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There isn't as much third-party material for PF2e as there was for PF1e, but we're starting to see some good things.

What are your favourite ancestries and heritages; classes and subclasses; archetypes?

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Legendary Games, Everyperson Games, and RFC are all great 3PP, but so far my list of 3pp supplements includes the following:

Kitsunes of Golarion
Loamlings of Golarion
Latin American Monsters
Legendary Kineticists
Legendary Shamans
Practical Panache
Battlezoo Bestiary (with the other two supplements soon on their way)

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Pathfinder Adventure, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Battlezoo Bestiary is great.

Sandy Petersens Cthulhu Mythos is great for that type of game

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So far my favorite published things are Infinite Investigators, and Silver Kineticist (which I hold to be a much more well designed version than Legendary Kineticist, which has some significant pain points to me)

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midnighttoker's list is pretty much spot on for mine, with the additions of the pnoll, Dustin knight's spell trickster expanded, the cantripper, and the legendary mesmerist. Haven't heard of Practical Panache yet, but I will shortly.

Grand Lodge

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I'm a pretty big fan of 3rd party content, so my collection of favorite 3pp content so far is pretty expansive. Things I've worked on excluded for obvious reasons, and these are presented in no particular order.

Errant Champion from Drop Dead Studios
Legendary Shaman from Legendary Games
Inner Strength Archetypes from Lion's Brain Media
Archetypes for All from Lion's Brain Media
Expanded Pathways from Lion's Brain Media
OOPS! All Reactions from Lion's Brain Media
Files for Everybody Yroometji from Everybody Games
Necroknight from Little Red Goblin Games
Pnoll from Logan Bonner Games
Rabbitfolk from NovaCat Games
Loamlings from Rogue Genius Games
Lands of Theia 2e from Samurai Sheepdog

And for Pathfinder Infinite...
Arkon's Archive Brawler
Infinite Reforged Investigators
Kitusne of Golarion
Fabulis Mortuorum
Spell Trickster Expanded
Novel Options Magic
Fabricator Inventor

There are other things I've enjoyed, but these are the products that got at least one moment of "oh that's so cool" from me.

Also, glad to hear you liked Practical Panache, Midnighttoker! I worked hard on it.

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Sasha Laranoa Harving wrote:

Also, glad to hear you liked Practical Panache, Midnighttoker! I worked hard on it.

I love the Matador the most! It's a great little supplement.

Also glad to hear you liked Legendary Shaman (I was lucky enough to work on that one myself!). I suppose it was tacky to include my own work, but it was really Dustin's vision I just chiseled out some of the options.

Winkie_Phace wrote:

I just picked this up along with Infiknight Equipment: Starstone Ascension for all my card player simulation needs! Can't wait to use them :)

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