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Glad to hear others are receiving their orders. I have yet to hear back from my last email communications with customer service or hear that my order is shipping. This is atypical from all of my previous experiences with Paizo who has always been tremendous with both communication and order shipment.

When will cases for subscribrers ship?

It's been a week since I responded to customer service email regarding increased shipping costs, asking if I wanted to have it ship. I have not received a response from customer service in that week or a note about the shipment being sent out.

I saw it arriving in local game stores today.

Wondering if the shipping date got moved back for subscribers? Thanks for your help.

Will there be more blog posts coming again soon?

Will there be more preview images for Iconic Heroes 8?

I live in the Midwest and the portcullis in my case also has some major warping issues.

I do like the knight statue and the fountain, but the other dungeon dressing do not work for me.

I do like the variety that was added with this set, particularly the plants. There are definitely some cool looking commons and uncommons (both urdefhan, gate hellknight, ghul, lizardfolk, deep lurker, pit born fighter, viper vine, witch fire, to name a few).

Overall this is a nice set.

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Received a case yesterday in the mail from Paizo. Will be opening it today.

The first 4 will make for great future NPCs. Wow, they look amazing!

I like the cleric the best. All three are cool.

I find it interesting that many minotaurs in D&D are large, but some of were mediums.

In Pathfinder are they all larges?

I received a case from Paizo yesterday, too. Very fast shipping. Did not receive the case incentive yet.

I had one fig that was broken between the cape and the body - I will try to glue it. One of the spiders was off it's peg, which was easy to fix.

I haven't had time to closely look at the rest, but they seemed good as I took them out of the boxes and stored them on the shelf until this weekend.

Thanks for the preview Clavejones. Very cool to see.

I like spiders and scorpions

Skeleton and Rakshasa are great!

Drow and plants would be cool.

Desert themed minis would be hot.

Aside from that you always manage to come up with winners that I didn't know I would want until I see them.

The set is growing on me. I don't know whether or not a case makes sense yet - but maybe once I see what else is included.

I like the Ankhrav Drone - glad it's not a rare.. I'm not a big sphinx fan to begin with, so any sphinx is a tough sell for me - so I'm glad it's a rare.

For other miniatures enthusiasts, if you liked the Kraken produced in a kickstarter by Dungeon Crawler Miniatures, they are kickstarting a 8x8 Behemoth right now that looks pretty amazing.

I like both. I like all the minis revealed so far, but did not see the need to purchase the first four revealed. These two are my favorites from this set so far.

I'm not in need of either of these, but they look cool. Not sure if I will order them or not. Right now I'm leaning towards not for the reason that I don't foresee an imminent use for either in the campaign I am running.

I was really hoping for a preview by this week, too.

Thank you. I hope they continue making more - these are fun NPCs or cool choices for PCs.

Looking forward to hearing about both the next Iconic Heroes set and the next featured case set.

How many Iconic Heroes sets are in the works? Is #6 the last or will there be more?

Chris Lambertz wrote:

Hey folks, here's an update on singles that we've just sent to subscribers:


As a subscriber to Pathfinder Battles, we wanted to give you notice that we are about to restock singles for our latest miniatures set Rusty Dragon Inn.

Because of the overwhelming popularity of this set, we've set a limit the dungeon dressing figures (the Barrel, Bed, Cart, Crate, Large Cart, and Table) to one figure per customer. Please note that our own stock of these figures is limited, so act quickly if there's a specific single you've been after.

The restock of figures will go live at noon Pacific time on Wednesday, January 27. You can find all of the Rusty Dragon Inn singles here.

If you've been waiting to fill our your set of Rusty Dragon Inn miniatures, don't delay! Sales of single miniatures from this set will end at midnight Pacific time on Sunday, January 31.

We've also recently posted a promotional repaint of the Bed, and repainted Feiya and King Irovetti miniatures that are freely available on and will be available past January 31.

Thank you for your continued support as a Pathfinder Battles subscriber!

Thanks for the update. If not for having to work when these went on sale, I'd have snagged a table. Not sure I want extras of the other items right now. A great set. The case I ordered is really well stocked with enough of each fig - nice selections on the rarities.

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Thank you Kalindlara!

Hidden in plain sight :)

How do I leave a product review for this or any other product? Thanks for your help.

Set 4 has great painting. I mean great. The figures are all very cool.

Kolo is cute. The 5 humanoids are so detailed - I keep noticing more features on each that really bring out character.

I think these rank among the best pre-painted I've seen. Wow!

Got my case today. Wow! Wow!!! Wow!!!!! Love it. The minis turned out great.

The paint and sculpts are all great.

Beaky is my favorite owl bear mini of all time.

The kobold trap maker is my favorite kobold mini of all time.

The frost giant ice mage is simply cool.

The orc rider on the dire wolf fits so nicely with dire wolves already on the market - a great figure in its own right.

The bar scene with so many characters that fit with the theme are perfect for many bar scenes in game.

The two goblins make me smile. Good unique minis with stories yearning to be told tying them into story lines.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

I have only 2 very minor things I will fix -
1 bugbear mystic lost the bottom half of her staff. I may just leave it. It looks pretty good as is.
1 farmer has one foot off the ground - a little glue will fix that easily.

Getting a case of this was awesome. There are only a few minis that I won't use (probably only ever use 1 flesh golem - got 3, 1 gorgon - got 3, 2 frost giant ice mages - got 4, 1 city watch commander - got 3, 1 or 2 dwarf wizards - got 4). The rarities for this case were perfect for me. I only wanted 1 of each rare. I understand the reasoning for the rarity of the dungeon dressing, but will add my voice to others' voices that more of these would be great - love the table, cart, and wagon especially.

Thank you Erik, Paizo, and WizKids!

Hooray!!! Looking forward to this set.

I received an email back already - thank you so much.


I would like to add on some items to my order, if possible, before it ships. (I emailed this note to customer service, too - sorry for the double communication - I just noticed Steve Geddes advised me to post here)

Please let me know if this is correct -
Because I have a PFB subscription, I will receive 30% off of Iconics and of extra case promos.

I received a very kind Seasons Greetings card from Paizo with a 10% off a single order placed before Jan 31. Could I use that on this Iconics and the extra case promo add-on order, too?

Depending on the discounts, I'm hoping to add
1 Rusty Dragon Inn: Bar (case incentive) in addition to the one that comes with my subscription
1 Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes Set #4

Thanks for your advice and your help.

Scott Quincey

Thank you! I emailed customer service yesterday, too.

Two questions -

1) I'm a PFB case subscriber. Does that allow for a subscriber discount on these Iconic Heroes sets?

2) I just was notified I was charged for Rusty Dragon Inn and that order is pending. Is it too late to add on Iconic Heroes Set 4 to that order (only want to do this if there is a subscriber discount, otherwise I want to get it at my FLGS).

Thanks for any answers you can provide.

Brell Stormforge wrote:
Miniature Market is selling singles for this set already, listed as "in stock" not pre-order. Hopefully our subscription cases ship soon, like a second Christmas. I appreciate how M.M. always posts pictures of the worst paint jobs that they pull for D&D and Pathfinder prepainted singles, to avoid unhappy customers, but it always makes me nervous as hell that my minis are gonna look that bad. Hoping for some high quality standards on this set. Also, is this the set that we are going to get a better King and Feiya paint job mini?

Thanks for mentioning that Miniature Market had them up on the site. It's fun to look through them. Looking forward to seeing them in had even more now.

Thanks Alanya and Vernon Fults.

I'm excited to see both Set 4 of Iconic Heroes and the Rusty Dragon Inn set.

Is this set on the market now?

Also, what is the ETA of Rusty Dragon Inn?


Like the bar and this set immensely.

Two questions...
With a case subscription, will the case incentive be automatically added to an order?
I am considering one case and two case incentives - would there be a discount on both case incentives?


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This set continues to impress. I like that the NPCs are rare because one of each will work great. The table will be useful. Count me in if you seek these as repaints later.

Of the over 40 minis that have been previewed in this set so far, I only see 1 or 2 that I haven't thought of a quick use for in game. The selections are great.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this set in hand and am hopeful it releases in December.

I love this group of minis. This is a great set. When I started my subscription with the last set released I thought I'd probably turn the subscription off and not order the set after it (this one). Now that I've had a chance to see all the previews and see all of the useful and fun minis coming up, there's no way I'm missing out this set.

I enjoy PFB goblins and like the great diversity. It's fun to have a low level race have so much to choose from, so many that can serve different roles, and especially such great minis that will help narrate the story of adventures and campaigns, which is the heart of using minis to me.

The dragon scale armor on the elf looks pretty sweet.

The NPC Zilvazaraat looks like quite a character, too. Fun!

I'll third lizard men and second dark folk.

Halflings would be fun.

I know cultists have been done, but a new cult would be cool (could include some related monsters).

Pirates have been done, but adding more could work.

Along those lines, bandits or brigands would make a nice focus creature.

These look fun! I like your idea of having "focus creatures" in each set. Very cool.

I prefer lower level focus creatures as low level encounters tend to be played the most (even though my campaign right now is entering epic tier in 4e D&D).

I already like the kobolds, goblins, orcs, undead, and now bugbears that exist.

The farmer is great. The gorgon is cool, too.

What's a Bunyip?


The bard and the riding dog will be nice additions. All 3 of these are new in the best sense of the word - a new bard - as others have said, new bards are great additions. A riding dog will be fun for NPCs, and possibly PCs.

The ghoul is interesting. Like others I've read on other boards, I'm not used to ghouls with the intelligence to do much more than melee devouring, but these new ghouls may be a fun and surprise twist for those players I play with who enjoy undead encounters the most.

Another 3 for 3 for me - all of these will be useful and used in future campaigns. Wow! Very sweet versatility for both NPCs and the Ghoul cultist is an awesome addition for an undead and cultist encounters.

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This may be stating the obvious, but along with the cool minis that are produced, this regular preview post is something I enjoy and look forward to - I pick up ideas of how to incorporate the minis into story lines, I get a better idea of what some of the Pathfinder specific characters & monsters are, and I get a to look at the upcoming minis.

This marketing approach works wonders on me.

I thank you for continually providing this fun look ahead and for making it easier to carry a lighter wallet.

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3 for 3 this week for me! And of the now 12 known, I'm sure I want 11 (and possibly all 12).

The frost giant ice mage is a great concept and it looks to be a great design, too.

The orc dire wolf rider looks pretty sweet, too.

The Guard is an always welcome addition - very useful and practical.

Thanks for another great preview!

Thanks for fulfilling my order so fast for the case of Dungeons Deep miniatures and the case incentive.

In the case, in one of the boosters, there was one missing medium sized figure - only 3 instead of 4 miniatures were in the one box.

Do I contact Wizkids about this, or is this something that you help with?

Everything else in the order was correct. The shipping was fast and I appreciate all of your help.

- Scott Q.

I just set up a subscription - my first case from paizo will be Dungeons Deep.

I'm excited to see what else is on the horizon for the Rusty Dragon Inn and for the next sets of the Iconics line. I like commoner minis and have too few. Looking forward to adding some in this set.

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I keep telling myself, I have too many minis, I have too many minis, I have too many minis. Then, you go and make me change my mind. The Rusty Dragon Inn miniatures set looks like a great themed set.

The set looks great.

Pickled punk and ochre jelly are great additions. The Daughter of Urgathoa looks cool - but seems like one that will look better in hand.

It's veeeeeeeeery tempting to sign up for a subscription.

I'm still holding out, but my resistance is futile if the replacement minis are included and look as good as the rest of this set.

Thanks Kor and Hawkmoon! That's very helpful.

I am still waiting for this set from another vendor that I preordered it from, and I'm considering whether it's worth the extra $40 it would cost to buy it from Paizo and cancel the other order.

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