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Ooo, really hope witchwarper being tested here means that it is confirmed for the core book. It's one of the two classes (other being biohacker) that I would be most excited for. I wonder what exactly the precog anomaly entails.

Seems like a lot of pretty solid changes! I particularly like the potential move to at least non-magic archaic. The current method seems like a lot of work to throw out if you just have to go back and reinvent weapons for all the same niches. I think futuristic tech could be better differentiated with traits, critical specs, and special abilities.

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Super excited to see more. Everything so far looks great, and very glad that it's going to have full compatibility with pf2e.

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Awesome work! This is the most excited I've been for a set of ancestries in a while. Been begging for Minotaur for a long while now, and it's nice to get a fairly straight forward (seeming) bug person.

I hope Awakened Animal gets some extra page space, it really seems like it'd need it. Seems like the one ancestry that could plausibly have rules for playing anywhere from tiny to large, which could be really neat!

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Tenontosaurus has a special place in my heart, I spent many hours prepping the skull of one.

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Tabularoinak wrote:
I do wish that Paizo would make a clearer distinction with the Ancestries between your ancestry/species, and the culture of your ancestry. Saying "Dwarves believe this" comes across as weird and a little racist sometimes. But saying "many Dwarven cultures value this deeply" gives you a sense of what growing up in a Dwarven household might be like, both for Dwarves and those who may grow up in Dwarven society. Otherwise, it comes across like old D&D saying "Drow are evil," "Dwarves hate Elves," "Orcs are dumb brutes," etc. which takes away some player agency. And sure, you can take it in your own direction and do as you will with the ancestries using what the book says as a guide to the general culture, but I'd really like it if the book straight up treated it as a cultural thing, and not a genetic thing. Maybe I'm reading too much into it and the term "Ancestry" is supposed to do exactly that. I dunno. But when helping players make characters, I always introduce those elements as cultural rather than ancestral.

It literally calls them out as specifically being "popular". Not biologically essential.

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Leon Aquilla wrote:

>No Alignment

I'm out. Sorry. Don't know what kind of a bait & switch this is, but I'm out.

"Your existing books are still valid" my ass.

Best. Day. Ever.

Awesome changes, excited to see the full results!

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Any update on if yall were able to squeeze the harrower archetype into the players guide?

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Leon Aquilla wrote:
Winkie_Phace wrote:

Remember when Paizo was doing permanent suspensions? Sigh, that sure was a good month.

Again, I don't even care if Kobold Press is going to be implementing racial advantages/disadvantages but I'm not giving my money to people whose fans main reaction to criticism is "Ban this person". So Black Flag can't come soon enough.

Miss you over on the pf2e foundry discord, when you going to stop by again?

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Ravingdork wrote:

Today it's ability scores because of biological determinism. Tomorrow it's ancestries because racism. Then classes 'cause classism. Sexes, sexism. Bonuses and penalties? Penalties are too negative. No losers in this game. Everyone gets a trophy!

Thing about slippery slopes is no one really knows where they begin or end.

Remember when Paizo was doing permanent suspensions? Sigh, that sure was a good month.

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ORC will make us strong! Great work paizo!

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I imagine three boosts and a flaw wasn't allowed to prevent adding say, all of your boosts to physical stats, and just dumping physical. Personally I don't think I care enough about that to not allow it. I wouldn't have minded seeing it somehow limited to where you had to take at least one physical and at least one mental, but I can see that being dropped for streamlining.

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Awesome! Always wanted a Dwarven AP, this has me incredibly excited!

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Hey, there are some people that don't understand badger badger badger, mushroom mushroom. If you want to be understood, speak clearly.

A snake, a snake

Snaaake! A snaaaake
Oooh, it's a snake

werfhjnoiehuwoqtg HECK YES! So excited, and seems like y'all've done a good job of adding extra value as well!

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I wouldn't be particularly interested in ever playing in another game that didn't use free archetype. It's a major reason why I haven't bothered getting into PFS.

As a GM, I haven't noticed a much higher power level than when we weren't using the variant.

Heck yes! Sounds amazing!

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I think I heard Undead Master will be like beast master but undead, so that is probably the most exciting thing for me. Getting to use the animal companion rules for undead is something I've wanted to do for a while.

Ghoul rules are also pretty high up there, I just hope there's a lot of meat on the bones.

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I believe they mentioned at gencon that there would three different modes of play offered in the players guide (a bit like edgewatch), basically a low magic default, a no magic, and a magic except for during specific story beats. They didn't go into a lot of the specifics, other than the anti-magic effect being tied to storms that come and go.

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midnighttoker's list is pretty much spot on for mine, with the additions of the pnoll, Dustin knight's spell trickster expanded, the cantripper, and the legendary mesmerist. Haven't heard of Practical Panache yet, but I will shortly.

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sent an email yesterday and got an answer within an hour.

Tonya Woldridge wrote:

I think the suggestion to replace it all with "smurf" would be fantastic, but take more work/resources than can be dedicated at this time (though I will discuss with our Director of Tech!).

Instead, I think adjusting the guidelines to read no excessive profanity or some variation, where it is clear one word here or there won't get removed but an every other word message would, is more feasible. Thoughts?

I think this sounds like a great policy to move towards.

What do you think the funeral rites for a follower of Nethys look like?

How long is the adventure, page wise? what levels?

Names of the different ghoul feats? Maybe what does the dedication do, broadly speaking? (besides turn you into a ghoul :P)

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
I suppose whether an abusive poster develops a better attitude is secondary to me to the priority of ensuring they aren't posting abuse and harassment on my forums.
KC, while I don't disagree with the message of the post, one thing to point out, these are not your forums.

I don't know if I can think of a better example of the importance of reading people in good faith than assuming that the use of "my" to indicate the forums I inhabit was instead an attempt by me to seize control of the forums.

Rysky is going to be so mad when she finds out you stole her forums. She owns paizo, you know. /s

These forums are your forums, these forums are my forums
From Customer Service, to General Discussion,
These forums were made for you and meeeeee.
(But not bigots!)

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Can you tell us the chapter names?

What's your favorite piece of art? can you describe it?

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YawarFiesta wrote:

One is a dog whistle (you need to be in the know) for humanity's most murderous ideology, the other is a meme (was top song in itunes) expressing disproval for an administration.

While one is more problematic than the other, neither is appropriate nor worth alienating a significant porcentage of the player base by giving preferential treatment.

Remember, that this isn't your forum, its ours. Or more precisely, Paizo's site for community discussion.


Huh, seems an awful lot like you are talking about politics there.

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Rysky wrote:

Yes, cause we all know Pathfinder isn’t a role playing game, it’s just a murder simulator.

No interactions, no having fun, no fantasy, no setting, no story. Just rounds of combat from one room to the next.

Psh, real gamers don't use "rooms" or "next". There is only the featureless white void of the DPR.

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I'd love a pair (at least :P) of 3 part APs set in Arcadia, so that we can quickly get a taste for different regions/styles set on that continent.

Generally I'm more interested in the 3 part-ers nowadays, but a 6 part mega dungeon focused around reclaiming one of the dwarven sky citadels would be pretty much my dream campaign. Maybe it could be a high level 3 part-er, I guess. Bonus points if it somehow comes with a brewing/tavern running subsystem.

Pretty much anything with dinosaurs is going to be a win for me.

Running a thieves guild in Shadow Absolam would be really cool, though I don't think we're going back to the island for quite some time.

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Aaron Shanks wrote:

Well, good news.

I learned today that only the pocket edition is delayed. My coworkers decided they could pull off a miracle. The Hardcover and Special Edition Hardcover versions of the book should still be shipping out with October subscriptions. We'll be sending an email out to subscribers of these lines with more details.

Sorry to be strong and wrong. I was promoting the best information I had at the time.

Better to give us a couple of hours of disappointment followed by excitement, rather than a month of annoyance if we found out last minute.

Katina Davis wrote:

Hey folks, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it looks like we have to push the Pocket Edition back to a November release.

Please note, however, that the Hardcover and Special Edition Hardcover versions of the book should still be shipping out with October subscriptions. We'll be sending an email out to subscribers of these lines with more details.

We heard earlier today that GnG as a whole had been delayed to November. Is that no longer the case?

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100% in favor of Charisma as the key stat. Opening it up to any mental virtually guarantees that Cha is never picked, because it doesn't encompass any lore skills itself. I also think Mark's explanation was pretty much perfect. Adjusting the blurb should help make the link clearer. I do think it could use a few more uses for charisma, though.

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Just wanted to thank you for all the heart and hard work that you put into pathfinder. When I first heard about abomination vault, I wasn't super interested. It seemed fine, but I'm not too into mega dungeons. On the other hand, a haunted mega dungeon did seem pretty intriguing. Cut to a few months back, and my entire life got turned upside down. I needed something to ground me, and I decided to start up a new game of Pathfinder.

I figured AV would be a solid adventure that I could run without tooo much prep each session. Turns out I was both right and wrong. The adventure itself was straight forward enough, but I feel so in love with it that I just had to keep adding little flourishes and expanding. It has been amazing! My players have fallen in love right there next to me.

We all live busy lives, but recently we all played straight from noon to 11:30 pm on a Sunday. I was able to lose myself in a way I don't often get to. It was exactly like going back to a high school sleepover. Over the next couple of days, a few of my players messaged me, thanking me for running the games, and just generally fluffing my ego. I don't think that's ever happened before, in almost 20 years of off-and-on DMing. The last few sessions have hands down been the best I've ever run.

And it wouldn't have happened without you. So I just wanted to say thank you for that.

Oh... And um.... What's your 3rd favorite dinosaur? Mine is Baryonyx.

Hello, please cancel my Lost Omens and Core Rulebook subs.

I'd like to KEEP my AP sub please, thanks!

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Calling it now, this time the picture is ACTUALLY relevant, and it's totally Warlord.

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I wouldn't be surprised if we got a book with two (possibly more, but less likely) completely new classes.

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Lanathar wrote:

Someone from the group I play in recently said in our chat that apparently Paizo came out and said Kineticist will not be in 2E at all. I queried this as I had NEVER seen it and the reply was that most people just stubbornly ignored this comment. And that they potentially rowed this back? If indeed they ever said it at all. But the player had no reason to just make that up (but might have misinterpreted something)

In short - I wouldn't count on Kineticst in the gencon announcement

Kineticist is probably the most requested class, and avatar is currently going through a huge revival. There is literally no chance kineticist NEVER makes it into 2e. If the player started with "never" then changed to "oh, but the dev then walked it back to exactly the opposite" when you pressed, I'd take that player's word with a plane of earth sized grain of salt. I'm in several discords that would be absolutely on fire if this exchange happened somewhere even remotely public, and I don't recall hearing about it.

Do Kobolds shed?

I've generally picked up the APs from my local shop as needed in the past (meaning I've skipped far more than I've bought), but PDF to foundry is literally THE reason why I'm currently subbed to the APs. Being able to get the physical and the pdfs at the same time is too good to pass up, even with the shipping. I may not ever run FotRP, but if the need arises, I know I'm ready!

There's a ton of content that isn't freely available. Vast swaths of pretty much all the lost omens books aren't on AoN, and a large portion of at least one chapter of SoM won't be there either.

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I don't know who exactly Lantondo is, but it's important to note that in 2e NPCs aren't built like players, and may have something where you'd expect a class, that is instead just meant as a guide for the types of things they are good at. For example, a mayor may just say "level 5 mayor" or a guard may be listed as level 6 protector.

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Easily the most obnoxious thing about the adventure paths. Narchy has made some pretty great maps for several APs on foundry, but, it'd sure be nice to have better quality ones straight from the tap. I can live with some blur. I can even live with some misaligned grids, but secret doors showing up on the clean maps makes them a complete non-starter.

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Lonesomechunk wrote:
nice!!! as a catfolk stan can i know more about this student?


this young dyslexic male slacker enjoys brewing, engineering, and finding new and exciting ways to avoid work! Any time you're studying with Chizire is a good time, as he takes the edge off cramming for your Cascade Bearer class.

Yeah, I can confirm those. Going 100% off of appearances, plenty of date-ability. I haven't read toooo deep into them yet.

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Got my copy, and so far it looks awesome! You get a LOT of benefits for your branch. Way more than an extra archetype's worth

especially since one of the benefits is:
, 3 feats worth of the Magaambyan Attendant archetype
and you level it up using a downtime system, instead of going right along with your character level.

Sporkedup wrote:

I'll take a deeper dive later (or possibly just wait for the physical book to arrive), but at a first glance this book, if not the whole AP, appears to be much more roleplay, puzzle, and solvable-encounter driven than the previous.

I may not have read it exactly right, but there is a sidebar that even seems to suggest you shouldn't give XP for fights in this AP, unless the players are particularly clever with how they end/avoid them. Assuming people are using XP in 2021 (nevermind my current game is using it).

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Makes me really wish there was a youtube channel dedicated to summarizing all the different meta plots from the different seasons.

I'm really hoping for ghoul rules at least. I'd love archetypes for ghouls/vampires/liches, since they all feel bigger than a simple ancestry. Not instantly becoming one of them, but gradually with different stages along the way. A bit like a kitsune gains tails, I guess.

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Karmagator wrote:

Except there is - to my knowledge - no direct basis for that assumption. All the descritpion of the general system and the tags only talk about rarity being a descriptor of, well, rarity. There is no text that links rarity to anything else.

Yes, it works out that way that some of the more potentially impactful options are uncommon or higher, but correlation is still not causation. If they would have wanted rarity to be an indicator of disruptiveness, they would have said so. Instead, whenever they publish something that is potentially very disruptive - such as evil champions and level 1 flying - they just tell us.

Devs have said numerous times that this is why several spells with divination and teleportation effects are uncommon in the CRB.

Rarity in Your Game
Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 35
The rarity system is a powerful tool that helps you and your group customize your story, your characters, and your world to better match your game’s themes and setting. You can also use it to keep the complexity of your game low by limiting access to unusual options.

This section supplements the Using Rarity and Access sidebar on page 488 of the Core Rulebook.

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