

Hrothgar leaves the room whistling.

Male Human Cleric 4

"Enjoy yourself Red."

To Levi, he adds "Be still and silent. We will protect you."

Reaching into his bag he takes out his only weapon. A lethal looking scalpel.

He shrugs at Rufinus "It's not what I planned to use this for, but we all have to use what comes to hand." He places himself between Levi and the door, trying to mask the man.

Levi says quietly and quickly to Isat "It is me they want, but Rafi is a killer. He will spill blood whether it is needed or no. Is there a back way? Leave me a blade and go to Ruth. Say to her 'Would you like to buy some paper?" and she will know I sent you. I put some coins in a bone tube in the gutters on the apse of the temple by the grain gate. They are in the Southwest of the roof of the temple. Take the coin and get Her out of here. Don't worry about me, save yourselves."

Hrothgar pauses outside of the door. "Here me Tyr. Fill me with your righteous fury and I promise to deliver your justice upon the heads of these miscreants."

Draws a thin line across his palm with the axe, "By blood, I swear it."


I will post again in about twelve hours. Feel free to co-ordinate on the discussion thread out of character and figure out any tactical questions you have for me. Everything is running very smoothly. You are all very good at this and make running a game easy.

Anyone who survives the fight will level up. Just letting you know.



The axe grows lighter in your hand. Add one to hit and damage. Crit is still 20, but is X4

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:

Paper and Modius need to make Perception and Stealth checks, unless they are just charging the door.

Perception, Stealth: (1d20 4=5, 1d20 7=20)

Male Human Cleric 4
Levi Bram. wrote:
Levi says quietly and quickly to Isat "It is me they want, but Rafi is a killer. He will spill blood whether it is needed or no. Is there a back way? Leave me a blade and go to Ruth. Say to her 'Would you like to buy some paper?" and she will know I sent you. I put some coins in a bone tube in the gutters on the apse of the temple by the grain gate. They are in the Southwest of the roof of the temple. Take the coin and get Her out of here. Don't worry about me, save yourselves."

"There are a few reasons that's not going to happen. The first is that I'm a professional man and I've not spent hours stitching you together to leave you to get chopped up again by another expert. Second, none of us can leave from the sound of things. This isn't my house and I know of no back way. Third, Red is formidable, Rufinus looks very handy with that hammer of his, Modius and Paper are dangerous and I - well I have my own resources."

Isat smiles grimly.

"We will finish what we need to do here and we will all go and find your Ruth. Safety in numbers Levi - I think you understand that."

The last part of Isat's sentence is spoken very quietly and is intended for Levi's ears alone.

"Meanwhile I suggest we commend ourselves to whichever gods are most likely to respond favourably."

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

Rufinus suddenly beams with a flash of inspiration. "The walls are thin. I can make door" He hefts his hammer with a grin.


Waiting for Paper to conclude this round. Patrick, please roll stealth and perception.

Paper is ready at the door, with Modius, catlike, at his side.
Modius cannot hear a g&#&@%n thing louder than his own pounding heart.

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:
...or do something original.

[John Cleese voice] Knock, knock. Excuse me in there. I do believe we have a fight scheduled. Do you think we could get it underway?[/John Cleese voice]

M Human Fighter 4

Good morning. (At least where I am at it is LOL) looks like I signed on at just the right time.

Paper attempts to skulk into the slave barracks.

Perception: 1d20+3=18, Stealth: 1d20+5=6

Obviously Paper is still a bit clumsy.


Paper hears two things. One of them is a young voice saying "SShh!" "Sssh!" and muffled thumping. Paper has his gladius drawn. As he reaches for the door, he hears the other. His gladius sheath slips out of it's leather loop and clatters to the floor, making a noise like a tin pan falling down a flight of stairs.

Zalmoxis screams in terror from inside the room.

How do the two of you open the door and enter?

M Human Fighter 4

Since Paper blew his stealthy roll all to Hades and back, he is going in guns blazing, hoping that Modius remains firm.

Paper kicks the door to the slave barracks open, trying to catch whoever is inside in a state of surprise.


The door cracks into seven or eight pieces and explodes into the room. Among the bedding stored in the room Zalmoxis is pinned to the ground, and the Nubian from the square is kneeling on his back, tying him with good rope. Zal's legs are already restrained, and a gag lies in the dust in front of him. The nubian has a punch dagger in his left hand. He has just stabbed Zal with the blade in the side and back. Zal is screaming. The assassin is already leaping forward off of the old slave, but Modius is faster.

Roll to attack and describe your attack.


Initiative order for this struggle is:

Modius. 15
Assailant. 11
Paper. 9

The man is five feet away, assuming you have both moved into the room after it burst inward. You are able to flank him.

Am I there yet?


Hrothgar looms in the doorway, cutting off all retreat. A fatalistic smirk flits onto the dark youth's face as he seems to calculate how many he can take with him.


Hrothgar goes first next round.

In a moment's thought Modius decides he will take the risk of engaging the assassin, moves in and toward the left, leaving space for Paper to flank him.

Attack, Damage: (1d20 1=9, 1d6=5)

Unfortunately, in his caution his swing doesn't come close enough.


The man is fast. He punches at Modius with the dagger in his hand, and is moving to try to place Modius between him and Paper, but the room is too small, and he cannot completely do so.

1d20+5=13, 1d3+1=4

The blade strikes Modius in the chest and cuts through ribs and armour doing four points of damage.

I considered Modius flat footed, reducing his AC to 12.

The man has drawn another dagger with his right hand.

M Human Fighter 4

Paper slashes at the assailant
ATK: 1d20+2=15, DAM: 1d6+2=3

I have to sign off Tal, but if you need Paper to do anything feel free to run him as an NPC. I will endeavor to have his new stats put up by tonight when I return from work.


Paper cuts at the man's bare chest and cuts a long red line in the dark skin, exposing bone.

The unlucky Nubian is now pinned against the wall to protect his back. Hrothgar is now through the door if he wishes, and the three of you have removed most of the enemy's tactical options. Hrothgar is in the middle, and sees an opening.

Three rooms away, Rufinus starts to smack the wall that joins this house to a neighbouring tenement. He is trying to break a hole large enough for Isat and Levi to escape through.

People in the neighbourhood will easily hear this level of noise.

The main door suddenly crashes against its bar. It sounds like the thugs outside are starting an assault.



When these men slew your old friends and master, they had a loud assault like this to cover a more covert infiltration. It is likely that the kitchen door is under quieter attack.

Male Human Cleric 4

"Worth trying."

He glances round the room to see if there is anything they can use to disguise themselves.

Women's clothes or cloaks of some kind would be really helpful

At the same time, Isat tries to assess Levi's ability to walk.

Is this hole being knocked through an outside wall or an adjoining wall? Ending up in the street is a whole lot different to ending up in the house next door. Edit. Too quick for my own good. Looks like house next door. We'll be popular.


Levi is too weak too walk. He will need to be carried or dragged.

This house is almost abandoned. The only clothing in the open here is Paper's. In the slave quarters, there is likely to be clothing for Zalmoxis. what there is plenty of, however is linens. Most of the bedclothes and curtains are, unfortunately in the room where a Goth, Spaniard and Roman are cutting up a Nubian. There is enough bedding in the room Isat is in to make two makeshift Toga. There is also clothing drying in the kitchen on the side of the stove, and more clothing hanging.

Time is against you however.

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

"This will take sixty heartbeats." Rufinus sees the fear on Isat's face. He nods to acknowledge it and says. "Make that ninety, for your heart is faster. No harm will come to you. They must get through me first."

Male Human Cleric 4

Realising that time is running out, Isat rummages in his bag and pulls out a small flask.

"Levi. Drink this and trust me."

As the man downs the liquid, Isat chants slowly, keeping his hand on Levi's head and feeling his will release.
Desperate times, desperate measures

"If you feel well enough to stand, we should leave now. Wrap yourself in this."

Isat pulls bedclothes apart in an attempt to make two passable togas. Finally he reaches into his bag again and palms a small lump of wool.

"Rufinus, give us as long as possible, but don't risk your own life foolishly."

That's a CLW cast using the flask full of aniseed water (also containing the material component) as cover. It's going to take effect slowly I know, but Levi needs to be mobile. If it just boosts him enough to get him walking, that'll do for now. Is it likely that Rafi and Lycurgus' men would be worried by Hibernius or the watch. More to the point, would Isat think they might be
EDIT CLW [4,1] = (5)

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:
I considered Modius flat footed, reducing his AC to 12.

You are evil... :)

Modius finds he's not as shocked as he thought he would be seeing his own blood. Everything slowed down at that moment: memories of blood and weeping, doors kicked in, and soon the whole assault on his master's estate flashes through him mind in a heartbeat.

"They're going to come in the back! Through the kitchen door!" Modius shouts for the benefit of Isat and Rufinius. "We need to all go now!"

But for Paper and Hrothgar a little quieter and through clenched teeth, "after this one is dead."


Rufinus looks frustrated at how slowly his demolition of the wall is going. A few bricks are cracked and one is buckled inwards, but the house wall is not one wall but two cemented together. Plaster showers everyone in the room as his sledge smashes the wall in a slow spiral.

His frustration gives way to rage and suddenly, his muscles twist and writhe under his skin and his eyelids peel back. The veins in his neck and face turn purple and suddenly his blows become deafening. Bricks shatter and crumble. Blood pours down from where he has bitten his tongue.

Isat's magic is subtle, but not subtle enough to escape Levi's knowledge. He is smiling, and it lights up his face.

The enemy assault on the front door has eased, but the side door is under attack as well. They are timing the blows on the side door with the ones on front. Shouting can be heard as the neighbourhood wakes up to trouble in its midst. Some of the most panicked shouting is coming from the Armenian family whose wall is being shattered by a bearsark.

Hrothgar will feel the urge to rage rise in his own blood, but I am not going to dictate anything.

Hrothgar can either attack the Nubian, or go to reinforce the kitchen door and stop them from getting inside. The door will only hold for another twelve seconds or so, from the sound of the frame ripping.

Modius is hurt , but the wound is a deep puncture and not a slash, so bleeding will be held in check by his leathers.

Paper is drawing the Nubians attention, which will allow Modius to place his next strike somewhere vital.

"You b$&#*! You betrayed me"

Zalmoxis, slick with his own blood, is scrabbling to grab hold of the Nubian assassin's heel to trip him.


The Nubian tries to shift out of reach without opening himself to attack from the two threatening him.


Despite his speed and grace, the tenacity of the old slaves grip pins his foot to the floor.

Paper gets an attack of opportunity as the man tries to steal a glance at his foot.


Paper cuts at the man's groin with a quick jab, then moves the gladius back to his side, held parallel to the bloody floor.


The jab connects, cutting the man's thigh and causing blood to well out


The villain looks shaken with pain, but he lunges at Paper with both of his blades clenched in his fists, aiming both for the face.

1d20+3=4, 1d3+1=2, 1d20+1=14, 1d3+1=4

The first strike was too impulsive, and goes wide, but the second connects with Paper's cheekbone, cutting the flesh deep and sticking into the skull, where it lodges, snapping off the handle. The pain is incredible,and the tang of the blade seems immense to him as it is so close to the eye. 4HP.

Gnaeus Cornelius Papyrus wrote:

I have to sign off Tal, but if you need Paper to do anything feel free to run him as an NPC. I will endeavor to have his new stats put up by tonight when I return from work.

Sorry Patrick. Them's the dice. I will try not to kill him in his parents's house."



Hrothgar acts next.

One round until Armenians have a new window.

Two rounds before Isat's healing works enough for Levi to stand.

Three rounds or less and the kitchen door is breached.


You have until dusk to kill in the name of Tyr, or your axe will become too heavy for you to wield.

Modius jabs weekly back at the Nubian.

Attack, Damage: (1d20 1=12, 1d6=2)

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