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{rolls up, gently pats roach}

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Mark Moreland wrote:
Berselius wrote:
It might be hard to communicate with the little guy as he only speaks one language.
That's sort of the crux of Amber's story. He's not C-3PO with a complete mastery of all the galaxy' languages, after all.

Eeeee... va?

Sharoth wrote:
~tries to cross the wires and the machine sparks~ YEOW!!!

{watches awestruck as MacShyver works}

Robots Attack

gran rey de los tofurkey is banned for being one to talk.

If Hulk curt with you it's because time is a factor. Hulk think fast, Hulk talk fast, and Hulk need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this. So, pretty please... with sugar on top. Clean the f!$@ing car.

Spanky is banned for not realizing R2-D2 is the James Bond of the droid world.

{plugs into lighter socket again} WHA-EEEEEEEEEEEP!

{pokes phalangial manipulator into cigarette lighter socket} WHA-EEEEEEEEEEEP!

{shakes cranial unit, pokes manipulator in socket again} WHA-EEEEEEEEEEEP!

Jack J. Jackson, Beer Delivery wrote:
They're at daycare back at the brewery. {turns suddenly... thought he saw something moving in the beer truck cab, but sees nothing now}

{another small modron peeks out of cab}