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I like the cleric the best. All three are cool.

I find it interesting that many minotaurs in D&D are large, but some of were mediums.

In Pathfinder are they all larges?

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Hooray!!! Looking forward to this set.

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I would like to add on some items to my order, if possible, before it ships. (I emailed this note to customer service, too - sorry for the double communication - I just noticed Steve Geddes advised me to post here)

Please let me know if this is correct -
Because I have a PFB subscription, I will receive 30% off of Iconics and of extra case promos.

I received a very kind Seasons Greetings card from Paizo with a 10% off a single order placed before Jan 31. Could I use that on this Iconics and the extra case promo add-on order, too?

Depending on the discounts, I'm hoping to add
1 Rusty Dragon Inn: Bar (case incentive) in addition to the one that comes with my subscription
1 Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes Set #4

Thanks for your advice and your help.

Scott Quincey

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This set continues to impress. I like that the NPCs are rare because one of each will work great. The table will be useful. Count me in if you seek these as repaints later.

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These look fun! I like your idea of having "focus creatures" in each set. Very cool.

I prefer lower level focus creatures as low level encounters tend to be played the most (even though my campaign right now is entering epic tier in 4e D&D).

I already like the kobolds, goblins, orcs, undead, and now bugbears that exist.

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Another 3 for 3 for me - all of these will be useful and used in future campaigns. Wow! Very sweet versatility for both NPCs and the Ghoul cultist is an awesome addition for an undead and cultist encounters.

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3 for 3 this week for me! And of the now 12 known, I'm sure I want 11 (and possibly all 12).

The frost giant ice mage is a great concept and it looks to be a great design, too.

The orc dire wolf rider looks pretty sweet, too.

The Guard is an always welcome addition - very useful and practical.

Thanks for another great preview!

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Thanks for fulfilling my order so fast for the case of Dungeons Deep miniatures and the case incentive.

In the case, in one of the boosters, there was one missing medium sized figure - only 3 instead of 4 miniatures were in the one box.

Do I contact Wizkids about this, or is this something that you help with?

Everything else in the order was correct. The shipping was fast and I appreciate all of your help.

- Scott Q.

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The top 3 are listed as available. I ordered those three. The other three are listed as unavailable. Hopefully they'll become available soon.


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Daughter of Imerta is probably my favorite figure in this set.

Sandara Quinn's face looks a little odd. Were they going for bangs over the other eye?

If so the hair is a bit to far to the side, looks like the eye is just...missing.

That one will probably look better in hand though, pictures can be deceiving.