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Oh it is on DVD? They've only been advertising Blu Ray and Digital.

Not surprised. Loved that movie. Wish it had a DVD release though.

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My younger brother just asked if Alton Brown on Food Network was Elton John...

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"Is it me you're looking for?"

Balance it so it stays blade down and just let it drill a hole through the center of the Earth.

I think the main issue is how impossible the last fight is if you don't have every item possible at the end and a metagamed battle strategy ready to go in with. -_-

Aasimar Alchemist was my first ever character. Funny combination, but he was so great.

I also have a gnoll oracle of all of the good gods, he's their pawn in a game if "what can we do with the weakest member of one of the lowest races?"

Homebrewed jackal skinwalker as an alchemist devotee of Anubis was fun.

lemeres wrote:

Vishkanyas have poisonous blood, which means little to a vampire since undead are immune to poison.

Maybe it tastes ZESTY.

Alcohol is a poison, so maybe vishkanyas are how vampires celebrate turning 121.

The one I've seen is a negative to escape a grapple against creature with bite-grab.

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Definitely gnomes. They taste like candy.

There is a "Delicious" or some such racial trait you can find on the race maker.

Weirdly enough, I like long hair on dudes and short hair on ladies.

I prefer short, but shaggy hair. Fun to play with, but not getting everywhere for myself personally.

104: See how many you can fit into your summoned t-rex/frog animal companion/swallow whole eidolon.

Goth Guru wrote:
Wow Such Doge wrote:

Those would be animated items, a subset of construct.

For Making New items

For Making Animated Objects

Thank you for that and especially this.

A castle full of animated rich people's objects would be a great module.

Be... Our... Guest... Be our guest...

Those would be animated items, a subset of construct.

For Making New items

For Making Animated Objects

However, if you own the materials for unchained, you might look at Stat progression and items that progress. Both are good ideas in my book. The stats eliminates the need for headband of brain-whatever and belt of mighty-bla, freeing up item slots for real cool things. The items bit stops the problem of "precious family heirloom sword or sword with better stats," because they grow with you. Very helpful for martials. Also some really cool things for not-martials, like the ever growing bag of holding.

It severally limits creativity in Eidolon building by forcing them into specific preexisting outsiders with specific groups of evolutions. I mean, sure it makes it more balanced, but I'm not good enough at optimizing to need balancing. I just want to be able to make a cuddly, Scottish, fire-cat-bear-panda-raccon-goat-chimera-thing without being pushed to define it as an elemental, demon, or angel. Summoner is a make-a-monster, have fun, creative class, and unchained takes a lot of the creative out of it.

Man, I am sorry that this is your first experience with the boards, but busting into a thread and telling someone that they're a jerk for handling an issue in their game like an adult isn't cool. Especially after they'd already reached a peaceful understanding.

You need to know that there are standards of maturity and respect on these forums, and I'm afraid you've crossed that line. People might say or do things you disagree with, but it shouldn't be used as a reason to put people down. So, I have also flagged these posts.

I hope you can come back after this and enjoy the forums responsibly.

That's good, because unchained summoner makes me sad.

I'll have something simple up in a bit.

May throw something in for this. Will it be fairly laid back, schedule wise?

Probably go for a summoner, because anything that comes from a Goblin's imagination would be pretty scary hilarious.

Would it be required to use unchained?

If anything, to me, this sounds like vampire booze.

See this forum. Specifically the longer posts about in character experience

Also this.

"Like a Comet" from Steven Universe on repeat.

The url is wonky because of the space right before "71-LBL3I/edit." Just take that out and put http in lower case, no s and it'll work fine.

The yellow is almost impossible to read without zooming incredibly far in. I suggest a darker font.

You should specify what the numbers in the left column mean, 12+ and etc. I assume it means amount of children in her?

The language in the thing about rolls is rather unclear. Try going for readability and not expedience in reading. Feel free to take up that column with what that roll is for. Also define with the roll is for as a full sentence. I assume it's the odds of getting pregnant? Don't know what crit is about or 1d6+4.

The stats look good. You might want to specify if the bonus to Bluff and the bonus to Charisma base checks stacks with itself.

You did good. You just need to make it more about understanding it and less about getting it down in the least words possible.

Dotting to see where this goes.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
ryric wrote:
Kayerloth wrote:


10 Demerits for no one mentioning some 145 posts into the thread the Called ability enhancement which could quite radically change the scenario. Be assured that even if it were not my preferred ultimate weapon of doom my 20 level melee type is almost certainly going to have at least one weapon and one suit of armor with the enhancement stashed away for just such an occurrence. I really truly am a utter meathead if in fact that gear is more than 100 ft away when I'm 'naked' or otherwise not properly geared up.

I thought of that but I'm not sure that exists in Pathfinder.
It exists in Pathfinder.
Hmm, now if only they had the armor version as well...

They do.

Banned for captaining a prairie schooner.

Two feats.

Skill focus diplomacy, eldritch heritage serpentine bloodline. You get fangs for a bite and they do ability score damage.

The last two of you are banned for lack of punctuation.

Banned for being the scary thing in the sky.

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Green. Swamps suck. Forests is better.

Would you rather only ever play with players like these every Friday night (and you can't not play or not come) or experience this just once.

It's basically the best example of the requested elements I can think of.
It's not cyber punk. It's not too squick. Not whimsical. It could be called sexy if you're not the one about to be decapitated.

It even has its own transform sequence that takes about summoning time.

Just Reflavor scissor blade as a natural attack, or you could use the crazy freak out mode as the eidolon. It has claws. There's also one for su flight, which is an evolution. It could really be customized as much as you like.

Or, give her a glove of storing. One glove fits the engaged mechanism and summons the scissor blade.

Have you seen Kill la Kill?

Banned because it's Thursday.

Xill eggs. I'd rather stay who I am and die than become a monster and hurt other people.

Would you rather roll stats and always come up low or point buy and have 5 less than everyone else in the party?

Just kinda afraid of where that usually goes.

On most forums(and these are sadly not an exception) bringing that into the conversation very rarely doesn't dissolve into faith bashing and general badness. :(

I know no one ever intends for it to, but I just want to be proactive and see that it doesn't.

I like this thread. It's funny and I'd really like to keep it lighthearted. :/

Can we leave out religious debate? :)

Finished as per your instructions.

Is there a reason he speaks in the third person?
I mean, he's of average intelligence.
I'm just curious. :)

I promise Simon is anything but combative. XD

I understand your concerns. If things in combination is the problem, could I respend those RP? To get Darkvision back, for example.
Replacements I'm looking at are Darkvision instead of lowlight, and Command or Lock Gaze 1/day. Would you have a preference? Lock gaze plays into the eyes thing, but command plays into the voice and I think would be slightly more useful.
Went the slightly more self confident route and removed sociable.

As far as him being born that way, I had several mental options.
One was his parents had tried having children but couldn't, and this was the result of trying to improve their chances with shady magic.
Two was that it was a gift/curse/experiment/entertainment from some higher power.
Three was that it was either a mutation in his bloodline, since they're very close to humans anyways or that the traits were already in his ancestry and something "woke them up."

Any combination of those is possible.
Heck, you could use it as a plot hook and not tell me what you chose. :P

Good to see you back!

I was starting to worry that I'd scared you off. XD

Looking forward to your impression of him. :)

Elf. Elves are funny when they're drunk.

Would you rather be swallowed whole by a giant frog or invaded by an amber ooze?

Nicholas Cage is incapable of losing.

Legend of Zelda. So much. Is best series.

Wouldst thou rather have an oracle curse or be permanently under the effects of a Bestowed Curse?

He's still only a brain child at the moment, so class is still mutable. Those two just fit best.

Actually, not all bards play an instrument.
If he needs one, it would be percussion, like tamborine.

Read back through and saw that there are both wizard and sorcerer applications, so bard makes better sense from an "I'd like to make it in and have less competition for a spot" sort of way.

I'll look bard over and see if there's a fun archetype that fits him.

I am quite interested.

I am already in quite a few games and told myself I wouldn't do more, but this one just looks too good.

First glance character is <16 race builder. Going for a lot of the hypnotic type abilities.

Appearance wise he is mostly androgynous, lithe and attractive with black hair and stunning eyes. He has a soothing voice that makes it easy to convince people to go his way. His problem is that he has white cat ears and tail. Not something people outside the cirque are too fond of. But in the cirque it makes him exotic, which helps his act.

In performance he's an exotic eastern style dancer, equally appealing to the ladies and gentlemen.

Outside of performance for a job, he's a hypnotist, helping people deal with their habits on a subconscious level.

In combat he's an arcane bloodline sorcerer with a pendulum being his bonded item. Of course he'll try to keep our guys safe while trying to make sure the others would rather not hit them.

I have no preference for which place,and it doesn't sound like my vote would sway it anyways.

Would you prefer him as a bard? It would literally change nothing about his character, as he's already equipped to be one.

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Rules light is the only answer.


Would you rather have your favorite character die or have your character in your favorite campaign die?(assume these are not the same character)

alicK be much baNned 4 so pointE and such purpel

Why no enchantment if you're going to spend money on it anyways?

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