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Matrix Sorcica wrote:
This may be of interest

Thanks, much appreciated!

Any advice on converting Carrion Crown and Carrion Hill to 5e? I might be running a 5e campaign next year and this would be my preferred plotline. Haunts in particular from Harrowstone do not really have direct 5e conversions that I know of.


Any conversions of Carrion Crown out there? I might be running a CC campaign in 5e next year or so and would probably include Carrion Hill as well.

Carrion Crown starts off with a bunch of haunts with no direct 5e conversions that I am aware of.

Any advice on converting in general? I've played 5e and run some 5e modules but not converted from Pathfinder to 5e before (though I've played and run plenty of d20 and Pathfinder).


Check out my undead origins thread for a bunch of options with links to where they can be found where applicable.

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Oops, thought I had already signed up, but I am interested in being added to the list for the last couple days, thanks!

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A friend of mine was playing an elven mystic theurge and used animate dead in a necromancer run land to have a zombie carry him around in its arms because "Real spellcasters do not touch the ground." and "It will be a nice change from fly spells. I am so tired of fly spells."


Just here or rpgnow/drivethru as well?

SmiloDan wrote:
What are Primal Order stats?

The Primal Order

Spiros Blaak is a 3.5 campaign setting with firearms and firearms rules.

Ptolus by Malhavoc Press is a big 3.5 setting as well with some firearms and firearm rules.

En Arsenal Pistols is a short 3.5 sourcebook on firearms.

Have you checked out Testament from Green Ronin? It is 3.0 but covers the area well.

One of the Avalanche Press 3.0 sourcebooks, the Atlantis one IIRC, had what I thought was a great suggestion for bronze age equipment, do not adjust attack or damage or AC for the earlier metals, just reduce the equipment hp and/or hardness to less than their iron/steel equivalents. So a sunder fight will show the advantage but you can still do normal stat combat in general.

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taig wrote:

Sorting everything else out...

1s (entered into a drawing from Legendary Games): Lathiira, N.Jolly, grimdog73

. . . Congrats!

And Voadam :)

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I am interested.

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Beast Folio Volume 2 for Labyrinth Lord has the cinder hag. It is Pay What You Want so is easy to check out.

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Lump Hag for Pathfinder from Fat Goblin Games.

I just ran this with a party of six 7th level pathfinder PCs as a one shot. It ended when the two amazon PCs got tentacle snatched to death and the rest of the party bugged out for good. Before the end one PC got swallowed whole, one was energy drained, two had their internal organs rearranged, and at one point four out of five remaining PCs were confused. A good time was had by all.

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Hmm, I mostly buy older books but there were some 2015's in there.

From Fat Goblin Games I recently got their Tomes of Power Revised, Shadows Over Vathak Ina'oth Player's Guide and Fantastic Technology.

From Rogue Genius Games I purchased the Veranthea Codex, Fall of Man and Genius Guide to Simple Class Templates.

From Wayward Rogues Publishing I picked up most of their race, and culture, and cults, and adventure PDFs.

Purple Duck Games I grabbed the Protean Lords of Porphyra and the Lands of Porphyra Campaign Setting.

As for Legendary Games I have to go back to 2014 for Mythic Monsters 13 and the Gothic Compendium, though I got the Compendium in 2015.

The Mysterious Tower Dungeon Crawl Classics #3 for a wizard's tower adventure. It is 3.5 so very close to pathfinder.

They also have DCC 8 Mysteries of the Drow for some weird underdark adventure stuff and Underdark Adventure Guide for an underdark sourcebook.

Lesser Key of Solomon. Or similar actual demonic cosmologies.

Actual angel traditions.

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Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

Just out of curiosity (not as a 3pp publisher, as a player)- I see a lot of folks talking about subsystems and classes, do people use 3pp races? (I know I've used them from other publishers :-D )

A couple years ago before the ARG came out when I ran a pathfinder Freeport game one of the players expressed interest in playing a grippli. I pulled out the Remarkable Races Compendium and he played a Mogogol bard with a banjo. Many Kermit jokes and riffs were made.

I've copied and pasted with no problems from ones I bought.

Here is an example from an early paizo dragon issue:


Each race has its own way of

fighting. Most elves believe in subtle
tactics and maneuvers. Many
halflings prefer stealthy attacks.
Virtually all half-orcs charge into battle
swinging heavy weapons until nothing
is left moving. Humans, if they believe

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Having just gotten The Genius Guide to Simple Class Templates for Monsters I really want to second the earlier suggestions to continue this line with the SGG classes for a sequel. Other third party ones like Dreamscarred's Psionics and Path of War sets of classes would be great too. And eventually Occult classes.

Monster books.

Campaign Settings. Big or small.

Sourcebooks fleshing out a theme.

Adventures that look really neat.

Occasionally player oriented stuff in a niche that looks interesting (I picked up Covenant Magic by Purple Duck Games recently).

Good deals. I don't lack for stuff or for options of good stuff to buy.

Annals of the Archfiends but with OGL info based existing ones like from the OGL portions of Green Ronin's Book of Fiends or the various lords in Frog Gods' Tome of Horrors Complete. Or more new ones.

Alternately a Gruesome Guide to Fiends would be great, an in depth big collection like the dragons one. Themed to various existing demon lords would be great.

World's Largest Dungeon PDF (normally $40).

From what I've heard the first level is the weakest, the others are worthwhile as themed dungeon levels.

Link to the PDFs in anticipation of the sale: Avalon Games.

Bane Ledger and Bane Ledger II have stuff from Polynesian and American myths along with African and Australian, so that's half coverage of different culture monsters you wanted.

Creatures of Rokugan by AEG, the asian themed monster book for d20 Rokugan.

Book of Fiends by Green Ronin. 3.5 edition demons, devils, and daemons with lots of lore. Generally lower-powered and some mechanical wonkiness but very cool fiend flavor stuff.

The Dread Codex published by Adamant is a collection of OGL 3.5 undead.

Book of Templates Deluxe 3.5 by Silverthorne Press tons of cool templates.

Since you have the Deadlands d20 and Weird War d20 monster books, that leaves the d20 Hell on Earth's Horrors of the Wasted West .

I like Bastion Press' Complete Minions, Faeries, and Out for Blood monster Sourcebooks. Minons is full of weird alien looking creatures, all done in full color by the same artist which adds a lot to its feel.

Alluria Publishing has a couple pathfinder monster books. Fey folio is a short fey themed one, Creepy Creatures is general themed, and Beasts of the Boundless Blue is a massive undersea one.

I highly recommend the terrain themed monster collections:

The Monster Geographica series from Expeditious Retreat Press
Into the Green, Blue, and Black by Bastion Press.
E.N. Critters series from EN Publishing

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Doomed Hero wrote:

Alright, lets get brainstormy-

With a little prep-work, a truly creative necromancer could use a haunt to kill a very evil person. Then they could de-bone it and cut off it its head.

Because it was an evil creature killed by a haunt it would become a Geist. (intelligent)

The bones could be used to make a Skeletal Champion. (intelligent)

With a casting of Restore Corpse on the pile of meat and it's ready to become a Zombie Lord. (intelligent)

Just for good measure, the head becomes a Beheaded (unintelligent)

Then, the eyes are used to make a pair of Isitoq (Intelligent)

Which one has the soul?

Don't forget to chop off the hand for an int 2 creation.

In 3.5's Complete Minions from Bastion Press you could also use the skin for a skinwraith.

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I also like the thematic possibilities of Buffyverse style undead.

The person's old body and memories, but a malevolent spirit from Hell/Abyss/Abaddon animates it as undead.

terraleon wrote:

Combat Divination is a set of spells, generally with immediate or swift casting times, that provide various benefits in combat, from penalties against foes, to bonuses, to altering targets, to improving initiative.


Just a touch too late for me now that the Wrath of the Righteous game my gestalt diviner specialist/monk/fighter played in wrapped up. Would have been perfect.

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Turning into undead or being slain by death effects prevents reincarnation or raise dead.

Most death effects are not evil though. See slay living or circle of death.

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The way I conceptualize and house rule it is that they are [Evil]. They are powered by supernatural cosmic [Evil], the creation magic uses supernatural [Evil] as a component of their creation and they therefore tag as evil regardless of the morality of their actions.

Similar to [Evil] outsiders.

I also have no problem with uncontrolled skeletons and zombies being mindless malevolent wandering monsters that attack any people they come across. Conceptually that is very Moldvay Basic and appeals to me. I'm conceptually fine with neutral style mindless 2e and 3.0 animated dead automotons too.

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In 3.0 skeletons and zombies were mindless neutral.

That changed in 3.5 where they were turned into mindless always neutral evil.

Pathfinder did not change that.

Ghosts are the only ones with alignment any in 3.5.

For the others in 3.5 in the srd:

Allips always neutral evil.
Bodak always chaotic evil.
Devourer always neutral evil.
Ghoul/Ghast/Lacedon always chaotic evil.
Mohrg always chaotic evil.
Mummy and mummy lord usually lawful evil.
Nightshade, all three types always chaotic evil.
Shadow and Greater Shadow always chaotic evil.
Spectre always lawful evil.
Vampire and Vampire Spawn always evil (any).
Wight always lawful evil.
Wraith and Dreadwraith always lawful evil.

So ghosts and unusual mummies if you want to get away from always evil undead options in core 3.5.

In 3.5 evil undead was the norm with a few rare exceptions.

I don't believe pathfinder changed any of that.

This works well for the first two modules. The Third is mostly a giant dungeon that is sprawling enough to be non-linear and the party is expected to level up more than once inside it IIRC.

My group TPK'd there so thats as far as we got in ROW.

Marc Radle wrote:

The rumor mill says an official 5E OGL will be ready ... soonish. At that point, I think it's safe to say there will be plenty of cool 5E stuff from the Kobolds!

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on WotC.

Keep pressing on with Pathfinder under the OGL I say. Any more bestiaries planned? Something small but themed like Dark Fey?

I am a big fan of Tabletop Adventures' Bits of the Wilderness series of PDFs. Tons of great read aloud descriptions for themed terrain types to add flavor to traveling or encounter scenes. I've used them in my pbp games to great effect.

In Golarion the afterlife is not a heaven/hell reward/punishment system for the morality of a mortals actions while alive. Evil rewards evil as much as good rewards good.

However as for your main point pathfinder alignment is a specific type of thing.

"A creature's general moral and personal attitudes are represented by its alignment . . . Good characters and creatures protect innocent life. . . . Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others."

If he is protecting innocent life, acting altruistically, respecting life, and acting with concern for the dignity of sentient beings, by the pathfinder definition he qualifies as good whether he is doing it out of altruism or threat of consequences.

"People who are neutral with respect to good and evil have compunctions against killing the innocent, but may lack the commitment to make sacrifices to protect or help others."

If he has the commitment to make sacrifices to protect or help others he is not neutral, he is good.

Link to Southlands Bestiary at rpgnow

If you want to DM in Pathfinder without magic and violence I'd suggest also checking out a couple d20 sourcebooks from Atlast Games. Dynasties and Demagogues, Crime and Punishment, and Love and War for support for things like diplomacy challenges, law enforcement, and chivalry intrigues.

Perhaps Green Ronin's Medieval Player's Manual for general nonmagical medieval stuff.

redpandamage wrote:
Hera can't have a son because it would have to be with Zeus and that would change the order of the universe.

She does have a son by Zeus in the myths, Ares. Hephaestus is her son as well, in some myths he is fathered by Zeus and in some myths solely by Hera on her own.

The son that would have overthrown him would have come from his first wife Metis. He averted that situation by swallowing her and gaining her wisdom.

I would check out the Leverage RPG and see if it is your speed. No magic and you can play completely nonviolent characters who get into big time robin hood capers.

Another option would be the Doctor Who RPG and pick up one of the specific doctor sourcebooks for non violent pre-thought out adventure ideas.

Even if you stick with Pathfinder RPG for the rule system (plucky NPC class expert PCs), you could pick up on stuff from these for plot or tack on systems for the types of adventures you want to run.

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I pronounce it Raven Grow.

Solomon Grundy and property of the Joker tattoo take offs are fun, but rakshasa Osiriani god kings are brilliant.

How big is the bestiary going to be and when do you expect it?

Southlands PDF is available for sale as well now.

Also now available on rpgnow.

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In 3.5 there was a monster book from Bastion Press called Complete Minions. It had an outsider called that forlorn that is a mix of celestial and fiendish with appropriate powers.

Pathfinder has the forlarren born from a fiend and a nymph and containing internal conflicts.

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Kalshane wrote:
Krensky wrote:

Also, Boomerang would look much better without the facial hair and wearing something other than a track suit.

Bro? Why you have problem with tracksuits, bro?

Sorry, wrong universe. :)

Okay . . .

. . . this looks bad.

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So I saw on rpgnow that Fat Goblin Games put out a $20 PDF bundle covering lots of Tricky Owlbear old catalog and current FGG PDFs, $372.18 worth of stuff total.

However they put so many PDFs the alphabetical listing display cuts out midway through the Racial Ecologies PDFs.

Is there a full listing of the offered PDFs anywhere?

Is this offer a promotion that terminates sometime soon? If so when?


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